We know that many of you see the impatient waiting for the fateful moment of the resumption of the fourth season of The Walking Dead.It is Robert Kirkman, the author of the comic which is drawn the series.Asked by Entertainment Weekly, it confirmed that eight new episodes (of which we have the synopsis) would be very different from the previous eight ones: it is very hard for them [the death of Hershel]. Hershel was important for each of the characters, it is for this reason that death is so difficult. These people are injured in the soul and they do not have the time to think because there are things out of control. That's The Walking Dead. They do not have a minute to think about their emotions. We will see these characters completely broken by what happened but there are so many things that weigh on them or that they will have to do business. It is this barrage of terrible things that they will have to surpass, or not. This is what is exciting."

Steven Yeu, the interpreter of Glenn in The Walking Dead revisits the evolution of his character. According to him it is the only one to have found a meaning to his life in a world plagued by violence and despair. He is the one who is always able to bounce back, it is full of resources. He will never abandon, it is not the kind of person to be sit and wait for death. On the contrary, he fights for his ideals and he is not afraid to be in the front line. Steven recognizes that Glenn has sometimes acted like an idiot, especially when he tried to seduce Maggie. It remains, however, someone very funny and endorsement.

The actor has several tips to give us on how to survive a zombie invasion. First, it is necessary to find a beautiful woman, people who know how to use a weapon and then become their friend. The best thing that made Glenn was to use the os of the zombie as a weapon and succeed to break the Chair to be able to defend themselves. He concludes by saying that Glenn never stops to move forward. Still be a little bit patient, there are more than 3 days before the return of the series!Buy the waking dead seasons 1-3 dvd see here (http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-walking-dead-seasons-1-3-dvd-box-set.html)