Would have Lily Allen narrated anything?His brother Alfie says in any case that it was never question that she joined the cast of Game of Thrones series in which he plays.

One of them tells us the truth... but which? Between Lily Allen, who explains that she was approached to integrate Game of Thrones, and his brother Alfie who responds that he has never been in question, that tells us anything?

Back to the facts: there are some days, the singer said that producers of the fantastic success of HBO series had contacted him to propose to interpret Yara Greyjoy.However, this character is the sister of Theon Greyjoy,character played by his brother in life,Alfie Allen.The popstar explained during a chat with her fans that she had refused,for not having to share incestuous acts with Alfie:"I did not feel uncomfortable,because need I mounted a horse and my brother touches me breasts and this kind of things.I said no thank you."

Thought the close case: except here,Alfie Allen declares his?We have heard the words of his sister and estimate that they are wrong:"the only thing that I can say on this subject, it is that this is not true, said the website Vulture.I can also tell you that Gemma Whalen has always been the first choice for the r? the [Yara, Editor's note], from the start. And it is fantastic."
Then, Lily told us about nonsense?Are eagerly awaiting a response from her. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-seasons-1-3-dvd-box-set.html