While the season 3 of Banshee ends tonight on Canal +, here's the latest news on the upcoming season. A new chapter of punch. Necessarily!

Banshee, the continuing series of the imagination of the writers Jonathan Tropper and Richard Shickler, will be well entitled to a season 4, which airs beginning 2016 on Cinemax, in the United States. Here is the latest news.

-The plot
Sex, violence and rock 'n' roll... Banshee will still stage Lucas Hood, his habitual (actor Antony Starr) who is posing as the new Sheriff of a small town in Pennsylvania, jammed between an Indian reserve and an Amish community. The cable American Cinemax has ordered a fourth season that will count only 8 episodes, instead of 10 for the first three. The writers would begin to be short of ideas? Since the beginning of the season 3, it must be said the dead are permanent at the speed of lightning! But the reason for this shortening seems good. The shooting team, previously installed in North Carolina will travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

-The cast
Brutal Antony Starr and the lovely Ivana Milicevic (Carrie) will be present. New faces will emerge. The season 4 reserve a beautiful plot in Ana Ayora (Marley & Moi, a Grand marriage). She played Nina Cruz, a working secretly for Kai Proctor police officer (Ulrich Thomsen). A true weapon of war even the best combat techniques. Actor Chris Coy will be present regularly in the Calvin, the brother of the Deputy Sheriff Kurt Bunker (Tom Pelphrey), leader of the neo-nazi movement implanted to Banshee. Finally, note the arrival of ex-Dollhouse, Eliza Dushku in the skin of Veronica Dawson, a sexy FBI profiler! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com