In Vikings, Travis Fimmel takes on the traits of Ragnar Lothbrok,flourishing beard and covered hands of Earth and dried blood. But those blue eyes, her blond hair and its imposing silhouette suggest a beautiful kid behind the dirt... It has been found!

Tonight at 20 h 50 Canal + will broadcast the first episodes of the second season of Vikings while it concluded there are about ten days to the United States. Vikings, is the little series that climbs. Broadcast overseas on History, not frankly deemed string for his fiction, the first season has worked well thanks to the word-of-mouth and the talent of its creator, Michael Hirst. Several reasons for this: the Visual quality of the series, the historical basis of departure since the hero has likely existed - first viking to have explored the western portion of the globe - the mythological aspect also, fascinating, his bewitching generic, and its actors of course, for the most part unknown apart from participation noticed Gabriel Byrne in the first season.

Question actor, one who die on-screen, it is Travis Fimmel in charismatic Ragnar Lothbrok skin. All the girls will perhaps be no agreement but we, we love this Barbarian with blue eyes! Certainly, it carries a large mat on top of the skull, sports a well-stocked beard and is always carefully covered with Earth, blood and salt water... And yet, he is so hot! But maybe some will prefer the real Travis Fimmel, who wash, is CAP, shaves, and wears the suits. And reason, between Travis and Ragnar, thats the day and night!

At 34 years of age, this beautiful Australian model was turning to comedy. Shaven, hair cut short... in real life, Travis Fimmel has nothing to do with his character of barbarian. Also here are a below drawn picture of the series The Beast (2009) which will unveil you what lies behind hairs and dirt. By