The deprogramming Masterchef is collateral victims. The third season of Revenge passes to the hatch as soon as Thursday, July 30, replaced by re-runs of profiling.

After two weeks of disappointing hearings, the new season of MasterChef is canceled this week, to arrive at the same schedule on NT1. Instead, TF1 chose to broadcast episodes season 1 and 2 of profiling.

The third season of Revenge, broadcast every Thursday evening after MasterChef.TF1 has preferred not to take risks, and has decided to pause the yet unpublished adventures of Emily Thorne.

After the 15th episode of Revenge as the summer season 3 into account 22. Fans may so know a terrible frustration Thursday, July 30 at 8:50 pm. instead of MasterChef and profiling, they will find four episodes as a result of profiling.

TF1 will begin with the last two episodes of the first season of profiling, followed by the first two of the season 2. Programming a bit cumbersome but that should give pleasure to many viewers.

With over 7 million faithful, profiling is one of the flagship of the series. We follow a duo of mismatched investigators, Odile Vuillemin and Guillaume Cramoisan during the first two seasons, before Philippe Bas takes over to c? tes of the pretty redhead. Created by