Season 4 of The Walking Dead is rebroadcast from this Saturday, September 24, at 23:35 on TMC. Little reminder of what happened in the third round of episodes.

TMC rebroadcast the season 4 of The Walking Dead. Before you discover or rediscover these 16 episodes, back on the highlights of the third round of adventures of the series.

State of play
Gathered around their leader Rick (Andrew Lincoln), the survivors have left hurriedly the farm of Herschel (Scott Wilson), to live in a prison. The community is organized between the walls. Refugees in the gilles of the penitentiary, Rick and the survivors landscape while cells than zombies is accumulating in front doors.

His wife and his son were the reason to live of the former Sheriff's Deputy, already shocked by the death of his ex-teammate Shane (Jon Bernthal). Losing Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), dark Rick into madness. Victim of hallucinations, devastated by grief, Rick takes it out by running zombies randomly and is unable to care for her new baby. He isolates himself from the Group and their cache of information.

Separated from the group, Andrea moves with a new Sidekick, the enigmatic Michonne (Danai Gurira). Inseparable from his katana, this silent and implacable Warrior is a formidable ally. Yet, Andrea made the choice to stay with the Governor pleased than to follow his friend. Michonne then joined the prison and Rick decided to welcome him. Woodbury troops attack the survivors. War is declared between the camps of Rick and the Governor. The latter requires Rick to him back Michonne. In return, he agrees to not to attack the rest of the group.