Tony Shalhoub, who played eight seasons for the detective to obsessive-compulsive disorder, will be included in the credits of the seventh season of Nurse Jackie! The actor recently get a recurring role in the series.

Monk soon treated by Nurse Jackie! Almost... Tony Shalhoub, the interpreter of the detective with obsessive-compulsive disorder, has indeed signed to join the cast of the series carried for seven years already by Edie Falco. The actor appears? tra on a recurring basis in the next adventures of nurse borderline for a release under current 2015 in the USA...

This man is very popular with his colleagues, including Gloria Akalitus (Anne Deavere Smith) emergency, his supervisor. He is housebroken and has very good manners. Bernard will be a friend to Jackie.

This comeback will be good for Tony Shalhoub? After stopping Monk in 2009,  the actor has been pleased discreet only appearing in a few TV movies or as a guest star in the series.. It is only at the beginning of 2013 he attempted a real return as one of the main characters of comedy We Are Men. Unfortunately, the show was quickly cancelled... By