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Sex and the City:discover which actress of the series is always so close

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 8:43:53 PM America/Los_Angeles

If the towel burnt between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, it is not bad for those who played Carrie Bradshaw and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon). The proof with this picture! On-screen friendships are not always fiction! The Sex and the City series has thrilled many viewers with the adventures of four friends, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha in New York City. Their friendship on the screen will never falter ... but once the cameras were off, the story changed.

It is no longer a secret, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall did not stay on good terms. They are even now with knives drawn. It would be surprising to see them at the edge of a pool sipping cocktails, while returning to their moments together, as in the series. On the other hand, there is one who does not forget their friendship and it is Cynthia Nixon.

The actress has just published on her Instagram account a moving photo of her with the interpreter of Carrie Bradshaw. Both sitting on a bench, smiling to the lips and very close to each other, it's a pleasure for all fans of the cult series. To accompany this post, Cynthia Nixon wrote: "Two old friends found each other during a shoot for T Magazine today... I miss you, Sarah Jessica Parker. "

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Since the stop of How I Met Your mother, Alyson Hannigan has a hard time reconnecting with success. Two of his projects were failures. It is hoped that his new Man of the House series will go beyond the pilot!

Since the stop of How I Met Your mother, Alyson Hannigan is rare on the screen. The actress who had been revealed thanks to her R. Le in the series Buffy the vampires had chosen to take a break after the end of the sitcom, and then had missed twice her return in a series. Two of his projects have indeed fallen into the water: the yet promising More Time with Family and the equally interesting the first Wives Club. But, this time seems to be the right one for the actress who is on the poster of the pilot of a new series Man of the House, a comedy produced by Kerry Washington (Scandal). Excuse me for a minute.

This sitcom will tell the story of two recently divorced sisters who decide to share the same roof to raise their children. Alyson Hannigan will play the one of them, Jessie, a social worker, who is totally stunned when her husband leaves her and her two children,football star, and her pre-teenage daughter to Charli, her narcissistic and daredevil sister, who lives alone with her obnoxious daughter.

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Soon, Netflix will make available to its subscribers the sixth and final season of House of Cards. While waiting to discover these final chapters, we reveal to you the first information on this last long awaited year. Discover through the very first information on season 6 of House Of Cards, which will be the last of the series and will soon be available on Netflix.

- The dismissal of Kevin Spacey: In November 2017, the actor Anthony Rapp revealed to have been sexually abused by House of Cards star Kevin Spacey. Several people then spoke out to denounce the same intolerable behavior that the comedian would have shown, especially behind the scenes of House of Cards. Netflix has decided to fire Kevin Spacey from Season 6 of the series.

The plot: At the end of the fifth season of the series, Claire Underwood is elected President of the United States. Thus, in the last images of the season 5, the fans saw then the woman of Franck Underwood fix the camera by declaring: "It is my turn". Due to the eviction of Kevin Spacey, it was announced that the story will now revolve around the character played by Robin Wright. On the other hand, we still do not know how to justify the absence of her husband on the screen.

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Blacklist (Season 4): For lack of audience, the series changes schedules on TF1

Monday, March 12, 2018 12:57:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

Due to its disappointing audiences, TF1 is changing the Blacklist schedule series. Since January 24, 2018, TF1 was offering its viewers season 4 of Blacklist in the first half of the evening. The American series, carried by James Spader and Megan Boone, therefore made her return to the screen, on the sly! The first two weeks of broadcast only met 2.7 million fans (less than 14% audience share) on average for these unpublished episodes of Blacklist. The audience is no longer at the rendezvous for the fiction of the first Cha.

Starting Wednesday, February 28, fans of Blacklist will have to watch very late or rely on the replay to discover the following episodes of the fourth season. Originally aired at 9 p.m. on TF1, the American series is relegated to a broadcast at 23:30, in the third part of the evening.

instead of Blacklist, TF1 bet on a safe value, Criminal Minds. The channel will feature episode 6 of season 13. In its broadcast in January 2018, the series with Matthew Gray Gubler, Paget Brewster or Joe Mantegna has gathered an average of 4.59 million fans.

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Grey's Anatomy (season 14): Are Jackson and April going to (finally) meet?

Thursday, March 8, 2018 10:04:09 PM America/Los_Angeles

In episode 13 of Grey's Anatomy season 14, Jackson showed a lot of concern for April, his ex-wife. Could the couple finally meet? The question teases the fans of Gray's Anatomy since soon a season: when will the reunion of Japril (Jackson and April, for the intimates)? Some are pulling their hair out while their favorite couple played by Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew are getting farther away, others prefer to spit on the couple becoming Maggie/Jackson. In the meantime, what about the feelings between the two main stakeholders?

On the screen in any case, Grey's Anatomy season 14 keeps separating them. The beginnings saw them cooler than ever before, determined to forget their connection. April, very hurt by their separation, even asks Jackson to get away from her despite Harriet, their child. And the young woman gradually sinks into a depression: by losing a primordial patient,she also loses little by little faith in mankind. The pious surgeon becomes an inveterate party girl, who drinks too much every night in the company of interns-she is sleeping with one of them, Vikram. Which doesn't look like April at all as Jackson knows. By discovering these changes, he admits to worrying about her, and wants to find her around a café... which she refuses.

But how does April feel about her? Sarah Drew, her interpreter, confided in the American magazine TV Guide. "I don't think she's ready to move on," she says. I think she would like to say that she is moving forward because she knows it is the best thing to do. But in my opinion, it is not there yet. " So Jackson is still in the head of April... But will it be enough to make them reconcile? It will be necessary to follow the course of this fourteenth season to know. See you on March 9th for the summary of Grey's Anatomy's next episode of Season 14.

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If they are about to get married, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie try to avoid as much as possible spoilers on Game of Thrones at home. Not easy to avoid spoilers when you live with a serial star! However, Rose Leslie, the former interpreter of Ygritte in Game of Thrones, refuses to let her companion Kit Harington reveal the upcoming intrigues of the famous saga. If she is about to marry, after several years of relationship, the one who play Jon Snow (by making envy in passing), Rose Leslie hopes to discover nothing of season 8 of the series before its broadcast on the air.

But how does the Scottish actress know nothing about the intrigues of Game of Thrones when her fiancé is one of the main actors? The young woman has a well-developed technique. "I ask Kit to show me nothing of his excitement after reading an episode, simply because I know I could read his expression in her eyes if not," she told Entertainment Weekly.

Rose Leslie has set rules at home: "When he sits at the other end of the room, reading a script, no, you can't have eye contact for a long time." Go make yourself a cup of tea, calm down. " The question is whether Rose Leslie, like all fans of Game of Thrones, will be able to wait until the season 8 broadcast in 2019, while she has a direct source of information at home.

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The revival of season 8 of the walking Dead has again marked a big blow! Jeffrey Dean Morgan comes for the occasion to post a message to the attention of one of the actors in the series on Instagram.
Attention This article spoile important information about the series! This week, The Walking Dead has done away with a character who was present from the beginning. Carl (Chandler Riggs), the son of Rick (Andrew Lincoln), died in an episode that will mark the spirits.. Since then, the young comedian has bid farewell to the series and to the fans. But this time, he is an actor of the show who decided to give him a moving homage.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was hit by Chandler Riggs ' departure and thus published on Instagram a nice picture of both of them with a long message. "Dude... What a pleasure. Not only to have been able to work with you, but also to get to you. You, my friend, are an incredible young man. Long before I joined the casting, I was a fan... A fan who liked watching you grow up in front of the camera, "he starts writing.

Complimenting young Gar, he also took the opportunity to explain why he chose to integrate the walking Dead: "Honestly... The main reason I wanted to join this band so much was because I was a real fan of the relationship between Negan and Carl in the comics. This scenario was one of my favorites, as I know it was one of yours.I would always be disappointed that we only scratched to the surface what we could have been. "

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The Originals: Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) reveals herself on Instagram

Saturday, March 3, 2018 12:05:35 AM America/Los_Angeles

On the occasion of the launch of the unreleased season 4 of the Originals,we proposes you to learn to better know Phoebe Tonkin, the interpreter of Hayley in the show derived from Vampire diaries, thanks to her publications on Instagram. The Originals are back! Tuesday, February 27, 2018 from 20H50, Series Club broadcast on its antenna season 4 unpublished adventures of the Mikaelson clan and their allies, not to mention their enemies! On this occasion, we decided to take an interest in Phoebe Tonkin, the female star of the show derived from Vampire Diaries. On Instagram,the actress is very active and shares her daily life with her 4.5 million subscribers. Between filming, traveling and moments of complicity between friends.

As a reminder, Hayley, her character, was presented to the blood-sucking addicts in the Mother series, before migrating to the originals. The fantastic soap opera will end in 2018 in addition to the Atlantic, at the end of its fifth season. At the time of Vampire Diaries, she met the dark Paul Wesley (Stefan) with whom she later had a romantic relationship, but also met her great friend Nina Dobrev (Elena).

When she doesn't record new episodes, Phoebe Tonkin is a real globe-trotting. She publishes many pictures of her travels. Recently, she even went through France! Having a solid core of friends, she also reveals their delusions with ease. However, it does not only use social networks for fun, since it also uses them to take a position in important societal debates. All this and more is to be discovered in his slideshow Instagram!

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The Flash Season 4: Discover the new sexy costume of Iris

Thursday, March 1, 2018 7:09:12 PM America/Los_Angeles

Is Iris West going to be a superhero in the rest of Season 4 of the Flash? A photo of the young woman in costume was unveiled by the CW. Explanations and ATTENTION spoilers! A new Speedster will make its appearance and it is not an unknown of the fans of the series The Flash. It's Iris West (Candice Patton), freshly married to Barry, aka "The Flash", Cheme married with Barry, aka "The Flash",who will wear a brand new costume. surprising since the beginning of the Flash series, the young wife has no power. In this season 4, currently broadcast in the United States, Iris has increasingly invested in the Flash team and manages crises without any super power.

A new Speedster will make its appearance and it is not unknown to the fans of the series The Flash. It's Iris West (Candice Patton), freshly married to Barry, aka "The Flash", who will wear a brand new costume. surprising since the beginning of the Flash series, the young wife has no power. In this season 4, currently broadcast in the United States, Iris has increasingly invested in the Flash team and manages crises without any super power.

But this will change the time of an episode of this new season. The CW has, in fact, unveiled this weekend a poster of Iris in superhero costume. Titled "Run, Iris, run", the episode will be aired on March 13th in the United States. Team Flash faces a new meta of the bus, Matthew, aka Melting Pot, performed by Leonardo Nam, seen in Westworld. The latter has the ability to change people's DNA. That explains this poster, since this new villain is going to transfer Barry's super speed into his wife's DNA.

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This is Us (season 2): A photo sows doubt about Jack's fate (Milo Ventimiglia)

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 6:52:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

The rest of the second season of This is Us resumes Tuesday,February 27 in the United States.Even before its recovery, a photo published on Instagram created the clash among fans! Attention, this article contains spoilers on season 2 of the series! Difficult to do without Jack, performed by Milo Ventimiglia, the patriarch of the Pearson family. The first season of This is Us is currently being broadcast on 6ter, while the second season is going to end with the other Atlantic.

It was during the Super Bowl that the Americans were able to discover and mourn Jack's death. If we had known for a long time that he had passed away,we did not know how. A mystery that has been solved and which has not failed to touch the viewers. The first question from the fans following this death was whether the character played by Milo Ventimiglia was going to disappear from the series. Rest assured, if the future will also be explored in the rest of the series, the presence of Jack will always be relevant through flashbacks.

Until then, no problem! Except that shooting photos have come to disturb the tranquility of many fans. In these photos, we see Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack, at what seems to be a wedding, in the future. Indeed, the two lovers appear much older. With graying hair and a smile on his lips, Jack Pearson seems alive. But even if you want to believe in this possibility, it is definitely a dream ...

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Blacklist: Where are we at the beginning of season 4?

Monday, February 5, 2018 1:30:03 AM America/Los_Angeles

TF1 launches season 4 of the Blacklist series this Wednesday, January 24th, at 9 pm. What is the point of the situation when the plot restarts? Fans of the Adventures of Raymond Reddington (James Spader) and Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) will finally find their beloved characters from this Wednesday January 24th on TF1, which launches the season 4 of Blacklist by offering three unpublished episode. As the previous episodes was aired in September 2016 by the first chain, here is a little reminder of the facts.

At the end of season 3 of Blacklist, the heroes of the series were in a particularly difficult situation, with many questions posed without satisfying answers. While we thought Liz had died, Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) fled to Cuba with his daughter Agnes in order to escape Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen) who wanted to kidnap the baby.

Unfortunately, Kirk learned where the fugitives were and flew to Cuba.When he hears the news, Raymond Reddington also leaves for the island of the Caribbean.. Bes. It is at this point that we learn that Liz did not die, that her death had been simulated by Kaplan (Susan Blommaert) and that she was hiding in Cuba.

After a few errands, Tom, who found his wife, discovers that Liz disappeared and a man leans over the baby's cradle. Tom's stunned. When he arrives on the spot, Red can only see that the house is empty. Liz is in the hands of Alexander Kirk. It is there that the latter reveals to him that his real name is Constantine Rostov and that he is his father.

The suspense is therefore at its peak when the season 4 of Blacklist begins. Who is Liz's real father, when we thought it was probably Reddington? Will Alexander Kirk be put out of harm's way? How's Elizabeth going to react? Expected answers on TF1 in the next 22 episodes.

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The Modern Family series will soon stop

Thursday, January 25, 2018 5:26:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

The days of the adventures of the Pritchett family are now counted. Modern Family will stop in a season and a half. And for now, no spin-off on the horizon! All good things have an end! If some series go well beyond their tenth season by always knowing the success, like Grey's Anatomy,it will not be the case of Modern Family. These two showrunners, Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, have already announced that his end is near. It will indeed stop at the end of its tenth season, in a year and a half. "Our plan is to stop at 10. If we can leave while the viewers want more, I think that's the right way to do it. Never say never, but I have a hard time imagining that we are going beyond, "said Steve Levitan at the Hollywood reporters site.

The hit series features the adventures of three generations of the Pritchett family via the three-couple routes. Jay (Ed O'Neil), the father, married Gloria (Sofia Vergara), a woman much younger than him, with whom he had a child, in addition to Manny, his son from a previous union. Claire (Julie Bowen), her daughter, married the whimsical Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell), with whom she had three daughters, Haley (Sarah Hyland), Alex (Ariel Winter) and a GAR, Luke. Mitchell (Jesse Tyler-Ferguson) is married to Cameron (Eric Stone Street). Together they adopted little Lily.

For the moment, the way in which the series will end seems still far from being fixed,according to the authors' own admission. However, they give clues on what might be her end and she should give strong emotions to her fans. "We asked the same questions with Frasier. When we approached this question after eleven seasons, we said to ourselves: "The Shakespearean way for this is a birth, a death and a marriage. And we managed to do the three in the final episode. " As for the spin-off project evoked for a time, it is for the moment dormant.

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Vampire Diaries: The stars of the series met again

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 2:10:20 AM America/Los_Angeles

This weekend in New York, two of the stars of Vampire diaries found each other! The actors have also shared a picture of their meeting on Instagram... It is well known, if many rivalries are born between some actors on the film sets of our favorite series, beautiful friendships also see the day! This is also the case for the stars of Vampire Diaries, which ended in 2016. Two of them met in New York on the weekend of 9 and 10 December for their delight, but also that of the fans!

Indeed, Nina Dobrev (Elena) shared on her Instagram account a selfie of her in the company of Paul Wesley (Stefan)! Obviously very happy to be together, the performers of the first couple of the series show all smiles and accomplices on this shot. The followers of Vampire diaries seem to have been affected by this meeting as they are close to 2.4 million to have loved the photo!

Among them is Julie Plec, the co-creator of the Vampire Diaries, who commented on the publication. Waiting, she wrote "Awwwww" to signify her nostalgia. And we can only approve this message! Next time, we hope that Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and everyone else will also be in the game.

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Narcos (Season 4): A start in the series?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 10:00:24 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Narcos series recruits two new headliners for its season 4. For its fourth season, expected on Netflix in 2018, the Narcos series is about to undergo a major casting change. According to the American website Entertainment Weekly, Pedro Pascal, who played the agent of the DEA Javier so far, leaves the series. If we do not know yet if the actor will appear in the season 4, the one who pursued Pablo Escobar in the first two seasons, then the Cali cartel in the third, will in any case no longer be the star of Narcos.

Netflix just unveiled a mini-teaser on Twitter,announcing this casting change. In a very short video, Narcos announces the two new main players of Season 4: Pedro Pascal(seen in American Hustle) and Diego Luna (Hero of Rogue One). and the year 2018. No other mention and no reference to Pedro Pascal, present since the beginning of the series.

In September 2017, during the promotion of season 3 of Narcos, Pedro Pascal did not know whether his character would return or not in the next episodes. The actor had on the other hand called for a heightened security on the shooting, after the death on September 11, 2017 of Carlos Munoz Portal, a scouting specialist aged 37 years murdered while he was looking for places to shoot for narcos in Mexico.

This tragedy had put the planning of Narcos's production on hold. "It's a tragedy. We cannot consider continuing if security is failing, said Pedro Pascal. It's about human lives. ! If this season 4 is to come, we need to find ways to ensure security. " The shooting of Narcos Season 4 has just started in Mexico city. Episodes are expected on Netflix in 2018.

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Grey's Anatomy: What is the Grey's Anatomy: B-Team?

Sunday, January 14, 2018 11:28:32 PM America/Los_Angeles

While Grey's Anatomy introduces a new spin-off in 2018, centered on firefighters in Seattle, with Hero Jason George (Ben), the universe of the medical series is about to expand even more. Created by Shonda Rhimes, Grey's Anatomy now offers its fans an unreleased webseries, entitled Grey's Anatomy: B-Team.

It will be available on the website of the American ABC, as well as its application, from Thursday, January 11th. Grey's Anatomy: B-Team was written by Barbara Kaye Friend and was mainly directed by Sarah Drew, aka April Kepner in the medical series.

Grey's Anatomy: B-Team is interested in new interns and on their first day as surgeons. Under the ruthlessness of Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), they must withstand the pressure while dealing with complicated patients. Grey's Anatomy fans include the actors Sophia Taylor Ali (Dahlia Qadri), Jake Borelli (Levi Schmitt), Alex Blue Davis (Casey Parker), Jaicy Elliot (Taryn Helm), Rushi Kota (Vik Roy) and Jeanine Mason (Samantha Bello), the six new interns Discovered in season 14 of the series.

Several stars of Grey's Anatomy will make an appearance, including Justin Chambers (Alex Karev), Kelly McCreary (Maggie Pierce), Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) and James Pickens Jr. (Richard Webber). What to plunge a little more in the world of Gray's Anatomy, which after 14 seasons, does not intend to stop.

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The walking Dead: Norman Reedus could play Daryl "forever"

Friday, January 12, 2018 11:16:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

Launched across the Atlantic since October 2010 on the AMC, the walking Dead seduced by its suspense and the attachment to the survivors to the zombie apocalypse. If the leader of the group is Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, one of the characters, if not the character, the most popular of the fans is Daryl Dixon, the biker with the crossbow played by Norman Reedus, aged 48 years.

Interviewed by the American magazine Entertainment Weekly at the consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Norman Reedus said bluntly: "I could play Daryl Dixon forever." The actor also confessed that his motorcycle show derived from his character of The Walking Dead, Ride With Norman Reedus, was not necessarily intended to be such a success. "We thought it was more of a gear motorcycle show-but because of the fans of the walking Dead,It's getting something much bigger."

Also present at the press conference, AMC's president, Charlie Collier, spoke about the eventual end of the walking Dead, whose season 8, currently on an off-the-Atlantic break, saw his audiences drop. "We talk about it all the time," he confessed. How do you make sure that it lasts as long as possible while still being a responsible company? ".

Still, it is rather unlikely that a season 9 of the walking Dead will not see the light of day. Especially since AMC can also rely on the derived series Fear The walking Dead, which keeps fans under tension between two sessions of the Adventures of Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes and all their band. The fourth season should be launched at the end of next spring. She will also host one of the characters from the original series, Morgan, played by Lenny James.

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Gossip Girl celebrates 10 years: Back on the pilot of the series

Friday, January 12, 2018 12:27:35 AM America/Los_Angeles

The first message from gossip Girl that was going to upset the Upper East Side. It was September 19, 2007. CW has a new teen-series, that she hoped to be the Newport Beach of the east: Gossip Girl. Written by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (who were just behind Newport Beach), this adaptation of the eponymous novel by Cecily von Ziegesar has not taken long to find its audience. Thanks to good reviews, the pilot of Gossip Girl will be followed by 3.5 million of Americans. Today the series which has become a pop of the years 2000s-has a solid fan base. And when we celebrate this 10th anniversary, we remember this very first episode, what it all started.

Remember. The very first picture of the series is that of this train arriving at Grand Central Terminal, New York station. A pretty blonde looks at the horizon, looking thoughtful. One year after leaving him without asking for his remainder, Serena van der Woodsen returns to the Big Apple. And for the students of the most exclusive private school on the Upper East Side, it's a small bomb... that is quickly relayed to the blog most followed by the teenagers in the city (because at the time, social networks almost did not exist): that of Gossip Girl Obviously.

Only a few minutes after getting off the train, the beautiful blonde crosses the road of Dan Humphreys (and her sister Jenny, played by Little Taylor Momsen, 13 years!). The wealthy heiress does not yet know who this young man from Brooklyn is. But he knows exactly who she is. Serena, she's the woman of her dreams. An unattainable ideal, which suddenly returns in his life. And what we didn't know at the time was that Dan was going to put his feet in the dish right away. Indeed, the one who hides behind Gossip Girl (as we will learn 6 years later, in the final) reveals without waiting the return of the old "Queen B" to its readers.

A message (via Tam Tam!) that will upset Blair Waldorf. Serena's best friend was not aware of her come back to New York. And the least we can say is that it does not enchant him very much. Because the new queen of the school then goes out with Nate Archibald, the most beautiful party on the Upper East Side... who's got Serena's claw. She knows that her couple will not last long, with the return of the pretty blonde. Thus, she is about to offer her virginity to her beautiful boyfriend (to the sound of Rihanna's very first tube, "If It's Lovin' that You Want"). Too late. Blair won't have time to make love for the first time in the pilot's first few minutes. Nate understood that Serena was back in the room and already has eyes only for her.

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Teen Wolf: 5 Revelations to better understand the final

Thursday, January 11, 2018 4:25:13 AM America/Los_Angeles

After 6 seasons and exactly 100 episodes, Teen Wolf ended last night on the American MTV. A final episode that beautifully closed the book of Scott's Adventures and his pack, while leaving a few outstanding questions. Fortunately, the showrunner Jeff Davis is now making the revelations you've been waiting for. Careful spoilers! Why Monroe is still alive? At the end of the great final battle, the last enemy of the band was not definitively defeated. The horrible Monroe is still here,somewhere. "I liked the idea of a constant, persistent threat. I love this flash-forward where you see that it actually took over the operations direction all over the world. It was an FA to broaden the scope of history, explains Davis in TVLine. Why did you introduce Alec, the young werewolf, into the finale? ' I had this idea a moment ago, in the fourth season, ' continues Davis in EW. "I thought it would be interesting to see Scott meet this new young man. A young man who is scared and lonely. I wanted Scott to talk to him about the way I want the series to talk to every member of our audience. That is, if you feel excluded, if you feel alone, it is not inevitable. You'll find your pack, too, and you belong to something. So little Alec represents our audience, in a way. " Malia's Magic Kiss This is one of the great moments of this last episode: While Scott is badly wounded in the eyes, he cannot cure himself. Malia kisses him and magically, everything is arranged. But how? "In fact, as he says, Scott can't concentrate. Lydia knows that Scott has to bring down her heart rate and let the adrenaline focus on healing. The only time she managed to calm someone was with a kiss. She remembers that kiss that prevented Stiles from panicking, the first time they kissed. That's all Malia actually does: she's helping Scott focus. It wasn't a magic kiss. "

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Billions: Meeting with Malin Akerman

Monday, January 8, 2018 3:46:56 AM America/Los_Angeles

This summer, at the last Monte Carlo festival, we had met Malin Akerman, the leading actress of billions (at the heart of Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti) to talk to us about it.

High-flying Drama in the world of finance in New York, the billions series took a little time to arrive in the hexagon (the pilot was aired on Showtime in January 2016). But fortunately, they decided to put an end to the expectation of the French public and finally begins the broadcast of season 1. Season 2 and 3 should follow in the aftermath...

The American Showtime is still wanting to play who wants to win Billions? She has officially renewed the drama worn by Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis, Maggie Siff and Malin Akerman, only a few weeks after the start of Season 2. He will therefore be entitled to a Season 3, in 2018.

"Billions continues to be rising series, both in audiences and in the buzz of critics and audiences," said the president of Showtime David Nevins in a statement.. "The series delivers a unique blend of pure entertainment,with a cynical and creepy subtext on our current economy.Season 2 has had an excellent start, which will sharpen the viewers ' appetite for the sequel. " By then, billions ' season 2 will end at the beginning of May, on Showtime.

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The Vampire Diaries: what happened to the actors since the end of the series?

Friday, January 5, 2018 7:18:41 PM America/Los_Angeles

Club Series broadcasts the final Vampire diaries season from Tuesday, January 2, from 13:50. Several months after the end of the series, we gives you news of the actors!

On September 10, 2009, American viewers discovered the new fiction of the CW Vampire Diaries. The teenage drama, created by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson and adapted from the novels by L. J. Smith, quickly became a hit. The fans of Elena, Stefan, Damon and the others are more and more numerous, episode after episode. The show lasts for eight years. What happens to the actor of Vampire diaries since the end of the series?

Completed on March 10, 2017, Vampire diaries has allowed Nina Dobrev to launch her career on the big screen. Having left the series at the end of season 6, we were able to find her at the cinema in XXx: reactivated or the forbidden experience. On their side, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder develop series projects respectively. Kat Graham (Bonnie) and Michael Malarkey (Enzo) make music in parallel to their television career, while Candice King (Caroline) and Matthew Davis (Alaric) will resume their careers in 2018 in the originals, the spin-off of Vampire diaries.

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The Flash Season 4: Who was the mysterious girl present at Barry's wedding?

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 7:51:23 PM America/Los_Angeles

The crossover of the four series Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow-was a milestone in the life of our superheroes but especially for that of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), since he was finally able to marry Iris West (Candice Patton), the woman he loves since childhood. Nevertheless, the fans of the show found a rather peculiar scene just before the ceremony: Actress Jessica Parker Kennedy (Black sails) plays the R. of a young woman out of nowhere, excited to meet the Flash. For now kept secret but that should be of paramount importance in the aftermath of the fourth season. In an interview with the bustle site, Kennedy explained that he was the only one to know his character, even the whole casting knows who she is. "It's really fun. They catalogued me as "The Mysterious Girl" and I'm hanging on the filming by holding this R. Even the costume department members come to me and say, "But who are you?" and I only answer that I am the mysterious girl. was a very secret mission and it's really Dr. Le to be part of it. "

Since this famous encounter, many fans have imagined that Kennedy plays Dawn Allen, the daughter of Barry and Iris, or even their granddaughter Jenni Ognats, who came directly from the future. At the moment the actress can not assert anything, except that she will be back to the recovery in at least one episode. "I'll be in the corner. You'll see me at least once more, that's all I can say. You will see me soon in the series, and this time things will make much more sense. "

The sequel to season 4 of the Flash will be broadcast on the American channel the CW from January 16.

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Game of Thrones: Kit Harington "More affected than he thought" by the end

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 1:43:41 AM America/Los_Angeles

Kit Harington, performer of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, confided about the end of the series with season 8, the filming of which began.

If fans dread the end of Game of Thrones after the eighth season, the actors are also stressed as they began to shoot the final episodes of the saga from the work of George R.R. Martin. Interviewed by the US site Deadline, Kit Harington has expressed his feelings as he goes for some final scenes in the clothes of Jon Snow.

"I think there is some pressure that I had not felt before," says Kit Harington. Before, every year, there was always a little pressure. This season is where we could easily let people down. Obviously, we don't want to do this, so we are all intensifying our game.  "

And one that many fans of Game of Thrones would dream of seeing climb on the Iron TR to pursue about the end approaching: "I am more affected than I thought I would be." Kit Harington clarified his thinking in confessing "I didn't know at first if no one would watch or many people would watch the show. And I never participated in something that lasted that long. In my life, it's an important thing and getting to the end is naturally moving. "

Kit Harington did not, of course, give any precision about what would happen to Jon Snow in the seven final episodes of Game of Thrones, notably regarding the evolution of his relationship with Daenerys Targaryen, the character played by Emilia Clarke,with which he started a relationship at the end of season 7 by ignoring the secret link that unites them.

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Downton Abbey: What happens to the actors?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017 1:40:36 AM America/Los_Angeles

The British series Downton Abbey ended in 2015 in England. Since the end of the series, what becomes of Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, Joanne Froggatt and the other actors?

From 2010 to 2015, Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, Elizabeth McGovern, Jim Carter, Brendan Coyle, Joanne Froggatt or Maggie Smith played the heroes of Downton Abbey. After six seasons, the British series acclaimed around the world bowed out on December 25th, 2015 with a special Christmas episode.

What are the actors at Downton Abbey doing since the end of the historical series? Most of these actors already have a great career behind them, in cinema, television and theatre, in the image of Maggie Smith, born in 1934, whose talents are no longer to prove. Some have already found the same, as Michelle Dockery, chosen as the star of an American series, Good Behavior, or Joanne Froggatt,who has chained two very beautiful projects, including the British series Liar, broadcast late 2017 on TF1 .

For the actors, known or not before the start of the series, Downton Abbey offered them a very nice business card,as we confided Hugh Bonneville. "Downton Abbey gives us great opportunities "Downton Abbey gives us fantastic opportunities for all the members of the series, without a doubt. I think I would never have done Monuments Men or Paddington,if it was not for this beautiful series, stop growing, "he assured us in 2014.

And who knows? Perhaps they will resume their efforts in a film adapted from Downton Abbey? The creator of the series, Julian Fellowes, like the producers, never hidden their dream of seeing the Crawleys on the big screen one day. But until today, despite many rumors, fans do not yet have a concrete project to hang on to.

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Waiting for season 15 for NCIS fans is going to be a long time. In the meantime, we offers you to take a look at all the information about this season...

After the cliffhanger of the end of season 14, season 15 takes place two months after Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and McGee (Sean Murray) have been seen for the last time,fighting against a group of elusive rebels in a jungle of Paraguay. NCLS team in Washington is looking for his missing colleagues without releasing. In addition, Vance and Torres are summoned to a congressional hearing on the fallout of the mission to Paraguay...

On October 4, Pauley Perrett announced that she would leave the series at the end of the season, in which she playes the character of Abby Sciuto. "So, it's true, I'll leave NCIS after this season," she wrote in a message posted on Twitter. There were a lot of false stories about the reasons for this departure. No, I'm not throwing a line of skin products and, no, the chain and the series aren't angry with me. " Pauley Perrete explained the reasons for her departure from NCIS. "I made that decision last year. I hope everyone will love and appreciate Abby, not only for the rest of the season but for everything she has given us all for 16 years. All the love, all the laughter, all the inspiration... I love him as much as you do. "

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Grey's Anatomy season 14: Ellen Pompo attacks Alex

Friday, December 22, 2017 1:29:39 AM America/Los_Angeles

Ellen Pompo, the heroine of Grey's Anatomy, will do well in an episode of season 14, centered on one of the historical characters of the series.

Ellen Pompo, the interpreter of Meredith Grey, seems to have taken go at the realization. After leading his partners at Grey's Anatomy in an episode of the thirteenth season, the actress is preparing to renew the experience.

After having been cried in the cottages with the episode entitled "Goodbye mom" in which we deplored the deterioration of the state of health of Maggie's mother, Ellen Pompo will realize this time an opus dedicated to Alex Karev. Played by Justin Chambers, the pediatric surgeon and Izzie's ex-husband (Katherine Heigl), is still present since the launch of the series in... 2005. Therefore, it is in good tone to make a point about its history. Especially since the past of it has always been a source of curiosity. According to the American TV Line site, the public should discover a teenager trying to build between an alcoholic and violent father and a schizophrenic mother.

Aired in June 2017 on TF1, the episode directed by Ellen Pompo brought together over four million viewers. It is not the first actress of Grey's Anatomy to go behind the camera. Before her, Chandra Wilson, alias Miranda Bailey, Debbie Allen, the interpreter of Catherine Avery, and Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt, had jumped. If this new experience goes well, Ellen Pompey will come back. Don't you ever say two without three...

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While season 3 of Better Call Saul has just been released in store.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 6:52:12 PM America/Los_Angeles

If you have some fans of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman around you, this is a gift that will surely make them capsize under the tree! While breaking Bad will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in January, the series is now rediscovered in a superb full collector.

