This Wednesday, TF1 will broadcast two episodes of the Mentalist in which you will see the beautiful Emmanuelle Chriqui of Simon Baker.When it appears to the screen, unable to not be captivated. Unfortunately, his heart is not to be taken, then failing to implement schemes to seduce her, we propose to focus on his career.

For the moment, and we wish that this change, the Canadian is best known for his role of Sloan McQuewick in Entourage. Despite the number of sexy girls parading on the screen during the eight seasons of the series on HBO, between 2004 and 2011, Sloan is the most beautiful woman that you will see in 96 episodes. But allowing it to itself from all the others, played by Adrian Grenier, for her money, she is attracted by its manager/best friend: Eric Murphy.that his character is well written. It makes you dream this majority whose main strength is their personality and not their physical. By