From this Saturday, October 11 at 8:50 pm TF6 rebroadcasts the first season of Nashville, which describes the fate and careers of two rival country singers. It is not to be missed, and told you why!

Real diving in the ruthless world of the music industry, Nashville tells us careers crossed Rayna Jaymes, a glory of the country on the decline, and Juliette Barnes, the rising star, darling of the teens. But the series also speak us more intimate feuds and beautiful love stories, all worn by the omnipresent music, true character full.

Nashville dvd is really worth a visit. So if you missed it when it was first broadcast, they give you five good reasons.

1 characters complex and moving. From the first episode, it takes empathy for Rayna. This mother and loving wife is primarily an artist who refuses to compromise themselves by agreeing to cut back on the quality of its songs to make them more commercial. His declining career yet will force her to make a choice: persisting risk all lose, or hunker down and do a tour with her rival, history of giving back a shot of young in his image. Juliet, she is immediately unsympathetic. Little diva to the character of pig, she dreams that glitter and glory. But it would be a mistake to leave it at that. Juliette Barnes has his own demons and a little scraping varnish.Deacon, mentor and ex-lover of Rayna will be torn between affection, both human and artistic, he has for the latter, and his desire to work for Juliette. Meanwhile, the duo Scarlett/Gunnar is the cutest couple of the moment, especially when they sing.

2. the music! Let it be said, no need to be a fan of country to enjoy Nashville. Even if the music takes a significant place in history, the more resistant to the kind should let their guard down.Feelings that the characters do not dare to confess, is the catalyst of the rivalry that opposed Rayna and Juliet, or concentrated career of these two issues - there. The music in the series is as much a character and a setting us back permanently to the history of Nashville, the capital of the country that has established it as true local religion.

3.Nashville-the fabulous cast.Wonderful, fantastic, the sublime Connie Britton expected to review in the commensurate with his talent since Friday Night Lights (no, American Horror Story?).She plays Juliette, a character difficult to love, but ultimately quite complex. By