Politics is a widely topic explored in the American series, The West Wing to House of Cards, passing by the little-known K Street of Steven Soderbergh. this is for the drama. With Veep, you will see that there are also to start speaking of amendments, votes of the Congress, the NRA or the abortion debate. If so, juror promised.

You do not yet know Veep? Band of small lucky, this comedy political landed precisely on Canal + Series tonight, with the first three episodes at 20:45. Are you brieffe a bit before you start. Veep, it is the nickname given to the Vice President of the United States. It is a contraction of its acronym, VP (pronounced "ViPi"). In the case of Veep, the series created by Armando Iannucci for HBO, he is a Vice President. Selina Meyer, played by the wonderful Julia Louis-Dreyfus,has become President of the United States. Selina has teeth that line the floor of the White House, and has trouble living in the shadow of the most powerful man on the planet. Despite the finally rather limited, it has a little bit the diva complex.

Certainly, it occupies its duties with determination (almost) foolproof. But make no mistake about, Selina serves as its own interests, with online focus, in a future she hopes enough close: the oval office. Waiting to pick up the job of her dreams, she leads his boat though vainly.

In this series, as in Veep, writer has fun at the expense of these policies ultra ambitious but stuck in an administration immobilized until the ridiculous: paperwork to do more finish, media manipulation (when it is not the media who manipulate them), absurd public appearances and His new Muse,Veep also owes its success to the seconds. All the 'Selina team' is a range of personalities endearing, maddening, hilarious, embarrassing. Of the personal assistant to the Secretary, through the staff of communication... in short, an entourage as indispensable to the balance of the series as his hero.

You say we recommend Veep would be an understatement: you should see Veep! The first three episodes of season 1 are available as soon as this Sunday, January 18, from 8:45 pm. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/veep-season-1-dvd-box-set.html