Netflix comes out the big guns with The Crown, the reign of Elizabeth II. With a huge budget, the new original creation of the American giant keeps its promises.

According to The Crown, she's a Royal series is a somewhat easy word game, it is the word to describe this dive in the youth of Elizabeth II. The first original creation British of Netflix, to the huge budget of EUR 112 million, is interested in the Royal family. What could be more natural for a nation still attached to its traditions and its monarchy.

The history of The Crown begins in England with a wedding in 1947. The Elizabeth Windsor and Philip Mountbatten. Mise put to the test by the surprise culmination of the Princess of 25 years, the love story between the future Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh is the red thread of the series. It focuses also on the major events of the reign of the sovereign: the abdication of Edouard VIII, the death of George VI, the coronation of Elizabeth at Westminster Abbey, the resignation of Winston Churchill... and evokes the tumultuous relationship of Elizabeth with his s? ur youngest Margareth.

With his big blue eyes, her doll face and graceful silhouette, Claire Foy is perfect for sovereign and does not fall into the trap of imitation, although she has studied the silhouette of Elizabeth II. The most daring choice of Matt Smith (seen in Dr Who) turns out to be wise. Its atypical shape lends perfectly this Royal Highness to unfathomable personality. Jared Harris (seen in Mad Men) took over after Colin Firth (the King's speech) to interpret the stuttering sovereign. He plays this King dying with great sensitivity. Only John Lithgow cabotine somewhat in the r? the one Churchill aging.

Doomed to be spread over six seasons, The Crown is filmed as a biopic.We feel that Peter Morgan (the last King of Scotland, The Queen) the creator of the series, is itself so fascinated by this family, which he doesn't dare make a dent the image. By the way, is not the purpose of The Crown, which aims to be the Chronicle of an unusual family, but overall as the others.