His fans know and love Chad Michael Murray for his role as "Lucas Scott" in the success series "One Tree Hill". For his new strip the 32-year-old has slimmed down properly. With us, you can find out the backgrounds.

Chad Michael Murray was between 2003 and 2012 to the main cast of the series one tree Hill. In a total 187 episodes played the now 32 year old heart-throb "Lucas Scott." For his new movie, Murray had to go to his physical limits and lost a frightening lot of weight.

"I'm playing a homeless heroin addict in my next movie ' other people's children'." For this I've lost about 11 kilos", Murray reveals in conversation with"US Weekly".
Chad Michael Murray was controlled

However, the actor put on great value checked to remove: "I wanted to make it biologically correct and I have also done that. I wanted to feed me crackers not only water un." Among other things, oatmeal, egg whites, salad, chicken and tuna were on his daily diet.

After the shooting, Chad Michael Murray currently dedicates the pleasant aspects of life and is going to eat his lost pounds back. We wish him much fun doing it.

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