The family comedy Raising Hope finally lands on M6! Unfortunately, the chain does not risk to the broadcast in prime time and to discover, need to shorten his sleep on Saturday.This series really fun and full of tenderness!

So if you're not subscribed to Canal +, that you have zapped 6Ter webcasting (that has canceled it since the absence of hearings) and say it clearly, that you laugh at totally to have four years behind US, you can still catch you up. Nothing is yet lost, you'll have a new opportunity to discover Raising Hope (but after?, if you miss it again, we can not do anything for you). Set your alarm clock because M6 will broadcast this delightful comedy this Saturday, July 12 from 10:40 for the first four episodes of season 1.

But Raising Hope, what is just? It is the latest creation of Greg Garcia, who has an another super comedy, casual outside and tender inside, My name is Earl. Raising Hope, launched in 2010 on the chain not FOX, it is the story of the Chance family.Do you follow? All more freaky than the others, and yet still docked together in a daily newspaper that speak to everyone.

And who exactly the Chance? There are Jimmy who, at almost 24 years old, living with her parents, Virginia (Martha Plimpton) and Burt (Garret Dillahunt). Finally, in reality, Virginia and Burt live in Barbara June (Cloris Leachman), alias Maw - Maw, aka the grandmother of Virginia.

In short, back to Jimmy. Because he paid good time with a girl without taking precautions, Jimmy view: 1 / that it is love with a serial killer and that he could leave his skin; and 2 / it is now dad. It will then fall totally in love before the adorable face of her baby, pretty Hope, and will take its first steps in fatherhood. But if it comes from a welded and loving family, his parents are not necessarily an example to follow... Virginia and Burt had Jimmy while they were still teenagers. And inevitably, at this age there, it makes mistakes, trying to, is what we can. Methods of unorthodox education that Jimmy will strive not to reproduce for his daughter. To meet the needs of Hope, bump it at Howdy's, a local supermarket, where he made the acquaintance of the impetuous Sabrina.

And it's good? Yes, Yes and Yes! Raising Hope denotes the usual family series by its irreverent tone, offbeat, humor and situations not always politically correct but deliciously Dr.? And above all, it not buried us under a layer of sticky sentiments and marshmallow. Raising Hope exudes sincerity and tenderness toward his characters. A portrait in acid of a certain middle class American but that makes us love it even more! By