Megan Fox squats New Girl... in the absence of Zooey Deschanel. It will take its place (finally his room) a few episodes time.


A few months ago we were wondering if the pregnancy of Zooey Deschanel would interfere with filming the season 5 of New Girl. Appeared she pregnant or not in the series?


Production finally chose to make disappear the character for a few episodes, and replace it, or almost, it's Megan Fox who joined the series!


The actress will occupy the spot of Zooey Deschanel, but will not resume his role as... Explanation: his character Reagan, a pretty girl working in the field of pharmaceutical sales, will indeed occupy the House of Jess in the New Girl roommate in his absence. And according to Deadline, the arrival of the character of Megan Fox will make a difference in the roommate...


Megan Fox held a recurring role in the 5th season series from the 6th episode. The launch of this new season date has not yet been communicated by Fox.


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