Passing through Paris, the actress Rebecca Romijn referred to rumors of a film series Ugly Betty.

A film derived from Ugly Betty? This is news that could appeal to fans of the series with America Ferrera, aired between 2006 and 2010. During a festival of television in the summer 2016, fans of the series have already had a large meeting of players and these have raised the possibility of making a film about Ugly Betty.

What is today? Passing through Paris, the actress Rebecca Romijn spoke about these rumors: "It is we who started this rumor is she exclaimed, laughing We'd love to You never know, maybe.!." If the players are starters, this is certainly a positive first step towards a project that also takes heart to the fans.

Rebecca Romijn also referred to the character she played in Ugly Betty, that of Alexis Meade. A transgender character that may have opened the way for other series, including to Transparent today. at the time where Ugly Betty, makers of the ABC which broadcast were not very excited to see such a character in prime time. In the video interview above, Rebecca Romijn reflects on this series and this protagonist, important to play and defend.