The Scandal series fascinating. And as a fan of Olivia Pope, you will probably be before Téva this Monday, February 9th from 8:40 p.m. for a special evening dedicated to this amazing spin doctor, responsible for managing crises. By the way ... what is a spin doctor and how? A work? A specialist answers us.

In Scandal, Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) has become expert in crisis management at the point of working for the White House. An efficient and formidable spin doctor who commands admiration. But what exactly is behind this term "spin doctor"? posed the question to John Xmas Chaintreuil, advisor strategies that worked with several politicians and author of several books.

What's a spin doctor
Jean-No l Chaintreuil: A spin doctor is a communications consultant whose main role is to make its best customers?. He brings solutions to their problems of influence, positioning and visibility. The job of a spin doctor is a mix between the business analyst, strategist and end organizer: select a suitable outfit, preparing a TV interview, a meeting with influencers, refine key messages, respond to attacks and clarify the short and long term strategies.

What personalities work with a spin doctor?
This job is more common in Anglo-Saxon countries, many professionals rely on spin doctors to bring their business or themselves on a national or even international level. I work well with politicians than with CEOs of large companies in France and abroad, representatives of international NGOs or start-up patrons who come to raise funds.

What are the steps of a good image of crisis management?
A great quote from Sun Tzu that I keep in mind is: "A victorious army is even before battle A defeated army first launched in battle and then searches the win.". So for a good crisis management, the main step is the anticipation (formalization and risk assessment and influence networks, creation of action plans) and the formation of teams to deal with different situations. The other steps are the operational management of the situation and especially the tracking and image reconstruction. It is also essential to know how to pick.

President Francois Hollande advisors, why a personal matter (Gayet the case) she was able to splash his image to that point?
We can retain at least two major points. If the story had happened in the 2000s, it would have had much less impact. Internet today amplifies all business and abolishes the boundary between private and public life. Where The more important of the spin doctor who has to manage an image?Is global. Today, political or public image is primarily subject to the rules of the Web. It is therefore essential to widely advertise and know think relevant and coherent strategy. Internet becomes a lever of influence. If we are still very few do this job in France, it tends to democratize because leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of managing their public image. The development of social networks is also for many.

The second point is good to be prepared for all eventualities. The potential crisis situations should be anticipated, analyzed and prepared an answer. The upstream consulting work is complex but manageable? How effective. With one of my American clients, we worked on a risk mapping and appropriate responses in each case. When a crisis broke out, he was able to keep a cool head and we were able, with his team, set up a quick and effective solution without any negative result. Created by