The actress Jessica Capshaw, known for his role in the Arizona on Grey's Anatomy, gave birth to a baby girl.

Congratulations to Jessica Capshaw! The actress, who plays Arizona Robins in the series Grey's Anatomy, is mum for the fourth time. Jessica Capshaw gave birth to a baby girl, born on May 2 and pre-named Josephine. The actress posted a photo of his daughter on his behalf Instagram, presenting to the world her newborn.

-39 years, Jessica Capshaw had three children with her husband Christopher Gavigan. Their son Luke was born in September 2007, followed by two daughters, Eve in October 2010 and Poppy in June 2012. Josephine therefore complements this pretty siblings.

Jessica Capshaw married her husband on May 22, 2004. Born in Missouri, the actress is the daughter of actress and producer Kate Capshaw. She is the stepdaughter of Director Steven Spielberg, that his mother has married in 1991. Jessica Capshaw has appeared in several films including Valentine or Minority Report.

LLE was revealed to the public by the series Grey's Anatomy, which she joined the cast in 2009  in the role of the Arizona's companion for several seasons of Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez). by