A few months back to X-Files on American screens, for a whole new season, David Duchovny gave an interview to the Entertainment Weekly site to discuss his feelings about the first scripts.

Mulder and Scully are going to make their comeback in January 2016 with an all-new season of X-Files of six episodes on FOX. A renaissance for the series created by Chris Carter in 1993 and if filming is expected to begin in the coming weeks, the players already have their hands on the first scripts, as unveiled it David Duchovny Entertainment Weekly site.

"I just read the first page and I cried reading it. It was so weird to see our names on the page. This has nothing to do with what tells the script itself. It is two years that I talk about, that discussed, that we are trying to gather everyone in the same place to negotiate and sign this return with FOX. Now you can have fun, after two years of dialogue. Now you can really do. "It is pleasantly and strangely moving for me" he said.

And he did nothing unveiled what told this first script, it has ensured that these six episodes would fully embrace the mythology of the series while offering independent stories. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com