An exceptional and limited package of 6 "Steelboks" , which obviously includes the 62 episodes in uncensored version, with unreleased visuals and graphics, as well as 50 hours of bonus. Like this long blooper of 6 minutes of the final season, which you are offered to discover right now (below):

On the other hand, was released this week, for sale, season 3 of Better Call Saul. The spin-off of breaking Bad, carried by Bob Odenkirk, has again delighted the critics this year (winning two nominations at the Critics ' Choice Awards 2018) and is thus found in a DVD or Blu-Ray box, as well as in a full box, combining the three seasons Broadcast.

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Outlander: Already a first teaser for season 4

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 2:05:45 AM America/Los_Angeles

After many storms, literally and figuratively, Claire and Jamie finally managed to finish season 3 in one piece. Careful spoilers!

At the end of an epic journey, the Outlander couple has just opened a new chapter in its history, in the New World! Indeed, in the last moments of the final, aired last night on Starz, it was discovered that the two lovers had landed in the Americas, then colony of the British Empire. The American Dream for Claire and Jamie? This is in any case what the beautiful brunette hopes, in this first teaser of season 4 of Outlander (below):

The video also promises that the series will be back in 2018, probably in the fall. "I don't think viewers will have to wait as long as the last time," Sam Heughan promises in the Hollywood Reporter, before Mark Balfe confirms: "As far as I know, we've tried to respect the same schedule of Filming than last year. I can't say for sure if that means we'll be airing at the same time..

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Arrow: a former The Walking Dead joined the cast during the season

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 5:45:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

The series Arrow adds a new string to his bow, with the arrival of Juliana Harkavy, already appear in the cast of The Walking Dead. But what will his role in this season?

Juliana Harkavy plays the role of the Tina Boland in the Arrow series. The young actress, known for her appearance in The Walking Dead there will interpret a detective, very little impressed by vigilantes in costume as our hero. Described as "impetuous but discreet", Tina does not impress, and especially not facing superheroes who wear the cape. Strong, she does not hesitate to say out loud what she thinks, and has the qualifications and experience needed for his work. His character appears from the first half of the fifth season, according to the American site of Variety magazine.

The actress is known to fans of the series for his small role in The Walking Dead in the guise of Alisha, during some episodes of the fourth season of the show. Her character, very dark, part of the army of the Governor who attacked the Prison where are hiding Rick and his companions: she dies during the attack. Fans of the series may remember her as the girlfriend of Tara Chambler (Alanna man). Hope his role will be more consistent in Arrow!

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Scandal: a first (real) trailer panting for season 6

Monday, November 14, 2016 8:20:38 PM America/Los_Angeles

After having unveiled a mini teaser of ten seconds for season 6, Scandal unfolds in a first real trailer, which promises many surprises.

The date is to mark a milestone: January 19, 2017 will be the day of the return of Scandal. And judging by the trailer just unveiled by ABC, fans have to be impatient. After tease the return of the show in a clip of barely ten seconds, Shonda Rhimes series offers a real trailer. Program: ads shocks to the shovel, the danger for our characters, and still more rivalry between the protagonists.

Yet once again, Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Mellie (Bellamy Young) are not soft with the other. The ex-wife of Fitz yells at lawyer: "I'm done with the presidential election", while Olivia replied calmly, "and neither". Atmosphere.

As Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia who are supposed to have broken during last season, nothing seems to be finally over (as always...). Fitz seems to doubt the notice of Olivia "And if you're wrong?" he asked, while, true to herself, Olivia says: "I'm not wrong." To enter the ambiguous?between them is further enhanced when Liv lays his head on the chest of Fitzgerald.

"Nothing during the first ten minutes, you won't know what's happening to you" promises the voice-over. Of the Scandal in proper form, so find as of January 19, 2017, across the Atlantic.

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The Crown: Queen Elizabeth II begins his reign on Netflix

Sunday, November 13, 2016 7:45:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

Netflix comes out the big guns with The Crown, the reign of Elizabeth II. With a huge budget, the new original creation of the American giant keeps its promises.

According to The Crown, she's a Royal series is a somewhat easy word game, it is the word to describe this dive in the youth of Elizabeth II. The first original creation British of Netflix, to the huge budget of EUR 112 million, is interested in the Royal family. What could be more natural for a nation still attached to its traditions and its monarchy.

The history of The Crown begins in England with a wedding in 1947. The Elizabeth Windsor and Philip Mountbatten. Mise put to the test by the surprise culmination of the Princess of 25 years, the love story between the future Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh is the red thread of the series. It focuses also on the major events of the reign of the sovereign: the abdication of Edouard VIII, the death of George VI, the coronation of Elizabeth at Westminster Abbey, the resignation of Winston Churchill... and evokes the tumultuous relationship of Elizabeth with his s? ur youngest Margareth.

With his big blue eyes, her doll face and graceful silhouette, Claire Foy is perfect for sovereign and does not fall into the trap of imitation, although she has studied the silhouette of Elizabeth II. The most daring choice of Matt Smith (seen in Dr Who) turns out to be wise. Its atypical shape lends perfectly this Royal Highness to unfathomable personality. Jared Harris (seen in Mad Men) took over after Colin Firth (the King's speech) to interpret the stuttering sovereign. He plays this King dying with great sensitivity. Only John Lithgow cabotine somewhat in the r? the one Churchill aging.

Doomed to be spread over six seasons, The Crown is filmed as a biopic.We feel that Peter Morgan (the last King of Scotland, The Queen) the creator of the series, is itself so fascinated by this family, which he doesn't dare make a dent the image. By the way, is not the purpose of The Crown, which aims to be the Chronicle of an unusual family, but overall as the others.

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Homeland (Season 6): a surprising first trailer

Saturday, November 12, 2016 5:12:31 AM America/Los_Angeles

As the season 6 of Homeland will air on January 15 in the US, a first trailer shows Carrie Mathisson back in New York maintaining explosive relations with the hierarchy of the CIA.

New York streets, heated exchanges with Dar Adal, praying Muslim prisoners and new tenant in the White House ... The first images shown by Showtime confirm our previous information on season 6 of Homeland.

Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) left Berlin. Back in New York, she found her daughter and works for a foundation that assists the Muslims living in the United States. She remains in close contact with Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) and Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham), his former superiors.

nearly two touring seasons in South Africa and Berlin, production returns to familiar ground. And is keen to stick to the news. Alex Gansa, creator of the series, has located the plot of this season between the 6 November presidential election and the inauguration of the new president in January. Or rather does the president since betting on the election results, production, as seen in the trailer, said the role in the Elizabeth Marvel (Elizabeth Kean in House of Cards). This is also why the lineup this season has been postponed to January, while previous was broadcast by Showtime in the fall.

To maintain the suspense, the trailer of season 6 of Homeland itself well to keep answering questions asked by fans of the series. In particular, it does not see Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend), who suffered a sarin gas attack in the end of season 5 and whose fate remained in suspense.

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Stranger Things: we know all the cast of season 2?

Friday, November 11, 2016 4:30:23 AM America/Los_Angeles

Season 2 of Stranger Things begins to prepare. And now, we know what will be the players who will make their return for the rest of the adventure. Check out the list!

Stranger Things decidedly nothing like everyone else, and decided to return the head (literally) for its second season. Netflix signed series prepares for a second season, and it's on Twitter that she has announced the start of production. All with a photo upside, which reveals much of the cast of the upcoming episodes.

Thanks to this picture, it's now official: Millie Bobby Brown, alias Eleven, will indeed return with his friends Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), box Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson) and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair), not to mention Noah Schnapp, alias Will Byers. They will be not only because they will be accompanied by interpreters of Nancy Wheeler, Jonathan Byers and Steve Harrington, interpreted by Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton and Joe Keery.

They found no surprises Winona Ryder and David Harbour. Not to mention the new kids of season two, namely Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery. The first has already been seen in The Americans and American Odyssey, while the second will be very soon t on show at the upcoming Power Rangers movie.

Season 2 will land in 2017 on current Netflix.

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Sherlock: when season 4 will be released?

Sunday, November 6, 2016 6:59:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

End of the suspense for fans of the series Sherlock! After long years of expectations, the program will finally make his return in 2017.

The least we can say, is that fans of Sherlock are able to exercise patience. Although it is not as if they had the choice! They anxiously await the airing of season 4. And unlike other series, they will have not waited for months, but well for years.

Well Yes! The last season of the Sherlock series, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman was aired in... January 2014. At least, if one ignores the special episodes! Fortunately, this long patience will be rewarded, since after three long years of absence, the signed series of Steven Moffat will return on January 1, 2017. A nice start to the new year, indeed!

The announcement was made Wednesday night on social networks, to the delight of viewers. But beware: this season could be the last. Due to busy schedules of the main actors, difficult for Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch to filming. Hence the long wait time between two seasons. The actor also gave it: he has other plans for the future, even if it does not completely close the door.

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Pretty Little Liars: behind the scenes of filming the last episode

Thursday, November 3, 2016 9:15:02 PM America/Los_Angeles

Actors Pretty Little Liars bid farewell to Rosewood and published for the occasion, accompanied by moving pictures messages on social networks.

Fans will have to bid farewell to Pretty Little Liars soon. The filming of the final episode of Season 7 is now finished and the players shared their emotions on social networks. A photo of the cast in full force enormously turned on their accounts and everyone was keen to emphasize the pleasure of participating in the production of the series, having toured together and have established links between them.

The emotion was to go for Shay Mitchell who left Rosewood. On his Instagram account, the actress admits to having considered the sets as its "home".

Ashley Benson published a picture where we glimpse ilo face hidden by his hands. She thanked "all those amazing people" with whom she spent seven years of his life. From his side, Vanessa Ray thanked especially Sasha Pieterse with whom she has forged a valuable link while filming the hit series. we invite you to discover photos posted by players for their last day shoot HERE.

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Ugly Betty movie? Rebecca Romijn responds!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 8:17:03 PM America/Los_Angeles

Passing through Paris, the actress Rebecca Romijn referred to rumors of a film series Ugly Betty.

A film derived from Ugly Betty? This is news that could appeal to fans of the series with America Ferrera, aired between 2006 and 2010. During a festival of television in the summer 2016, fans of the series have already had a large meeting of players and these have raised the possibility of making a film about Ugly Betty.

What is today? Passing through Paris, the actress Rebecca Romijn spoke about these rumors: "It is we who started this rumor is she exclaimed, laughing We'd love to You never know, maybe.!." If the players are starters, this is certainly a positive first step towards a project that also takes heart to the fans.

Rebecca Romijn also referred to the character she played in Ugly Betty, that of Alexis Meade. A transgender character that may have opened the way for other series, including to Transparent today. at the time where Ugly Betty, makers of the ABC which broadcast were not very excited to see such a character in prime time. In the video interview above, Rebecca Romijn reflects on this series and this protagonist, important to play and defend.

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The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun (Glenn) confides about his future

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 10:58:51 PM America/Los_Angeles

In an interview with the American magazine Entertainment Weekly, Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn in The Walking Dead, confided on the fate of his character.

Attention: spoilers! The Walking Dead fans made their farewells to Glenn during the broadcast of the first episode of the seventh season of the series of the American AMC. Negan, the most hated villain of the television series, killed the former pizza delivery man.

Steven Yeun, interpreter of Glenn for six seasons, has delivered his impressions of this first episode in an interview to the American magazine Entertainment Weekly. He mentions his willingness to shoot a scene of farewell worthy of the name between his character and his wife Maggie: "Glenn has struggled to find the right words and when he said 'Maggie, I will find you', it reminds another time when he was truly looking for her."

The actor, who has hide the secret of the disappearance of her character for a year, admits that he particularly liked the tragic fate of Glenn in the comics and that he saw no other disappear? : "I didn't want another character to die in this way. "It's an iconic moment, I knew it had to happen." The actor said he was "relieved" that his destiny is finally revealed to fans. He admits to fear the reaction of Daryl during the next episodes, because of which the disaster occurred.

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Orange is the New Black: Samira Wiley (Poussey) engaged to a writer of the series

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 12:51:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

A couple from 2014, Samira Wiley - Poussey Washington in Orange is the New Black-, and Lauren Morelli, writer of the series of Netflix, announce their fian Ailles?.

Bright smile and hand decorated an as wide as an ice diamond ring... The photo posted on Instagram Samira Wiley account this Tuesday,actress of Orange is the New Black, with Lauren Morelli.

Samira Wiley, Poussey Washington in the series from Jenji Kohan, is not only the good friend of the Pris, Lichtfield, or the tender in love with his cellmate, Brooke Soso (Kimiko Glenn). His character is also moved one whose fate has the most fans in the last episodes of season 4.

If the authors of the series have not spared him, it is for one of them that his heart capsized. From 2014, the actress shares her life with Lauren Morelli, writer and executive producer of Orange is the New Black. It is by writing the sentimental scenes between Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Alex (Laura Prepon) from season 1 that Lauren Morelli would be decided to assume his homosexual inclinations. Out of the closet wasn't easy since she was then married to actor Steve Basilone, a few months.

According to website TMZ people, the divorce went amicably, the young woman keeping the marital apartment and her engagement ring? go, the ex-husband away at the wheel of the car of the couple...

As Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli, other actresses of Orange is the New Black displayed a couple, on September 18, during the evening of the Emmy Awards. It was Lea DeLaria (Big Boo) to the arm of his wife, the fashion editor of Chelsea Fairless, and Natasha Lyonne (Nicky Nichols) accompanied by his new conquest, the Saturday Night Live comedian, Fred Armisén.

Among his peers in the Netflix series, Samira Wiley was able to confide on his new projects. She is currently shooting in 37, a feature film about the murder of a young woman in New York, in 1964, attended by many witnesses without intervening. She also comes to join Elizabeth Moss, the cast of the next series of science fiction commissioned by the flat form Hulu, The Handmaid's Tale (the Scarlet servant).

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American Horror Story already renewed for a seventh season

Friday, October 21, 2016 1:50:19 AM America/Los_Angeles

The American Horror Story series, created by Ryan Murphy, comes to be renewed by American FX for a seventh season.

The success of American Horror Story isn't close to ending. The series has been renewed for a seventh season with FX, which broadcast the episodes in the United States. The show orchestrated by Ryan Murphy has yet managed to convince American viewers with almost 11 million fans for the first episode of season 6. The leaders of the chain have decided to renew the series after only three episodes of the sixth season.

Anthology series, American Horror Story offers independent seasons. The success is even more impressive from one year to the other, the series manages to attract the biggest names in show business like Neil Patrick Harris, Emma Roberts, Naomi Campbell, or even Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: Hotel.

The leader of the FX justified the renewal of the series for a seventh season by emphasizing "the incredible work to keep American Horror Story, inventive, shocking and entertaining", directed by the writers and Ryan Murphy. The series creator has announced work on a secret season with only two people, including him, know the content, theme, or even style.

American Horror Story Hotel, fifth season of the show, will air on movie + thrill from Monday, October 24.

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The actress Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) can no longer awful weather during the filming of season 7 of Game of Thrones and has indicated on her instagram.

Winter is coming to Westeros! While season 7 of the series Game of Thrones is currently being filmed, Emilia Clarke is depressed by the weather conditions it faces. On her account Instagram, the "mother of dragons" has published several images on which she could use to be warmed by the fire of his creatures.

On a video, the interpreter of Daenerys undergoes huge gusts of wind, as it is impossible to hear him speak. Bundled up in a filled hood, she writes that she "fell down" because of the storm. "A sudden wind of 85 mph in Northern Ireland took me by surprise..." says the actress that accompanies his humorous hashtags video." At least the view worth it"she jokes, adding that"some wind not worth a ride on the back of a dragon"!

A cold and wet weather that is exactly what were looking for producers of the series, closer to the most of the story. While it remains for two seasons before the end of Game of Thrones, it is time that both announced winter (the famous "Winter is coming") is coming! Forward last season of the series is expected to be released next summer on HBO and OCS.

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Doctor Who is a Marvel for its special Christmas superhero!

Sunday, October 9, 2016 6:15:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

Discover the first images of the episode Doctor Who, unveiled at the New York Comic-Con.

Gift xmas before the time for fans of Doctor Who! At the New York Comic-Con, the BBC has put together a nice trailer, revealing the first pictures of the traditional year of his cult series episode. Titled The Return of Doctor Mysterio, this special Christmas will see the Lord of the time played by Peter Capaldi plunge into the universe of superheroes.

The famous doctor indeed crosses the road to Doctor Mysterio, a superhero in the Marvel Universe which will be played by Justin Chatwin (seen especially in Shameless, Orphan Black and American Gothic). Both will try to save New York from a terrible alien threat. They will be helped in their task by a reporter played by Charity Wakefield.

Already present in episode of xmas 2015, Matt Lucas will resume his role of Nardole. And according to the trailer mixing snippets of The Return of Doctor Mysterio and backstage of the shooting, the actor had fun on the set of Doctor Who!

Facing the press at Comic-Con on Friday, the Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat, said to be a fan of long-standing superheroes. His favorite? "Clark Kent. Not Superman, but Clark Kent." There can't wait to see what will be like the time traveler's new adventure.

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Castle: what's going - it happened in season 8?

Sunday, October 2, 2016 10:45:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

The last Castle season starts this Monday, September 26, in prime time on France 2. But what will happen?

There must be a reason. The last Castle, the eighth season this Monday, September 26, in prime time on France 2. Then, over the adventures of Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic).

Each turn. Last year, Richard Castle disappeared without a trace, at the beginning of season 7. This time, it's Kate Beckett, who is absent from this first episode of the new burst. A sense of that proves that the police series no longer seeks to reinvent itself, despite some scriptwriting smoke screens.

Of course, the scenery changes: now, the writer opened his own detective agency private in the company of his daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn). Certainly, there are new characters, like the rookie Hayley Shipton, interpreted by the actress of Nigerian origin Toks Olagundoye, and analyst Vikram Singh (Sunkrish Bala, seen in the gore The Walking Dead series). But for the rest...

Police intrigue perfectly obey the structure of the series - in this season, it comes to a LokSat folder, which contains a list of people whose life is threatened - and the duo Castle-Beckett ("Caskett" for fans) going on, as in the usual mode "I love you, I'm not more" than of "I don't love you anymore my love". In short, between them, it's always so complicated. Behind the scenes, the relationship was clear between the two actors. More also tense. For many years, there was Thunder in the air between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, the two stars of Castle. The tensions that would eventually precipitate the end of the show then one season 9 was originally scheduled.

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Will and Grace: the actors come together to support Hillary Clinton

Saturday, October 1, 2016 11:28:10 PM America/Los_Angeles

Ten years after the end of the series, actors from Will and Grace met to take a position in the U.S. presidential campaign.

American actors are wont to take a stand during the presidential elections. The cast of Will and Grace was no exception to the rule. Ten years after the end of the series, the players had announced a mysterious return of the sitcom.

Finally, Debra Messing chose to Tweet on Monday 26 September just before the televised debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to announce the broadcasting of a video: a ten-minute mini-episode where four actors from the series struggling on the election on 8 November.

There Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing), who try to convince their friend Jack (Sean Hayes) to vote in November to elect the future president of the United States. Karen (Megan Mullally) is opposed to his friends to support Donald Trump. She returned with an obviously fabulous weekend with Melania Trump, the wife of the Republican candidate. Check out the video by clicking below:

In September, the cast of the White House met to support Hillary Clinton. More recently, the cast of the Avengers also took position in favor of the Democratic candidate in a video to the sides of Nathan Fillion (Castle) and Jesse Williams (Grey's Anatomy). Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Alan Cumming (The Good Wife) back in a series by James Patterson

Thursday, September 29, 2016 8:43:26 PM America/Los_Angeles

After The Good Wife, the actor Alan Cumming will return to the CBS in a new series.

Known for his role Eli gold in the series The Good Wife, Alan Cumming is about to make his return to the screen. The Scottish actor of 51 will be the star of a pilot for a new series in development of CBS. Alan Cumming will turn in this fiction called Dr. Death, which will also be one of the Executive producers. Dr. Death will be an adaptation of a forthcoming novel by James Patterson, which is released in the spring of 2017.

This potential new series will focus on a former CIA agent, became a writer and teacher. But his old life catches up when the New York Police Department fails to get hold of a serial killer and so asked his help. If Dr. Death were to be developed, the release would be expected for the month of June 2017. It would be the return of Alan Cumming on TV since the end of The Good Wife, ending in 2016 after seven seasons on the air.

For James Patterson, it would be a new TV series adapted from one of his novels. The American writer of 69 is originally from the Zoo series, broadcast in France on TF1 and which has just been renewed for a third season on CBS. In 2007, the ABC had already transposed to the screen of his book Women's Murder Club, with Angie Harmon series. James Patterson also saw at least three of his novels adapted to the cinema, the collector and the mask of the spider, two feature films with Morgan Freeman, as well as Alex Cross, with Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox and Jean Reno.

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Arrow: who is Constantine, the superhero who makes an appearance tonight?

Thursday, September 29, 2016 6:35:35 AM America/Los_Angeles

A new superhero lands in Arrow episode this Tuesday, 27 September, on TF1. His name should tell you something. Or not.

The family "forgotten superhero", asks John Constantine. How! You don't remember this character out of a comic book in the late 1980s, specialist of black magic? If you do give more (we don't want you not) look at the Arrow series episode aired this Tuesday 27 September on TF1, at 23:25. Constantine just lend a hand to the Green Archer (Stephen Amell).

Constantine isn't his first television appearance, far from it. In the comic Hellblazer, published from 1988 to 2013, seen on all pages, since this comic tells the mysterious investigations of John Constantine, sort of detective of the paranormal. In full superhero mode, Hollywood has been so interested in this character reached the terminal lung cancer and promised to hell due to a suicide attempt in his youth.

This beautiful dark brown (who is blond in Arrow!) was given his own series in 2015 (cancelled after a season!) and even a film with Keanu Reeves in the r? the main, released in 2005. A huge commercial failure. No chance for Constantine who gets a health in Arrow, time for one episode, in the guise of the Welsh Matt Ryan. Nice.

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Grey's Anatomy (season 13): the terrible decision to Alex (Justin Chambers)

Monday, September 26, 2016 11:05:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

The first episode of season 13 of Grey's Anatomy aired Thursday, September 22 in the United States. Beware, spoilers.

If you have not yet seen the season 12 of Grey's Anatomy, better stop here. But if you have the impatience to know what holds the first episode of season 13 of Grey's Anatomy, you can continue your reading. The medical series resumed Thursday, September 22 in the United States, with a very important decision for the character of Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). at the end of the season 12, Alex was in part internally Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), thinking that he had slept with Jo (Camilla Luddington).

When opens the season 13 of Grey's Anatomy, DeLuca is rushed to the hospital, but Alex refuses to say what has happened. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) eventually understand and urges him to surrender. Initially hesitant, Alex resolves to this idea and will step forward. at the end of the episode, Alex is taken, handcuffed, and the doctor a big risk. What does that mean for the rest of his career? And that of the young intern, who could have irreparable damage to the? it?

"With Alex, it is two steps forward, one step backward, says the actor Justin Chambers to the American site TV Line. We gave him a lot of trouble, but he must also assume its responsibilities." These events should also have an impact on his relationship with Jo. "He will discover why she can't marry him, continues the actor. I do not know where they will be after that, but he's in pain and it angry. He's wrong, but he is also right."

For the future, Justin Chambers hope that things will work out for her character. "I wish that it arises and he formed a family, he says. I think that Alex would make a good father, but maybe is he supposed to be the father, as a doctor. I still care about him, I'm curious to see where he's going, but I think that Alex will go well."

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The Walking Dead Season 4: where are we?

Sunday, September 25, 2016 11:09:55 PM America/Los_Angeles

Season 4 of The Walking Dead is rebroadcast from this Saturday, September 24, at 23:35 on TMC. Little reminder of what happened in the third round of episodes.

TMC rebroadcast the season 4 of The Walking Dead. Before you discover or rediscover these 16 episodes, back on the highlights of the third round of adventures of the series.

State of play
Gathered around their leader Rick (Andrew Lincoln), the survivors have left hurriedly the farm of Herschel (Scott Wilson), to live in a prison. The community is organized between the walls. Refugees in the gilles of the penitentiary, Rick and the survivors landscape while cells than zombies is accumulating in front doors.

His wife and his son were the reason to live of the former Sheriff's Deputy, already shocked by the death of his ex-teammate Shane (Jon Bernthal). Losing Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), dark Rick into madness. Victim of hallucinations, devastated by grief, Rick takes it out by running zombies randomly and is unable to care for her new baby. He isolates himself from the Group and their cache of information.

Separated from the group, Andrea moves with a new Sidekick, the enigmatic Michonne (Danai Gurira). Inseparable from his katana, this silent and implacable Warrior is a formidable ally. Yet, Andrea made the choice to stay with the Governor pleased than to follow his friend. Michonne then joined the prison and Rick decided to welcome him. Woodbury troops attack the survivors. War is declared between the camps of Rick and the Governor. The latter requires Rick to him back Michonne. In return, he agrees to not to attack the rest of the group.

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Game of Thrones: a shower of awards at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Friday, September 23, 2016 8:57:27 PM America/Los_Angeles

In the meantime the ceremony which will be held on September 18, the Academy of the Emmy Awards already handed its technical awards. And not surprisingly, it's the series Game of Thrones, who leaves with the greatest number of statuettes.

With 23 nominations, the series Game of Thrones already promises to be the winner of the Prime Time Emmy Awards ceremony that rewards the best of American television. But before the 68th official ceremony which will be presented by Jimmy Kimmel in Los Angeles on September 18, this weekend stood the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. This first salvo of awards focuses rather on the technical Awards: best production design, best costume design, best sound editing, etc. And this time, the HBO did a RAID. Game of Thrones arrived at the top of the awards with not less than 9 price.

Game of Thrones so widely outperformed its main competitor at the Emmy Awards, the miniseries American Crime Story that chronicles the murder trial of the former American football O.J. Simpson. This series in which
David Schwimmer plays Robert Kardashian (Kim Kardashian father. and O lawyer J. Simpson) won 8 awards. But she adds up 22 nominations for the Emmy Awards.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series is especially distributed with the price of the best casting for a drama series. Best make-up with and without prosthesis, for best sound mixing for a drama series, best editing, best special effects and best coordination of the cascades.

A shower of awards therefore, bodes well for the second part of Emmy Awards which will reward among other actors, directors, best series, etc. Kit Harington and Peter Dinklage are expected to win the prize for best actor in a supporting role.. Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey are competing in the same category at the actress. Last year, Game of Thrones was left with 12 trophies, already a record.

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Doctors of Grey's Anatomy, Dr. House and Scrubs brought together for a good cause

Sunday, September 18, 2016 9:05:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

No, it is not a spin-off to come, but rather an advertisement. To push the Americans to make an annual check-up, several iconic tv series doctors gathered. Among them, Patrick Dempsey, Noah Wyle, and Donald Faison.

Patrick Dempsey has found her white blouse! No, he changed his mind and would not return to Grey's Anatomy. However several doctors fictional of the small screen, he decided to give himself - and his fame - to encourage Americans to follow a yearly check-up: a procedure that saves thousands of lives each year.

And it's rained? well surrounded, they are the stars of the medical series from years past: Noah Wyle emergency, Lisa Edelstein of Dr. House, Donald Faison of Scrubs, and Alan Alda of M * A * S * H. All play the self-deprecating for a good cause, picking up, the time of an advertisement, their r? the doctors.

Together, they explain: "we are the doctors of American television. I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm just a television actor. I have never been to University. If I had to attend a surgery, I'd probably fall in apples (...). We are the doctors of American television. And we partner with Cigna to help save lives, by encouraging to see a real doctor, for a real check up. "So go now and take back control? the your health".

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More about Prison Break will be well aired on M6

Saturday, September 17, 2016 8:52:36 PM America/Los_Angeles

Logically, M6 will broadcast the series Prison Break. It will be in 2017.

This isn't a surprise, but the news had not been announced officially. It's well M6, which will broadcast the series Prison Break in France. The news was unveiled at the conference presentation of the chain. We nevertheless have to wait long enough to see ten new episodes of the adventures of Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows, since the series is only expected for spring next on the cha? don't US Fox.

Launched in 2005 in the US, Prison Break did the heyday of M6 in September 2006 to end 2009. After four seasons, the series was arrested and the announcement of his return, after seven years of absence, has been a news the most amazing from the beginning of the year 2016 to the ray series.

For this fifth season, the iconic actors of Prison Break will resume almost all the service. The stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell will return in the prison break that made them famous. This is also the case of Paul Adelstein, Amaury Nolasco, Robert Knepper, Rockmond Dunbar and Sarah Wayne Callies.

Regarding history, little is known yet. Nevertheless, here is the information we have at the present time. While Michael Scofield seemed well and truly dead at the end of the events of season 4, it turns out be alive. Only, he's back in jail, in the Middle East. And in this fifth season, they are reversed as this time Lincoln Burrows who is arrested to help his brother. To facilitate this escape, Michael Scofield once again got tattoo.

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The creator of Breaking Bad is preparing a series of cult

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 7:03:30 PM America/Los_Angeles

Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, is currently developing a series about a US Pastor led to a collective suicide, Jim Jones.

Never heard of Jim Jones? will change! HBO develops, with the creator of Breaking Bad Vince Gilligan, a series that tell the story of Jim Jones, founder and pastor of the religious group of Protestant inspiration the people's Temple. On November 18, 1978 at Jonestown, Guyana (Dutch Guyana), the religious organized the first mass within a cult suicide. More than 900 people (908 exactly) died by swallowing cyanide, including.

The project, which is very tempting, must be developed as a miniseries and Vince Gilligan has enlisted the Michelle McLaren, Director of several episodes of Breaking Bad, of The Walking Dead and services of Game of Thrones.

The mini-series of Vince Gilligan will start at the creation of the people's Temple, and conclude on his terrible end. It will of course focus on Jim Jones but also on some of his disciples. The series is inspired by the book Raven: The Untold Story of Jim Jones and his People of the journalist Tim Reiterman, who survived the tragedy. This survey is trying to understand how this movement drifted toward a cult to the very opaque living conditions and how hundreds of people came to kill their own children (300 of them were killed).

The sects are decidedly in the odour of sanctity in the universe of the series as a miniseries on the Waco siege is also developing, with the actor Michael Shannon. For Raven, remains to be seen who will lend his features to Jim Jones... And why not Bryan Cranston, the former of Breaking Bad? He seems to have the ideal profile.

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Star Trek: the Web series of Arte, Teleportation 2161, preview on Tele-loisirs

Friday, September 9, 2016 3:12:22 AM America/Los_Angeles

Friday September 2,we will offer you in preview the first two episodes of the Web-series documentary for Arte Creative Teleportation 2161, dedicated to the space saga Star Trek, which celebrates its 50 years.

September 8, 1966, American viewers of NBC discovered a totally innovative space saga. Entitled Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry, this Odyssey is still 50 years after its debut.

To worthily celebrate five decades of Star Trek, the Arte offers special programming devoted to this phenomenon, which spawned movies and spin-off series in number, while retaining a cohort of loyal fans nicknamed the "trekkies". On Friday, September 9,the chain will offer French-German, at 22:25, the Building Star Trek documentary, which will return to the influence of science fiction saga on pop culture.

On the Internet (Arte Creative), will be offered from Monday 5 September ,the Web series documentary Teleportation 2161, a co-production Arte France, little Dragon and Elephant Doc of ten episodes. Directed by Jen Amanieux, who co-wrote it with Paul-Hervé Berrebi, this program discusses all aspects of the saga through the testimony of enthusiasts and experts. On Friday, September 2, we offers two exclusive episodes.

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Pretty Little Liars will stop at the end of season 7

Thursday, September 8, 2016 12:55:33 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Pretty Little Liars series will not be renewed for an eighth season. A blow for fans.

Pretty Little Liars, it's over. The creator Marlene King series announced during a Live Facebook. After seven seasons, young girls will definitely draw a line on their mysterious and sentimental adventures in Rosewood.

Surrounded by his leading actresses, Ashley Benson, Troian Belisario and Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Marlene King has therefore confirmed that there would be no season 8. "We are a family and it will be difficult to say goodbye to a series that has such impact on young viewers and become a spokesman for the cultural changes taking place. "I am happy that fans can find the answers to all their questions and am confident that they will enjoy the stirring journey that reserve our final ten episodes", a t - she said.

Following the announcement of the showrunneuse, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson took the floor each turn. Very emotional, they held to thank their loyal fans from the beginning, and the crew of Pretty Little Liars.

After the winter break, the Liars come back one last time behind the camera with the last ten episodes of season 7, which will be released in April 2017. The series will offer a final episode of two hours to complete the adventure. After The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf, it is the turn of Pretty Little Liars tell us goodbye! But that will become teenagers?

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Game of Thrones: Jim Broadbent (Harry Potter) will play in the season 7!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 2:37:46 AM America/Los_Angeles

The British actor should join the cast of the next season of the medieval series, which will resume in summer 2017 on HBO.

The first new character of the season 7 Game of Thrones. According to the website of EW, Jim Broadbent (Brazil, Moulin Rouge!, Gangs of New York, Cloud Atlas) should turn in the next seven episodes that will make up the next season of the show. The actor of 67 years, who won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best actor in a second role in the film Iris Richard Eyre, is known to have camped the Professor Horace Slughorn in the saga Harry Potter or to play the father of Bridget Jones in the romantic franchise carried by Renée Zellweger.

