The dome will disappear and makes air for fog. Although Stephen Kings "Under the Dome" was cancelled after three seasons, but now comes a more narrative of the horror King on the home screens with "The fog"


Fans of the horror master Stephen King have reason to rejoice. After the US broadcaster CBS hired the Sci Fi series "Under the Dome" after three seasons, a more narrative of the American bestseller authors now serves as a template for a TV series. Dimension television were known (via comingsoon), that "the mist" (German title: "The mist") an adaptation of the series will get.


Stephen King published the short story 1985, 2007 Director Frank Darabont brought them as the horror-thriller in the cinemas. The Dane Christian Torpe, who drew in his home country with the comedy series "Rita" on their cares to the script for the planned series. The King of the horror novel has personally approved the project. According to the press release, the series is based, both kings short story and Darabonts thriller.


Out of nowhere, comes "The mist" and lays down on a small American town. Thus not only the view, but very soon even the sleeping inhabitants is taken. Because the mysterious weather phenomenon brings mysterious creatures that bent on people and attacking from ambush. To inflame conflicts and quarrels that take their toll between the residents cut off from the outside world...


Dimension film also produces the horror series "Scream", which is currently successfully broadcast on the TV station MTV. There is still no information about the cast or a launch date.