This Thursday, September 4 at 22:40, the first seven episodes of season 7 of Mad Men landed on Canal +. Is this the end of the journey into hell for Don Draper?

The latest images of the season 6 mad men dvd showed Don Draper and his two children, Sally and Bobby stop in front of a dilapidated House, a former brothel. Upset, he gives them: "This is where I grew..." Don/Dick Whitman can finally dare to release as it did during a presentation before clients to the Agency by confessing his orphan past and was raised by prostitutes. This incident causes an earthquake...

Season 7 of mad men begins two months after the layoff of Don Draper. The creative lives between two aircraft, between two worlds, New York and Los Angeles, where Megan, his wife, began her career as an actress. He was well aware that his lies may ruin his career. Pete Campbell, is once again single. The Agency, the atmosphere is electric: Peggy and the luscious Joan delimit at best their territory. Richard Nixon was elected President and the arrival of a computer to the agency concerned and upset the habits

Developments in American society are beautifully recounted, the narrative is always so glamorous, suspension and powerful and follows with passion and tension the lives of these pubards. Jon Hamm is a beautiful and poignant Don Draper stuck between his past that he cursed, its future uncertain, his doubts about married life and her concern about the evolution of the society. And Yes, in 1969, man has walked on the Moon! "The first part of the season 7 mad men dvd bounces on the chaos in which it has been left last season, said the author of the series Matthew Weiner in an interview with Télérama." He went through a very strong period of introspection, and has evolved a lot, emotionally. This new season is longer in action, seen advance and face obstacles more specifically. It proved, he was honest, he confessed the truth about his origins to his colleagues and to his children. But? a is not enough to make him a different man. "And even less to change the look of his loved ones." Women are always beautiful and it lead the dance to the image of Peggy, stunning Elisabeth Moss and Joan, Sen? aunt Christina Hendricks.

This final season 7 of Mad Men dvd will like other series cult Breaking Bad, being divided into two parts. This Thursday, September 4 from 8:40 p.m. on Canal +, you will see the first seven episodes. Then it will wait until next for at the end of the fate of the hero. We really let ourselves carried away by the wind of this cult series and it remains frustrated at the end of the seventh episode who sees the disappearance of one of the heroes. Soon thereafter! By