It is this Thursday October 30 that starts the third season of The Walking Dead on NT1. But before Rick and his companions, we offer you refreshing? chir a little brains...

Whether or not you liked the second season (because the fact topic debate), it is hoped that you will answer present this Thursday night at 11:05 on NT1 for the launch of the season 3 of The Walking Dead. Because, in our humble opinion, it is much better! Moreover, if like us, you're royally annoyed on the season 2, no doubt you finally glimpsed the light during the last episode, efficiency to awaken the dead. EH? What? It spent what already? Don't panic, we're here to help take full advantage of the return of the zombies. Little reminder of the facts thus.

Finally Rick and Shane will stop to take the lead about Lori. In the penultimate episode, Rick was forced to kill his friend ex-meilleur, a test that it gives even more. But this death has many other consequences. After being stabbed in the heart, Shane rises into a zombie... And it is the young Carl, torn between his biological father and his spiritual father who will fire, passing him also at a higher point in the survival. But imagine that the most important is same not there!

That reflected the death of Shane, it is especially as the former policeman came back from the dead without even being bitten. So far, only a zombie bite caused the transformation. This means that now, any deceased person, natural or unnatural death, wake up thirsty flesh fra? che in the absence of having the brains in compote. What further darken the future...

The other good news (Finally, for us viewers), is that all the troops is being forced to leave the farm of Hershel in which she had the unfortunate tendency to be encro? ter. At the end of the season 2 in effect, a horde of zombies requires the survivors to leave their home in complete disorganization. In a panic, some missing including Andraa who, pursued by zombies, got lost in the forest.

The facts are simple: Rick comes to murder one of their own, Andraa the fighter is no longer there, Jimmy and Patricia died, Lori is pregnant until the eyes, and they were more than shelter... All will have to resume the road to to find a new refuge. Rick takes a little big head and prevents other: if they want as leader, democracy, is is finished!

Just to point out: Andrea is no longer with the rest of the troupe. It is yet not alone because in the last minutes of the episode, she is saved in extremis by a mysterious person, hidden under a hood, armed with a sword, and takes on a leash two zombies behind it... Friend or enemy? Everything what can tell you is that he is a character flagship of the series The Walking Dead that readers of the comics have been waiting for a long time! Created by