Frantically, you have sought summaries of episode 3 of The Walking Dead, dissected the grid of Canal + Series programs but not... no trace of the spin-off of The Walking Dead last week. It explains everything.

Every Sunday from 23 august, AMC and Canal + Series aired on their Fear The Walking Dead antenna, spin-off of the phenomenon The Walking Dead series. The first episode has exploded the cha audience records? do American and the second is maintained at a very good level. And the third then?

Subscribe to the small sister seriphile, Canal +, you have been caught cold sweats: the third episode of Fear the Walking Dead has not been released last week, Sunday 6 September! The series would be cancelled without warn you? Don't worry, everything is normal.

On Monday, September 7, our friends the Americans were celebrating Labor Day (their feast of work in short), and had a three day weekend. For this reason, they are generally limited to television and the show chilly chopping their large calibres. For do not spoil the beautiful potential audience of the third episode of the Walking Dead, AMC Fear therefore preferred to postpone its broadcast last night, Sunday, September 13. Canal + Series is forced to follow.

Entitled The Dog, episode 3 of Fear The Walking Dead has therefore proposed simultaneously with the United States on Sunday, September 13, then will be offered at a more reasonable time, 9: 35 pm, Tuesday September 15. Created by