The website E! Online reveals that actress Rebecca Mader will be a recurring role in season 3 of Once Upon A Time.

Indeed, the British actress will mark the second part of the season 3 of Once Upon A Time. With after E! Online, Rebecca Mader (Charlotte Lewis in Lost) will arrive in the series after the mid-season break, and will be "a major character, with a major participation, and a role" on several episodes.

The production of the series made a lot of mysteries on this arrival. Indeed, it is unclear what character actress will perform. And after TV Line, it will be an "icon of the villains of fairy tales. In addition, the first appearance of this character remains unclear. Indeed, Eddy Kitsis, co-creator of the series, said that "this character will perhaps be revealed at the end of the 11th episode... or maybe not. According to TV Line, the character will be most probably revealed in a trailer, aired during the mid-season break.

The season 3 of Once Upon A Time will resume in March. In France, the series is broadcast on M6. By