The first post season 4 just fall, he took the graphics in recent seasons, and does not give many clues about the adventures of Rick and his band. However ...

As the season 4 of the series The Walking Dead DVD is expected next October on AMC, the chain has unveiled a banner / poster at the future Comic-Con in San Diego. If she takes the graphical elements of the last posters (Rick and his gun / Daryl and his crossbow pictures already seen before), we can note the presence of Michonne horse beheading zombies with a vengeance and Tyreese (who is alive) captured the same spot (but with a hammer). Anyway, again this year Andrew Lincoln and his band may eat the Zombie.

I must say that the latest news about this season 4 talk much more violent and aggressive zombies than in previous seasons. Who has read the comic, it is not surprising, since we should be entitled to the arrival of the "hordes" of zombies (for spoilers, please go to the comics published in France by Delcourt) . Compotera 16 episodes this season and for the moment the presence of the Governor (David Morrissey), is not yet proven for the duration of the season (again, this is not a revelation to anyone who has read the comics) .

For a clue to the survivors of this season 4, you should know that Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, David Morrissey, Chad Coleman and Scott Wilson, will be in San Diego for Comic-Con (July 19) to receive the press and sign autographs. Finally, if one refers to the title of the first episode of this season 4, 30 Days Without an Accident "(literal translation:" 30 days without accident "), it seems that it would start a month after the season 3. This will once again is not a surprise to anyone who has read the comics, of course, the series does not follow exactly my field of comics and qu'n big we are in Volume 9. Those who remain (Here we remain) (numbers 49-54), but with a lot of differences ....  By