The seventh season of the vampire drama of The CW begins this Thursday, October 7 at the United States. An update for you on what you should know about this new burst of episodes, which clearly marks a revival for the series.

After seasons 4 and 5 in halftone, the sixth season of the adventures of other vampires in Mystic Falls is managed to raise the level, thanks to a villain of the most effective. It was completed in May last on a final season that marked the departure of Nina Dobrev, the interpreter of Elena, after six years of good and loyal service, and thus closing an important chapter in the series.

Like other series before it, Vampire Diaries continues without its star. Elena is not forgotten so far. When opens the season 7, the young woman, related to Bonnie by Kai, is still immersed in a coma which she will not wake up until her best friend in life. Each must therefore learn to live without it and this will obviously be one of the major challenges of this season.

We are all similarly entitled to think that, if the end of the series is a day planned in advance, Nina Dobrev would agree to resume its role time to at least one episode, in order to offer an end to the fans who have invested in the story of Elena. But in the meantime, the series focuses now on Elena, and finds a new breath to the false air of reboot.