If you don't know much about the character he will play, we already know that it will have a role in the series. For season 7 of the programme, the casting is not complete yet, and for good reason, the producers expect the release of the sixth volume of the saga (that the author George R.R. Martin has not yet finished) to enrich the scenario. As to whether Jim Broadbent will be present for the season 8, here also, it's a well-kept secret.

For the answer, he will have to wait several months since the filming of season 7 of the series has been postponed. Indeed, the team needs extreme winter conditions to film future episodes and so postponed the release of the next episode in the summer, and not in April as it was originally planned. In the meantime, room for speculation.

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Grey's Anatomy: dive behind the scenes of the filming of season 13!

Friday, September 2, 2016 12:31:55 AM America/Los_Angeles

The shooting of the thirteenth season of Grey's Anatomy has already begun and the actors seem to take a lot of good time.

While TF1 rebroadcast some episodes of Grey's Anatomy in the morning,. Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the hospital show, had revealed to us behind the scenes of reading the script of this a months ago. It's the turn of actors to put online the photos taken on the set of the thirteenth season.

With these new pictures, the actors deliver some information about the next round of episodes. For example, we discover Camilla Luddington changed haircut. This year, Joséphine Wilson will be blonde!

For this new season of Grey's Anatomy, the actors have pull the white coats, lots of drugs have made their comeback in stores, the chairs of the actors took place, in a word: everything is ready for the shoot goes perfectly well.

In France, fans of the series have be armed with patience to discover the rest of the twelfth season of Grey's Anatomy. The dissemination of the Euro 2016 football having upset the grid program, until autumn to get answers to questions left pending.

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Eric Christian Olsen (NCIS: Los Angeles), Dad for the second time

Friday, August 26, 2016 5:54:32 AM America/Los_Angeles

Sarah Wright and Eric Christian Olsen welcomed their second child, a girl they chose to call Esme Olivia.

Eric Christian Olsen is a father for the second time! His wife Sarah Wright gave birth to their second child,, a girl named Esmé Olivia Olsen. The actor in NCIS: Los Angeles, announced the good news on social networks by posting a very pretty picture where one discovers the infant in the arms of his father.

In the photo caption, the actor pays tribute to his companion: "I remember reading that the way in which you approach the birth is intimately linked to the way in which you approach life and after seeing Sarah do this twice, I can say that this is absolutely true. A birth is like a whirlwind in the rest of the trip and I am proud of this woman who navigates in the most difficult times with passion, fearless and with a total love.I suspect to be magical. "

The actor delivers here a beautiful declaration of love to his wife who made him well on Instagram too. The actress has posted a photo where it is found surrounded by her husband and their first child, Wyatt.

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Vampire Diaries: Nina Dobrev could make an appearance in the final

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 8:35:41 PM America/Los_Angeles

Good news for fans: Nina Dobrev, the unforgettable Elena from Vampire Diaries, could make a comeback in the last episode of the series.

Nina Dobrev, who has played the lovely Elena Gilbert for six seasons, would be in negotiations to make an appearance in the final of Vampire Diaries. "We are currently in discussion with Nina, confirmed Mark Pedowitz, president of CW, broadcaster of the series in the United States, journalists at the last TCA (Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour), we would really like to Nina to return. "It was great in the series and is an integral part of Vampire Diaries."

Which does not prevent the leader to have a planned a plan B in case where negotiations with the actress would not succeed: "we truly hope that it comes back, but even if this return did not take place, Julie has planned a final sensational, which should delight fans," said Mark Pedowitz.

Nina Dobrev had promised after his departure, she would make an appearance in the final of the series. Officially, the young actress had left Vampire Diaries for artistic reasons, believing that she had made the round of his character. Unofficially, it became complicated for Nina to work with the other star of the series, Ian Somerhalder, who was to be her ex boyfriend in the life.

Popular with fans of Vampire Diaries, the return of Elena could allow the series will conclude on a successful final.

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Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy): "I stayed because my age"

Thursday, August 18, 2016 7:23:27 PM America/Los_Angeles

Actress Ellen Pompeo reveals why she decided to stay in the series Grey's Anatomy.

In Hollywood, the age is not only a matter of sales. Actresses know something; many of them are victims, one day or the other, the ambient cult. Actress Ellen Pompeo has made a choice for his career because of his age. "My decision to stay on Grey's Anatomy was only based on my age, revealed the actress in an interview with the magazine People. in 33 years, I was wise enough to know that my clock was already running in Hollywood."

According to Ellen Pompeo, his career took off "very late". If she had been younger, "I would have probably done my time, before you go looking for other things", she confessed. But she was "aware of the challenge posed by this to find other thirties or early my 40 years". Ellen Pompeo will therefore begin in September its thirteenth season of Grey's Anatomy.

However, the actress claims to have no regrets. "I told myself 'Why will I leave something that has so much success and who pays me very well to look for something else?' I decided that I was going to stay on Grey's Anatomy and I'd be grateful and I would stay as long as I could. And I am very happy about the decision I made. "even improved over time."

Yet the actress retains a complex, which has not been reduced throughout the seasons. "It's sad to see me grow old on TV, yet admit Ellen Pompeo." To be honest, this is the hardest part of my job." However, the actress has become the representative of a beauty mark, for a campaign called Cool Ager.

"Uncomfortable as this is for me to see myself growing old, I don't think that to focus on physical beauty is the best thing to do for the mind. Even if it is natural, and we all do, is not very healthy. Plus you get older and you realize that life is not a question of look. Everyone ages, it is not serious."

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Discover the six monstrous teasers of American Horror Story season 6

Thursday, August 18, 2016 2:19:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

The sixth anthology of the series created by Ryan Murphy reveals itself little by little... We invites you to watch the first six terrifying teasers of this new horror year of American Horror Story.

Fans of American Horror Story see the impatience! Indeed, September 14, the anthology series of Ryan Murphy will begin its sixth year of horrific adventures. To wait the faithful in lack of Vertigo during the summer season, the FX (which broadcasts the show across the Atlantic) has unveiled six teasers more terrifying and glaucous than the others!

In these mysterious images, can be seen tools of torture over a cradle, legs down stairs at full speed, with hands trying grasping or even a thousand and a legs walking on the head, then a woman's face! These first disturbing videos show also three silhouettes in the glistening eyes walking in a field at sunset

Despite these six videos, the plot of these future chapters is still very cryptic... We know, however, that Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer, Angela Bassett, and Lady Gaga (among others) will make their comeback. Stupor and revelations in a few weeks so! According to you, in what context will take place these next steps?

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That is going to happen in season 4 of Blue Bloods

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 4:05:01 AM America/Los_Angeles

Season 4 of Blue Bloods starts this Saturday august 13 on M6. We offers a small overview of what awaits you in these new episodes of season 4.

This Saturday, August 13, M6 offers the season 4 new Blue bloods. This new year promises rich in twists and we offers to have an preliminary taste of the upcoming storylines in the next episodes. Attention to the fans, this article will contain some spoilers!

The family of police officers will have to remain cohesive to confront together several tests. Franck (Tom Selleck) will face a police inspector of New York that will undermine his authority by virtue of his scrutiny. Jamie (Will Estes) will suffer a suspension during the season and also held a civil trial! These periods will be of genuine blows for the young man...

Erin (Bridget Moynahan) is also entitled to its share of unexpected situations reversals! The Assistant of the Prosecutor will be in fact kidnapped twice! An ex-girlfriend having a relationship with a dealer will presents his road, as a former member whose profile will revive old wounds buried in him for years.

This fourth season of investigations looks more than ever that all the challenges! Follow from Saturday august 13 to 21h on M6.

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James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) joined Once Upon a Time

Friday, August 12, 2016 4:44:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

Actor James Marsters, known for his role in the Spike Buffy the Vampire Slayer, will be part of season 6 of the series Once Upon a Time.

In full Comic-Con in San Diego, the next seasons of your favorite series are revealed gradually. Among them, Once Upon a Time, which the sixth season will start in September in the United States. New well known characters of the public will make their entrance. Fans will therefore discover Aladdin, played by Deniz Adkeniz, and Jafar, portrayed by Oded Fehr. Jafar, this character in the spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, had in a first time was played by Naveen Andrews of the series Lost.

But fans of the series Once Upon a Time will also have the pleasure of on-screen formerly of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The actor James Marsters, known for his portrayal of Spike, will join the sixth season. During the Comic-Con of Paris in October 2015, we met James Marsters. The actor of 53 years, was not visibly tired of having to speak again and again, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a series which he said he was "very proud".

In Once Upon a Time, James Marsters will therefore join an already well established band, with including Jennifer Morrison, who plays the heroine Emma does, or Sean Maguire in the role of the Robin Hood or Emilie de Ravin in the Belle.

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The Flash: promising trailer for season 3

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 7:27:20 PM America/Los_Angeles

After Arrow, CW has unveiled the trailer for the next adventures of another of its superhero at Comic Con. In this very promising trailer of season 3 of The Flash, we view Flashpoint, a well known alternative reality of the fans. Warning spoilers.

While TF1 has begun the distribution of season 2 of The Flash, the United States, expected already the season 3. And if the series will resume that in October on the CW, we know a little more about what we hold this new season thanks to a trailer unveiled at Comic Con in San Diego. After the Arrow trailer, it is the turn of Flash to give us a sneak taste of his new adventures. If you haven't seen season 2, stop reading at the risk of getting seriously spoiler.

During the last episode of season 2, Barry Allen had chosen to back in time to save his mother. A gesture which will have serious consequences. The superhero played by Grant Gustin, with this choice, will simply rewrite history, affecting the lives of all the characters. He thus erased everything that happened after the death of his mother. Barry has created a 'new' life, for him and his friends. This new reality is well known to fans of the DC Comics Universe and especially those of The Flash since it's Flashpoint.

The trailer for season 3 of The Flash gives us a glimpse of Flashpoint.. In this alternate reality, Barry Allen's parents are still alive. But it also means that he has not raised by Joe, IRIS also has no idea of who he is. Forgotten the kiss they had exchanged in the last episode. Barry is also more friendly with Cisco. He however finds a former enemy which he thought getting rid: The Reverse Flash. The trailer reveals as Kid Flash in his costume and makes us understand that the choice of Barry will have dangerous consequences.

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Sherlock unveils the first trailer for its season 4

Monday, August 8, 2016 4:44:08 AM America/Los_Angeles

Scheduled for 2017, the season 4 of Sherlock is unveiled in a first trailer.

Benedict Cumberbatch, but also the creators of Sherlock, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, were all three present at the Comic Con in San Diego. They took the opportunity to (somewhat) lift the veil on the season 4 expected to... beginning 2017! Firstly, by showing a trailer, the first for this burst of unpublished episodes, then by asserting that the filming was almost completed. Just learned to fans than the general tone of this season 4 would be pretty dramatic.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who was also present to ensure the promotion of the film Dr. Strange, known to maintain suspense. So he said that the three episodes of this season 4 were undoubtedly among the most intense of the entire series. It is also exactly what promises the trailer. Other notable: action should be ubiquitous.

Sherlock will stop with the season 4? Perhaps. It is in any case that Steven Moffat has been recently suggested. In question? Ultra planning Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

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A new character in Hawaii 5-0

Sunday, July 31, 2016 7:16:48 PM America/Los_Angeles

Actress Claire Forlani joined the season 7 of the series Hawaii 5-0. After playing in CSI: Manhattan and NCIS: Los Angeles, Claire Forlani will find the world of legal series. The actress will join the season 7 of the series Hawaii 5-0, which will start on September 23 in the United States. Claire Forlani will hold a r? the recurring, as Alicia Brown, a roll forming machine which supports of the 5 - de le 5-0 0 team to hunt down a killer series.

Claire Forlani will not be the only one to join Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Grace Park, or Daniel Dae Kim in the seventh season of Hawaii 5-0. Rosalind Chao take the role of the new governor of Hawaii, while the actor Faran Tahir, seen in American Crime or Dallas will play the role of the businessman in the new episodes.

Claire Forlani will make its entry in the second episode of season 7. at 44 years, British actress held in Les Experts: Viewers then regained it in NCIS: Los Angeles in the character special agent Lauren Hunter. The police series Hawaii 5-0 universe should therefore not too remove.

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Prison Break: discover the new tattoos of Michael Scofield

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 11:48:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

Expected for beginning 2017, Prison Break reveals a little more. In this new season, Michael Scofield will still have to escape from prison. For this, it will help any new tattoos with the Entertainment Weekly website released the first photo.

7 years after the end of the Prison Break, Fox has decided to offer its cult series 5th season. It'll unfortunately have to wait until early 2017 for the dissemination of these new episodes (but why?). In the meantime, we take its evil in patience with the many news distilled on the series. We know as well that all the favorite characters of the fans will be back. Wentworth Miller has once again slipped into the skin of Michael Scofield and Dominic Purcell in his brother Lincoln. You will also find Sarah Wayne Callies, Robert Knepper or Amaury Nolasco.

The fans have also been surprised to discover an impressive trailer for this season 5 in last May. It then learned a little more about the history of this new season. While it was thought that Michael Scofield died at the end of the events of season 4, it is alive. But here it is back in prison, in the Middle East. In this fifth season,they are reversed as this time Lincoln who is arrested to help his brother.

And to facilitate this escape, Michael Scofield is once again made tattooing. Tattoos on forearms of the character that we discover in a photo published by Entertainment Weekly. In an interview for the American site, Wentworth Miller also States: "these tattoos work differently" [than those in season 1, Editor's note]. "These aren't detailed plans. They have a particular function. "But mystery on that function. Therefore, wait a little more.

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Filming locations: discover the footsteps of Breaking Bad

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 2:09:05 AM America/Los_Angeles

Breaking Bad is certainly over, but the series is still also worship. And its spin off Better Call Saul, continues on Netflix. During the summer, Tele-loisirs invites you to discover the iconic series filming locations.

Series:born from the mind of Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad is a UFO. At the time, his improbable pitch even scared yet the innovative HBO, who preferred to let the song to AMC. Mal took him! This story of a chemistry teacher with cancer that starts in the manufacture of methamphetamines with the help of a former student immediately became cult!

The talent of Bryan Cranston in the shoes of Walter White, the father of family very (too) normal, metamorphosing in Heinsberg, drug kingpin, largely contributed to the success of the series.

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Pretty Little Liars season 7: application in marriage... but for whom?

Thursday, July 21, 2016 11:56:46 PM America/Los_Angeles

After accidents, abduction, attempted murder, trials and separations, it would seem that one of the hero of the series Pretty Little Liars finally received good news. In episode 5 of season 7, one of them will live a wonderful marriage proposal...

Attention, this article contains spoilers about season 7 of Pretty Little Liars, do not read it if you're not up-to-date!

All fans of Pretty Little Liars will tell you, the Freeform Series is a clever mix between stories of love and friendship, thrilling investigations and unexpected reversals of situation. But since the beginning of season 7, currently released in the United States, the fate seems to harp back on Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna.

Fortunately, Pretty Little Liars fans can expect a little sweetness in this world of crude, since in episode 5 of season 7.One surprise that the creator had more or less already revealed, but which should appeal to fans of one of the cults of the show couples.

And Yes, it is although Ezra (Ian Harding) requesting finally Aria (Lucy Hale) in marriage! After so many seasons to be put together, to separate and will be missed, the couple finally seems to go forward. In the episode Along Comes Mary, Aria re-enters the apartment of Ezra, that she discovers plunged into the darkness and illuminated by dozens of candles. His former professor then makes a fiery statement, before putting a knee to the ground and the request wedding ring in support.

Aria will accept to marry? How will be the wedding preparations? And above all, this marriage will happen smoothly? Especially in the universe complicated of Pretty Little Liars.

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Banshee: who is Casey LaBow,who plays Maggie?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 3:11:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

Focus on Casey LaBow, the beautiful American blonde who played Maggie Bunker in Banshee (Canal +).

On the occasion of the arrival of the season 4 of Banshee on Canal + this Thursday, July 14 in prime time, Tele-loisirs offers you to learn a little more about Casey LaBow, one of the faces of this explosive series Angel.

In Banshee, Casey LaBow (born Samantha Casey Labow plays Maggie Bunker, the wife of the odious Calvin Bunker (Chris Coy), a husband violent. A pretty young woman (what green eyes!) who desperately wants a better life for his son Hank Bunker. For its largest woe, she has a relationship with his brother-in-law, Kurt Bunker (Tom Pelphrey), the brother of Calvin...

If this recurring role in season 4, may well launch once and for his entire career, Casey LaBow has already been detected by all-Hollywood for playing Kate Denali in Twilight, chapters IV and V: Revelation. five times! At the age of 30, the beautiful Casey, who lives in Los Angeles, is even launched in production with the documentary Free The Nipple (2014), a feminist documentary film not distributed in France. As the fight for the freedoms of women is important in his eyes...  No wonder that Maggie Bunker is a character in the character so well tempered.

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The Walking Dead: the character of Andrea would remain for 8 seasons!

Monday, July 18, 2016 1:46:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

Bitten by a zombie at the end of season 3, Andrea was shot in the head. But in the comics, his character is still alive. What happened? The former actress of The Walking Dead is explained.

In the books of The Walking Dead comic, the character of Andrea is still alive. However, in the American series, the pretty blonde played by Laurie Holden was killed at the end of the season 3. A start which wasn't really the program...

On the occasion of the Walker Stalker Con in the United States, the actress agreed to confide, and says: "I had an eight-year contract.I have to be there to the end I was supposed to finish with Rick, and save Woodbury. I was buying a house in Atlanta".

One evening, on the eve of filming: "he told me he was going to kill my character. When you have re? u the script on the shelf, everyone began to sob. I feel like I got shot.. "Nothing that happened was planned that way. "

A totally unexpected departure for Laurie Holden, but which it does not rigour to the team: "I was really grateful for the way one of which I was made from, with elegance and extraordinary cast. that's not what I wanted, but I loved my release. " No hard feelings then!

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NCIS: new recruits for the season 14

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 3:26:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

The series NCIS is formalizing the return of an actor, as well as the arrival of a new actress for season 14.

After the departure of its mainstay Michael Weatherly, alias agent Tony DiNozzo, the American series had recruited new players, Duane Henry and Sarah Clarke. They appeared at the end of the season 13, broadcast in may in the United States. The production has announced that Duane Henry would indeed be part of the season 14 of NCIS. It will therefore be in the role of the officer of MI6 Clayton Reeves's. Following the departure of Michael Weatherly, production has therefore chosen to offer two viewers new male characters, since it has also hired the former actor for That ' 70s s Show, Wilmer Valderrama.

Sarah Clarke however will not return in NCIS.When we had met him last June at the Monte-Carlo television Festival, Sarah Clarke was still uncertain about his future in NCIS. Best known for playing in 24 hours chrono or in Twilight, Sarah Clarke runs also in the Amazon Harry Bosch series, recently broadcast on France 3. Upcoming filming of this fiction will lead him to turn abroad. Maybe it's for this reason that the production of NCIS chose not to renew?

Don't panic, the NCIS team will however have a new female recruit. The production comes to actress Jennifer Esposito, known for his role in the Blue Bloods and Mistresses. She will play Alexandra Quinn, experienced agent in NCIS who left the field to become an instructor. But Gibbs managed to convince her to join his team.

What will be the impact of the departure of Michael Weatherly on the series next season? It will be in any case had three new characters to offset the gap left by DiNozzo.

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After a long absence, Blue Bloods (finally) back on M6

Sunday, July 10, 2016 9:10:20 PM America/Los_Angeles

While M6 offers, from Saturday 9 July in prime time, the third season of Blue Bloods.

The chain does the release of Blue Bloods, good thinking and patriotic American series, offering unprecedented season. Very well, Fine, but we must remember that the chain was brutally interrupted the broadcast of the second season of this series January 18, 2014 for lack of hearing. Not only interruption was brutal but the chain had relegated his fiction on Série Club, which proposed in January last season 5.

We do not find the Reagan family where it left off, that is to say after the eighth episode of Season 2, the latest available on the M6. As they prepared to celebrate Thanksgiving with family, the patriarch was the victim of a heart attack. As for Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), he was investigating the suspicious death of a young woman of Indian origin quarreled with his brother because of his relationship with an American.

No, from this Saturday, July 9, M6 offers viewers to discover the third season, original plaintext. A season that it bombards suddenly five episodes per night. One thus finds the Regan after a long absence. And we discover a Danny, anxious: a man he arrested eight years before, comes from his sentence and threatens revenge. And this is the COP who jump at the slightest noise.

M6 will still broadcast the episodes of season 2 of Blue Bloods that she has never programmed, the ninth being proposed on Saturday, July 16 at... 1:05 in the morning. If it is not a great success in France, the Eastern Atlantic series, where she also was renewed for a seventh season.

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Grey's Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo and Jesse Williams whoop on vacation

Friday, July 8, 2016 6:58:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

While the thirteenth season of Grey's Anatomy is about to be broadcast in the United States, the actors of the hospital series take advantage of the summer to spend good time together!

Grey's Anatomy actors no longer leave! Stars Ellen Pompeo and Jesse Williams even went on holiday together. That plays Meredith Grey has posted some pictures and videos on his account Instagram to show how the paddle can be fun. It is sure that with a little joker as Jesse Williams, you do not mind ...

"When you go on vacation with Jesse Williams and he's afraid to lose you during a race of paddle", wrote the actress in legend of his photo posted on behalf Instagram. Not stingy with shots, she also posted a video that shows how Jesse Williams takes fun to see his acolyte drinking the Cup.

As pigs copains, actors take good time together and demonstrate their fans. These holidays in the Sun probably allow Jesse Williams to forget his disappointments with the fans. The actor held a speech at the BET Awards, on 26 June, which did not really like Internet users.

It is now taxed "anti-white racism" and a petition is circulating on the Web to demand his departure from the hospital series. Case knows such a scale in the United States that the creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes, the split of several tweets to calm the wrath of fans and defend Jesse Williams.

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Gilmore Girls: the seven seasons on Netflix!

Monday, July 4, 2016 2:45:56 AM America/Los_Angeles

Pending the arrival of the four new television from films of the series, Netflix will post in July seven seasons of Gilmore Girls.

As it had done for the feast at home, offering the eight seasons of the original series to the launch of more Fuller House, Netflix will be soon available to its subscribers the series Gilmore Girls. Aired originally between 2000 and 2007, Gilmore Girls will return with four television films, produced by Netflix.

While waiting to discover what happened to Rory (Alexis Bledel) and her mother Lorelai (Lauren Graham) or Luke (Scott Patterson), fans of Gilmore Girls will plunge into the seven seasons of the series. They will be posted on July 1 on the platform.

Launched in 2000 on The WB network, Gilmore Girls told the adventures of a single mother and her daughter. Netflix in February 2016 officially announced his intention to turn of new components to the series. Good news, all the actors from the original series are part for this sequel entitled Gilmore Girls: a Year in the Life. And for good reason, these four films will follow the rhythm of the seasons. Netflix has not yet announced the date of launch to eager fans, wondering who shares the life of Rory: Dean (Jared Padalecki), Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) or Logan (Matt Czuchry)?

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NCIS: four players signed for seasons 14 and 15

Thursday, June 30, 2016 11:50:38 PM America/Los_Angeles

The NCIS series has been renewed for two more seasons, the 14th and 15th in the series. Discover who will be back for these new episodes.

Season 14 of NCIS will begin in the United States in September. So, it was time for the players to sign their new contracts. It is now made. Four of the main actors have signed to join these two new seasons of NCIS, the 14th and 15th in the series. Contracts of Pauley Perrette (Abby), Sean Murray (McGee), David McCallum (Ducky) and Rocky Carroll (Leon James Vance) came to maturity, but they will be back in September.

Don't worry for Mark Harmon, NCIS team boss, who signed in February a new two year contract. As for Brian Dietzen (Jimmy Palmer) and Emily Wickersham (Bishop), their contracts are not on the same temporality.

Follows this also to the recruitment of a new actor Wilmer Valderrama (That ' 70s s Show), who will join the series with the recurring. Good news after the departure of Michael Weatherly and his cult of Tony DiNozzo persona.

In the U.S., the season 14 of NCIS will be launched on September 20. As Michael Weatherly, it make its first in its new series, Bull, the same day, just after NCIS.

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The superhero Flash back on TF1!

Friday, June 24, 2016 6:51:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

The superhero arrives on TF1 on Monday, July 11 for a season 2 electric.

The superhero who runs faster than his shadow is back on TF1! After Arrow, an archer equipped with super powers series,the story of a man who discovers that he can run at superhuman speed and can heal FA? it accelerated.Released in October 2014 on The CW and on the network CTV2 to Canada, The Flash is inspired by the DC Comics character, a superhero created by Robert Kanigher and John Broome and Carmine Infantino.

It follows the adventures of Barry Allen, a young scientist working for the police in Central City. Child witness to the murder of her mother by a mysterious entity, he believes in paranormal phenomena and sought the way to prove to vindicate his jailed father. Touched by a spark caused by the explosion of the particle accelerator in the laboratories of Harrison Wells, he discovers that he can run at superhuman speeds. But it is not the only one to have achieved extraordinary faculties...

The first season of Flash, aired last summer on TF1, was completed on the heartbreaking death of Eddy who sacrificed to disappear permanently.

The main Grant Gustin (seen in 90210 Beverly Hills: New Generation), who made his first appearance in the Flash skin in episodes 8 and 9 of the second season of Arrow. Because Flash is a spin-off of Arrow. In July 2013, the co-creators of Arrow, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, had the idea of developing a new TV series on Flash for The CW.

Season 2 of The Flash is an excellen series, so critical that popular in the United States. The series was renewed for season 3.

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The Blacklist series makes its return on TF1

Thursday, June 23, 2016 7:01:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

TF1 will broadcast the end of season 2 and the third novel season of the Blacklist mid-July series.

In October 2015, while it had aired almost the entirety of the second season of Blacklist, TF1 had chosen to keep in her closet for some time the last two episodes. Unpublished, these last two aspects of the season 2 of Blacklist will be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13 at 8:55 pm on TF1. They will be followed at 10:40 pm by the first episode of the third season.

Launched in 2013 on CBS, Blacklist staged a strange collaboration between Elizabeth Keen, a young FBI agent, and Raymond Reddington, one of the most wanted criminals by the FBI. Between manipulation and secrets, the first two seasons have been punctuated by their mysterious relationship, which oscillates between hatred and friendship, or even a mutual respect, as well as the 'investigations of the week', Reddington helping the FBI to track down the most dangerous criminals in the world.

This third season of Blacklist aired from mid-October 2015 to mid-May 2016. TF1 therefore not diffuse very late after programming in the United States. Buoyed by James Spader and Megan Boone, Blacklist will soon entitle the spin-off. The island chain NBC has indeed ordered a spinoff called Redemption. Tom Keen, the husband of Elizabeth played by actor Ryan Eggold, at the center of the new plot. The actor will play the sides of Famke Janssen (X-Men) and Edi Gathegi (Twilight). As for Blacklist, the series has been renewed for season 4.

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Hawaii 5-0:old character soon be back!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 7:47:32 PM America/Los_Angeles

Fans of the series Hawaii 5-0 will be pleased to find in season 7, coming back to the United States, a well-known character..

The season 6 series Hawaii 5-0 is completed in may 2016 in the United States and it will also end soon in France on M6. Notably, this sixth season was marked by the departure of Catherine, played by Michelle Borth Steve Companion. Part and then returned, belle was again stolen face the love of Commander McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin). But it will be soon be back in Hawaii 5-0.

If the sixth season ends without the return of Catherine, the latter should be part of season 7 of Hawaii 5-0, expected in September in the United States. The showrunner of the series Peter Lenkov said American site TV Guide: "it is still part of our series. The idea is to develop this storyline until next year".

Hawaii 5-0 series Fans can they expect great reunion between Catherine and Steve? The couple are they gather for good this time? Not until the seventh season of the series to see what the writers concoct for this couple that seems so far pleased. This may change in future episodes of the show.

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Sandra Oh (Cristina) returning to Grey's Anatomy?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 2:32:21 AM America/Los_Angeles

Could Cristina return to Grey's Anatomy? Actor Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen, his former love, answers.

The seasons Grey's Anatomy has lost several of its actors from the beginning. T.R. Knight (George), Katherine Heigl (Izzie), and more recently, Patrick Dempsey (Derek) or Sara Ramirez (Callie). Sandra Oh, who played the character of Cristina since the first episode of Grey's Anatomy, also decided to leave the series. Cristina so bid farewell at the end of the tenth season. However, his name is sometimes still referred to in the show. Especially when it comes to Owen, who Meredith is responsible for ensuring. Could Cristina return to Grey's Anatomy?

The question arose to actor Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen, a Conference of press at the 56th Festival de Monte-Carlo. It is to her to see, but perhaps for the end of the series, when one will know that it ends permanently, for the final. She thinks about it. "

When Sandra Oh is gone, Kevin McKidd was concerned. "I asked Shonda Rhimes (creator and producer of Grey's Anatomy, ed) if I had to look for another job. But she told me they loved my character, regardless of Cristina and that they wanted to develop. Sandra had always said that ten years in the series was his limit. this was a surprise to Shonda.

so fans of Grey's Anatomy probably find Cristina and her interpreter when the series comes to an end..unless it makes an appearance over sooner than expected. At the season finale of Grey's Anatomy 12, released in May in the US, Owen married Amelia. The news has not gone unnoticed due to Sandra Oh who commented the event on Twitter: "wait, my husband's TV has a new TV wife? Excuse me? No, I do not believe? Owen, what's your game?"

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Gotham (TMC): will there be a season 3?

Monday, June 13, 2016 10:34:10 PM America/Los_Angeles

TMC aired Wednesday, June 8 the last four episodes of the second season of Gotham. The cliffhanger from last episode had to leave viewers wanting more ... So will there be there a third season?

Final curtain for the second season of Gotham on TMC. That fans can rest assured, a third season of the series inspired by Batman is already in preparation. Fox, which broadcasts the series in the United States, announced last March have renewed the series for 22 new episodes. The series attracts nearly nine million viewers on average each week.

Worn by Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Morena Bacarin and Robin Lord Taylor, the second season of Gotham ended with the return of Fish Mooney, played by Jada Pinkett Smith.

Several storylines should be involved during the third season. The first episodes will be the opportunity to bring back several characters like the Mad Hatter or the Tweedle brothers. Finally, the season will focus on the Court of the owls, the Organization secret the Gotham discovered during the second season. The first episodes of season 3 should be disseminated in September 2016 on Fox in the United States.

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Grey's Anatomy is full of doctors for his season 13

Monday, June 13, 2016 1:02:45 AM America/Los_Angeles

Grey's Anatomy will return to the United States in September with season 13. But after initially surprised at Sara Ramirez, a question arose: what doctors were we going to find? Discover what actors signed to continue the adventure.

While it displays 12 good years, the series Grey's Anatomy is in great shape. It was thought the condemned after the departure of Patrick Dempsey, it proved even stronger without Dr. Mamour. If series hearings are collapsing on American TV, the medical show from Shonda Rhimes resists and peals out always. No need of doctor for Grey's Anatomy which is not about to fade. The series will return for a season 13 in September.

But if the series has been renewed for season 13 by ABC, its actors, or at least many of them, had not yet signed to be back in this new season. The corridors of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital could therefore have been completely empty. Besides, Sara Ramirez, who plays Dr. Callie Torres just made the choice to leave the series to the great surprise of Shonda Rhimes. As Ellen Pompeo, she has signed his contract for season 13 that there a few days ago!

But what other actors? Good news, well meet again our doctors in the new season. The US site TVLine announced that Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt), Justin Chambers (Alex Karev), Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey) and James Pickens Jr. (Richard Webber), whose contracts had arrived in term, have signed up for a new season. As Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins), it had already renegotiated his contract last year. Apart from Sara Ramirez, historical physicians of the show will be all back. But it will have to wait a little longer to discover their new adventures.

However, if you be in need of Grey's Anatomy, you can discover pictures of actors at the Festival de Monte Carlo on Instagram TV leisure account.

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An actress of American Horror Story left the series!

Sunday, June 5, 2016 8:46:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

A famous actress of the show American Horror Story has decided to leave the series directed by Ryan Murphy.

One less. American Horror Story is going to have to separate this actress since the first four opus. Jessica Lange has indeed decided to leave the show in declining  the offer that was given to him for the filming of a fifth season.

Hollywood actress could boast of having a new character in every season. Despite this privilege, the actress had distanced himself with the production. Absent American  Horror Story: Hotel, it had been replaced at the foot thrown by Lady Gaga. The extravagant singer even managed to forget the presence of the original star of the  series.

Jessica Lange gave the premiere of the announcement of his departure Charlie Rose, star presenter on the island chain American PBS broadcast of the same name. When the  reporter asked her if she hoped to return, she replied: "I did four seasons in four years and each year I had the right to a superb character That's what was  interesting I think everything.. as sometimes happens at the end of things and that's normal. "

By 2015, the creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, spoke of his desire to turn the 67 year old actress. Discussions have clearly failed to American Horror Story. But the  American Director should rotate the actress in his next series,The series, which should be disseminated during the autumn of 2017, will be produced by Brad Pitt.

