Bitten by a zombie at the end of season 3, Andrea was shot in the head. But in the comics, his character is still alive. What happened? The former actress of The Walking Dead is explained.

In the books of The Walking Dead comic, the character of Andrea is still alive. However, in the American series, the pretty blonde played by Laurie Holden was killed at the end of the season 3. A start which wasn't really the program...

On the occasion of the Walker Stalker Con in the United States, the actress agreed to confide, and says: "I had an eight-year contract.I have to be there to the end I was supposed to finish with Rick, and save Woodbury. I was buying a house in Atlanta".

One evening, on the eve of filming: "he told me he was going to kill my character. When you have re? u the script on the shelf, everyone began to sob. I feel like I got shot.. "Nothing that happened was planned that way. "

A totally unexpected departure for Laurie Holden, but which it does not rigour to the team: "I was really grateful for the way one of which I was made from, with elegance and extraordinary cast. that's not what I wanted, but I loved my release. " No hard feelings then!