What has long been an open secret, is in the current 27th season of "The Simpsons" finally revealed for all. Mr. Smithers, the assistant of Mr. Burns, will come out as gay.

On September 27, 2015 black in the United States already the 27th season of "The Simpsons". As producer Al Jean as part series starts now told our colleagues from TVLine, Mr. Smithers plays a central role in the new season.

Thus betrayed Jean: "In Springfield most people know that he is stifling Burns knows But it obviously does not.." This circumstance would be treated in two episodes in which Smithers then also has breast coming out.

The figure is intended to also play an important role in further consequences. It will inter alia give even an episode in which Smithers had enough of Burns have and over think his options.

In Germany currently runs until the 26th season of "The Simpsons". New episodes there every Tuesday at 20.15 clock on ProSieben