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Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys (The Americans), parents for the first time!

Friday, June 3, 2016 12:35:39 AM America/Los_Angeles

Partners in the series The Americans and couple to the city, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys have become parents.

Many stars have found love on the plateaus of shootings. Keri Russell, 40, and Matthew Rhys, age 41, shall not derogate from this rule. The actors, who are also in torque in the excellent series The Americans, have become parents for the first time in May. A source close to the couple confirmed to People magazine in January that the two actors were very excited at the idea of welcoming the first baby, it is now done!

It is the first child of the couple, and the first for actor Matthew Rhys, but Keri Russell is already mother of two children, born from his marriage with Shane Deary. The actress is the mother of a son 8 years, River, and a 4 year old daughter, Willa.

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell play Philip and Elizabeth Jennings since 2013, two spies Russian living under cover in the United States, where they are travel agents and parents of two children. Season 4 of The Americans is being broadcast in the United States on FX. It will end on June 8. Adapted from a true story, this thrilling fiction has already been renewed for two new seasons, scheduled for 2017 and 2018.

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Supernatural (series Club): will there be a season 12?

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 12:00:12 AM America/Los_Angeles

Supernatural has just finished its season 11 this Friday 27 series Club. Now the lips of fans of the series: will she return for a twelfth year?

Yet an apocalypse averted for the Winchester brothers on Supernatural! For more than a decade, Sam and Dean face the worst evil creatures (sometimes even angelic) to the delight of their fans, loyal as on the first day. This Friday, may 27, Série Club proposed to its viewers to discover the final explosive of the season 11 of the adventures of the brothers.

This rich in twists episode once again held in suspense the public and puts our hero, played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, in many delicate situations! Indeed, the cliffhanger of this eleventh year leaves Dean facing his resurrected mother and Sam shot and fatally wounded... Will this unbearable suspense there be a sequel? The fantastic drama was renewed for season 12?

From the top of its eleven years, the show continues to deliver the correct performance on American CW and can even boast of being the fourth most watched series of the network, to the much younger programs! A remarkable performance by the time running...

See you in a few months for new epic battles and demonic!

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Pretty Little Liars:who is getting married in season 7?

Thursday, May 26, 2016 5:59:07 AM America/Los_Angeles

While it is likely that the series stops definitively at the end of season 7, a wedding will take place!

Season 7 will soon begin on Freeform. The venerable teen-drama will indeed begin on June 21 but also... white wedding: there is indeed a marriage in what could be "the most romantic seasons" of Pretty Little Liars.

It's Marlene King, the executive producer of the series to success of Freeform (ex - ABC Family) that the announced on Twitter.So who will be the lucky ones? SPOILERS!

Is it Alison and Eliott? No: they are already married, just like parents of Aria explains TV Line. Nevertheless remembered that Hannah and Caleb were exchanged at the end of season 6, so it is unlikely that his relationship with Jordan gives something tangible. How about Aria and Ezra? The paris are going well! We obviously expect your speculations for the upcoming season to celebrate as it should be a real wedding in Rosewood!

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Pretty Little Liars: who will marry in the season 7?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 7:18:46 AM America/Los_Angeles

While it is likely that the series stops definitively at the end of season 7, a marriage will take place!

Season 7 will soon begin on Freeform. The venerable teen-drama will indeed begin June 21 turn ultimate track, but also... white wedding: there is indeed a marriage in what could be "the most romantic seasons" of Pretty Little Liars.

It's Marlene King, the executive producer of the series to success of Freeform (ex - ABC Family) that the announced on Twitter. But then, who will be the happy ones?

No: they are already married, just like parents of Aria explains TV Line. Nevertheless remembered that Hannah and Caleb were exchanged at the end of season 6 a kiss languorous, so it is unlikely that his relationship with Jordan gives something tangible. And why not Aria and Ezra? Bets are progressing! Your speculations for the upcoming season is obviously waiting to celebrate as it should be a real wedding in Rosewood!

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Castle: how has ends

Sunday, May 22, 2016 10:16:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

ABC aired Monday, May 16, the last episode of the Castle series. This is the conclusion to the hero, played by Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic.

The production of Castle was still uncertain about the future of the series when shooting. They had therefore provided the coup and provided two alternate endings, where Castle is cancelled in the meantime. A rich idea, since Castle was cancelled after eight seasons on the air, a few days before the end of the season 8.

The ultimate episode of Castle was broadcast on American ABC Monday, May 16. How the story concludes for the hero played by Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic? In the latter survey, Rick and Kate track down the mysterious LokSat, which always missed them in recent years. The character is linked to them, not only to the murder of Beckett's mother but also to the strange absence of Rick.

During the episode, Rick is kidnapped and subjected to a truth serum. He discovers that LokSat is none other than Mason Wood, who had yet saved them a little sooner.. After many plot twists, the two heroes escape their enemy and the fatal fate he reserved them.

US viewers have therefore had a real final for Castle and not the cliffhanger would have aired if the series had been renewed for a ninth season. The writers suggested a happy ending for the epilogue, with an ellipse of seven years, showing the happy couple with their three children!

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Rizzoli & Isles (France 2): will there be a season 6?

Friday, May 20, 2016 1:33:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

Season 5 of Rizzoli & Isles is completed on France 2. Will the series be a sequel?

France 2 aired this Monday, May 16 the end of season 5 of Rizzoli & Isles. Therefore, say goodbye for some time to the characters worn by Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander. Farewell, but not goodbye. The police series Rizzoli & Isles will be well back on France 2 for a sixth season but release date has not yet been unveiled.

Consisting of 18 episodes, season 6 of Rizzoli & Isles was released in two parts in the United States. The first started in June 2015 and the second was launched in February 2016, until mid-March. Good news for fans of the police series, these 18 new episodes will not mark the end of the adventures of Jane Rizzoli, the COP, and Maura Isles, the law clerk.

Two girlfriends will also be back for a seventh season of Rizzoli & Isles. It has been developed with only 13 episodes and it will mark this time the end point of the series. The launch is planned for June 6 on TNT. It remains therefore France 2 31 episodes of Rizzoli & Isles to broadcast. A new, which should delight those who follow diligently police investigations Monday evening.

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Scandal: the dissemination of the season 6 extended to 2017

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 12:04:02 AM America/Los_Angeles

Scandal will make a break extended due to the pregnancy of Kerry Washington. The episodes of season 6 will be only disseminated in 2017.

Your impatience during the hiatus of Scandal? Bad news: the wait may be even longer this year. Tuesday,ABC unveiled the grid by next fall when the traditional Upfronts. And surprise, season 6 of the series will be only launched in mid season, or in 2017. A change that is due to the pregnancy of the main interpreter, Kerry Washington. Rather than transforming Olivia Pope in expectant mothers, or to cover up the round belly of the actress,the writers have just decided to postpone filming. "We have made some adjustments for a variety of reasons related to the production sequence,"confirmed by Channing Dungey, the head of the cha? no.

It is dramatic fiction Notorious.This will be so the (temporary) end of TGIF (Thanks God it's Friday) who saw succeed on ABC three sets of showrunneuse Shonda Rhimes: Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. But the producer does not have to worry about, its hegemony remains intact. The Catch, the latest creation Shondaland was renewed and the series Still Star-Crossed, a suite of Romeo and Juliet will be launched in 2017.

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Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) back on TV: it's official!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 2:15:47 AM America/Los_Angeles

It is now more a rumor. Leighton Meester will be well back in a TV series next season. Fox has just officially to order the former Gossip Girl show.

While Blake Lively is expecting his second child, an another Gossip Girl returns it at work. Two months ago, it was announced that Leighton Meester joined the cast of Making History, a Fox comedy. But it was then that of a project. So the show turns into series, it was necessary that the cha? is satisfied by the filmed pilot episode. But the season's drivers can be cruel with many novelties on fire and finally little elected. Rumors had however this comedy as one of the favorites of the cha? no.

The rumors were right since Fox has officially ordered a first season of Making History, in which Leighton Meester holds one of the main role. This comedy follows three friends who travel at the time, their small jumps in periods key in the history to address some of their personal problems, but especially their complicating life.The actress is found in the skin of the plague Blair Waldorf will be so this time the heroine do a historical romantic comedy.

Making History is not the only series commissioned by Fox for the 2016-2017 season. You will also find TV reboots the weapon fatal and the Exorcist. Finally, the American will add to its schedule in September two other dramas, A.P.B. and Pitch, and a comedy, The Mick. APB will follow the story of a billionaire technology genius, played by Justin Kirk, who will take over a Chicago station in order to help the police combat crime thanks to the latest technologies. Pitch recounts the adventures of a young baseball player who became the most famous of the country person when she is recruited by a great team, making her the first woman to play in the Major League. When to The Mick, it is centered around Mickey, a woman from working-class leaking responsibilities but who ends up from one day to the next with custody of his three rich and unbearable nephews.

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Jessica Capshaw (Grey's Anatomy), MOM for the fourth time!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 7:34:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

The actress Jessica Capshaw, known for his role in the Arizona on Grey's Anatomy, gave birth to a baby girl.

Congratulations to Jessica Capshaw! The actress, who plays Arizona Robins in the series Grey's Anatomy, is mum for the fourth time. Jessica Capshaw gave birth to a baby girl, born on May 2 and pre-named Josephine. The actress posted a photo of his daughter on his behalf Instagram, presenting to the world her newborn.

-39 years, Jessica Capshaw had three children with her husband Christopher Gavigan. Their son Luke was born in September 2007, followed by two daughters, Eve in October 2010 and Poppy in June 2012. Josephine therefore complements this pretty siblings.

Jessica Capshaw married her husband on May 22, 2004. Born in Missouri, the actress is the daughter of actress and producer Kate Capshaw. She is the stepdaughter of Director Steven Spielberg, that his mother has married in 1991. Jessica Capshaw has appeared in several films including Valentine or Minority Report.

LLE was revealed to the public by the series Grey's Anatomy, which she joined the cast in 2009  in the role of the Arizona's companion for several seasons of Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez). by http://www.boxsetstore.com/grey-s-anatomy-season-11-dvd-boxset.html

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The Leftovers Season 3 review

Monday, May 9, 2016 8:04:09 AM America/Los_Angeles

Officially renewed for a third and final season, The Leftovers unveils cast for the end of his adventure.

End of shoot for The Leftovers on HBO. After only three seasons, the series created by Damon Lindelof, one of the producers of Lost, will go in television limbo.Faced with ridiculous hearings show his face hits that are Game of Thrones and Veep, took this decision there are already several weeks.

But as the season 2 big changes await fans since the scenario of season 3 is almost entirely held in Australia. Faced with this astonishing announcement - which is not really whether we have seen the latest episodes - we know the cast members who will return this winter in The Leftovers.

Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon will obviously returned, accompanied by Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston, Margaret Qualley, Chris Zylka, Janel Moloney and Liv Tyler, present in the series since its inception. The Murphy family, introduced in the second season, and composed of Kevin Carroll, Regina King, Jovan Adepo and Jasmin Savoy Brown, will also make the trip to Oceania. Finally, Scott Glenn, who plays the father of Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux), was promoted to regular.

However, if you wait for the return of Ann Dowd, who plays Patti Levin,it will not be regular, but according to TVLine, it is not impossible to see her occasionally.

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Discover Pearl Mackie, the new companion of Doctor Who!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 5:55:52 AM America/Los_Angeles

Since the announcement of the departure of Jenna Louise Coleman, aka Clara, the former companion of Doctor Who, fans waited anxiously to know who would become the doctor. The news has just dropped: it's Pearl Mackie, a British singer and actress.

There was Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, and finally Clara "Oswin" Oswald. Since returning to the small screen, Doctor Who has had almost as much as acolytes faces. But at the end of season 9, it left the TARDIS for good.

Fans of the series know: Doctor can not stay alone. It therefore needed a new partner or a new partner. And it is here that Pearl Mackie intervenes. After teasing hours on the official account of the series, the name of this young actress was unveiled through a first extract of the season 10 in which one discovers Peter Capaldi and his new ally fleeing the Daleks.

The girl is not very known to the public but it already has a good reputation in Britain. Actress passionate about theater, it has already made an appearance in another series of the BBC1: Doctors. She is also a singer.

However, to discover on the small screen, it will still be patient: the Doctor Who season 10 will not return to the small screen before spring 2017 ... By http://www.boxsetstore.com/doctor-who-seasons-1-7-dvd-box-set.html

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The Affair: will there be a season 3?

Friday, April 22, 2016 7:21:07 AM America/Los_Angeles

The second year of the adventures of the terrible lovers comes to an end on Canal +. But will there be a sequel to the series The Affair? Tele-Loisirs tells you everything.

Would this link be too dangerous? This Thursday, April 21, Canal + subscribers were able to watch the end of the second season of The Affair. No doubt this latest episode has shocked and upset more than one fan! Plots are finally solved but new uncertainties are appearing...  it development and an outcome during a third season?

That fans can rest assured, the proposed series across the Atlantic on the island chain Showtime cable has indeed been renewed for season 3!Thus, after it was discovered that Alison and Helen are both responsible for the death of Scotty in the car accident and Noah sacrificed himself for wearing the hat, how will unfold its life behind bars? How will the two women in his life living with their guilt? How will they help Noah out of prison?

Although filming has not yet begun, Joshua Jackson, the performer of Cole,explaining that "things should really get sorted"... We have to see this!

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Castle: Will Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) die?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 11:51:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

The announcement of the departure of Beckett, played by Stana Katic, raises many questions for the future of the Castle series and his character.

How can the series Castle survive without Kate Beckett? The American police series relies so much on this inseparable duo of writer Richard Castle and Kate Beckett investigator that is a serious issue.ABC, which broadcasts Castle since eight seasons already, confirmed the new: Stana Katic will not return in the series even though it was renewed for season 9. His departure coincides with that of another actress, Tamala Jones, who played Dr. Lanie Parish since season 1.

On social networks, fans of Castle let burst their anger and they already will over look the series without its heroine? For the moment, no details have filtered into the circumstances of the departure of the character of Kate Beckett, at the centre of the series since the very first episode. How will the young woman bid farewell to fiction? Will those be permanent and irrevocable? Could the writers kill Kate Beckett?

The death of a main character is a well-known trick writers to revive the dramatic issues of a series.. Kill a hero helps to develop strong plots for the protagonists always on track. This allows both to treat of the mourning and the future, to consider new tomorrows. Thus, in making die Beckett, Castle would be collapsed, destroyed. to load then the writers to imagine its reconstruction. With new intrigues and new characters.

This could therefore be a serious trail for the departure of Beckett. Especially the production of Castle has already mentioned the idea to revive the detective series with a spin-off. Why don't we just put an end to the series? After eight seasons, it would seem more reasonable.

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Castle: Stana Katic transferred from the series!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 11:43:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

If the American series was renewed for a season 9 of Castle, Stana Katic will not make part. Explanations.

Castle without Beckett? Fans will have to get used to this idea. According to information from the US site Deadline, only ABC would plan a ninth season of Castle, but without one of its two stars. Stana Katic, who plays Kate Beckett in the series, will not return for season 9 of the detective series. The actress Tamala Jones, who plays Dr. Lanie Parish, leave it as the series.

Contracts of the two stars players are maturing at the end of season 8, currently in release in the United States. Nathan Fillion would be in full negotiations to return in a season 9, shortened to only 13 episodes. The studio would have started discussions with Nathan Fillion several months ago, but have not approached Stana Katic to renew his contract. The actress, as well as Tamala Jones, allegedly informed a few days ago that they would not be part of season 9.

ABC has not ordered this possible season 9 of Castle, the series have still not been officially renewed, but well confirmed the departure of Stana Katic and Tamala Jones. "Kate Beckett was a character loved by our Castle series for the past eight years," We are grateful to Stana Katic for his talent and his involvement in the series, and we hope to continue working with it. Tamala Jones is an integral part of the series and we are grateful to have participated in Castle. "

Asked about his departure, Stana Katic would have replied to the Deadline site that she was "grateful to ABC offered him the opportunity to be part of this popular series". Tamala Jones is also, expressed in a statement: "I had a lot of fun to play the Lanie wonderful during those eight seasons. I am much regret the actors and crew. It has been a privilege to work with this team that works so hard. Thanks to ABC for this opportunity and the fans for their Alm.

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Changes in programming for Scorpion and Hawaii 5 - 0 (M6)

Monday, April 18, 2016 1:45:40 AM America/Los_Angeles

M6, which currently offers the season 2 of Scorpion every Thursday evening and the season 6 of Hawaii 5-0 on Saturday, announced changes in the programming of these two series.

For some time, the addicted seriephiles to Scorpion or Hawaii 5-0 are filled! Indeed, fans are at the venue each week on M6 to watch a new episode of both series. Thus, every Thursday evening, from 20 h 55 an adventure of the season 2 of Scorpion is proposed, while every Saturday evening at 20:55, an investigation of the season 6 of Hawaii 5-0 airs...

But this will change! Thus, concerning the joyful band of Scorpion, fans will now have the pleasure of seeing not one, but two unreleased episodes per night this Thursday, April 14. An announcement that should delight viewers. However, the show will not be published on Thursday, may 5. That evening, Scorpio will be replaced by the movie The Incredibles.

M6 will propose two unreleased episodes of Hawaii 5-0 also on Saturday, April 16, and no longer one. Fans of the series will therefore be entitled to two weekly episodes from Saturday, April 16.

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Netflix: dates for Marco Polo, Gilmore Girls and The Crown

Thursday, April 14, 2016 2:02:03 AM America/Los_Angeles

This year, Netflix puts the dishes in great for lovers of series with new series and upcoming exclusives.

It has not only Marseille that will be the buzz in the coming months on Netflix as video on demand subscription service will propose new seasons of several of his series, as well as several unreleased shows. And after a delay at start-up, the second season of Marco Polo will be broadcast July 1. 10 episodes are planned, always with Lorenzo Richelmy in the title role. A short teaser announces this burst of episodes long awaited by fans of the series that was initially launched in December 2014.

Marco Polo tells the adventures of the famous Explorer who must ally himself with the Mongols in order to serve its interests. Recall that a film around the character of Hundred Eyes had seen a few months ago to wait subscribers.

The other big piece coming this year is none other than the revival of Gilmore Girls! Planned in four episodes .the return to television of this legendary series created by the Team Palladino will be in the form of 90-minute telefilms. The entire or nearly original casting will include the two main performers, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. On the other hand,we also learned that Melissa McCarthy will also present, as Liza Weil and Matt Czuchry. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Elizabeth Blackmore (The Vampire Diaries) joined Supernatural for a recurring role

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 6:17:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

Actress Elizabeth Blackmore won a recurring role in Supernatural, but the production now wishes to keep secret about his character.

Viewers of The Vampire Diaries know Elizabeth Blackmore in the role of the Valerie, love heretic witch Stephan (Paul Wesley). But very soon, it's in another series of CW. The young woman will did its appearance in the series Supernatural very soon.

At present, we do not know much about his role, and the fact that it will be one of the recurring actresses of the season 12. It will play a certain Lady Toni Bevell, it character which comes from abroad, and which would have many things in common with Sam and Dean. Will it also be Hunter of monsters? It is a possibility.

Elizabeth Blackmore will make his appearance in the series beginning this spring, at the end of season 11,before returning in the coming year during season 12. It will therefore wait a little before more: production intends to keep secret about his role to the end.

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Game of Thrones: the season summary 5 to 7 minutes until the season 6

Monday, April 11, 2016 5:57:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

On April 24 Game of Thrones will return for its sixth season to the delight of the fans. While trailers and images emerged, OCS offers dive back into the universe and be updated with a summary of the season 5 in 7 minutes.

Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, Daenerys, Cersei and Jon Snow - perhaps, it is not known, but everyone hope - return very soon on HBO and OCS to compete once again on the lands of the Kingdom of the seven crowns. And to wait the fans until April 24 offers a summary of season 5 of Game of Thrones.

Seven minutes to update, relocate the story, recontextualize alliances and will resume again in full face - supposed - death of Jon Snow. Cersei seems, it lost all power in Port Real, while Ramsay Bolton involved in the conquest of the North, and Daenerys in the hands of a clan Dothraki after escaping death, saved by his dragon.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones arrives in a small fortnight and images revealed hitherto tells us through some dark times for heroes. To stick as much as possible to the US broadcast and prevent us from doing spoiler, OCS will offer episodes simultaneously, at 3am in the night from Sunday to Monday. The chain will then propose the next day at 8:55 p.m. on OCS City.

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Vampire Diaries/The Originals: the game of blood drinkers!

Thursday, April 7, 2016 11:05:26 PM America/Los_Angeles

Season 2 of The Originals starts this Sunday, April 3 at 20:50 on Club series. The opportunity to compare the series and one that gave him birth, Vampire Diaries.

Four years after launching Vampire Diaries, CW, mainly directed to teenage fiction, developed a spinoff, The Originals. It is centered on characters introduced from Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries, the family of the original vampires, who then gave birth to all other blood drinkers. during the broadcast of Season 2 of The Originals, from this Sunday, April 3 at 20:50 on Série Club, Télé-Loisirs offers a match between these two series.

When the public discovered the first season of Vampire Diaries, the series was clearly intended for an audience mostly teenager. The evidence, his heroes were still in high school! Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt and Tyler, before discovering a world dominated by the supernatural, were plagued by problems of high school students: the stirrings of love, the problems of BFF, courses and activities

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The Walking Dead: what to expect from the season 7

Thursday, April 7, 2016 12:53:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

The sixth season of The Walking Dead ended Sunday, April 3, on AMC. A season 7 is already in the cards. That we reserve the writers?

It's not really a secret, The Walking Dead will be entitled to a seventh season. The new round of episodes will be broadcast at the end of 2016 in the US, around October. The arrival of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) at the end of season 6 has obviously redistributed the cards and one of the main heroes of the series could disappear. The creator of the show, Robert Kirkman says the Hollywood Life website feel "super excited" by the series which is now "evolving so quickly."

In this seventh season, we should learn a little more about Negan and his group. In addition, new characters are expected to grow, as some survivors and of course Dr. Ezekiel, which is involved in the comics soon after the departure of Negan its crater. Finally, an important character should land: David (Jay Huguley). This dark individual will mark the season with a scene where he tries to violate Holly ... If you thought that Season 6 was at his best, the seventh lots of great surprises.

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The Blacklist: NBC is preparing a spin-off carried by Famke Jannsen

Thursday, March 31, 2016 12:26:01 AM America/Los_Angeles

NBC and Sony Pictures Television would develop a series derived from The Blacklist that would lead actress Famke Janssen (X - Men, Hemlock Grove, Murder).

And a project of spin-off more! This time, it's The Blacklist, fiction hit the island chain that American NBC also a hit internationally, and particularly in France on TF1, which could give rise to a derived series.

This potential spin off of The Blacklist would be worn by Famke Jannsen, seen particularly in the cinema in Taken and the X - Men saga and TV in the series Nip/Tuck, Hemlock Grove and Murder. According to Variety, the actress would play a certain Susan "Scottie" Halsted, which would actually be the mother of the husband to the troubled past of Lizzy, Tom Keen, portrayed by Ryan Eggold.

This new character played by Famke Jannsen will make his appearance in the last two episodes of season 3 of The Blacklist (programmed in the United States in May), James Spader, who plays the formidable Raymond "Red" Reddington, and Megan Boone, alias the roll forming of the FBI Elizabeth Keen called Lizzy. NBC to test this series without going through the box pilot project.

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The Walking Dead: the earliest images of Negan!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 8:16:19 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Walking Dead survivors are preparing to meet the terrible Negan. A meeting that will change them forever. The character portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan who appeared in the last episode of the season 6 is finally revealed in a trailer.

The season 6 of The Walking Dead looks terrifying for Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie and the rest of the survivors. They have never met a greater danger than the famous Negan, long-awaited by fans of the comic book. Portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the character is preparing to make a brutal appearance on April 3, in the final episode.

They offered a nice gift to fans two days before the episode 15 and penultimate of the season 6 aired by unveiling a video in which Negan unfolds. If you don't see his face, one discovers his fetish weapon: his baseball bat called Lucille.

In this short trailer, our heroes are the meeting of a group of saviours and are taken prisoner. The opportunity for them to meet the greatest enemy they have never experienced. "Hi, I'm Negan" presents itself simply, coldly. And all the readers of comic books know what awaits one of our heroes at the end of this fatal meeting.

For the moment,Rumours in the United States speak even a cliffhanger with a season 6 which concludes on the bat shot, without knowing the identity of the victim.

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Hawaii 5-0 (M6): a race in the mud!

Sunday, March 27, 2016 11:36:38 PM America/Los_Angeles

The new episode of Hawaii 5-0 series, broadcast this Saturday, March 26 on M6, staged the hero in a comic situation.

To solve the murder of a contractor who was about to testify in a trial in which he was involved, the team goes back the track of a biker gang. The fifth episode of season 6 of the series Hawaii 5-0, circulated this Saturday, March 26 on M6, opens with a quite impressive sequence, with murder and stunts on a motorcycle.

In this episode, Steve, Danny, Kono and Chin is are also participate in a race in the mud, in order to support a charitable organization. without taking part himself in the festivities, Danny complains and others endure the effort without saying anything.

Between these scenes of sport and the cascades, little credible but still impressive, action and comedy are the two axes of the series Hawaii 5-0 and its charm, even after six seasons. For his return to the tv on Saturday, March 12, season 6 series had attracted 2.3 million fans on M6. On Saturday, March 19, collecting 2.1 million viewers on average for two unreleased episodes of the evening.

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Gilmore Girls: an unexpected meeting in the suite on Netflix!

Friday, March 25, 2016 7:06:03 PM America/Los_Angeles

The highly anticipated sequel to the series Gilmore Girls will be the theatre of the reunion of all the elders but also Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman, who played his daughter in the series Parenthood!

One of the series of the year 2016 events will undoubtedly be the return of Gilmore Girls! Commissioned by Netflix! This four-part suite very expected and headed by Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, will allow fans to find almost all of the original cast, but it will not be the only meeting of this series! Indeed, an unexpected cameo is prepared in secret!

After stopping the cult series, Lauren Graham joined the distribution of the family show Parenthood. For six years, she crept into the skin of Sarah, the mother of Amber, played by Mae Whitman. And it is the latter, who has never hidden his affection towards Gilmore Girls, which will be a short passage in the revival! A glance friendly that will delight those nostalgic of the adventures of the Braverman.

The American site TV Line, which revealed this information, revealed no more details as to the visit surprised but says the time shared by Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman will be very fun. To recall, the action of the four new episodes will run eight after the end of Gilmore Girls, the time of each season (fall, winter, spring, summer).

When the young woman she will appear? We look forward to find out!

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The Big Bang Theory season 9: the actors in the series are they overpaid?

Thursday, March 24, 2016 1:23:25 AM America/Los_Angeles

Nine seasons later, the series The Big Bang Theory continues to beat across the planet and necessarily the salary of the major players has steadily increased up to insane amounts.

The series that transformed geeks cool guys that make us want to know more about the molecular structure and to understand quantum physics still prances level hearings in the United States. Airing on the island chain CBS, The Big Bang Theory met weekly over 15 million viewers.

And inevitably, the three leading actors of the series have seen their wages increase at the pace of hearings. Kaley Cuoco, who plays the neighbor Penny, Johnny Galecki who plays Leonard and Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon each earn one million dollars for each shot episode. The rest of the cast also benefits more than comfortable amounts but actress Mayim Bialik, who lends his face to the character of Amy looks a little more critical at this display of money.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Mayim Bialik, who earns 100,000 dollars per episode, Yes, ten times less than his colleagues said: "I do not touch as much money as people think. I don't really think the money. I am an employed actress and we're all overpaid. I'm lucky to have a job". At this pace, it can certainly also reach one million per episode for the twenty-seventh season in 2034. Fingers crossed.

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Vikings renewed for season 5, with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in the casting

Monday, March 21, 2016 8:38:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

Five episodes only after the launch of season 4,the chain will officially renew American History Vikings today. The series will be entitled to a season 5, 2017. We already know that it will run (as Season 4) on 20 episodes, probably divided into two parts.

On the other hand, Jonathan Rhys Meyers joined the cast. The excellent Irish actor of the Tudors or Match Point just sign for a role still unknown.

"Brilliant writing, the depth of historical research and authenticity brought to the screen by Michael Hirst (the creator), combined with the talent of our team did Vikings one of the most compelling historical dramas and the finest in television", welcomes the President of Jana Bennett, in a statement. "We are also pleased that Jonathan Rhys Myers settles as a member major family History, which will also be soon in our next reboot of the series Roots".

Production and filming the season 5 Vikings will begin this summer for a release in 2017 Atlantic. In France, the series is broadcast on Canal + and W9.

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Person of Interest: season 5 will be the last, finally unveiled date

Thursday, March 17, 2016 10:36:58 PM America/Los_Angeles

CBS confirms the cancellation of the series, after the final season 5, which will begin on may 3.

After months of speculation about the future of Person of Interest, CBS confirmed officially yesterday: the series will stop. As might be expected, Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams show will end after season 5, at the beginning of the summer.

"We are eternally grateful to our incredible cast and the entire team",. "And above all, we would like to thank the fans of the series - the best fans in the world. This small cyberpunk thriller did for you would not have been possible without your support. ' Person of Interest now comes at the end of his life and we hate to make you discover the last chapter ".

This final chapter is precisely a date. Finally, we know when to begin the season 5 of Person of Interest. CBS will offer the first episode on Tuesday, may 3, in the United States. Then, it will broadcast episode 2 a few days later, on Monday, May 9. Episode 3 will be offered the next day, Tuesday, may 10. Three episodes a week therefore, and the show will then be his rytthme of cruise, at the rate of one episode per week, every Tuesday evening, until June 21. It should be noted that this last season of Person of Interest has only 13 episodes. It will arrive in the months that come on TF1.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12: Stephanie on the start?

Thursday, March 17, 2016 6:51:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

Actress Jerrika Hinton is committed in another series. This is not a good sign.

Been some time now that Stephanie has a very secondary in Grey's Anatomy. The character is no interest outside.

A brand new series, produced by Shonda Rhimes and her Shondaland company. A comedy that takes place during a dinner wedding rehearsal, where the toasts made by family and friends are illustrated by flashbacks.

Hinton will play Page, the bride in this driver, currently in development for ABC, in which Tessa Ferrer, who played Dr. Leah Murphy in Grey's Anatomy will also find until the end of season 10.

Inevitably, the question arises: is this driver out for Xain Hinton? Is the future of Stephanie already written in Grey's Anatomy? To confirm that the beautiful internal ira at the end of the season 12. Firstly because the driver (written by Scott Foley and Greg Grunberg) is not all guaranteed to become a series. And if that were the case, Deadline ensures that Hinton could still play in Grey's Anatomy, by having a reduces in the future season 13 (after all happens with Shonda Rhimes and ABC family). Nevertheless, this announcement raises doubts and frankly suggests that Dr. Edwards has much time left before her, Grey Sloan Memorial.

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Pretty Little Liars, season 6: the dark and disturbing the final trailer

Sunday, March 13, 2016 8:18:46 PM America/Los_Angeles

A trailer that promises a huge revelation.

We finally going to find out who is the new villain who torments the girls since their return to Rosewood? The end of the season 6 of Pretty Little Liars arrives next week and judging by the trailer for this episode 20, put online by Freeform, it should offer a new sensational revelation (see below). Caution spoilers!

In an old motel in abandonment, Toby, Spencer, Ezra, Aria, Caleb and Mona will make an incredible discovery, as already unveil it these images. Perhaps the identity of sister hidden... At the same time, there is that Hanna and Caleb still have important things to say.

This will be in the final of the season 6 of Pretty Little Liars, Tuesday next on Freeform. In France, the series is broadcast on OCS Max.

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Once upon a time, season 5: rebel's return in the final

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 4:30:34 AM America/Los_Angeles

Amy Manson actress reveals that she will return in may in the series.

We saw more Merida in Once upon a time, since last November. But the rebel belle has not finished with the series. If it will be still absent, in the next few episodes, she will return for the last episode of season 5, announces actress Amy Manson at the D23.com site.

"I just learned that Mérida will be back in the final. Perhaps to plant the seeds of its history for the next season... "In any case, I will set? a in March."

In the meantime to find her, the season 5 of Once upon a time will resume Sunday night on ABC. In France, the series is broadcast on M6.

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Grey's Anatomy, season 12: what will become of Jackson

Monday, February 29, 2016 11:19:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

Sarah Drew confides on the huge revelation of the last episode and its consequences.

We know now where in Jackson and April, in season 12 of Grey's Anatomy. Their situation is quite clear, but a new revelation could all upset, yet. Caution spoilers!

Indeed, the pretty redhead has learned that she was pregnant, just before signing the divorce papers! Hard. It is therefore found in a very complicated personal situation, but will not let down,announces already the actress Sarah Drew in EW. "It is more resistant that it has ever been. This baby is really something that allows him to hold. It is full of gratitude. She kisses this baby as a great gift in the middle of this pain. You will not see the collapse. She goes to work, she pulls out, will make impressive surgery. She will do everything to stay solid. It is strong. She is really strong!"

