And a new character!If in The Walking Dead, the dead follow, it must be that the writers also add new actors to further plot ... The zombies are flesh hungry. Ross Marquand is one of the new protagonists of the second half of season 5; and the first openly gay character in the series.

You count the days before the resumption of Season 5 of The Walking Dead? And according to the latest rumors and many US sites, a new character will be arriving in the second half of the season. The Hollywood Reporter announced that Ross Marquand will be one that will play it. The website even reveal the name of the protagonist in fiction, which will be ... Aaron. Present in the Robert Kirkman comic book (which is based on the TV series), we do not tell you more about its features. But just know that it will be the first openly gay character in the series. Good news for fans of the program already speculated about the sexuality of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) ... Could it fall into the arms of Aaron?

American actor Ross Marquand is not yet well known to the public.The most often secondary and is actually in the series Mad Men (which he played Paul Newman) it begins to make a (small) name. Theater, shows, movies and voice dubbing, it multiplies the projects from an early age. Enjoyed by millions of viewers, The Walking Dead is the series that will bring him early notoriety? It will not be the only new character to appear? Be in this second half of the season. Alexandra Breckenridge will also be there; as announcing to you? See you on February 9 OCS to find episode 9 of the series. Created by