Because the typical day of a survivor in full zombie invasion is not any rest, breaks are needed! Fortunately, unlike the characters that they play, the members of the cast of The Walking Dead have access to WiFi. And as soon as they can, they unpack by posting a few photos on Instagram account, to the delight of the fans!

These little moments of life, that the actors and actresses of The Walking Dead share willingly with us, are real breathing into their very busy schedules. We view as well as Steven Yeun, aka Glenn, is a golf and not reluctant ever to a good barbecue, that Norman Reedus is really more connected on the kidding that Daryl and that it is also an artist, as the "little" Carl, Chandler Riggs, loooooove his sweetheart and made it the same head on all its selfies.

As the girls in the series, we discover that in addition to being already pretty covered with mud and all filthy in the middle of the zombies, they are also sublime outside film sets! But above all, what we accept all these photos, is the wonderful atmosphere that prevails between the actors and actresses of The Walking Dead. A complicity which burst the screen and makes pleasure to see, has alone when we know that their characters have gone through during these four seasons... and what to expect. By