Despite everything, Jackson (Jesse Williams) is not far away and it is still unclear that he will have another child. Then how to advertise? "This is something we will discuss in the next few episodes," The end is not a conclusion, this is the beginning of a much larger story. All will be bound to this baby. How to say it to Jackson? And will simply tell him?"

It will be to see next Thursday, in the rest of the season 12 of Grey's Anatomy on ABC. The series aired in France on TF1.

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Xena: the new series will be a reboot quite different from the original

Thursday, February 25, 2016 4:04:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

Writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach has unveiled its plan to revive Xena Warrior Princess.

Former author of Lost, Javier Grillo-Marxuach has bread on the Board to Xena Warrior Princess, in a reboot of the cult series, broadcast between 1995 and 2001. While the pilot was commissioned by NBC, this is what we are moving:

Two new actresses

"Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor will not return to play Xena and Gabrielle", first established producer and screenwriter, during a session of questions and answers, on the Guizmodo site. "Many people are not happy and might have preferred a revival as X-Files, with the original cast. But it was preferred to do a reboot total. Why? For me, it's the best way? there to pay tribute to the original. "I want that Xena remains not cultural property after my departure from the entertainment industry".

A "serialized" and less "episodic" history

During his 6 seasons, Xena essentially proposed episodes unique, independent from each other and no real Central frame." We start to do something different, more serialized that what has been done. If the characters will generally occupy the same thematic spaces as in the original, their personal stories will be different in this new version and their attitudes will be changed."

Modernized costumes

Another significant change, the famous costumes of Xena and Gabrielle must be widely reviewed, to stick to a more modern vision of the Warrior: "a large part of the attraction of the show resided in this luscious aesthetic, as belly bare of Gabrielle or miniskirt leather Xena. But it is difficult for me, to accept the idea of a Xena who can meet all its challenges scantily. I'll have to compromise while remaining true to the characters."

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24: Legacy cast his new Jack Bauer's wife

Thursday, February 18, 2016 11:50:02 PM America/Los_Angeles

Actress Anna Diop will play the wife of the new hero of the franchise, portrayed by Corey Hawkins.

The cast of 24: Legacy, spin off new 24 hours chrono, continues to take shape. Site Deadline announced indeed that the actress Anna Diop joined the cast of the series of the Fox where she will play Nicole Carter, the wife of the new hero of the series Eric Carter. The announced as of equal importance to that was Teri, Jack Bauer's wife, in the first season of 24 hours chrono.

Senegalese, Anna Diop recently appeared in the series The Messengers, where she played Rose Arvale. In recent weeks, also could be seen in Quantico, where she appeared a few episodes time.

Anna Diop joined the cast Corey Hawkins, the star of Straight Outta Compton also's return in season 6 of The Walking Dead, which took over last weekend, face of the 24 franchise. Miranda Otto, as a result of its arc in season 5 of Homeland, will play the other main female from 24: Legacy, the patron saint of the anti-terrorist cell Rebecca Ingram.

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9 review

Thursday, February 18, 2016 12:17:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

Criticism of episode 9 of season 6 of the series The Walking Dead, "No Way Out". Beware of spoilers.

It's time to recovery for season 6 of The Walking Dead, which is a bit to forget for ten weeks while the last episode ended in a cliffhanger stifling potential ... Reserving its forces for that would follow. Review (beware of spoilers).

At last, the survivors of Alexandria were very awkward position. While panic had taken over in the community under siege by a horde of walkers, Denise was kidnapped by the leader of the Wolves. Bitten and infected, Deanna bided his time, Maggie was trapped in a tower and Rick and his walking among the dead, in fear ... A beautiful mess who kept the shadows: the series everything to save his effects. The title of the episode ( "No Way Out" dead end) is not there to lie to us. "This is the craziest episode ever seen" suggested Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, last November.

Tape to the eye and the swagger, a five-minute prologue serves as appetizer to the second half of the season. The series has decided to accelerate the inclusion of certain intrigues relative to comics. And this is where the saviors that will not soon become the main concern of our heroes (the fans of the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard well know). The presentations are short, punchy, exhilarating. Fans can be reassured, the Negan terrible happens ...

Orchestrated by Greg Nicotero, always at ease when it comes to directing scenes full of zombies? No Way Out? (Which picks up exactly where the series left off this winter) The promo of The Walking Dead promises a second half of the season without concessions. And in view of the first elements, one would be tempted to believe production.

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Gotham season 2: return of a character believed dead

Monday, February 1, 2016 8:48:07 PM America/Los_Angeles

Fans of the series Gotham will be pleased and surprised to see return a character left for dead in season 1 (spoiler).

While the series Gotham arrives in France on TMC February 3, season 2 continues, she, in the USA. Today, the site TV Line announces the return of... Jada Pinkett Smith to resume the Fish Mooney time of an arc of several episodes!

An announcement confirmed by Fox. Of course, the return of a character pushed into the vacuum by Oswald Cobblepot said the Penguin (Robin Taylor) in the last episode of season 1 and left for dead since then, remain for the secret moment.

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Arrow star guest in Legends of Tomorrow. Beware, there is a trap!

Sunday, January 31, 2016 11:26:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

Stephen Amell Oliver Queen interpreter in the Arrow series will appear in the series Legends of Tomorrow (the spin-off of arrow of The Flash).

While the series derived from Arrow and The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow had already transported its action in the 1970s, an upcoming episode (6) should still travel in time and happen in the future. According to the Entertainment Weekly website, on this occasion Oliver Queen aka Arrow (Stephen Amell) therefore made an appearance.

Caution (spoilers), this participation of the vigilante hidden Sterling city adventure Legends of Tomorrow should be impressive, since this episode 6 will take place in 204: a time when Oliver Queen lost his left arm and will sport a small goatee...

Indeed, the episode will be largely based on the Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller at least the version of Frank Miller's Green Arrow (seen mainly from volume 4 graphic saga).

In this special episode the son of Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke from the mythology of the comics).

Marc Guggenheim Executive to explain producer. "We introduce not only our version of Connor Hawke in our universe, we will also introduce the version 2046 of Oliver Queen, and Stephen Amell will resume." As an added bonus for comic-book fans, Oliver will have lost his left arm and will be wearing a goatee: to the appearance of the character in comics Dark Knight Returns. "

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The Walking Dead, Season 6: a new video of the recovery

Thursday, January 28, 2016 12:35:46 AM America/Los_Angeles

Discover a new promo excerpt from episode 9, Daryl, and Sasha Abraham.

Just after the mid-season finale, The Walking Dead unveiled a prologue to the second part of the season 6 showing Daryl, Sasha and Abraham stopped by a gang of bikers, Bossant for Negan. Now after this stage we discover with a new little promo video, uploaded by AMC (below). Warning spoilers!

In this excerpt, we feel that the tension escalates between the two groups. Daryl surrenders and Sasha could open his mouth too much, once again. Then the men of Negan will they open fire?

It will be seen for the resumption of season 6 of The Walking Dead, February 14, on AMC, and the next day in France on OCS.

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Doctor Who: who is Chris Chibnall, the new showrunner?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 9:49:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

Steven Moffat will hand over to another English screenwriter booming: the creator of Broadchurch.

"The season 11, Chris Chibnall will become the new Doctor Who showrunner." Steven Moffat has announced the name of his successor this weekend, through a press release. A choice in the continuity, both 43 years old writer has a quarry near the legendary ma? tre of the time.

Former member of the great circle of fans, the Doctor Who Appreciation Society,in 1986 in a debate on the BBC, referring to the decline in quality of the show at this time:

After its weapons in the theater world, Chibnall is made then a name in the middle of British TV, in 2006, by writing a few episodes of Torchwood, a spin-off of Doctor Who. Then, between 2007 and 2012, he will sign 6 episodes of the original series, commanded by Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat. Then necessarily, become the boss of the show, today, it is a logical and a dedication: "for me, it is a privilege and a joy (...) I love Doctor Who since the age of 4 years, and I already relish the idea of working with the team and to create new characters, new creatures and new worlds to explore", says - it via the BBC. "Steven Moffat has been a dazzling showrunner and daring, and from what I know, he will finish with a season 10 resounding." This will clearly make my mission even harder behind".

But the career of Chris Chibnall is not limited to the doctor. In 2009, he launched the series in London, judicial police, spin-off English Law & Order, which he was the showrunner for one year. In 2011, its only real failure, trying the American adventure, with the series Camelot (with Eva Green),which will be cancelled at the end of a short season only.in 2013, it breaks the hut with his latest creation, Broadchurch, critically acclaimed criminal series and which will have same right to an American remake. The season 3 finale of Broadchurch turn in the coming weeks. Then, Chris Chibnall will go towards new horizons, those of Doctor Who.

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Grey's Anatomy: all the times where Meredith is (almost) dead in the series

Monday, January 25, 2016 1:53:08 AM America/Los_Angeles

It is a real miracle. In 12 seasons, Meredith Grey went so many times on the brink of the cemetery...

Once again, it will certainly get out! For the resumption of the season 12 of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is going to get brutally attacked by a patient. And as unveiled it this week the trailer for episode 9, it will be between life and death. Yet.

Luckily, nothing serious. For her, it became downright a little habit. it is even almost banal. Every two years it passes on the brink of the grave, then rises and starts again, as if nothing had happened. In total, the surgeon has escaped a half-dozen critical situations. Here's a little reminder in pictures with this uplifting video:

Everything began in 2006. A young nurse (Christina Ricci) back to Seattle Grace a bomb, hidden in a patient's body. Quickly, Meredith volunteered to go to the front and put his life in (normal) game, keeping his finger on the button. After a few large cold sweats and a sudden explosion (which will still cause the death of Nice Minesweeper, Kyle Chandler), she will get by with a few scratches and a bad memory.

Death did not want her on this one, then the following year, in the midst of the season 3, Meredith squarely going looking for it. Caring for victims by hundreds, after a Ferry accident, she falls into the ocean by accident... and then decided to let flow. This is Derek (Patrick Dempsey) who released the water, but a little late. Because the soul of Meredith had time to leave his body. It will float between life and death for two episodes. His death even failed to be legally delivered and it took the denial of Cristina (Sandra Oh) so that the Grey's Anatomy eventually back to life. It has never been as close to the cemetery.

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HBO goes to porn and command The Deuce, with James Franco

Thursday, January 21, 2016 9:24:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

The creator of The Wire prepares a new series that will tell the X industry in the New York of the 1970s.

After The Wire and, more recently, Show Me a Hero, the collaboration between HBO and screenwriter David Simon continues. His latest creation, The Deuce, comes to be officially commissioned by premium American.

She recounts the rise of the X industry, in New York and particularly of Times Square in the 1970s, then as the Supreme Court of the United States has just legalized pornography. It will particularly follow the career of two twin brothers, porn stars of the time...

The Deuce, inspired by a Stephen King novel, will have a cast of choice, taken by James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal. It is not yet known when it will be broadcast, or how many episodes it will be counted.

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Castle, season 8: a special return for Valentine

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 6:09:48 PM America/Los_Angeles

Note: there are some changes in the schedule of the season 8.

Originally, the season 8 of Castle was to resume on Monday, February 1. But to make room for the Bachelor, the ABC decided to move the return of Castle for a week. Episode 9, "Death Tone", will be thus postponed to Monday, February 8.

To compensate, ABC has booked a surprise to fans of the show: Rick and Beckett will be entitled to an exceptional, since Valentine evening on Sunday, February 14, the American broadcast episode 10, "Witness for the Prosecution" (which takes the series to the tribunal for the first time). Then, the next day, Monday, February 15, it will propose the episode 11, "Dead Red". Three unpublished in 8 days, before a return to normal.

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Teen Wolf season 5: the cast for an episode in France

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 12:56:30 AM America/Los_Angeles

Gilles Marini actor joined the cast of the series the time of an episode, which will be held in France.

According to TV Line, actor Gilles Marini will attend the February 23 episode next in series Teen Wolf.

This episode of season 5 will be a specific episode, since it will be a long flashbackqui happen also largely in France, in the 18th century.
Actor seen in US as Devious Maids series, Modern Family or Switched (Switched at Birth) will play here Sebastian, a soldier fran? ais who goes home, in the countryside of Gévaudan, in prey at this time, the legends surrounding the famous beast.

Also in the cast of this episode Flashback, the young and the restless actor: Lachlan Buchanan.

In France, the Teen Wolf series is aired on MTV.

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Castle: a spin-off to continue the series?

Thursday, January 14, 2016 12:54:40 AM America/Los_Angeles

The series Castle, whose future seems seriously compromised after season 8, currently broadcast in the United States could find a second life thanks to a spinoff.

Can Castle really continue without his two heroes, Kate Beckett and Richard Castle? The two actors Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion were slow before agreeing to sign for an eighth season of the police series, currently broadcast in the United States on the cha? not ABC. The season 7 well finished has to be the last Castle, which has finally been renewed. But once again, the future of the series is strongly questioned.

If Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion decided to stop Castle at the end of season 8, the series could find another way to continue? This is what seems to believe Paul Lee, the president of ABC Entertainment. Whether he hope the series continues, with its two stars, he already explores possibilities to offer a second life to Castle.

"We would like to continue Castle for many years, said Paul Lee before the television critics association. We discuss to see how. I don't want to reveal too much, but there are many good ideas. I am optimistic." Hard to imagine how Castle could survive without his two heroes (unless maybe one of them decides to continue without the other), but Paul Lee seems convinced that the series still has a future.

Castle is not the only series that it hopes to see continue. The president of ABC Entertainment is also shown positive renewal of Nashville, which is in its fourth season this year, or the new entrant Quantico.

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How I Met Your Mother: that became actors?

Monday, January 4, 2016 4:11:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

More than a year after the stop of the series, we offer a slideshow to find out what have become the actors of the cult series!

While some hard-core fans still do not have recover from the judgment of How I Met Your Mother, the actors in the series, them, had struggled to negotiate the rest of their career. After nine long seasons, far from being all at the same level, the actors were both their characters and the audience was so attached that it was difficult for them to continue their beautiful momentum. However, some are managed. The delightful Robin Scherbatsky, portrayed by Cobie Smulders, Captain America, Avengers, Jack Reacher, she became a spokesmodel for American action films. That shared the heart of Ted with Robin, the mother of his children, the enigmatic woman in a yellow umbrella, is now in the second season of Fargo on Netflix.

The range of those who are not too successful after-How I Met, is Ted, who has done virtually nothing since. Jason Segel can boast of having played in Sextape with Cameron Diaz, otherwise... not much to his credit! And finally, the cult Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) played in a few movies, this of the Oscars, attempted to launch a talk show. In vain. Check out the slide show that is has concocted what have become actors! How I Met will be re-broadcast from this Sunday, January 3 at 17:30 on D17.

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Pretty Little Liars, that's it: the series will stop at the end of season 7

Thursday, December 24, 2015 1:51:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

It's official, the Pretty Little Liars series will end after the release of his season 7 as recently affirmed its creator Marlene King to Variety.

Clap end for the series to surprise success and maddening virality on social networks, Pretty Little Liars will bid farewell to his fans at the end of the season 7. One more season and then girls, who today grown up, leave for new adventures (or maybe at the cinema in the film Pretty Little Liars?!).

Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Alison (Sasha Pieterse), the group of friends which is found after a jump of five years in time for the second part of season 6 (aired from January 12, 2016 on ABC Family channel) rempilera for one and the ultimate new season 7. It must be said that since 2010 and already six and a half seasons, the eventful life of this group Young women Rosewood has been widely covered. And the temporal ellipse scheduled for early this year suggests that the writers went after the original story.

In a recent interview with the Variety website, Marlene King the creator of Pretty Little Liars confirmed the news: "I think history will end next year at the end of Season 7". The journalist then asks confirmation: "So you definitely want to finish the series at the end of Season 7 and not go beyond?", To which the designer replied: "Exactly." Things are clear, the series does not go beyond 7 seasons. Disappointed us?

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When The Walking Dead surf madness Star Wars on Twitter

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 2:02:40 AM America/Los_Angeles

The official Twitter account of the series The Walking Dead asked the fans of the series to imagine what would a mix between the series and Star Wars. Malin!

While the Star Wars mania is in full swing on social networks with the release of the film Star Wars 7 (new opus of the J.J. Abrams signed saga), the official Twitter account of the television series The Walking Dead decided to surf on the phenomenon by asking fans to imagine a mix between the two franchises. Don't need no more to awaken the creativity of the twittos.

When one of the most successful TV meets a cinema cult saga, that could inspire and awaken the force among the fans. Many fixtures photos and messages have been posted, missing references or humor. So many games of words appeared: "ZomBB-8", "Kylo Glenn,"Help me Michonni-Wan, you're my only hope"!

The account Twitter of The Walking Dead also played the game, imagining posters with Daryl (Norman Reedus) in Han Solo, Michonne (Danai Gurira) in Kylo Renn or Glenn (Steven Yeun) in Jedi. Nice!

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Pretty Little Liars: a displays dark and sexy for the season 6

Saturday, December 19, 2015 12:50:57 AM America/Los_Angeles

After the major revelations of the beginning of the season, Pretty Little Liars is ready to begin a new era, and here's the first poster!

January 12, Pretty Little Liars will be back on ABC Family for the second part of the sixth season. New twists-rich episodes that have already been somewhat teases by actresses and the creative teams. But today, a poster just sow doubt among fans of the series.

The five daughters of Pretty Little Liars know well in funerals, it should still acknowledge? tre selected clothes are far from being anecdotal. Combining sexy and chic, the hero outfits? However see the main object of the poster: the coffin!

So which is just inside? The craziest theories are discussed on the net, but we have our small idea: and if it was just Ms. d? Is not conna?  indeed not the identity of his assassin, so new soup? ons come taint the five main characters... and much more!

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Homeland and The Affair renewed by Showtime

Monday, December 14, 2015 6:57:58 PM America/Los_Angeles

The American Showtime channel announced December 9, the renewal of two series Homeland and The Affair.

This is not a surprise but it is news that will delight fans. American Showtime has renewed Homeland for a sixth season. The series is currently being broadcast in the United States and it remains only two episodes before the end of season 5. Nothing goes to Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) so that a terrorist group is preparing to sow terror in the German capital. A cliffhangher is to be expected, but the sixth season of the show should be launched in the autumn.

The other good news concerning The Affair. After a nice success of hearing for the second season, the series has been renewed for season 3. The adulterous relationship between Alison (Ruth Wilson) and Noah (Dominic West) is not ready to stop, even if it becomes more and more complicated. The season 3 of The Affair should also be launched in the autumn.

The Homeland series brings averaged 2.5 million viewers per episode, while The Affair attracts around 1.5 million faithful at each broadcast.

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Mentalist: this time, he must tell him goodbye!

Friday, December 11, 2015 3:25:30 AM America/Los_Angeles

After 151 episodes, Mentalist bowed definitively this Tuesday, November 24 from 20:55 on TF1. To the dismay of fans of Simon Baker. If it goes much missed, what of TF1 who, with him, ensured huge audiences.without true successors.

Get out your handkerchiefs! This Tuesday, November 24 on TF1, it'll say goodbye to Mentalist, after seven seasons of good and loyal service. The beautiful hangover Angel Simon Baker aka Patrick Jane will be distraught the ratings from its first appearance on TF1, on January 6, 2010. Imagine: 9.7 million people were at the outset fallen addicted to its investigations. He pursues John the red, the serial killer responsible for the death of the wife and the daughter of Jane, or not, its success has never denied since.

The evidence: when he finally stopped his chasing the killer sneaky and particularly well introduced in the California police at the beginning of the season 6, the public continued to respond now. By mass, even! And when the started the season 7, 7.7 million fans still showed their unwavering support. An exceptional score that few programs, apart from sport, manage to achieve.

Mentalist combines police investigations square with plenty of humor, lightness and seduction, finds no ill Sophie Leveaux, Director of acquisitions of TF1.

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Easter Egg: What has the number 1701 in "The Big Bang Theory" really mean?

Friday, October 16, 2015 8:14:30 AM America/Los_Angeles

The makers of "the big bang theory" hide small allusions or cross references (so-called Easter eggs), then sooner or later be discovered by very attentive fans of the series in their series. Only last week we have to tell you, what's behind the apartment number of Amy (Mayim Bialik) is (the answer there here). And apparently the makers of the series a soft spot for iconic front door numbers, because in an another Easter egg (by, WhatCulture.com) a house number plays an important role again.

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Denzel Washington should happen to "Grey's Anatomy"--as a Director!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 7:27:34 AM America/Los_Angeles

Denzel Washington's participation in the hit series "Grey's Anatomy" is of another nature. He will stage an episode of the new season.

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Fear the Walking Dead set a record of hearing

Monday, October 12, 2015 6:43:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

The spin-off series of The Walking Dead has reached a turnover record audience for a first season broadcast on a cable television channel, in this case, AMC.

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Star Wars Rebels season 2: a new ambitious trailer

Saturday, October 10, 2015 6:30:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

Series Star Wars Rebels returns October 14 on Disney XD and a few days of its launch, if offers a new trailer for season 2.

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Vampire diaries:all that will change in the season 7

Friday, October 9, 2015 6:37:50 AM America/Los_Angeles

The seventh season of the vampire drama of The CW begins this Thursday, October 7 at the United States. An update for you on what you should know about this new burst of episodes, which clearly marks a revival for the series.

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After we already curious about "American Horror Story: Hotel" the first images and clips have made the tension with the release of disturbing leader rises again at.

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Girls: season 6 could be the last according to Lena Dunham

Friday, October 2, 2015 1:03:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

While season 5 of "Girls" will begin on HBO and OCS in January 2016, Lena Dunham currently is working on the writing of the 6, and announced that it might be the last of the series.

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Flash offers a poster, a teaser and a newcomer for the season 2

Thursday, October 1, 2015 1:07:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

A few days of his return on small screen 'Flash' is the second (or even third) and offers us today a poster, a teaser which reveals the nasty big Zoom, and a new actress in the cast

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"Fear the walking dead: flight 462 ': new details about the Web series with zombies on a plane

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 12:11:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

With the 16-part web series "Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462" lead the makers a new figure for the 2nd season of "Fear The Walking Dead". The one-minute episodes are both online and also run during the commercial breaks of the parent series.

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The Simpsons: Mr. Smithers out in the coming season

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 5:47:01 AM America/Los_Angeles

What has long been an open secret, is in the current 27th season of "The Simpsons" finally revealed for all. Mr. Smithers, the assistant of Mr. Burns, will come out as gay.

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Agents of SHIELD: what reserve the season 3?

Sunday, September 27, 2015 11:41:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

Expected for September 29 in the United States, season 3 agents of SHIELD, the series derived from the Marvel films, is one of the biggest expectations of school. Ming-Na Wen, alias agent May, tells us more about what to expect!

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"Heroes": rise and fall of a cult series

Friday, September 25, 2015 12:57:09 AM America/Los_Angeles

While the sequel to "Heroes", "Heroes Reborn" arrives in the US, dive into the world of the cult series through a retrospective of his singular career on television. The great love to hate...

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Mila Kunis and Rob Zombie at the controls of a horror series

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 11:00:29 PM America/Los_Angeles

The actress Mila Kunis and director Rob Zombie join forces to initiate a horror series titled Trapped.

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Downton Abbey: The home of Violet Crawley... sold 6 million pounds!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 7:59:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

While the sixth and final season has just started on ITV, a British became the happy recipient of the property of Maggie Smith in the show! For the sum of £ 6 million... You need it to live life in a castle!

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MIPCOM: the new series of Damian Lewis and adaptation of Sodergergh film in preview

Monday, September 21, 2015 8:31:06 PM America/Los_Angeles

X Files will not be the only projected series this year to the international market for audiovisual content. Will be unveiled several series, including trillion, The Girlfriend Experience, The Frankenstein Chronicles, The Art of More and The Last Panthers.

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New Girl: Megan Fox takes the place of Zooey Deschanel

Sunday, September 20, 2015 10:32:44 PM America/Los_Angeles

Megan Fox squats New Girl... in the absence of Zooey Deschanel. It will take its place (finally his room) a few episodes time.

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"The mist": Stephen Kings horror story "The fog" is about the TV series

Friday, September 18, 2015 12:24:32 AM America/Los_Angeles

The dome will disappear and makes air for fog. Although Stephen Kings "Under the Dome" was cancelled after three seasons, but now comes a more narrative of the horror King on the home screens with "The fog"

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An Arrow actor stopped by the police!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 10:12:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

Manu Bennett, who plays Slade Wilson / Deathstroke in the Arrow range (TF1) assaulted the employee?.

In the Arrow superhero series, broadcast on TF1, actor Manu Bennett is not a softy in the Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, the villain of service. Reality has joined the fiction.

While he was about to go to the Comic Can in Alamo City, Texas, muscular Manu Bennett, age 45, was arrested by San Antonio police on Sunday, September 13 in the morning. The reason? The New Zealand actor of the trilogy the Hobbit (he played Azog the ORC leader) had assaulted just before, an employee of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in which the actor was staying. According the witnesses from the scene, Manu Bennett would have dealt a violent punch on the face of the employee.

In custody the morning of Sunday, Manu Bennett was finally acquitted by a judge, with a deposit of $ 1600. The actor did wish to make no comment on the incident since his release.

Manu Bennett is no stranger.He had appeared as a gladiator in the Spartacus series and expected him soon in the action series The Shannara Chronicles on MTV. The New Zealand clearly loves physical. It is advised to join the rugby team the all blacks to the World Cup which starts this Friday.should calm her down! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Walking Dead (S01E03) fear: when will be released episode 3?

Monday, September 14, 2015 10:52:33 PM America/Los_Angeles

Frantically, you have sought summaries of episode 3 of The Walking Dead, dissected the grid of Canal + Series programs but not... no trace of the spin-off of The Walking Dead last week. It explains everything.

Every Sunday from 23 august, AMC and Canal + Series aired on their Fear The Walking Dead antenna, spin-off of the phenomenon The Walking Dead series. The first episode has exploded the cha audience records? do American and the second is maintained at a very good level. And the third then?

Subscribe to the small sister seriphile, Canal +, you have been caught cold sweats: the third episode of Fear the Walking Dead has not been released last week, Sunday 6 September! The series would be cancelled without warn you? Don't worry, everything is normal.

On Monday, September 7, our friends the Americans were celebrating Labor Day (their feast of work in short), and had a three day weekend. For this reason, they are generally limited to television and the show chilly chopping their large calibres. For do not spoil the beautiful potential audience of the third episode of the Walking Dead, AMC Fear therefore preferred to postpone its broadcast last night, Sunday, September 13. Canal + Series is forced to follow.

Entitled The Dog, episode 3 of Fear The Walking Dead has therefore proposed simultaneously with the United States on Sunday, September 13, then will be offered at a more reasonable time, 9: 35 pm, Tuesday September 15. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Vampire Diaries: an explosive promo for season 7

Sunday, September 13, 2015 9:12:19 PM America/Los_Angeles

Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries will be back in a few weeks in the United States. Fans were so waiting for this trailer with impatience... And they are not going to disappoint us!

Despite the departure of Nina Dobrev, the interpreter of Elena in the first 6 seasons of The Vampire Diaries, the series continues and is actively preparing its back for season 7. Back on October 8 in the United States on the CW.Of least, from what suggests the trailer that has just been unveiled!

In this video, we find all the main characters, Elena except. They are going to have to deal with a new scourge: heretics. Wizards vampires, imprisoned for years during a parallel dimension with the mother of Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Their face is unveiled for the first time in this trailer, and we can predict that they are planning to bag the small town of Mystic Falls.

Certainly, life may not be easy for its inhabitants, and especially for our heroes, who are recovering from the disappearance of Elena, in the final of the season 6. How is Damon going to live the disappearance of the woman he loves? Will Stefan and Caroline finally be able to live a love story? How are they going to send to get rid of the heretics before they put the city to fire and blood?

Go October 8 to discover the first episode of season 7 of The Vampire Diaries on US screens. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones is hiring the actor Richard E. Grant for the season 6

Friday, September 11, 2015 10:25:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

Game of Thrones continues to expand her casting for its sixth season. This time, it's the actor Richard E. Grant who enters the lighthouse of HBO series.

While filming the sixth season is in full swing everywhere in Europe, Game of Thrones continued to recruit new players. So we learn the arrival of Richard E. Grant in the skin of a whole new character, as stated by the internet site of his agent. HBO has not yet confirmed the information and knows nothing about the personality of this newcomer to Westeros.

Revealed in 1987 by the film Withnail and I, this actor turned to the cinema (The Player, Dracula), fans of the televisions. Fans of the series Downton Abbey will recognize as Simon Bricker, invited by the Crawley and courtier Lady Cora in season 5.

Season 6 will therefore offer a lot of new guys to cut with also the arrival of Freddie Stroma, star of the Unreal series, in the role of brother of Sam Tarly, good buddy John Snow, and Pilou who Asb?k embody Euron Greyjoy, Member of the terrible line of the Iron Islands.

If you're a hardcore Game of Thrones, we remind you that its currently being held in Paris the exhibition devoted to the series. And even if all the places are reserved for the ordinary people. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Grey's Anatomy: the Ellen Pompeo rant against fans

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 4:13:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

The actress wants to many fans of the series, for which Grey's Anatomy can continue without a certain character... Warning, spoilers!

The end of the season 11 of Grey's Anatomy, broadcast in the spring in the United States but unprecedented in France, has changed the situation for the medical series. Attention, the rest of this article contains a spoiler for those who would not even be aware of this change in the series.

Whether they want it or not, fans of Grey's Anatomy will now have to do without the doctor Mamour (Patrick Dempsey). But most of Grey's Anatomy fans continue to lament the departure of the actor and the character. They were even more than 108,000 fans to sign a petition calling for the return of Patrick Dempsey.

This support annoys actress Ellen Pompeo, visibly injured that fans could not imagine Grey's Anatomy without doctor Mamour. And Meredith Grey then? The series does him should it not its title. "Let's be honest a second and say that it is really difficult for my ego, admitted Ellen Pompeo at the American magazine Entertainment Weekly.?" a will! Everyone has ego! It sounds like Teresa Keating is the star of Murder, Olivia Pope Scandal, but that somehow Meredith Grey needs someone. Why I would not be the star of the series in the same way that Annalise or Olivia?" And add: "Why can I not be alone on the posters?", in reference to the posters of Grey's Anatomy that show Ellen Pompeo and, in the background, Patrick Dempsey. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Hawaii 5-0: first surprising trailer for season 6

Sunday, September 6, 2015 10:09:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

The season 6 of Hawaii 5 - 0 unfolds in a surprising trailer, with pirates, a wedding and a statement. Warning, spoilers!

Shortly after the release of the end of season 5 of Hawaii 5-0, in June, on M6, we already know a bit more about what awaits the heroes for the academic year. The sixth season of Hawaii 5 - 0 start in the United States on Friday, September 25 and CBS unveiled the first images on the American site TV Line.

According to Peter Lenkov, the showrunner of the series, this plot is freely adapted from the legend that pirates attacked Hawaii in the 1880s. Season 6 will therefore open with a flashback, as shown in this video.

But that is not all: these first images say more on what awaits the heroes of Hawaii 5-0.Marriage of Kono and Adam, left pending at the end of season 5, will obviously take place. And the Hawaii 5-0 team might well have another union to celebrate since Steve (Alex O'Loughlin) says to Danny his intention to ask Catherine to marry!

Not so fast! The latest developments, in particular the arrival of a new actress who will play Steve's girlfriend, suggest that the road will not be paved with roses for Steve and Catherine. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Desperate Housewives: Eva Longoria's back to Wisteria Lane!

Saturday, September 5, 2015 11:11:58 PM America/Los_Angeles

The actress turns his new series, Hot and Bothered, the same place where she experience during the eight seasons of Desperate Housewives.

Eva Longoria, return to Wisteria Lane? The actress has indeed found the beautiful home of Carlos and Gaby Solis. However, Eva Longoria is there to shoot a new season of Desperate Housewives, but to his all-new series. The actress is currently shooting Hot and Bothered, a novelty for the American NBC. And she is delighted to have found for the occasion her former home of Wisteria Lane, as shown in this picture:

"New job, same street!", exclaims Eva Longoria. After eight seasons to play Gabrielle Solis, the actress will be hero? soon coming on NBC and which will explore the scenes of a telenovela. "A comedy about the drama behind the drama," promises.The character of Eva Longoria will be that of an actress, Ana Sofia, star of telenovela, who does not speak a word of Spanish. The actress and its partners fight to be at the centre of attention. And when the lights go out, the continuing drama, between officials of the pests, stuffed screenwriters and narcissistic actors... Eva Longoria sharing including displays with Amaury Nolasco, an ex-Prison Break.

The production of Hot and Bothered asked its cameras in the same location as those who have gone, once the episodes of Desperate Housewives. A happiness for Eva Longoria who can enjoy his memories and a bit of nostalgia, while taking advantage of her new job. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Downton Abbey: the moving trailer of season 6

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 2:37:05 AM America/Los_Angeles

The sixth and final season of Downton Abbey will begin Sunday, September 20 in England. Moments of emotions, slightly revealed in this trailer.

