Criticism of episode 9 of season 6 of the series The Walking Dead, "No Way Out". Beware of spoilers.

It's time to recovery for season 6 of The Walking Dead, which is a bit to forget for ten weeks while the last episode ended in a cliffhanger stifling potential ... Reserving its forces for that would follow. Review (beware of spoilers).

At last, the survivors of Alexandria were very awkward position. While panic had taken over in the community under siege by a horde of walkers, Denise was kidnapped by the leader of the Wolves. Bitten and infected, Deanna bided his time, Maggie was trapped in a tower and Rick and his walking among the dead, in fear ... A beautiful mess who kept the shadows: the series everything to save his effects. The title of the episode ( "No Way Out" dead end) is not there to lie to us. "This is the craziest episode ever seen" suggested Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, last November.

Tape to the eye and the swagger, a five-minute prologue serves as appetizer to the second half of the season. The series has decided to accelerate the inclusion of certain intrigues relative to comics. And this is where the saviors that will not soon become the main concern of our heroes (the fans of the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard well know). The presentations are short, punchy, exhilarating. Fans can be reassured, the Negan terrible happens ...

Orchestrated by Greg Nicotero, always at ease when it comes to directing scenes full of zombies? No Way Out? (Which picks up exactly where the series left off this winter) The promo of The Walking Dead promises a second half of the season without concessions. And in view of the first elements, one would be tempted to believe production.