The Walking Dead survivors are preparing to meet the terrible Negan. A meeting that will change them forever. The character portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan who appeared in the last episode of the season 6 is finally revealed in a trailer.

The season 6 of The Walking Dead looks terrifying for Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie and the rest of the survivors. They have never met a greater danger than the famous Negan, long-awaited by fans of the comic book. Portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the character is preparing to make a brutal appearance on April 3, in the final episode.

They offered a nice gift to fans two days before the episode 15 and penultimate of the season 6 aired by unveiling a video in which Negan unfolds. If you don't see his face, one discovers his fetish weapon: his baseball bat called Lucille.

In this short trailer, our heroes are the meeting of a group of saviours and are taken prisoner. The opportunity for them to meet the greatest enemy they have never experienced. "Hi, I'm Negan" presents itself simply, coldly. And all the readers of comic books know what awaits one of our heroes at the end of this fatal meeting.

For the moment,Rumours in the United States speak even a cliffhanger with a season 6 which concludes on the bat shot, without knowing the identity of the victim.