Downton Abbey fans, get your tissues! The British historical series will be completed very soon, after the sixth season. It will be launched in the UK Sunday, September 20 on the island chain ITV. To promote the final season of his flagship series, the chain has relied on British did a moving trailer that feels farewell!

"If I could stop the story on, maybe I would, reveals the Earl of Grantham to his butler, Mr. Carson. But I can not. Neither you nor I can stop time." And that is unfortunate since nothing will prevent Downton Abbey series to bow.

This past season thus revealed in this trailer, with doors closing, farewell, and new beginnings. For Mr. Carson particular, but also Lady Edith, who seems to finally begin to find his lovely smile. Provided that this ultimate season of Downton Abbey characters, Lady Mary, Anna and her husband, the young Daisy, Thomas, or the Countess Violet? Accompanied by the song Time to Say Goodbye this video definitely has a taste of goodbye. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Walking Dead: An episode shot in an aircraft in mid-flight

Monday, August 31, 2015 8:15:32 PM America/Los_Angeles

According to Entertainment Weekly, AMC would prepare a special episode of The Walking Dead, in which zombies are in would take a plane in mid-flight.

Zombies on a plane, this is the next project of the AMC series The Walking Dead. According to the American magazine Entertainment Weekly, would prepare a special episode, which would not really belong to the series or even spin off, but which would introduce a new character for Fear The Walking Dead.

The events of this episode would be held on the same timeline that Fear The Walking Dead. Several people will be attacked in mid-flight by zombies. However, in an airplane, unable to flee and difficult to barricade... There should not be as a sole survivor, who would become one of the characters in season 2 of the spin-off series.

His release will be a bit special, since it will first put online on internet, then cut into several chapters, aired after each episode of season 6 of The Walking Dead, which landed in the United States on October 11.

The spin-off Fear The Walking Dead won a phenomenal success, with 10.1 million American viewers before their small screen to discover the very first episode of the series. A spectacular start that should prove its success in the coming weeks. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Blacklist season 2: Red is the father?

Thursday, August 27, 2015 4:37:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

Blacklist is back this Wednesday, August 26 on TF1 with the first three episodes of season 2. How had ended the previous season? That they will happen? Told you everything, or almost.

Red (James Spader), this mysterious FBI informant who has disclosed a list of criminals to the officer Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone), was not finished with his nemesis, Berlin (Peter Stormare). Its Elizabeth has to cope with betrayal and the "disappearance" of Tom, her fiance.

Back in season 2 of Blacklist broadcast on TF1 since this Wednesday, August 26, at 20 h 50, American actor James Spader die onscreen. In this new burst of 22 episodes, which starts exactly where the previous season had stopped, we'll learn more about the past of Red.

"It's a season rich in revelations, including his relationship with Elizabeth Keen", tells the actor's 55 years. Will one finally know if Red is the father of Elizabeth? A very likely scenario if one refers to the end of the season 1... "Well, not!", warns James Spader. And add: "viewers will learn a lot about their past common " It is natural to ask the question about the identity of the father of Elizabeth, but I think the series should not only be summed up in this."

Especially since Red is finally going to be in great difficulty throughout this season 2, in the image of the first three episodes of this evening, marked by the arrival of his ex-wife Naomi (Mary-Louise Parker in Weeds). "It is clearly his weakness," explains t - it. Because a target of Berlin, it is she...

This set of (false) tracks is deliciously led to high speed. "The pace is frantic around Red while it is a character who likes to take his time. And the best moments happen when he does nothing,"concludes James Spader. A good summary of the season 2 of Blacklist.

Think our Expert from the series of Blacklist? Discover its verdict. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Katherine Heigl found the team of Grey's Anatomy in a new series

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 10:31:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

The failure of State of Affairs will not away the ex-star of the medical soap from Shonda Rhimes long from the small screen.

According to the website of the US magazine Hollywood Reporter, Katherine Heigl has agreed to play in Doubt, a pilot for CBS. One of the originality of the project? It is written and produced by two former producers of Grey's Anatomy Tony Phelan and Joan Miss. Above all, it should be entrusted initially to another from actress's Private Practice, the other signed medical soap Shonda Rhimes: Kadee Strickland.

Katherine Heigl will play Sadie a chic and smart lawyer who falls under the spell of one of his clients involved in a particularly bloody crime. Is he guilty? That is the question! Are already advertised in the credits: Elliott Gould, Dule Hill, Laverne Cox (Orange is the new black), Kobi Sankara and Dreama Walker.

The actress who left Grey's Anatomy after six seasons is looking for a similar success on the small screen. She felt you have found with State of Affairs aired in September 2014. NBC has decided to stop after only 13 episodes. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Big Bang Theory season 8: hard, hard to be a genius

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 12:17:39 AM America/Los_Angeles

Romantic relationships get tough for Leonard, Sheldon and their band. The program of the season 8 of Big Bang Theory?

It is a strong season in love suspense that begins this Monday, 24 august at 20:50 on Canal + Series. Sheldon, back in Pasadena, is ready to accept the changes looming for him and his friends. Leonard and Penny talk about marriage, Howard flourishes in married life, Raj is a meeting... Sheldon, him, goes up a gear with Amy. Crowned by dozens of awards (including eight Emmy Awards) and record audiences in the United States, acclaimed by millions of fans around the world, the sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady is more than a series: this is a real cultural phenomenon that after eight seasons, do not steam. The equation of a gold series.

In the 1990s, there were roommates for Friends. Today, there is the tribe of The Big Bang Theory. The big heads, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj, are the heroes of the sitcom funny and offbeat: bearer of a culture which blends hard science and geek culture.

With their intellectual abilities as great as their social capacities are limited, the heroes of the series are not without blemishes. Symbol of the discrepancy between brain performance and interpersonal skills? The irreplaceable Sheldon, asocial physicist, touchy, selfish and megalomaniac. Starring the brilliant Jim Parsons, this troublemaker to replicas is hilarious, since the first season, the mascot of the series.

The evolution is the engine of The Big Bang Theory: from the beginning, the meeting of the gar ons with Penny, as pretty as 'normal' neighbour, forced scientists to come out of the academic cocoon. Then the arrival of Bernadette, Amy and Emily (in season 8), changing little by little the life of the small group. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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American Horror Story: discover the first teasers of the season 5

Monday, August 24, 2015 6:17:08 AM America/Los_Angeles

A few weeks before the arrival of American Horror Story: Hotel on the small American screen, Ryan Murphy upped the pressure with two particularly glaucous teasers.

On the occasion of the Comic-Con in San Diego, the team of American Horror Story: Hotel had already circulated a first teaser, apparently featuring Lady Gaga. There was simply a gloved, hand impatiently tap on the desk of a h? tel. And with its two new videos, the series expects to remain in the domain of the suggestion.

Entertainment Weekly was able to broadcast exclusive two new teasers of the horrific series of Ryan Murphy. Don't expect to necessarily recognize? tre one of the characters in the cast (Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson, Matt Bomer, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, Naomi Campbell... There are beautiful world!), because the creator of the show videos are always cryptic... And desperately short!

On these two different ads, we discover two pretty scary characters: a man without a face that tambourine on the doors, and a masked man, the skull shaved, which is strangling. The latter is the only one that can be easily associate with one of the actors in the series, thanks to her makeup fa? on Cleopatra: it looks exactly like the description made by Denis O'Hare in his r? the fan of Elizabeth Taylor.

To discover the series, visit the island chain FX 7 October 2015. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Arrow season 3: complete information about the suite

Friday, August 21, 2015 5:41:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

TF1 broadcast Wednesday evening the last episodes of season 2 of Arrow. What will happen next? Here is all the info about season 3.

Finally, the Archer has won the trust of the inhabitants of Starling City. Crime is down and everything seems to go better in the best of worlds... Oliver Queen (Stephen Amel) takes even to dream of a normal life with privacy as everyone with Felicity. But the season 3 arrow would be deadly dull!

Arrow will have much to do with the arrival of Ra's al Ghul, who has already made a sinister reputation as an enemy of Batman. Great villain of season 3, he will be portrayed by actor Matthew Makeisha, Australian rugby already appeared in the Riddick series.

He is far from alone in having joined the cast for the third season. Quote Karl Yun who gets a role recurring, that of Maseo Yamashiro. Ditto for Brandon Youth (Chuck) who plays Ray Palmer aka The Atom in Arrow, but also in Flash and soon in Legends of Tomorrow.

Fans of the sexy Katana will nevertheless sad to learn that it changes of face. Actress Devon Aoki could not make himself available for the season 2 has been replaced by Rila Fukushima.

Without you reveal, we can already announce that one of the flagship of the series characters will not survive this season while another will go towards new horizons.

For Laurel, this season will change and finally, his character reveal an interesting facet. For lovers of romance, the couple Oliver-Felicity will satisfy their thirst for action...

Among the guests of this third season viewers are familiar: Barry Allen aka Flash. It is indeed in this season of Arrow Flash was supposed to be introduced to the spin-off. But TF1 have been too greedy, she has not expected dissemination hence a lack of logic between the two series.

Arrow season 3 was broadcast in October 2014 in United States. Our American colleagues are already waiting with impatience the arrival of season 4... Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Following New York, Judicial Police: creator Dick Wolf is leaving

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 9:05:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

After X-Files, Prison Break, or the Prince of Bel-Air, another series could return with new episodes: Law & Order, aka New York: Police

"In the system criminal American, the Crown is represented by two separate groups, but of equal importance: the police, which investigates crimes and the Prosecutor, who pursues criminals." Here are their stories." Twenty seasons, it is through this introductory sentence that began each episode of Law & Order, aka New York, Judicial Police or New York District in VF.

Arrested in 2010, this fiction police cult was a huge success on NBC, but also in France, where it is still rebroadcast. Suddenly, while the number of resurrected series continues to swell, it is whispered that NBC was planning to launch a suite in New York: Judicial Police in the form of a miniseries event.

Rumors confirmed by Dick Wolf, the creator of the Law & Order franchise, this week at the Television Critics Association Summer press conference. "As you already know, everyone wants to make this suite. "But most people involved in the series pursue a career to success, and it is not obvious to co? be the agendas of everyone", he told journalists.

Indeed, if the cast of New York: Judicial Police is renewed over the years, the main actors of the last seasons rebounded well. At the age of 75, veteran Sam Waterston (Jack McCoy) continues to push the retirement age: after three seasons in The Newsroom, it gives the reply to Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Martin Sheen in Grace & Frankie, the new sitcom created by Marta Kauffman (Friends).

But Dick Wolf is hopeful to be rena his cult series: "I am an eternal optimist and I would love that to happen and I can say that NBC is more than starting lineup as well.". Law & Order has already resulted in several spin-offs, including Law & Order: Criminal Intent, New York, court, Law & Order: LA, and New York special unit (the 17th season will be launched in September) and adaptations such as London, Paris and judicial police, criminal investigations. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Lost, Friends, Prison Break, NCIS... What series did you lose the most time?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 3:00:40 AM America/Los_Angeles

You're totally addict to the series? Lost, Friends, Desperate Housewives but also Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead have no secrets for you? Then station to depression by discovering the total time spent in front of your window.

What series lasts the longest? Which makes you lose the most time or, on the contrary, gave you a maximum of pleasure? This is what we propose you to discover today in our slide show. We have selected some of the series more cults and popular and, thanks to a formidable tool, calculated the total duration of each of them. A diabolical invention that makes you face the truth: you're totally addicted to the series!

So you will discover that Desperate Housewives has held more than a week of your life or Mentalist, over four days . A time that you could use with friends, call your grandma, get you a girlfriend, or even downright go on vacation in another country!

That said, our slide show can have another utility that you question the meaning of your life. While the holidays are not over but summer storms threaten, you might enjoy for binge-watcher a max! If you don't know what series choose, our slide show might help you. and then this time, you are advised of the time will take you! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Grey's Anatomy season 12: the actors found themselves on the set

Sunday, August 16, 2015 10:35:03 PM America/Los_Angeles

The holidays, it's finished! Grey's Anatomy actors took the path of filming to season 12.

After a season 11 strong emotions, the entire clan of Grey's Anatomy ended in joy and good mood. Since about two weeks, actors Justin Chambers, Jesse Williams, Camilla Luddington, Kevin McKidd and others have returned to work and visibly, the end of the holidays not depressed any more than? has.

Yet, knowing the medical series, this new burst of episodes shouldn't be relaxing for our characters. Scheduled for a release early September 24 in the United States, season 12 of Grey's Anatomy is expected to hurt some couples.

Life will also have to resume its course despite the departure of one of the historical players of the series. It is no longer a secret to anyone but if you nevertheless, you are aware of anything, stop reading now! Indeed, Patrick Dempsey has its disagreements with producer Shonda Rhimes pati and was asked to pack his bags.

In addition, recent statements by the actress Sarah Drew does bode well for his character of April. Torque already weakened in season 11 could well explode in full flight...

But don't worry, these are just guesses! And when we see photos posted by the actors, we want to believe that everything will go well!  Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex: the Showtime series renewed for season 4

Friday, August 14, 2015 6:30:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

You don't change a winning team! The Showtime has announced that two of its flagship, Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex series, were renewed for a fourth season. Good news for fans, but also for the actors.

The series of the chain does carry Showtime is pleased? Before unveiling the complete schedule for the 2015-2016 season to the CAW, the president in a chain, David Nevins, announced the renewal of two flagship series for Season 4: Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex. "Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex are key series for Showtime They represent everything that Showtime wants to spread. Quality programs you can not find elsewhere," he explained.

Ray Donovan, driven by Liev Schreiber lead actor, is a dark drama telling family and professional misadventures of Ray, who make up the truth and the rule of the most influential issues, including murders. The show has 12 episodes per season: Season 3 is currently in circulation.

Masters of Sex, starring Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, follows the life of two researchers (Masters and Johnson) specialized in the study of sexual behavior. Each season also includes 12 episodes. Season 3 offered viewers a jump in time of several years.

This renewal follows those of Episodes series, The Affair, Homeland, Shameless, Penny Dreadful or House of Lies. Only Happyish was canceled, and Nurse Jackie ends after seven seasons. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Arrow: Discover Elysia Rotaru, the new girlfriend of Oliver Queen

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 10:24:41 PM America/Los_Angeles

Day after day, The CW Unveils actors that will inflate the cast of Arrow season 4... And among these new faces, we view today actress Elysia Rotaru, who should play the girlfriend of Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow.

Attention, this article contains a few spoilers about season 3 of Arrow.

After three seasons of Arrow, this is no longer a secret to anyone: Oliver Queen, the character played by beau Stephen Amell is a seducer. And the young man had many conquests and a few groupies, in his former life or as "The Green archer". And well in season 4, viewers will discover another of his girlfriends, interpreted by Elysia Rotaru.

Indeed, the Canadian actress has joined the cast of the series inspired by DC Comics, and should play one of the girlfriends of Oliver Queen. But don't panic, the Green Archer is (for now) still in a relationship with Felicity, played by Emily Bett Rickards! Marc Guggenheim - executive producer of the show, said, all the same: "Oliver Queen is going to have a love story of the past which will serve as a contrast to the story that he now lives with Felicity." You should therefore see the actress during many flashbacks from the series.

in 30 years, Elysia Rotaru is already a regular on the small screen, since she has made appearances on many shows, including Hellcats, Supernatural or, more recently, iZombie. With Arrow, she joined a gaggle of additions to the cast of season 4 arrow, as Alexander Calvert, Echo Kellum, Rutina Wesley (True Blood) and Parker Young (Enlisted) who should play the new crush of Thea after the departure of Roy. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Homeland: Carrie resumed service in a new teaser of season 5!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 6:57:15 AM America/Los_Angeles

Thought like a mini reboot, season 5 of Homeland will see Carrie Mathison stationed in Berlin, away from the CIA. But Hunt the natural, it is galloping, and a new teaser shows Carrie kidnapped and forced to resume service.

After Pakistan in season 4, Homeland raises its suitcases, flingues and secret in Germany for its new season, broadcast from October 4 on Showtime. Despite the insistence of his mentor Saul (Mandy Patinkin), Carrie (Claire Danes) no longer works for the CIA and holds a position in the private sector to the Foundation During. She chose her family liked? t as his job, and can finally take care of his daughter, or even to take a bit of privacy, with a lawyer. But...

Even if the action of the season 5 takes place two and a half years later, Carrie is not fully shed its demons. And even less of his enemies. During a first trailer, you could see that she was removed in the street. By whom? Why?For knowledge, but a second trailer, entitled "Carrie is back", reveals that she has not said its last word.

It appears more badass than ever. Should not go bother him to Berlin! Should not going to bother to Berlin! The rest of the cast is made up of former F. Murray Abraham, Rupert Friend, Miranda Otto and new, Sarah Sokolovic, Sebastian Koch and Alexander Fehling. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Royal Pains season 6: return under the Sun of the Hamptons on Canal + Series

Monday, August 10, 2015 4:08:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

A new was in the secrets of the jet - set, between dream life, sweet madness ... and serious diseases, from Sunday 9 august at 8:50 p.m. on Canal + Series.

Six years ago Hank Lawson, assisted by his brother and accountant Evan, treat the small ailments of the rich and famous in the upscale neighborhood of the Hamptons. But the events of the previous season have hurt the fate of the cabinet. Hank resume hand? The response in 13 new episodes unpublished Royal Pains, always as effective recipe.

After a journey of a few months around the world, Hank finds the Hamptons booming: Divya is MOM of a baby girl, and his affection for Jeremiah is more obvious than ever. Evan has not yet recovered from the departure of his brother. As Hank, he barely has time to set foot on the beach that his encounter with a mysterious young woman, Emma, again upsets the life of Lawson sibling.

The area of the Hamptons have an exceptional concentration of rare disorders and psychological disorders! A jazz musician suffering from an orphan disease that compromises his talent, a racer whose pathological anxiety is jeopardizing the career of his daughter, a nanny who refuses to grow up, a Mafioso who threatens the integrity of the firm... HankMed is always full. And not to mention Boris, whose state empire.

Always smart, Royal Pains is offered in season 6 a few guests of mark in their own role .It crosses including the sublime actress and model Padma Lakshmi, and the idol of the reality show Khloe Kardashian and boyfriend of his sister Scott Disick. World famous for their TV shows, those are also genuine celebrities Neighborhood for proof, their new show entitled "Kourtney and Khloe take the Hamptons!" Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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NCIS welcomes Jon Cryer (Uncle Charlie) in the first episode of season 13

Friday, August 7, 2015 3:51:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

A few months after stopping my uncle Charlie, Jon Cryer found the small American screen with NCIS. Finished the comedy, the actor will play a surgeon who has the life of Gibbs in the hands, in the first episode of season 13.

After having squatted for 12 years a huge house by the sea in Malibu with Charlie Sheen, then Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer said farewell to my uncle Charlie last February. Since then, the actor had not appeared on American television, but the start of the series in September will correct this error.

According to American website TVGuide, the comedian will appear in the first episode of season 13 of NCIS in crucial. (WARNING SPOILER) It will play Dr. Taft, a surgeon who will have the life of Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in the hands, after that he either gets shot in the final episode of season 12. (END OF SPOILER)

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jon Cryer returned to his chance to integrate the series, he has been waiting 13 years: "our series began the same year and whenever I met an actor in NCIS I asked him if I could appear in an episode". But this isn't really the the surgeon that interested him.

"I liked the series from the first episode, and I always wanted to play the type who dies in the first two minutes of an entertaining way. "And then appear on the mortuary table in the lab of Ducky (David McCallum) with my genitalia clearly visible" he said with humor.

To prepare for the role, Jon Cryer has spent a whole day with a real surgeon, which eventually accompany him on the shooting of the scene. "All the people around me were real professionals of the medical world, there was that I, who supposed to be a talented surgeon, who knew nothing" he said amused. The episode will be aired on September 22 next in the United States on CBS. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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A spin-off of Revenge? It is possible

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 11:25:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

Cancelled after four seasons, the series Revenge could return to the tv in the form of a spin-off.

This is news that should delight fans of Revenge. Again sorry for the recent cancellation of the American series on TF1, the latter will be able consolation. Revenge could conna? tre a second life, in the form of a spin-off.

Canceled in may after four seasons on ABC, Revenge is therefore perhaps not totally dead. "The idea floats in the air for a moment on the fact that a character or two of Revenge would bounce back in their own series", indicated in May last Sunil Nayar, the showrunner of the series.

Revenge could continue around the character of Nolan (Gabriel Mann). The ABC, which broadcasts the series in the United States, had also considered a pilot The Kingmakers, who could offer a variation to Revenge. Unfortunately, this driver with Kristin Bauer van Straten (True Blood), Adrian Pasdar (Heroes), Michael Trevino (Vampire Diaries) and Colin Woodell (The Originals) was not developed in series. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Mentalist season 7: the farewell to Patrick Jane soon on TF1

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 5:43:39 AM America/Los_Angeles

All good things come to an end and it is time for Patrick Jane to his farewell to television. The last season of Mentalist arrived as early as on Tuesday, August 25 on TF1.

During the season 6 of Mentalist, viewers attending the revelation of the series, is the identity of John le Rouge, archenemy of Patrick Jane (Simon Baker). But above all, the beautiful Mentalist exchanged a kiss with its Lisbon (Robin Tunney). So what should keep us in suspense in the coming weeks on TF1.

From Tuesday 25 august at 20:50, the chain will diffuse the seventh and final season of The Mentalist and intends to prolong the pleasure. You will discover that one and small new episode per week, followed by three repeats. It must be said that this last season is shorter than usual and only 13 episodes instead of the usual 22.

So, what does expect from this last lap? The realization of course Kiss? But everything will be not simple and our favorite blond will end up in the heart of a dark matter, suspected of the murder of Thomas McAllister.

Mentalist remains primarily a detective series, even if the romance will find its way more than ever. Without much to tell you, we can already reveal that the final episode will offer a lot of surprises with returns and highlights ... Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones: Ian McShane joined the cast in a mysterious?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 3:20:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

The season 6 of Game of Thrones will host actor Ian McShane according to Entertainment Weekly. His role could be one of the most important of this new season.

The season 6 of Game of Thrones unfolds gradually, while filming has already started a few days ago in Northern Ireland. The US website Entertainment Weekly says the arrival of a new player in the HBO series: Ian McShane.A well-known name of the island chain since it was one of the charismatic leaders of Deadwood during the three seasons of the historical series.

His role is still the mysterious and the fans theories rife. The island cable however said that it "does not appear? During this sixth season, but his role is crucial". Especially as the series goes into a bit more territories still never explored in the books of George R.R. Martin. The fifth season had also exceeded the novels some intrigues, and including the meeting between Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke).

The season 6 of Game of Thrones, as every year, next spring and many new characters there will emerge, including members of the family of Samwell Tarly. After a season of absence, Bran should also make a comeback. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Castle: Private Practice actress in the cast of season 8

Monday, August 3, 2015 6:42:19 AM America/Los_Angeles

Actress Ann Cusack was recruited by producing Castle to play a role in provoking the season 8.

Finished holiday for Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. Castle hero resumed the path of trays to turn the season 8 of the series, which will be launched on 21 September next on ABC in the United States. The opportunity for them to discover new storylines written by scriptwriters, but also new partners. Indeed, several actors expand the cast of fiction.

Latest: Ann Cusack, who appears in the second part of the season 8 Castle in a r? the "challenging", as Unveils it exclusive American site TVLine. Seen especially in Private Practice, where she portrayed Susan Grant, the great love of Addison's mother, the actress will perform a certain Rita, Member of top secret which will upset the lives of heroes. TVLine written indeed that this new character that will land in the life of Kate Beckett will have "an unexpected link" with Rick Castle...

In addition to Ann Cusack (also view recently in episodes of Scandal, Hart of Dixie, Body of Proof or even Masters of Sex), Sunkrish Bala (alias Dr. Caleb Subramanian in The Walking Dead) and Toks Olagundoye (Jackie in The Neighbors) have also joined Castle.While the second became a regular in the series. Toks Olagundoye as Hayley Vargas, a Scotland Yard police old converted in security. Recall that Penny Johnson Jerald, who played the captain Victoria Gates since season 4, announced that it had transferred from the series last May. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Walking Dead: a newcomer in the season 6

Thursday, July 30, 2015 9:20:07 PM America/Los_Angeles

The production of The Walking Dead just posted on Twitter a first picture of Merritt Wever, newcomer in the series. Our info on the subject...

Health professions succeed to Merritt Wever. The actress named twice to the Emmy Awards for the trainee nurse Zoe Barkow in Nurse Jackie joined Alexandria for season 6 of The Walking Dead. This time, she is the doctor of the survivors, Dr. Denise Cloyd.

EW has posted on Twitter a first picture of the actress on the set of the series (above). The presence of a doctor could quickly prove to be indispensable. Indeed, the trailer for season 6 suggests that Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), the son of Rick (Andrew Lincoln), will soon be losing an eye.. In the comic, Carl is shot during a zombie attack. The immediate memory and rest for a moment between life and death.

As of other important events of the comic, it was treated to a short foreshadowing - Remember: while he excavated a House with Michonne (Danai Gurira), Carl stops before a canvas was pleasantt he right of the depicted character was punctured.

In addition to Merritt Wever, two other players joined the filming. Corey Hawkins plays Heath, Ethan Embry is Carter. It tells you more in their subject very soon. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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X - Files returns: Mulder and Scully finally together

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 7:57:09 PM America/Los_Angeles

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, the unforgettable heroes of X-Files, come face-to-face at the new trailer for season 10 of the series. Watch!

Arrested in 2002, the X-Files series prepares to make his comeback on the small screen. To make fans of the investigations of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, which will be launched on 24 January 2016 on Fox, a new teaser just to be unveiled.

For the first time, there are face-to-face the two heroes played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. "You are ready for the sequel, Scully?", request the first partner. "having the choice", retorts the beautiful in this short excerpt. No info about the plot of this new season of X-Files, which will have only 6 episodes, is unveiled.

But we already know that several iconic characters from the cult series will make their return. Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund, who played the solitary Bandits,have joined the cast of X-Files, as well as Mitch Pileggi, who played Walter Skinner, Chief of Mulder and Scully. Robbie Amell (The Flash), Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under), and Joel McHale (Community) were recruited to participate in this 10th season, always orchestrated by creator Chris Carter. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Scandal: the outfits sexy and sophisticated Olivia Pope

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 1:09:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

The third season of Scandal arrives this Saturday, July 25 on M6, with an Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) more determined than ever. If the Queen of the com' is conspicuous by his talent, it was also noticed by his acute fashion sense.

Olivia Pope and his Gladiators back in combat as early as this Saturday, July 25 at 8:55 pm on M6. The third season of the series Scandal unprecedented in clear. In these new episodes, the name of Olivia Pope has filtered as one of braid of president Grant. What put the hero? not played by Kerry Washington in embarrassment, and shame on his crisis management company. Fortunately, Olivia Pope is full of resources.

This season 3 of Scandal has a lot of new outfits for the hero? does. Drawn to the nines and perched on his heels, Olivia Pope solves best crises that occur in it. Olivia Pope is both sophisticated and elegant, powerful and sexy. "During my interview with Shonda Rhimes, I told him that I didn't want to dress up once again a woman as a man in the White House", said Lyn Paolo, head costume designer of Scandal in an interview with Variety.

For actress Kerry Washington also, this idea is paramount. "We wanted to work the idea of a woman of power and a suit of power, because too often this costume is synonymous with a masculine look, deplored. "That is very good, there is no harm but it seemed important that a woman can be both powerful and feminine."

Powerful and feminine, this is the portrait of Olivia Pope,  To dress the character, Lyn Paolo types in clothing brands: Burberry, Escada, Dior, Armani, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren and Max Mara. She also plays on the contrast between the black and white: "this represents its internal conflicts: am I a good person?" "Am I bad?" Olivia Pope also appreciate the clear colors, like beige, caramel, or a very light pink.

Fashion is therefore part of the Scandal series and is also highly commented on social networks. in fall 2014, the series also inspired a clothing line designed by Lyn Paolo. The goal according to Kerry Washington? "That each can find his own 'inner Gladiator'. That every woman can feel powerful and sexy, brilliant, intelligent and beautiful. Is there no limit to one that you can be", explained the actress to the Daily Mail. Limited, the collection includes tops, jackets, and well as pants"Olivia Pope carries the panties, literally and figuratively". Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Breaking Bad: a bar recreating the universe of the series opens in London

Monday, July 27, 2015 2:15:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

Breaking Bad fans will rush in droves to this London bar that recreates the world of their favorite series.

"SAY MY NAME!". "In fact, I wanted just a fruit juice." This is the kind of conversation that could be heard at ABQ London. This bar located in London has just opened its doors in this Friday, July 24, 2015. Fans of the show, worn by Bryan Cranston, recognize? appear immediately the decor. And immerse yourself in the atmosphere, the home is carried out by a look-alike of Walter White.

Camping because of Breaking Bad is at the centre of this nifty idea. In order to enter this replica should pay 43 euros. Then, you can create two drinks inspired by the series. But beware, as it is stated on the site, out of the question to make bad drinks. You'll make "chemically pure and stable" products. inside, instructions guide you in the preparation of your beverages.

at the time you read these lines, it is probably already too late. The ABQ is a short-lived bar lasting only 3 months. The maximum capacity is 22 people at a time. It therefore had to book online.And the last tickets for September and October have been put online in the afternoon of July 24. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The latest news on season 4 of Banshee

Thursday, July 23, 2015 8:49:09 PM America/Los_Angeles

While the season 3 of Banshee ends tonight on Canal +, here's the latest news on the upcoming season. A new chapter of punch. Necessarily!

Banshee, the continuing series of the imagination of the writers Jonathan Tropper and Richard Shickler, will be well entitled to a season 4, which airs beginning 2016 on Cinemax, in the United States. Here is the latest news.

-The plot
Sex, violence and rock 'n' roll... Banshee will still stage Lucas Hood, his habitual (actor Antony Starr) who is posing as the new Sheriff of a small town in Pennsylvania, jammed between an Indian reserve and an Amish community. The cable American Cinemax has ordered a fourth season that will count only 8 episodes, instead of 10 for the first three. The writers would begin to be short of ideas? Since the beginning of the season 3, it must be said the dead are permanent at the speed of lightning! But the reason for this shortening seems good. The shooting team, previously installed in North Carolina will travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

-The cast
Brutal Antony Starr and the lovely Ivana Milicevic (Carrie) will be present. New faces will emerge. The season 4 reserve a beautiful plot in Ana Ayora (Marley & Moi, a Grand marriage). She played Nina Cruz, a working secretly for Kai Proctor police officer (Ulrich Thomsen). A true weapon of war even the best combat techniques. Actor Chris Coy will be present regularly in the Calvin, the brother of the Deputy Sheriff Kurt Bunker (Tom Pelphrey), leader of the neo-nazi movement implanted to Banshee. Finally, note the arrival of ex-Dollhouse, Eliza Dushku in the skin of Veronica Dawson, a sexy FBI profiler! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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NCIS, criminal minds, Hawaii 5-0 review

Thursday, July 23, 2015 6:55:19 AM America/Los_Angeles

The shootings of American series have already resumed. The opportunity to see what is happening behind the scenes for these first days of work. NCIS, criminal minds, Hawaii 5-0, Scandal, Vampire Diaries, Elementary, Flash...? a turn!

Even though the summer is in full swing and a small scent of holiday fleet in the air, it is not the keel for everyone. productions and the teams took a holiday and go back just to work! Thrilled to get back to work for a new season, the actors make us enjoy their photos on social networks.

NCIS, criminal minds, Hawaii 5-0... The pictures of the filming resumed

The opportunity also discover some novelties that expect fans back. The NCIS team has posted a much intriguing photo of the team, especially in the light of the cliffangher of the season 12. As a spin-off, NCIS: New Orleans, he has a new Member, Shalita Grant actress.

You can also find photos of the filming of Arrow, Flash, Elementary, Murder, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy or Madam Secretary. The teams will rotate at the moment even the episodes that we are looking forward to discover in September! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Gossip Girl: Blake Lively does not adhere to the message of the series

Monday, July 20, 2015 6:31:23 AM America/Los_Angeles

If Gossip Girl is the series that allowed him to make known be of the general public, this does not mean that Blake Lively have very fond memories. She admitted not really appreciate the message of the show.

When we think Blake Lively, one tends to imagine in the role of the of Serena Van Der Woodsen, the rich girl from a good family of Gossip Girl. It must be said that she has played this character for six seasons, what allowed him to make known and the film.

The actress decided to spit in the soup? You might think, since she has recently told the magazine British Glamour don't really agree with the themes mentioned in the series. And reason, between the consumption of drugs and alcohol, harassment, sex or murder, Gossip Girl wasn't really all public.

