W9 deprogrammed the American series Modern Family, because of poor hearing. It will be replaced by the Simpsons as early as may 10.

March 8, W9 launched the season 4 of Modern Family. The series created by Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd II was returning after a broadcast on M6 that was not conclusive level hearings. Alas, this return was short-lived since the channel TNT decided to deprogram the series, without hearings.

This fourth totally new season in France was broadcast at 1240 on the little sister of M6, at the rate of five episodes per week. After exhausting its reserves, W9 was obliged to offer reruns of season 1. Episodes that have not caught viewers, to each time less likely to follow. Last Saturday, Modern Family had attracted the interest of 150,000 curious average, and 1% of the public over the 4 years and more. An attempt to reassemble the hearings, the chain decided to replace the series by the Simpsons, one of its flagships that maintains its place in prime time on weekends.

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