CBS confirms the cancellation of the series, after the final season 5, which will begin on may 3.

After months of speculation about the future of Person of Interest, CBS confirmed officially yesterday: the series will stop. As might be expected, Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams show will end after season 5, at the beginning of the summer.

"We are eternally grateful to our incredible cast and the entire team",. "And above all, we would like to thank the fans of the series - the best fans in the world. This small cyberpunk thriller did for you would not have been possible without your support. ' Person of Interest now comes at the end of his life and we hate to make you discover the last chapter ".

This final chapter is precisely a date. Finally, we know when to begin the season 5 of Person of Interest. CBS will offer the first episode on Tuesday, may 3, in the United States. Then, it will broadcast episode 2 a few days later, on Monday, May 9. Episode 3 will be offered the next day, Tuesday, may 10. Three episodes a week therefore, and the show will then be his rytthme of cruise, at the rate of one episode per week, every Tuesday evening, until June 21. It should be noted that this last season of Person of Interest has only 13 episodes. It will arrive in the months that come on TF1.