This Friday night in NCIS, Agent DiNozzo has to go to France for the purpose of a mission. In Marseille accurately. But this episode he was actually shot in Marseille? Analyzing images!

Crowing! This Friday, November 21 at 20:50 on M6, DiNozzo reapplies in France! Officially, the special agent was sent to Marseilles to attend a seminar. In reality it is responsible to find and bring back the daughter of Admiral Kendall, Amanda, a brilliant student who is now dedicated to the party and the wrong crowd. But once there, he will discover that all contacts NCIS supposed to be on site were murdered and finds himself falsely accused. Tony will be forced to extend their stay in the country bouillabaisse ...

So we scrutinize, we try to recognize? Be a piece of street the Auction, the Old Port, or see Roland, at the counter of Mistral (here we kidding!) ... Oh well, we glimpse the ilo good Mother in the distance, watching over the city but ... there was something wrong, that sounds wrong. We have before us the Marseille, or should we pleased t say France, seen by the Americans. These storefronts on behalf calligraphy, these white walls, this red bus or truck that treats called Happy Pancakes (guys? Has no meaning!) ... Here, the largest port city in France, capital of the South, we are not familiar. And for good reason!

This episode entitled The daughter of the admiral, the penultimate of the season 11, was shot in Los Angeles! Probably a matter of budget. Still be noticed a sense of detail in this watered down version of Marseille: red mullet and ratatouille are restaurant menu which Tony was seated!

And for your general knowledge know that the coming of DiNozzo in Marseille is not totally as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service actually has a branch in the Mediterranean city. Created by