AMC aired the first episode of The walking dead yesterday evening. After a second part of season 3 disappointing, Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman will redress the balance? Beware Spoilers.

In 4 seasons The Walking Dead will be known well swirls, either before the camera - with its poor characters to survive in the apocalyptic world who offers to them - or behind the scenes with its different changes of showrunners. For this new opus is Scott Gimple taking over the bar after the hasty departure of Glen Mazzara during the third season.

This new season resumes a few weeks after the last episode of the previous. The prison has hosted survivors of Woodbury and a community is thus formed. Gardens, plantations, closed, guards eat: survivors fail to nothing and leads their (over) life, however constant gunpoint present zombies across the fence. This is the makings of a promise by Robert Kirkman prior to the release of season 4, the zombies will be more present and more dangerous than ever.

At the end of the season 3 Rick abandoned its position as leader of the group. A Council is formed since then, consisting inter alia of Daryl, Glenn, Herschel or Carol, and everything seems to go better. As we indicated also the title of the episode '30 Days Without an Accident'. Small groups are organized to get out of prison and fetching of new rations for the community. The survivors were released from the psychological burden imposed on them by the character of Andrew Lincoln then shot by the death of his wife and haunted by his ghost. A frame that we'll more see this season according to Kirkman. Fortunately because it's one of the intrigues that sealed the second part of the previous season.

However Rick weaknesses are always present during this first season and we feel that he can lose his head at any time. Away from his leadership role it seems more really in its place. A place that he must quickly find to not repeat past mistakes.

Meanwhile Michonne still does not seem to belong in this community and at every opportunity multiplies travel outside the prison. His quest to find the Governor is far from over. The latter is, let us remember, responsible for the death of Andrea. A quest that should take him in Macon... With other survivors?

In addition to the reunion of our well-known heroes, is new heads knowledge, including Bob Stookey, performed by Lawrence Gilliard Jr. It is one of the only newcomers who is a minimum developed during the episode. Haunted by his alcoholic past that he both tries although a lot of combat it will endanger the small group led by Daryl during a trip to the supermarket. An effective sequence that will have the merit of give a shot to boost the episode which has stalled somewhat.

With "30 Days Without an Accident" trying hard to erase the shortcomings of the latest episodes while launching the stakes of this fourth season. Without being sensational, this first episode has what it takes to cling, thanks in particular to its atmosphere. Created by