Blake Lively has therefore explained: "people worshipped, but personally, I have always found the somewhat compromising series. I wanted to get a better message." Especially when the show is watched by a fairly young audience: "when parents were saying to me: 'my ado viewing your series.'" I wanted to answer them: ' wait, why? What is then discuss? It is sexual and salacious". Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Prison Break: Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell promise an idea for the miniseries

Thursday, July 16, 2015 8:10:06 PM America/Los_Angeles

Invited to Comic Con in San Diego for their series Legends of Tomorrow, the two stars of Prison Break unveiled some elements on project of miniseries of fiction.

After X-Files or Twin Peaks, a former series preparing also to make a comeback to the antenna. Prison Break producers indeed preparing a mini-series project. Guests of the San Diego Comic Con for the series, which again brought them together, Legends of Tomorrow, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell of course referred to this potential return of Prison Break.

"Discussions are ongoing", confirmed Wentworth Miller, who added that all what he said assumed that Michael Scofield was still alive. Died at the end of the fourth and final season of Prison Break, the hero could come back, one way or another. A detail for the actor. "I mean, Sara was dead," he said, making reference to the character played by Sarah Wayne Callies, supposed to be beheaded at the beginning of season 3. Character who proved to be still alive.

According to Wentworth Miller, the return of Prison Break promises to be strong. "The concept I've heard is completely brilliant," announced the actor. Hope that fans agree with him when the series will return to the screen, if it happens.

Invited the American Convention for his Colony series, Sarah Wayne Callies has also suggested that it could return to Prison Break. His boss at Universal Cable Productions, production company of the series Colony, is called Dawn Parouse Olmstead, one of the Executive producers of Prison Break. "If someone who has an interest in letting me be away from the tray to do a jump on another shooting, this would be Dawn," she said. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Arrow: a new suit for Oliver Queen in season 4

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 8:26:46 PM America/Los_Angeles

Arrow will wear a new suit in season 4 of the series! The information was confirmed at the San Diego Comic Con and an image was unveiled...

The season 4 arrow will be synonymous with change for the characters when the series returns in October. And in particular for its main hero: Oliver Queen. The rich playboy of Starling City will wear a new suit, which was unveiled at the panel of the series this Saturday, July 11 at the Comic Con in San Diego. A novelty created by costume designer Maya Mani, who we already owe those of Black Canary (Katie Cassidy), Arsenal (Colton Haynes) and that of A.T.O.M. (Brandon Routh).

New era for Arrow so the fourth season should be very different from the previous ones where the darkness which the daily lives of the characters. It is now a question your lighter to accompany them in their (MIS) adventures. Stephen Amell also confirmed that the hero's name would change to permanently become Green Arrow.

The life of the superhero and the Arrow Team will however not calm down as they will face a new enemy: Damien Darhk, who was confirmed as the great villain of this season 4. And it is actor Neal McDonough, who it will be. To help Oliver in his task, Thea (Willa Holland) and Diggle (David Ramsey) will be also entitled to their suit, which have not yet been unveiled. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Bones celebrates its 200th episode on M6

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 5:52:29 AM America/Los_Angeles

This Thursday, July 9 on M6 the second episode of Bones aired Thursday, the police series goes back in time. To celebrate its 200th episode, the series was big, with an adventure directed by David Boreanaz himself. The actor, who plays the hero Seeley Booth since the first season of Bones, went behind the camera for the occasion.

Bones fans should not be surprised to discover their hero favorite with new identities. They will be transported in the 1950s. Temperance Brennan is a reporter, who works for the Los Angeles police. It will ally with a top-flight burglar, Seeley Booth. A way to reshuffling the deck and put the heroes of Bones in an unprecedented situation.

In this episode, all the characters of Bones will meet them also in the 1950s, with a survey that aims to pay tribute to Alfred Hitchcock. Bones is not the first series to play the card of the vintage with a "return to the past" episode.

In December 2014, the team of Bones was celebrated with great pomp the 200th episode of the series, at a party in Los Angeles. Actress Emily Deschanel, who came to publicly announce her new pregnancy, was able to celebrate another happy event. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Americans: the series of espionage with Keri Russell landed on Paris première

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 9:24:36 PM America/Los_Angeles

Airing on FX in the United States, the must of the espionage series The Americans landed this July 7 in the evening on Paris première.

Katherine (Keri Russell) and Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys), the heroes of the excellent spy series The Americans, landed early this Tuesday, July 7 at 20:45 on the island chain Paris Première with the first season, followed in Following the second.

The pitch. In the 1980s, at the height of Cold War, Katherine and Philip Jennings KGB agents pose as the ideal American family. But once the curtain, the couple apparently above all suspicion dons wigs and disguises takes to carry out their missions of infiltration and intelligence gathering. As pawns in a game heckled global failure between Russian and American, the "Reds" living under the Stars and Stripes have their ideals proven by this life struck the seal of lies and secrecy. In America "reagannienne" temple of consumption, Elizabeth displayed a blind devotion to his native Russia. Philippe opposite is seduced by the sweetness of life, the spirit of freedom and the free enjoyment of his adopted nation.

Identity is at the heart of this paranoid thriller? aque and melancholic, mainly focused on the psychology of its characters.The Americans wondered with intelligence and finesse on the soul-searching and love. And wonderfully revisits the eighties through its scenery, its costumes and its stunning soundtrack. Intelligence and dark gem not to be missed! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Revenge season 3 canceled, TF1 rebroadcasts profiling

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 5:01:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

The deprogramming Masterchef is collateral victims. The third season of Revenge passes to the hatch as soon as Thursday, July 30, replaced by re-runs of profiling.

After two weeks of disappointing hearings, the new season of MasterChef is canceled this week, to arrive at the same schedule on NT1. Instead, TF1 chose to broadcast episodes season 1 and 2 of profiling.

The third season of Revenge, broadcast every Thursday evening after MasterChef.TF1 has preferred not to take risks, and has decided to pause the yet unpublished adventures of Emily Thorne.

After the 15th episode of Revenge as the summer season 3 into account 22. Fans may so know a terrible frustration Thursday, July 30 at 8:50 pm. instead of MasterChef and profiling, they will find four episodes as a result of profiling.

TF1 will begin with the last two episodes of the first season of profiling, followed by the first two of the season 2. Programming a bit cumbersome but that should give pleasure to many viewers.

With over 7 million faithful, profiling is one of the flagship of the series. We follow a duo of mismatched investigators, Odile Vuillemin and Guillaume Cramoisan during the first two seasons, before Philippe Bas takes over to c? tes of the pretty redhead. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Grey's Anatomy, season 12: why April will not be new leader

Monday, July 6, 2015 6:44:05 AM America/Los_Angeles

Actress Sarah Drew says that the position of Chief is not at all right for April.

At the end of the season 11 of Grey's Anatomy, Owen (Kevin McKidd) decided to leave his position as Chief of surgery, which he had held since already not bad years. The war for his succession is going to rage at the beginning of the season 12. Caution spoilers!

The favorite is called Miranda Bailey. The darling of historic Chief, Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.), is in pole position for the place. But Catherine Avery, who chairs the Board of Directors, would put her stepdaughter, April Kepner. However, in Entertainment Weekly, actress Sarah Drew explains that this is not really a post for it!

"There is too much paperwork. "You are buried in the policy of the hospital", says the actress. "All what April wants to do is get their hands dirty. She wants to be on cases of trauma, to help and heal people. She is found itself in a manner fairly dramatic being a healer that goes beyond being a surgeon. There is something very spiritual home".

And then as the pretty redhead is planning to leave the field with the army, it is unclear how his appointment to the position of Chief would be possible. This will be to follow in September, in season 12 of Grey's Anatomy on ABC. In France, the series is broadcast on TF1. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Vampire Diaries season 7: new characters and a lesbian couple

Thursday, July 2, 2015 11:24:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

Like every season, these new episodes of Vampire Diaries will present new characters. Discover which will enter the season 7 of the series.

Who says new season of Vampire Diaries, said new characters. The series will return to the antenna on October 8 in the United States for a new season... without Nina Dobrev! After the departure of its star, the series will therefore have to renew. To do this, it will introduce new characters, including a lesbian couple, for the first time in the series.

According to American website TV Line, Vampire Diaries fans should get acquainted with the couple Nora and Mary Louise. These young women have become vampires while they were in their twenties and hid their relationship for more than a century. And better be in their camp to do part of their opponents, these two - there are described as dangerous.

The seventh season of Vampire Diaries will have another female character, Valerie, again a vampire of some twenty years. The young woman uses her sense of humor to hide his wounds, but someone will quickly remind him what is the joy of living. What is the happy single who will fulfill this mission? Response in September! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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While he has won Saturn Awards for best actor, Andrew Lincoln discussed the future of his character in season 6 of The Walking Dead.

If the return of The Walking Dead is not for now, information are distilled to the drop account to make wait the fans. After the revelation of the first poster for season 6 of the series, Andrew Lincoln, actor Rick Grimes, has agreed to comment on the photo that has been much talk.

We see Rick face Morgan, a mysterious character reappeared by surprise at the beginning and end of season 5. Each account behind different characters in the series; a staging suggesting a confrontation. June 25th, Andrew Lincoln was in Burbank, California to receive the Saturn Award for best actor, ex-aequo with Hugh Dancy of fire Hannibal, and said a few words to journalists dispatched: "there will be tensions between our two characters. Altogether".

The actor added that Rick was tired constantly as the leader. A transition already began in season 5 where Rick dreams to become a normal guy (who turns even to flirt with the neighbor) but is constantly reminded his duties... With the return of Morgan, become incredibly strong in a few seasons, Rick could therefore pass the baton, but this will not be without risk for its 'family'.

On the season 6 in general, Andrew Lincoln said: "I find that the rise is great, the series becomes increasingly strong. "I loved the complexity of my character last season, this is one of the r? the most intense and interesting that I had to interpret."

Pending the return of The Walking Dead next autumn, AMC will broadcast during the month of august Fear The Walking Dead, a spinoff and purported to relate the beginnings of the zombie invasion. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Forever: actress Alana de la Garza joins the Scorpion series

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 9:28:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

After the cancellation of the series Forever, Alana de la Garza already finds a new role.

Fans of the Forever series, which just ended on TF1, still upset about the cancellation of the series after one season. But they can at least comfort with this new: they will be able to quickly review the actress Alana de la Garza. -39 years, American actress, who portrayed lieutenant Jo Martinez in Forever, will join the cast of the series "Scorpion".

Alana De La Garza has just landed a recurring in the second season of Scorpion, series of the American CBS recently aired in France on M6. According to the American site Deadline, his character will be responsible for the national security of the United States. It will work with Constable Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), even if his motives will be questioned.

Launched in 2014 on CBS, Scorpio depicts a unit intended to serve as a bulwark complex threats involving high technology worldwide. The team is composed of geniuses, including Walter O'Brien, whose IQ is 197, and Sylvester Dodd, a true human calculator. The second season will begin in the US on 21 September.

Alana la Garza recently held the role of the main female in the series Forever, but the actress started her career in the soap opera the Force of destiny. She has played in CSI: Miami, JAG, NCIS: Los Angeles or my uncle Charlie. The most striking so far is that of the Deputy Attorney Connie Rubirosa in the last four seasons of Law & Order. A role she repeated in the spin-off New York, Special Unit and Law & Order: LA. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Castle season 8: a female character intriguing fact its entry

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 2:14:43 AM America/Los_Angeles

In a season 8 of a little upset Castle, a new recruit will appear.

Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) finally going to stand in the election for the position of Senator of the State of New York? The departure of actress Penny Johnson Jerald could imply that Beckett would be promoted to the position of Captain of the police, but the recruitment of a new actress can tip the balance in favour of the first option.

Castle production is indeed seeking a black actress or Hispanic, twenty years old, a former COP from Los Angeles converted in the Security Council. This character is described as a free-spirited, ready to cross the yellow line in case of need.

This new character casts doubt on the eighth season of Castle. Is it simply a young woman that Beckett and Castle meet on a survey and that they offer to join their team? Or does the presence of Hayley is linked to Kate Beckett and his potential campaign in politics?

Another character, an ACE of technologies this time, should these new episodes enter. Wait until the month of September to discover the season 8 of Castle in the United States. It will mark several changes for the detective series, which has escaped cancellation. If Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic will return in the series, the production is separated from actress Penny Johnson Jerald and has also recruited two new showrunners. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Finn Wittrock piles up again for Season 5

Thursday, June 18, 2015 9:46:41 PM America/Los_Angeles

Fans of Dandy, the kid of rich capricious and deadly of the season 4 of American Horror Story, will be able to rejoice! His interpreter, Finn Wittrock, will join the season 5 of the series.

The Hotel of Ryan Murphy comes to find a new customer! The news has just dropped: Finn Wittrock will join the season 5 of FX anthology series, American Horror Story. The actor is far from being unknown to the public since on the already seen in the season 4 of the series, Freak Show. Remember: it played the character of Dandy, son of rich, child gate and especially murderous bloodthirsty that does not support that told him not!

According to Ryan Murphy, who announced the news himself on Twitter, Finn Wittrock could be very close to Lady Gaga, who will play in the series. He says that the singer will have to make a choice between the character portrayed by the actor, and one that will take Matt Bomer, also features in the season 4 of American Horror Story.

American Horror Story: Hotel will be back on the small screen in the fall next in the United States. The opportunity for viewers to find many of the actors already present in previous seasons, such as Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Wes Bentley, or Angela Bassett. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Forever: what was planned for the season 2

Thursday, June 18, 2015 2:03:23 AM America/Los_Angeles

TF1 series was cancelled in the United States lack sufficient hearing there down. Yet the producers had already considered the rest of the plot.

Success on TF1, where the series has just ended to 6.4 million viewers for the final two episodes (26.4% of audience share). The fault of very disappointing audiences in the United States. But until the announcement of the ABC, the producers hoped well save their work. To the point of having same pitcher of the ideas for a possible season 2 for executives.The Forever creator, Matt Miller, thus revealed to the website American TV/Line.

Notably, Matt Miller did not intend to forget the existence of Adam. Even though even he found himself at the end of the first season of Forever.Only way found by Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) to prevent her from continuing to harm. The author hoped nonetheless incorporate new recurring characters in the second round of adventures he had hoped to be able to write.

At the end of season 1, Forever screenwriters chose to conclude on a sort of cliffhanger. Abe directed his father Henry unveiled his secret in OJ.The hero admit that he was immortal? Matt Miller did not quite lift the veil on what was planned for the second season. Just admitted that the authors well intended to put some protagonists in confidence.

At the present time, the rumor about their couple has been neither confirmed nor denied.However was reinforced by the presence of the interpreter to Daryl May 21, at a concert by the young woman. Since the death of his character, the latter focuses indeed on his musical career. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones S05E10: what did you think?

Monday, June 15, 2015 10:44:22 PM America/Los_Angeles

What final! After the broadcast of the last episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones, fans are in turmoil. The sequence is the buzz following an unexpected reversal of situation, but you, what do you think? (Guaranteed without spoilers!)

Good, without returning the knife in the wound (and therefore without spoilers, promised!), let's talk about this final. The Web does not call any of the famous last scene, and ranting against the writers. For now they are working on their own, and are freed from the George RR Martin books. The discontent of fans of the first hour (so readers) might therefore be justified ... Accused of one-upmanship, the showrunners David Benioff and Daniel B. Weiss wipe their harsh criticism from viewers.

Disgruntled users are therefore strongly manifested, including on Twitter and several forums dedicated to the series. But facing this both dreaded twist, a fan theory (which runs for a long time), promises a turnaround that could delight more than one addicted to GOT... But we will not have the response before April 2016! In the meantime, what do you think? Was the end of the episode inevitable? Have the writers made the right choice? In what state will we find our heroes for season 6? Tell us in the comments!

In France, the episode will be aired Monday evening, at 20:55 on OCS (available on CANALSAT) City. Note that CANALSAT invites you to shoot your reactions to this end and will then propose a compilation! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Le Mans 24 hours: Patrick Dempsey runs at the wheel of a Porsche!

Sunday, June 14, 2015 9:28:41 PM America/Los_Angeles

"Dr. Mamour" success of TF1 Grey's Anatomy series has swapped the white blouse for the combination of driver in order to run the 24 hours of Le Mans. Mani!

For his fourth participation in the mythical race of endurance, Patrick Dempsey, 49 years, aims to win in his category LM GTE with teammates Patrick Long and Marco Seefried.

His passion for the automobile and the 24 hours of le Mans back in 1971, year where came the film Le Mans with Steve McQueen. "I had the poster displayed at home, he said in an interview with the daily team. The scenes in the film are real, it is the auto race. Le Mans is a great film because it tells what is happening in the car."

In 2009, while the series Grey's Anatomy, where he plays "Dr. Mamour", makes a splash on TF1, Patrick Dempsey for real view le Mans in a Ferrari 430GT and it ranks 9th in the GT2 category. The virus is taken. Six years later, it calls the foot to the floor by integrating the world endurance Championship and taking part in eight races including the Le Mans course within its Dempsey Proton Racing team and the support of Porsche.

This passion occupies it a good part of his time since he left Grey's Anatomy after eleven years of good and loyal service to the Seattle Grace Hospital. Moreover, he says in the team. Close a chapter is never easy. to do the mourning, there is a process of acceptance and this year has been a lot of it. Return to le Mans is a regeneration, a form of renaissance. And reach the podium, this is my dream."

The start of the race is fixed at 3 p.m., to be followed live on France 2 and Eurosport. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Grey's Anatomy: what happens to the players who left the series?

Thursday, June 11, 2015 10:13:30 PM America/Los_Angeles

Wednesday evening the tenth season of Grey's Anatomy ended with the departure of Cristina. The opportunity to take news of all the players who have left the series.

Once more, Grey's Anatomy offered its viewers a deeply moving season finale. At the end of season 10, proposed this Wednesday, June 10 by TF1, Cristina Yang left Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She accepted the proposal of Preston Burke to head to the hospital in Zurich.

Behind the scenes, it is a decision surely reflected on the part of his interpreter, she confessed her desire to go to the Hollywood Reporter: "creatively speaking, I really have the impression of having given everything and I'm ready to leave. It is very interesting to play a character as long. Incidentally, I also have the impression that Cristina is also ready to leave."

Shonda Rhimes, the producer, had itself been something nice for her actress, true to the series 10 seasons: 'my life has improved in contact with Sandra, thanks to his friendship and confidence. We will all enjoy these last moments with Cristina and offer him the start it deserves. "

Other actors have left Grey's Anatomy. Some because they wanted, to go to new adventures, others because they were politely thanked, and others yet, because they were more able to find common ground with the production. It was decided to take their news in the slideshow above. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Girls season 5: Lucy Liu (Elementary) invites himself on the set

Thursday, June 11, 2015 1:54:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

But what makes Lucy Liu on the set of Girls? The latest photos of the filming of the series of HBO reveal the actress in full interrogation, the sides like an actor Jonny Lee Miller. Should we expect a cameo of Elementary hero?

While fans of Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller eagerly anticipating the return of Elementary for a season 4, it would seem that the two actors have enjoyed a break in the filming to go visit another TV series, also taking place in New York. Indeed, in recent photos of the filming of Girls, the HBO series, you can see Lucy Liu questioning Adam Driver badly in point.

And it is precisely here that the mystery plane: the actress will play  Watson in the series Girls? It is hard to believe that two competing channels (CBS and HBO) have agreed a crossover between Elementary and Girls! Another question: the presence, or not, of Jonny Lee Miller on the set. As if in some photos, believed to recognize?the TVLine site States that only Lucy Liu should appear.Difficult to know from which they take their information, since none of the two cha? nes for now wished to comment on the news.

Finally, one last detail among the fans: Lucy Liu carries a gun and a badge, which would suggest that it is not the Watson who consults for the police, but a Police! unless it does it's a trick?

So many mysteries, worthy of the best investigations of Sherlock Holmes! unfortunately have to wait a bit before knowing why Elementary heroes came to visit Lena Dunham and her friends. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Orange is the New Black season 3: latest info prior to release of the new season!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 9:38:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

Prior to the release of the new season of Orange is the New Black on June 12, discover the latest information on the series.

It is high time to make a summary of the latest information regarding season 3 orange is the New Black.A new character will make his entrance in the gang from the prison of Lichtfield. It's Stella Carlin, played by Ruby Rose. This last 29 years old is model and presenter. According to the latest spoilers, his character should attempt to seduce Piper (Taylor Schilling) but Alex Vause (Laura Prepon). A love triangle that could cause tensions in the corridors of the prison.

Although the broadcast that very little information, an actress has agreed, in an interview for Entertainment Weekly, give some details on the next season of the series: "having faith is not just a story of spirituality. Series creator Jenji Kohan told me that the season would focus on a broad definition of this word. Seasons 1 to 3, we see women who are doing their best to survive. Therefore the survival must be linked to the faith,"said Danielle Brooks, aka Taystee. Faith will be at the heart of the season 3 orange is the New Black.

Another plot will be put forward, linked to the death of Vee (Lorraine Toussaint). How will react "Crazy Eyes", portrayed by Uzo Aduba after this surprising death at the end of season 2? In the last trailer unveiled, this character seems to be in total denial. So be to the appointment on 12 June for the next eventful adventures of inmates at Litchfield. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Downton Abbey: Joanne Froggatt, no hero of a new historical series

Monday, June 8, 2015 11:17:36 PM America/Los_Angeles

The actress, best known for his role in the Anna Bates in Downton Abbey, will keep the role, that of a Slayer series, in a new British historical fiction.

Rather t angelic in Downton Abbey, Joanne Froggatt will be transformed soon be playing a role diabolical. British actress of 34 years was selected to interpret the role of the main Dark Angel, a new English series in preparation for the island chain ITV, which already broadcasts Downton Abbey.

Joanne Froggatt will play the poisoner Mary Ann Cotton. Dark Angel will tell the real story of this woman, decided to get out of poverty by all means. For Mary Ann Cotton, this means resorting to adultery to fraud, but also to murders. In the Victorian era, this woman left a long list of victims behind it.

With this role, Joanne Froggatt will position the opposite of Anna Bates, sweet maid she plays since the launch in 2010 of Downton Abbey. The actress has also been awarded a Golden Globe for this role in 2015. After turning in many British series, including Coronation Street and Robin Hood.In 2015, she was on show at the feature film A beautiful end,It will be the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey, scheduled for broadcast in the fall of 2016 in the UK.

The Dark Angel series will draw from the book by David Wilson, Mary Ann Cotton: the first woman British serial killer. It will be directed by Brian Percival, one of the developers of Downton Abbey, who have must also feature the book thief. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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After leaving Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey is going to stop his acting career?

Monday, June 8, 2015 2:18:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Patrick Dempsey is back on his departure from Grey's Anatomy.

Since the release of the episode 21 of season 11 of Grey's Anatomy to the to the United States, viewers have say goodbye to Dr. Mamour alias Patrick Dempsey. In this (already legendary) episode, the character he plays is victim of a serious car accident; forcing Meredith Grey to take heavy decision to let him die by removing any medical assistance. An unexpected departure on which the actor was back in an exclusive interview he gave to Entertainment Weekly, an American media. "It was the right time to do so," the comedian simply explained. Since then, silence radio Patrick Dempsey was on the set of the Grand Journal de Canal +.

"No, it was not easy to leave. It is eleven years of my life. The time had come. It was a remarkable experience, Patrick Dempsey will participate again this year in the legendary 24 hours of le Mans competition. So far, definitely can concentrate on this one passion? He responded to questioning of Francois Fillon, the former prime minister.

According to sources, the behavior of diva's Patrick Dempsey and his frequent clashes with the producer and creator Shonda Rhimes series would be the causes of his departure from Grey's Anatomy but not the only. According to the US website RadarOnline people, a private affair would order the heart of the plot. It is worthy of the greatest operas. Created  by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Elementary: who is the father of Sherlock Holmes?

Thursday, June 4, 2015 9:40:18 PM America/Los_Angeles

A new character will make its entry into the season 4 of the American series: the father of the hero. Who is it?

"I am your father..." The series Elementary decided to play Star Wars? In any case, the fourth season of the American fiction will introduce a new character, that of the father of Sherlock Holmes, the hero portrayed onscreen by Jonny Lee Miller. Which actor will have the privilege to lend his face to the father of Sherlock Holmes?

He is John Noble, an Australian actor of 66 years. The actor is known both at the cinema, on television or the theatre. On the big screen, he has participated in the Lord of the rings, with Denethor, the demonic intendant of the Kingdom of Gondor. on television, he played in American fiction (24 hours chrono or The Good Wife), as in series Australian as Miss Fisher survey or the SOAP Opera Summer Bay.

In recent years, John Noble is best known for having made recurring in two series: Fringe and Sleepy Hollow, two series and two complicated?. In Fringe, John Noble played Walter Bishop, the father of the character of Joshua Jackson. In Sleepy Hollow, he holds the role of the hero's son Ichabod Crane.

Fans of the series thus discover Elementary in season 4 new items on the past and the family of Sherlock Holmes. For the producer Rob Doherty, it was time! "I would love to meet the father of Sherlock and explore their complicated relationship, which we made in the last two seasons, he recently told the US TV Line website. There are many things to say about long term about Sherlock, his father and what happened between them. " Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones: a young member of the team killed by a lioness

Thursday, June 4, 2015 1:43:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

One of the crew members from? Game of Thrones? has been attacked by a lioness in a South African Safari Park.

The team from Game of Thrones? is in mourning. The head of the special effects for the hit series with the fifth season is being broadcast in the United States is dead.

Katherine Chappell, 29 years old, found death Monday after having been wounded by a lion during a visit to the Lion Park, located in Johannesburg, South Africa reports NBC News.

While the young woman was taking pictures from his car, the open window, a lioness went through the window and mortally wounded Katherine Chappell. Guide who accompanied the young woman tried somehow to help in chasing the animal, but the latter was also bitten on the arm and unfortunately failed to stop the bleeding by Katherine Chappell.

A few days before this terrible drama, one that has worked for The Dreamlife of Walter Mitty, Captain America - The soldier of winter or Godzilla was posting on his Instagram account snapshots on holiday in South Africa.

Katherine Chappell, "was very loved and shared his love for life with everyone she met" explained his mother, his father, his brothers and sisters on Facebook. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Pretty Little Liars: season 6 coming tomorrow on ABC Family!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 9:04:19 PM America/Los_Angeles

Tomorrow, fans of the Pretty Little Liars series will discover the new adventures of Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna in season 6 of the series aired on ABC Family.

Tomorrow evening on ABC Family to discover the new season of Pretty Little Liars. After two months of pause, the series created by Marlene King returned in force to the delight of the fans. On March 24, the final episode of season 5 was once and for all the revelation of the famous-A which is nothing other than a certain Charles. Man linked to Alison DiLaurentis family and especially to his brother Jason played by Drew Van Acker.

In the last episode, the girls found themselves trapped in Charles, accompanied by the character of Mona. The first episode of the season 6 will be entitled "Game on, Charles". The first minutes should be rich in emotions. The suspense is at its height!

Find on ABC Family, Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Mona (Janel Parrish) on Tuesday evening! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Big Bang Theory offers a scholarship at the University of California

Monday, June 1, 2015 2:16:01 AM America/Los_Angeles

This is neither a joke nor the script for an upcoming episode: in California, students can now apply for a scholarship which will bear the name of a television series: The Big Bang Theory.

This is a first in the United States: The Big Bang Theory series and his co-creator Chuck Lorre will fund a new scholarship, made available to the students of the University of California, UCLA. It will provide help to students who need financial assistance to study in the favorite characters of the series fields: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

According to Variety, which reveals information, this scholarship will have a backdrop of $ 4 million. A substantial sum offered by the family foundation of Chuck Lorre, as well as by the actors in the series: Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch have all put hand to the portfolios, as well as Executive producers Bill Prady and Steven Molaro.

Chuck Lorre says: "such a gift with The Big Bang Theory, this series based not only in scientific but sustained community with enthusiasm by this same community." For us, it is an opportunity to give back". This is the reason why the Big Bang family held to support "these future researchers, scientists and leaders".

From the fall of 2015, a score of students will benefit from this funding. The chosen names will be revealed at an event on the filming of the series. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones,favorite series of infidels

Friday, May 29, 2015 7:24:07 PM America/Los_Angeles

According to a survey from lovers of extra-marital relations, series provide an excellent starting point. Which won the jackpot?

at the rate of one hour per episode, count 47 hours to watch 5 seasons of Game of Thrones. The investment is therefore but profitable if you're an unfaithful wife, a fickle husband, a compulsive seductress...

This is the conclusion that can be drawn from results of a poll commissioned by Victoria Milan, site of extra-marital relationships for persons in couple. On the 6 258 members surveyed gender, 73.3% of women consider the preferences of their conquest in the series are important and 62.5% of men claim to discuss programs TV with the object of their lust.

The responses of respondents above all establish the top 5 of the series that the perfect flirt should look. Game of Thrones gathers 52.1% of the votes, followed by Grey's Anatomy (17.3%), Sons of Anarchy (14.2%) The Walking Dead (10.2%). Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/

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X - Files - David Duchovny: "I cried before the new scripts"

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 9:50:30 PM America/Los_Angeles

A few months back to X-Files on American screens, for a whole new season, David Duchovny gave an interview to the Entertainment Weekly site to discuss his feelings about the first scripts.

Mulder and Scully are going to make their comeback in January 2016 with an all-new season of X-Files of six episodes on FOX. A renaissance for the series created by Chris Carter in 1993 and if filming is expected to begin in the coming weeks, the players already have their hands on the first scripts, as unveiled it David Duchovny Entertainment Weekly site.

"I just read the first page and I cried reading it. It was so weird to see our names on the page. This has nothing to do with what tells the script itself. It is two years that I talk about, that discussed, that we are trying to gather everyone in the same place to negotiate and sign this return with FOX. Now you can have fun, after two years of dialogue. Now you can really do. "It is pleasantly and strangely moving for me" he said.

And he did nothing unveiled what told this first script, it has ensured that these six episodes would fully embrace the mythology of the series while offering independent stories. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Portrait: Lena Dunham (Girls), the voice of his generation?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 2:52:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

While the season 3 of Girls starts this Sunday on Canal + Series, it offers a portrait of the designer, Director and actress Lena Dunham. Is it really the voice of a generation?

At 29 years old, this New York the biggest between the film and television industry. A course finally quite classic and tidy, Lena Dunham made a life experience. All his doubts, his anxieties, his questions, even the most trivial, it discharged them into his art. This child of the ball - MOM is an artist and photographer, and dad is painter - Solitary child, without real friends, the first stories that it will black and white will be those his grandmother will tell him as a child. "I started writing when I was 9 years old, poems and short stories was pleasant? bad t" told in January 2014, during a masterclass given in Paris.

A few years later, she attends a school in Brooklyn whose a part of education focused on writing, the "story telling" (or literally the art of "telling stories") in all its forms. It was also during his schooling at Saint Ann's School that she made the acquaintance of Jemima Kirke, who has since become her best friend, his muse... and Jessa in Girls. She then went on the shooting of its mother art film. She discovers then a whole world, a whole universe and especially, this urge to y go? ter, plunge a finger as you would with a jar of jam. "It was the summer camp for adults! Everything I loved had met in a single art".

At the age of 19, she directed her first short, not very successful according to his own admission, but exercise confirms this vicerale conviction: it will do its job. And then she decides to enter the bath, with a feature film, Tiny Furniture. There is Lena Dunham, writing, behind the camera and in the r? the main, but also his mother Laurie Simmons, his s? ur Grace, Jemima Kirke, Meritt Wever (who won an Emmy in 2013 for his r? the in Nurse Jackie) and finally Alex Karpovsky who plays Ray in Girls. The film toured festivals and Lena enshrined? do the meetings with the oils of the middle. The executive producer Jenni Konner (today co-showrunner of Girls), who has worked with Judd Apatow on his series Undeclared (the years VF Campus), arranged a meeting between Lena Dunham and the Director of Anchorman.

An appointment with HBO later, the young woman was given the reins of his own series: "I just want to watch a show with people like me and my friends and what we think". Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Grey's Anatomy: a sex scandal at the origin of the departure of Patrick Dempsey?

Friday, May 22, 2015 1:10:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

According to some sources, the actor would have maintained an affair with a much younger team person, well before his divorce. A story that would have made worse the behaviour of diva of the actor on the set. Explanations.

If all Grey's Anatomy fans now know the news of the departure of Patrick Dempsey, the reasons behind this great upheaval are much less clear. According to some sources, Patrick Dempsey diva behaviour and his frequent clashes with the producer and creator Shonda Rhimes series would not be the only cause of his departure.

According to website RadarOnline American people, a private matter is the plot, worthy of the greatest serials. Patrick Dempsey would have indeed benefited from his caravan of filming to give courses of Anatomy more private to a girl, Member of the team of Grey's Anatomy. This liaison lasted for several months, long before the separation of the actor and his wife. The latter filed for divorce late January 2015.

"It was obvious to everyone that Patrick fooling around with it, tells the informant at RadarOnline." This has become really complicated and emotional while filming, point represent a handicap." This link would not be unrelated to Patrick Dempsey diva behavior, often mentioned as one of the main reasons for his departure from Grey's Anatomy.

