Every Friday evening, a crucial choice arises to you, Twilight fans, at the time to decide on the TV program: Teen Wolf or Vampire Diaries? The hour of the match has come!

Among them, Teen Wolf (for fans of Jacob in the saga by Stephenie Meyer, it is this series need to choose), and Vampire Diaries (which gathers the #TeamEdward) who oppose every Friday evening, respectively on France 4 and NT1. Between the two, you get lost? Tele-Loisirs between the two series for teens!

Vampire Diaries vs. Teen Wolf: the match of the beautiful kids! Ladies, do not deny it, there are a few nice bucks in these two series. If very charming Tyler Posey serial werewolves, difficult to compete with the shock of Vampire Diaries duo formed by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. Ian Somerhalder is a bomb and all the girls are addicted. The evidence, even his partner could not resist its charms. On this ground, the point is going to Vampire Diaries!

Vampire Diaries vs. Teen Wolf: the game of intrigue!Vampire Diaries turns slightly round.  It is obviously based around the love triangle Elena, Stefan and Demon. Who to choose? This is the question that constantly arises Elena. If the pretty brunette finally chooses between the two at the end of season 5, the thread can tire. From the side of Teen Wolf, the plots are wide and varied. The bad guys come from everywhere. Are preferred. The point goes to Teen Wolf!

Vampire Diaries vs. Teen Wolf: the match of maturity! If Vampire Diaries says "sexual image" - the plot is still around the famous "threesome" Teen Wolf is much ado. After all, there are "teen" in the title. Review: Teen Wolf is a more watered down entertainment ... Vampire Diaries plays with the sensuality and sexuality of its actors. Aesthetics posters around the show is proof. Conclusion: the choice is yours depending on your preference!

Vampire Diaries vs. Teen Wolf: the game of special effects! On this point, it is still the werewolves prevail. If their transformation is more complicated than the vampires, it is also most successful. Fight scenes, heads cut off, strange creatures, Teen Wolf does refrain nothing... While in Vampire Diaries, it is still more cheesy. Thus, the point goes to Teen Wolf. By http://www.boxsetstore.com