You're totally addict to the series? Lost, Friends, Desperate Housewives but also Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead have no secrets for you? Then station to depression by discovering the total time spent in front of your window.

What series lasts the longest? Which makes you lose the most time or, on the contrary, gave you a maximum of pleasure? This is what we propose you to discover today in our slide show. We have selected some of the series more cults and popular and, thanks to a formidable tool, calculated the total duration of each of them. A diabolical invention that makes you face the truth: you're totally addicted to the series!

So you will discover that Desperate Housewives has held more than a week of your life or Mentalist, over four days . A time that you could use with friends, call your grandma, get you a girlfriend, or even downright go on vacation in another country!

That said, our slide show can have another utility that you question the meaning of your life. While the holidays are not over but summer storms threaten, you might enjoy for binge-watcher a max! If you don't know what series choose, our slide show might help you. and then this time, you are advised of the time will take you! Created by