According to Entertainment Weekly, AMC would prepare a special episode of The Walking Dead, in which zombies are in would take a plane in mid-flight.

Zombies on a plane, this is the next project of the AMC series The Walking Dead. According to the American magazine Entertainment Weekly, would prepare a special episode, which would not really belong to the series or even spin off, but which would introduce a new character for Fear The Walking Dead.

The events of this episode would be held on the same timeline that Fear The Walking Dead. Several people will be attacked in mid-flight by zombies. However, in an airplane, unable to flee and difficult to barricade... There should not be as a sole survivor, who would become one of the characters in season 2 of the spin-off series.

His release will be a bit special, since it will first put online on internet, then cut into several chapters, aired after each episode of season 6 of The Walking Dead, which landed in the United States on October 11.

The spin-off Fear The Walking Dead won a phenomenal success, with 10.1 million American viewers before their small screen to discover the very first episode of the series. A spectacular start that should prove its success in the coming weeks. Created by