Season 2 of Under the dome just landed on M6. Unveiled last summer in the United States on CBS, this new season has lost much of its viewers (compared with the launch of the first season in summer 2013). Blame it on that, Our Expert from the series has focused on the question and the answers!

Broadcast last week on M6, the first episodes of season 2 of Under the dome drew 3.5 million viewers on average, throughout the evening. And they were 3.9 million at 20.50 Six for the release of the first episode (or 14.4% market share). A pretty performance for the series adapted from the novel by Stephen King. The opportunity for our series expert, Philippe Guedj to focus on the continuation of the adventures of Dale said Barbie (Mike Vogel) and Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) journalist. Season 2, is as good as the previous season?

In the United States in any case, Under the dome season 2 is not up to the expectations and hearings proves it. 11 million American viewers on average for season 1, they were more than 7 million the second. Four million viewers in less between the two seasons, a heavy loss of hearings. Yet, Under the dome was the summer series phenomenon in summer 2013. A year later, in 2014, it is Extant who won full promotional attention of the cha? not CBS. The fault has this single element? According to the Expert series, this explanation is not enough. The series continues in mediocrity, and game of the actors leaves to be desired.

Before this decline of inevitable interest, what will happen from Under the dome season 2? CBS only admits not yet defeated and has already ordered a season 3. What power a little, first admirers of the program... and the future evenings of M6. Created by