Nothing is lost with the internet and all can be found. The driver not broadcast the series The Big Bang Theory dvd made its appearance on the Web some time ago already. A quite confusing episode.

If The Big Bang Theory is a box and attracting still more people the seasons, not always was what it is today. Between the command of a pilot and its broadcast on (if the series is ultimately controlled) it takes place a few months. Following the reactions the test public and policymakers of the channel (here CBS) many changes may occur: a change of actor (s), tone, jokes, dialogues, etc. This was the case for the series featuring Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and others.

The September 24, 2007 broadcast pilot episode is radically different from the one shot and one year previously proposed to the chain. Exit Penny, say hello to Katie. Sheldon is not asexual, has already slept with a woman and loves the massive buttocks, the apartment is different,and finally Howard and Raj do not appear.