Yesterday, Wednesday, May 29, 2013, TF1 had the best audience of the night with new episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Chain ahead and France 3 Roots and wings as well as France and two detectives. While Beijing Express is down on M6 D17 achieves the best audience of the evening on TNT with the feature film Submerged.

TF1 is again taking pole position ranking of hearings with Grey's Anatomy DVD. The American series passionate 5,788,000 faithful 20.9% audience share. It is nearly 2 percentage points lower than the previous week. On May 22, in fact, the adventures of Seattle Grace Hospital were followed by 6.034 million viewers, representing 22.5% audience share.

Good score for France 3. The chain was discovered yesterday the French Riviera in a new number Roots and wings interested 4,501,000 viewers for 16.7% audience share.

On France 2, the Detectives series is declining. After gathering for launch 4,228,000 curious and 15.7% audience share in the previous week, the series was followed yesterday by 3.886 million viewers for 14% audience share.

Small decrease also for Beijing Express, the Chest. The issue of Adventure M6 was followed yesterday by 2,643,000 fans for 11.2% audience share against 2.87 million fans and Pda 12.5% ??the previous week.

Great performance for D17. The string takes the top spot of Hearings Freeview through feature film Submerged which was seen by 927,000 viewers for 3.5% audience share.

TMC is in turn the meter curious 915,000 and 3.4% audience share through the show Florence Foresti made sketches at La Cigale.

NT-1, Sister Thérèse.coma series was watched by 850,000 fans or 3.2% audience share against 1.007 million viewers and 3.9% Pda the previous week.

W9 yesterday that focused on a number of new criminal investigations: the magazine of the various facts gathered 808,000 curious to 3.1% audience share against 1.057 million viewers and 4.2% of Pda.

On D8, the magazine In search of news was followed by 812,000 viewers and 3% audience share.

The Strike Back series aired yesterday on NRJ 12 was followed in turn by 764,000 faithful (2.8% Pda) against 576,000 viewers and 2.1% Pda May 22.

France 5 has attracted its share for 650,000 viewers and 2.3% share of the audience with a new issue of The House France 5. The show attracted 999,000 followers last week and 3.7% Pda.

On France 4, the feature film Laughter and Punishment with José Garcia was acclaimed by 576,000 viewers to 2.1% audience share.

Arte, the ballet The Rite of Spring was attended by 467,000 fans and a 1.8% audience share.

Gulli up the rear with the iCarly series was viewed by 183,000 children and adults (0.7% audience share) against 239,000 viewers (0.9% Pda the previous week). By