"After having slept with her on the set, Patrick remained locked in her trailer and refused to come out, says another source. It also complained the scenarios reserved for his character and said that there was not enough time,"indicates the source of RadarOnline. because of this history, Patrick Dempsey has been suspended in the series for a while, before being allowed to return. As for the girl, she was sent to work in the offices of the company's production of Shonda Rhimes, rather? t than on the set of the series.

This incident has apparently caused irreparable damage. "He began to arrive late, to forget his dialogues, resumes the source. Shonda Rhimes had no choice but to transfer it." The production has visibly refused to confirm or deny these allegations. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Marvel: S.H.I.E.L.D agents: first info on season 2

Thursday, May 21, 2015 12:56:02 AM America/Los_Angeles

W9 has released this Wednesday, May 20 the last two episodes of season 1 of Marvel: the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents For the most impatient,delivers first indiscretions on season 2. Warning spoilers.

End of season unlikely but very entertaining for Marvel: the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents In the final episode of the first season W9 aired this Wednesday, May 20, Coulson, eager to hunt down Garrett and Ward and crack the Deathlok project, chose to infiltrate Cybertek. It will uncover the secrets of the two men. What will happen next? Gives some information. Beware SPOILERS.

The entire cast of Clark Gregg to Ming-Na through Chloe Bennet or Brett Dalton was renewed for season 2.

The second round of episodes begins several months after the end of the previous. Coulson directs the SHIELD. It seeks to recover items that HYDRA had cornered.

Donnie Gill reappears. HYDRA just as the SHIELD seek to retrieve it and get your hands on cryogenic powers.

-Tim DeKay, FBI agent: Duo very special appears in two episodes in the guise of Senator Christian Ward.

-Blair Underwood, seen in Dirty Sexy Money or in analysis, interprets Dr. Andrew Garner time to four episodes.

Aired in the U.S. on the ABC, Marvel: the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents encounter satisfying hearings. Also has been renewed for a third round of episodes. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Forever, Revenge, Stalker... the series canceled during the upfronts 2015?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 11:36:10 PM America/Los_Angeles

But before that, we must make room for new. And this, to get rid of the dead weight and cancel series that are end of life or were not convinced. Yes, it is cruel.

Has your preferred series been canceled? If it is in the list below, all our condolences. Here are therefore all series canceled during the upronts 2015. Are concerned, of course, than those broadcast by the five major networks: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and The CW. And since the ads continue to fall, watch this page in the coming days, other series are likely to be added to the list. Also stick around to find out what the series renewed for one additional season!

Great bingo of cancellations, it almost made a flawless in our predictions! From there to rejoice, it's not our kind. But the least we can say is that this year, there is not really surprise. Series, which go by the wayside were suspended. TF1 viewers, who come to discover Forever, will have consolation though vainly. And it will remain well to the lesser on the title of the series...  still have beautiful things to tell us. It is inconsolable for The Mindy Project, which, in the space of three seasons,but fingers crossed, it seems that Hulu video-on-demand platform is interested to give it a second life. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Grey's Anatomy season 10: final moving on TF1

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 1:54:52 AM America/Los_Angeles

TF1 will broadcast the end of season 10 of Grey's Anatomy on June 10. An emotional episode! Caution SPOILERS!

In the United States, fans of Grey's Anatomy are already the season 12 upcoming medical series, but in France TF1 currently broadcast the tenth season on Wednesday evening. Viewers will discover the final, season 10, on TF1 on Wednesday, June 10, from 20:55.

In his usual Grey's Anatomy has reserved for its fans a final worthy of the name. A terrorist explosion in a shopping centre will send many patients to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. After the plane crashes, killing or storms, that is a new drama for white coats of Grey's Anatomy.

But that is not all! Fans can expect a strong emotional episode, since this final sees from one of the pillars of the series, the actress Sandra Oh (Cristina). How his character left the series? It tells you no more, but a wrenching farewell are anticipated between Meredith and Cristina. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Castle: Stana Katic will well be part of season 8!

Sunday, May 17, 2015 11:34:11 PM America/Los_Angeles

After several weeks of suspense, Stana Katic will well be part of the cast of the eighth season of Castle.

Stana Katic did last it the suspense! Finally, after letting the doubt, the actress who plays Kate Beckett in Castle will be well at the sides of Nathan Fillion in season 8 of the American series. ABC has confirmed that the actress, who recently married, has indeed signed his new contract.

It must be said that the case was improperly engaged. The contracts of the two stars of the program came at end of season 7, which ended this week in the United States. If Nathan Fillion, beautiful Richard Castle, quickly renewed his contract, Stana Katic took much more time to embark on a new season.

It is in any case very good news for fans of the series and for France 2 that the broadcasts Monday night in France. ABC hesitated but finally decided a few days ago to renew Castle for an eighth season. The latter should, nevertheless, be shorter. According to the Hollywood Reporter, it could contain only 13 episodes. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Gotham: the role of Morena Science (Leslie Thompkins) regular in season 2

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 10:52:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

Good news if you're a fan of the sweet Leslie Thompkins, interpreted in Gotham by Morena Science: the character will become regular in season 2.
Known: Fox has decided to renew Gotham, the series which focuses on child of Bruce Wayne and the city where Batman will be vigilante a few years later, for a season 2. Bruno Heller, the showrunner of the series, said recently that this new burst of episodes would be centered on the character of the Joker, but interested also in the mystery man...

It also comes to learn that Morena science, Brazilian actress who plays the lovely Leslie Thompkins has been promoted: his character will become regular in season 2, reveals TvLine. The actress, that one has seen in Homeland (she played the wife of Brody) and V (she was Anna, the agonizing supreme leader of the invaders) had joined the show in January. His character had charmed James Gordon (aka Ben McKenzie).

The end of the season 1 of Gotham was aired on Fox on May 4. And for those who don't know the series, our Expert tells you what he thinks. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Hannibal, Sense 8, Beauty and the Beast... the trailers of the week

Monday, May 11, 2015 6:41:02 AM America/Los_Angeles

This week, our selection of trailers is heavily gender-series. Zero comedy. We are not there to laugh. We want the thrill, suspense, hemoglobin, disgusting creatures and beautiful creatures, epic battles, nowadays or in full Egyptian antiquity, and mystery. These are the ingredients of this collection of trailers that we hope will make you salivate.

- Hannibal, season 3: we can say that this one, For months we should have had season 3 of Hannibal, wonderful series by Bryan Fuller, but NBC has chosen to postpone its launch in early summer. To wait until June 4 (launch date on NBC, and shortly after on Canal + Series), The latter began in trouble, literally as well as figuratively. And during that time, we are still without news of Will Graham ...

it's a bit the serial events of the week, LA trailer was expected of farms feet. First TV creation The Wachowskis, with J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5), Sense8 is the story of eight strangers who suddenly find themselves psychically linked. Why? By who? What? How shelf? Initial response on June 5 with the line-up of 12 episodes on Netflix.

Beauty and the Beast Season 3: Catherine and Vincent will finally be able to live together peacefully and coo ... NENNI THAT !! You do not even think when it would be that easy? And then a couple's life is a lot of worry and stress. And Vincent, annoyances, it does not handle too well too, you see. Shostilités start on June 11 on The CW.

The Strain, season 2: if these stories about vampires and wrong had not cut your appetite, the series returns for Season 2. Humans and vampires will compete in a battle that looks epic and, inevitably, of gore. So sharpen your machetes, do not forget to disinfect everything? A past, and go this summer on FX (and a little after series on Canal +). Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Vikings, season 4: three new actors announced to the cast!

Friday, May 8, 2015 2:28:55 AM America/Los_Angeles

A worthwhile season 3 complete season 4 reveals itself little by little... Vikings comes to recruit three new actors for the cast of its upcoming season. Discover them!

For his next and fourth season, the Vikings series swells its ranks. Historical fiction hires three new players. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Peter Franzen, and Dianne Doan are the three elected to integrate the cast of the Canadian-Irish historical series.The characters that they will perform on the screen.

Peter Franzen, Finnish actor of 43 years (which has made short appearances in the series CSI: Miami or True Blood), will be King Harald Fairhair, a Scandinavian who is likely to put a spoke in the wheels of Ragnar Lodbrok (Travis Fimmel). The second, Jasper P? KK? nen, will perform Halfdan the black, younger brother of the first, Harald Fairhair. And finally, Dianne Doan (Once Upon a Time) should endorse the recurring and important in this fourth season; the Yidu, a Chinese. The filming of this season 4 has just started in Ireland. In France, the season 3 of the series will be broadcast starting Thursday, May 21 at 8:55 pm prime-time on Canal +. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/vikings-season-3-dvd-boxset.html

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Fear The Walking Dead:An actress of Orange is the New Black series joins the cast

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 3:58:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

And a new recruit for the spin-off series The Walking Dead, a Fear! Actress Elizabeth Rodriguez joined the cast. And you have perhaps already seen in Orange is the New Black.

She will leave the prison Litchfield in Connecticut to a California post-apocalyptic world, the time of some episodes. The actress Elizabeth Rodriguez has joined the cast of the series Fear The Walking Dead, spin-off of the mother series The Walking Dead. Announcement by the US website Entertainment Weekly. For now his role in the history and fiction have not yet been disclosed. Suspense ... Currently being filmed, the dissemination of Fear The Walking Dead has been announced for the summer on AMC (ie before the beginning of season 6 of The Walking Dead, scheduled for September 2015). The first rumors even announce the date of June 12 for its big launch. In a few weeks ...

Known to embody Aleida Diaz in Orange is the New Black, the mother of Daya Diaz (Dascha Polanco), Elizabeth Rodriguez shares her life as an actress between cinema and television. You have perhaps seen in Miami Vice: Miami Vice Michael Mann film released in 2006 or in the series Cold Case: Business classified or Grimm. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-walking-dead-seasons-1-4-dvd-box-set.html

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Melina Kanakaredes Experts finally back on TV in Hawaii 5-0

Monday, May 4, 2015 1:35:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

She had hardly given new since leaving the series in 2010 Experts: Manhattan. Melina Kanakaredes is returning to television in the episode of Hawaii 5 - 0 aired this Saturday night on M6.

In 2010, we learned with the departure of Melina Kanakaredes, aka Stella Bonasera, for Manhattan Experts. After six years of good and loyal service, the actress had decided to leave the series, it would have apparently refused to review his salary downward... But no matter, with such popularity with viewers, it was said that it could bounce! And then we waited, waited, and Melina is never reparue. Or so little. In addition to his character of Athena in both film Percy Jackson, she landed a small role in the film undercover in 2013,the sides of Dwayne Johnson.

Then of course, this is cinema, but it is meager in five years away. Of course, the story does not say whether or not this professional break is due to a personal decision. Does that Melina Kanakaredes has not refused a small appearance as a guest star in an episode of Hawaii 5-0. Although it is still an agent. Actress to the curly hair is agent Kathy Millwood,came to lend a hand at 5-0 to stop a serial arsonist who keeps his victims before setting fire to their house. This episode, the 16th of the season 5 (Nanahu) will air this Saturday, May 2 at 21:45 on M6.

And the fans of the actress can rest assured... His career is about to be revived since she landed an recurring in the second season of Extant, the series science fiction worn by Halle Berry. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Grey's Anatomy: discover the actor who will replace Patrick Dempsey!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 1:06:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

Who loses hunting loses his place... This is certainly what you could say to the actor Patrick Dempsey of the series Grey's Anatomy, was already replaced by small new! Among them: Joe Adler, already appear in Mentalist.

Things are not in the plot of Grey's Anatomy! Less than a week after the departure of actor Patrick Dempsey (and thus his character Derek Sheperd), the Entertainment Weekly website has just announced the arrival of a new recruit to the Grey Sloan Memorial... This new protagonist whose name is still unknown will be played by the American actor Joe Adler. The small screen is not a first for the young man of 22 years: already seen in the series Mentalist, in which he played Jason Wylie. At the cinema, also could be seen in the film the labyrinth. It appears in at least two episodes of the season 11 currently broadcast in the United States on ABC and soon come to an end.

But Joe Adler is not the only one to make his entrance in the cast of Grey's Anatomy: a few weeks ago,In short, the future of the series is not compromised following the departure of Patrick Dempsey and the showrunner Shonda Rhimes has much to prove it, since his absence will allow small new punctured the screen! Yesterday, the actress Ellen pompeo (Meredith Grey) had also published a very positive note on his Twitter account about the future of his own character. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones: the major differences between the series and the books

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 12:01:19 AM America/Los_Angeles

Real phenomenon, the saga Game of Thrones is back every Monday evening on OCS City with CANALSAT for a fifth season. Fans of the books do not fail to note differences watching the series adaptation. Change of name, invented character... What are the major changes? Caution spoilers!

Airing on OCS City, season 5 of Game of Thrones promises as always violent deaths, incredible twists, and a few rare sketches to smile for our warriors protagonists. And say that the first volume written by George R. R. Martin was published in 1996! Originally planned to be a trilogy, the saga should count seven volumes in all, of which five have already been published. As in all work of adaptation of a book to the screen, the writers must make narrative choices. So do an overview of some major types of differences between the books and the series. Warning, spoilers if station you are not up-to-date on the series!

In the light of the horrors that fall them over, younger protagonists have aged in the series to allow adaptation to the general public. At the beginning of the first volume, Robb and Jon Snow have 14 years, Sansa at age 11, Arya 9 years, Bran 7 years old, and Daenerys 13 years. However, in the series, Robb (Richard Madden) and Jon (Kit Harington) have 16 years, Sansa (Sophie Turner) 13 years, Arya (Maisie Williams) 11 years, Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) 10 years, and Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) 16.

In the season 3 of the series, Talisa Maegyr (Oona Chaplin) meet Robb on the battlefield and they fall in love one another. They married in secret, which undermines the Covenant with the Frey. The couple is killed when the purple wedding, while she was pregnant. In the books, Robb met a young woman named Jaleel Westerling with whom he had intercourse and he married then. Jaleel is not present when the purple wedding and is not pregnant with Robb.

Other characters retain their identity and change name. This is the case of Theon Greyjoy's sister. In the book, her name is Asha, while it was renamed Yara (Gemma Whelan) in television fiction. Some speculated that it would be to not to be confused with the character of Osha who accompanied Bran and Rickon on their journey. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones: HBO attacks those who watch the series illegally

Thursday, April 23, 2015 1:23:56 AM America/Los_Angeles

HBO launches into the battle. The American that broadcasts Game of Thrones has decided to track down Internet users who pirate his series phenomenon. The war... is coming!

"Dear Sir/Madam, we are writing this message on behalf of Home Box Office (HBO). We have information that lead us to believe that someone has used your IP address to facilitate the downloading or streaming of content owned by HBO. "The title in question is: Game of Thrones". If you receive a mail of this kind, via your ISP, you are stalked!

Finished laugh! HBO has decided to take things in hand and no longer wishes to that phenomenon Game of Thrones series be pirated and illegally watched.A company specialized in the detection of IPS (the approximate amount of Hadopi here in France), in order to flush out all those who share the first episodes of season 5 via BitTorrent. As soon as a user is unmasked by this program,However, as explained in the Huffingtonpost, no "legal action" should be taken against the pirates,And HBO does not attack than to the Americans, according to the European station to you!

While the first episode of season 5 had managed to beat its record of hearing (8 million viewers at the time of the US broadcast), episode 2 (aired last Sunday) has lost more than a million of the faithful bringing 6.8 million viewers. A loss directly related to this massive leak? HBO has decided to resume the reins and no longer seems at all amused by the hacking of his fiction. Game of Thrones "as a compliment". Recall that in 2014, season 4 has been downloaded more than 8.1 million times; making it the series the most pirated in the world, far before its competitors. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-seasons-1-4-dvd-boxset.html

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Suits: 5 things to know about the actors in the series!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 2:47:54 AM America/Los_Angeles

The distribution of the fourth season of Suits starts this Tuesday night.On this occasion, let's look at players in the famous series of lawyers!

Harvey Specter and Mike Ross are back from this Tuesday, April 21, at Club Series. While viewers found the intrigues of your two lawyers fetishes tonight Suits, let's look at actors who are all the charm of the series. Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle and Sarah Rafferty ... Here are five things to know about the actors in Suits.

1. Patrick J. Adams is the boyfriend of a liar ... Pretty Little Liars
You are secretly in love with Patrick J. Adams,but it is engaged to Troian Bellisario, one of the heroic Pretty Little Liars.The most intelligent of the group.

2. Gabriel Macht has played superheroes
Prior to incarnate the brilliant Harvey Specter, Gabriel Match wore the costume of The Spirit, superhero film of Frank Miller (must comics to Will Eisner) who fights crime in Central City. Alas, the film, released in 2008, will make a flop, not propelling the careers of American actor.

When she is not playing the girlfriend of Mike Ross, Meghan Markle plays bloggers. The US, the Instagram account very dense, has a website: The Tig. Food, travel, fashion, daily life, the actress shares everything in this blog whose name is inspired by the abbreviation of an Italian wine, Tignanello.

4 Rick Hoffman: A regular small before Suits?
The one who plays the irresistible Louis Litt has shackled the guests born in the hit series before getting Regular in Suits. CSI: Miami, Chuck, New York Special Unit, NCIS, Crossing Jordan, Without a Trace, The Practice, CSI: NY, Lie to Me, Monk and The Mentalist are many lines in his CV. That's a lot!

5. Sarah Rafferty's best friend ... Gabriel Macht
For 20 years the actors know. They met at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. The reason for the perfect alchemy of the duo in Suits? Most definitely! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Doctor Who,the cinema in a blockbuster?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 2:28:05 AM America/Los_Angeles

According to e-mails from Sony published by Wikileaks, the Doctor Who series could be adapted for film a few years.

Mails pirated Sony Pictures still out regularly, and reveal crunchy information concerning our movies and favorite series. Last flight to date, due to Wikileaks: a rumor about the Doctor Who series, which could be adapted to film by the BBC.

The idea of making a movie with the Lord of time for hero does not date from yesterday and has been mentioned on several occasions. But for screenwriters, transpose one of the most famous characters of the British small screen was definitely not a good idea. Obviously, the BBC is not this notice. In malls, Director Danny Cohen says in effect that, so the franchise lasts as long as possible, should bring it to the cinema "in the 8 years coming".

But the current writers of the show would "feel that their position is not listened nor accepted" about a possible feature. For them, that's all just not the right time. Mails by Danny Cohen, however, indicate that there is a "huge interest" to the idea to make a Doctor Who film, and that BBC Worldwide would be "huge pressure".

Are we going to find the doctor to the cinema? The response within eight years, obviously.  Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/doctor-who-season-8-dvd-boxset.html

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Game of Thrones: the first four episodes of season 5 online

Sunday, April 12, 2015 9:36:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

Panic at HBO, the first four episodes of season 5 of Game of Thrones - which begins in a few hours on the American cable - have leaked on the internet. A leak that would come from a copy sent to the press. 100,000 downloads have already been identified in less than three hours.

Season 5 of Game of Thrones arrives tonight in the United States, with a first highly anticipated episode. An event like every year, which brings together millions of fans, but the party could be for HBO: the first four episodes of the new season have leaked there a few hours on the internet.

The episodes were left on a private server and streams were then dropped on public sites. Just over 100,000 downloads were recorded in three small hours. A blow to HBO, which attempts to combat piracy in recent years, and especially with the release of the first episode of season 5. The chain does US cable made sure it is proposed in 170 countries simultaneously, including France with SCO.

For three years, Game of Thrones is the most downloaded series, and 2015 is no exception to the rule. Between February 5 and 6 April, she was pirated more than 7 million times - all seasons - 45% more than the same period in 2014. A figure expected to increase significantly in the coming days with this unfortunate leak ... Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-season-4-dvd-boxset.html

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Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy): who is her husband, Chris Ivery?

Thursday, April 9, 2015 3:36:45 AM America/Los_Angeles

While his love affair with Dr. Mamour in Grey's Anatomy fascinated the Frenchman on TF1, Ellen Pompeo, in real life, shares her daily with Chris Ivery. But who is?

Last October, it was announced the second maternity of Ellen Pompeo, the star of Grey's Anatomy. Two months, she hosted with her husband Chris Ivery a girl, Sienna May, born to a surrogate mother. The couple was already parent of little Stella Luna, born in 2009. You will understand, if the emotional life of her character Meredith Grey is rather complicated t (with Dr. Shepard, there are highs and lows), all rolls (or almost) to Ellen Pompeo.

It was in 2003 that the actress met the man who became her husband, Chris Ivery in a supermarket. That, it is not trivial! The couple married in November 2007 in New York after Chris Ivery, music producer, has proposed to her on the day of his 27th birthday. How romantic ...

Parent of two children, the couple, who lives in Hollywood, is facing numerous rumors. Such rumors of infidelity by Chris. But the couple has managed to remain welded, the arrival of the little Sienna May is the best proof. The couple was even photographed on the streets of Los Angeles in March by train of shopping, like any couple.

Grey's Anatomy broadcast every Wednesday evening on TF1 from 20:55. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/grey-s-anatomy-seasons-1-10-dvd-boxset.html

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Previously on... Grey's Anatomy (season 10): where were we?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 9:30:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

While season 10 of Grey's Anatomy landed Wednesday 1 April at 20:55 on TF1, Tele-loisirs offers a small summary, in order to be fully ready before your favourite characters.

Grey's Anatomy made his return tonight on TF1 at 8:55 pm with the spread, unpublished in France, of the season 10. Three episodes will be broadcast this Wednesday to mark the return of the series (two new episodes will then broadcast each week). Then regain all our favorite characters, here is what you refreshing?

Remember, a very big storm hit Seattle. The hospital on alert, is preparing to receive many injured. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) then the meeting from a new doctor specialized in obstetrics whose charm the leaves not indifferent. Bailey has more confidence in it since she learned that she had forwarded a deadly infection to many patients. She refuses to return to the block even if the risk is now discarded. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), pregnant, falling down stairs. Worried, she immediately asked an ultrasound to make sure everything's okay. The result is reassuring.

It was announced in April Kepner that a patient will arrive by ambulance. While she supports, it rises from the stretcher and me to dance. In fact, it is a surprise orchestrated by the beautiful Matthew. The ambulance and boyfriend of April marriage. Obviously touched, she accepts!

The storm rages. The hospital is left without electricity and operations are thanks to flashlights. Arizona finds himself alone with the young doctor that she has just met. Things go wrong and they sleep together. Outside, a bus returns to the hospital. Everyone is trying to assist the wounded while the vehicle catches fire. He explodes while Jackson was trying to liberate a last survivor. Kepner think Jackson is dead. It will be quickly reassured when she discovers that the young man had managed to get away in time.

Meredith loses water. Surrounded by Derek, she gives birth to a little boy.Callie (Sara Ramirez) discovers that Arizona has cheated. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) declares his love to Jo while the duo Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) is in trouble. The season ended with Dr. Webber left unconscious in the basement of the hospital. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/grey-s-anatomy-season-10-dvd-boxset.html

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Game of Thrones: the series will overtake the books!

Monday, March 30, 2015 3:14:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

We suspected a little, it's now official. Readers of the saga A Song of Ice and Fire watching also the series Game of Thrones, will ultimately be wickedly spoiler end books. When the time comes, we expect a wave of hysteria. For fans of the series who do not read the novels, on the other hand, this revelation to a small taste for revenge...

"Pffff, if you read the books, you know that BIIIIIIIIIP is BIIIIIIIIP during the marriage of BIIIIIIP". It is a phrase that many fans of Game of Thrones having never read the novels have heard at least once. It's infuriating. And it's especially totally unjustified. Soon, they can return the courtesy to readers of A Song of Ice and Fire.

In a recent conference at the University of Oxford, the two showrunners of Game of Thrones David Benioff and D.B. Weiss announced what many feared: the series ends before the novels which it is adapted. Therefore, the readers of the saga will be spoiler on TV before I saw the end of their novels. Fans of the movie, them, version see? as a return of well deserved karma (it teases, store your forks and your torches!).

A revelation that is not really a since one could easily suspect of such an outcome. Indeed, the next volume of the literary saga, The Winds of Winter, will probably not be published before early 2016. Gold series, it moves faster than the music. Difficult with a production industrialized as a TV fiction, to curb four irons to wait that George R. R. Martin has finished writing. Benioff and Weiss have a plan for seven seasons, and they want to keep. "I would have liked that one does spoiled not some elements of the book, but it is stuck between the hammer and the anvil and the show must continue to move forward" said Benioff.

Readers can always consolation saying that the series, share its format of 10 episodes per season, is forced to leave some things.Read books, even after seeing Game of Thrones, allows nevertheless to deepen the world focused on the small screen, to find ramifications and secondary plots that could not be addressed on TV for reasons of space or for brevity.

If you also are part of these seriephiles who love Game of Thrones but who did not read the novels, without any shame, to readers of A Song of Ice and Fire who despised you nicely so far: "Pfff, no, but wait, you have not seen the series? Because if you watched the series, you would know that BIIIIIIIIIP is BEEEEEEEEP BIIIIIIP during the wedding?". Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The S.H.I.E.L.D agents: Chloe Bennet (Skye) fell in love on the set... but who?

Thursday, March 26, 2015 6:51:46 PM America/Los_Angeles

If tonight you planned to watch the new episodes of Marvel, the S.H.I.E.L.D Agents, it would be a shame to ignore the love story that took place behind the scenes... and precisely on the filming of the episode 5 aired this Wednesday, March 25 on W9.

W9 broadcasts Wednesday evening episodes 4, 5 and 6 of the first season of Marvel, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents And well imagine that on the filming of episode 5, actress Chloe Bennet, interpreter of the hero not in the series, the lovely Agent Skye, fell in love. The happy chosen is not a unknown to viewers and viewers since it's Austin Nichols, well known to fans of the series the Scott brothers, in which he plays for five years the character of Julian Baker. The actor is also currently in the cast of season 5 of The Walking Dead (he played one of the sons of Deanna) and went through the series Ray Donovan.

In the fifth episode of Marvel, the entitled S.H.I.E.L.D Agents Scorch, Austin Nichols plays Miles, a famous hacker and old acquaintance of Skye, who will give a helping hand to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Behind the scenes, the actor falls under the spell of his game partner, twelve years his junior. Couple since then (September 2013), the two young people are always very lovers, according to photos posted recently by the actress on Instagram.

it is not the first time that the two actors fall under the spell of their comrade. Austin Nichols has thus remained six years with Sophia Bush, to whom he gave the reply in the Scott brothers. Chloe Bennet has attended a time Sam Palladio, met on the set of Nashville. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Downton Abbey: season 6 will be the last

Monday, March 23, 2015 8:33:12 PM America/Los_Angeles

The end of clap will soon be ringing for Donwton Abbey.According to media reports, season 6 will be the last for the British series. A new that fans were expecting for a long time.

The doors of Downton Abbey will soon close. The rumor that annon has the end of the British television series at the end of the season 6 seems to clarify. American site TV Line has indeed announced that filming would stop permanently at the end of next season.

Maggie Smith, the interpreter of Violet Crawley, had already hinted that similar purpose: ""I do not see how we could continue Anyway. In any case, , I can not continue long. I have 110 years to my knowledge! ", she had said a few weeks ago. Therefore, the rumor was launched. So the series creator Julian Fellowes had recently said: "you can ask me questions about the end of the series, but I will not answer".

It must be said that like her, many actors of Downton Abbey seem to want to turn the page, and proceed to the next step of their career. Despite excellent show hearings, several of them have already left the cast. Starting with Dan Stevens, who will play the prince in beauty and the beast.

In France, the season 5 of Downton Abbey, broadcast on TMC, has made very good hearings. Season 6, it will begin in the United States within a few months. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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American Horror Story: actor Ben Woolf died

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 8:27:10 PM America/Los_Angeles

The cast of American Horror Story is in mourning. Actor Ben Woolf, who played Meep in last season, finally succumbed to his injuries an accident a few days ago. He was 34 years old.

Despite a small burst of hope in the day yesterday, finally, Ben Woolf do will wake up not. American actor succumbed to his wounds and died this Monday, February 23, following a stroke. A few days ago, he had been struck on the head by the rearview mirror of a vehicle, and was since in a critical condition.

With its small size and its atypical physical, Ben Woolf excelled in a bit specific, particularly in that of the supernatural characters. Since the very first season of the series, he had joined the cast of American Horror Story of Ryan Murphy, playing the role of the Infantata in the season 1, or the character of Meep in Freak Show, season 4, which has just ended.

In a statement relayed by TMZ, the family of the actor said: "we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from anywhere in the world for our beloved Ben." In 34 years, he touched so many hearts... "." According to American website, Ben Woolf would have chosen to donate his organs to save lives until the end.

A tribute will be soon made at a ceremony in Santa Barbara. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/american-horror-story-seasons-1-2-dvd-box-set.html

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Scandal: What are the spin doctors as Olivia Pope?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 4:05:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Scandal series fascinating. And as a fan of Olivia Pope, you will probably be before Téva this Monday, February 9th from 8:40 p.m. for a special evening dedicated to this amazing spin doctor, responsible for managing crises. By the way ... what is a spin doctor and how? A work? A specialist answers us.

In Scandal, Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) has become expert in crisis management at the point of working for the White House. An efficient and formidable spin doctor who commands admiration. But what exactly is behind this term "spin doctor"? posed the question to John Xmas Chaintreuil, advisor strategies that worked with several politicians and author of several books.

What's a spin doctor
Jean-No l Chaintreuil: A spin doctor is a communications consultant whose main role is to make its best customers?. He brings solutions to their problems of influence, positioning and visibility. The job of a spin doctor is a mix between the business analyst, strategist and end organizer: select a suitable outfit, preparing a TV interview, a meeting with influencers, refine key messages, respond to attacks and clarify the short and long term strategies.

What personalities work with a spin doctor?
This job is more common in Anglo-Saxon countries, many professionals rely on spin doctors to bring their business or themselves on a national or even international level. I work well with politicians than with CEOs of large companies in France and abroad, representatives of international NGOs or start-up patrons who come to raise funds.

What are the steps of a good image of crisis management?
A great quote from Sun Tzu that I keep in mind is: "A victorious army is even before battle A defeated army first launched in battle and then searches the win.". So for a good crisis management, the main step is the anticipation (formalization and risk assessment and influence networks, creation of action plans) and the formation of teams to deal with different situations. The other steps are the operational management of the situation and especially the tracking and image reconstruction. It is also essential to know how to pick.

President Francois Hollande advisors, why a personal matter (Gayet the case) she was able to splash his image to that point?
We can retain at least two major points. If the story had happened in the 2000s, it would have had much less impact. Internet today amplifies all business and abolishes the boundary between private and public life. Where The more important of the spin doctor who has to manage an image?Is global. Today, political or public image is primarily subject to the rules of the Web. It is therefore essential to widely advertise and know think relevant and coherent strategy. Internet becomes a lever of influence. If we are still very few do this job in France, it tends to democratize because leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of managing their public image. The development of social networks is also for many.

The second point is good to be prepared for all eventualities. The potential crisis situations should be anticipated, analyzed and prepared an answer. The upstream consulting work is complex but manageable? How effective. With one of my American clients, we worked on a risk mapping and appropriate responses in each case. When a crisis broke out, he was able to keep a cool head and we were able, with his team, set up a quick and effective solution without any negative result. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/scandal-season-2-dvd-boxset.html

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The Americans (season 3): the secret life of KGB spies resumes tonight on Canal + Series

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 11:55:23 PM America/Los_Angeles

Powerful and demanding, The Americans remains one of the finest achievements of the time. And she resumed this Tuesday, February 3 at 9: 40 pm on Canal + Series for a season 3.

More time passes, Russian agents infiltrated in the United States in the 1980s, attach to what they built to ensure their coverage. And particularly to their two children, Paige and Henry. Writers a little more put to the test the feelings of spies in this new season - that starts at 9:40 p.m. this Tuesday, February 3 on Canal + Series - and compelled the two heroes their daughter as an agent. A scenario that immerses the couple in ever-greater torment while at the same time, the tasks entrusted by the KGB become not faint. It was explained to you why The Americans is one of the best series of the time.

Because the writers are the two heroes worthy of James Bond missions... Except that Elizabeth and Philipp are far from children's they eliminate the troublesome witnesses without scruples, deceive, lie and use all means - including the most violent - to achieve their purposes.

Because espionage stories serve as backdrop to the intimacy of the two agents, real subject of the series. What are their torments, their anxieties, their objections? The first season was interested in the love setbacks of this couple off standard. The second brutally introduced the question of children. If Elizabeth and Philipp are willing to risk their lives, what of their children?

Because two players of exception interpret this tandem to extraordinary fate. Shakespearien Matthew Rhys (Brothers and Sisters) here shows all his talent. The incredible actress who made the success of Felicity (Golden Globe for best actress for this drama series) finally has a r? the to its measurement.

Because it is a fascinating x-ray of America. Two KGB spies adopt all family codes perfect - American children go to the Mall, eat ice cream... - to best disassemble the wheels. Created By http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-americans-season-1-dvd-box-set.html

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House of Cards: the season 3 aired in full on 28 February on Canal + Series

Monday, February 2, 2015 7:41:29 PM America/Los_Angeles

Canal + has announced the arrival of the season 3 of House of Cards on February 28.It will be broadcast in marathon starting from 20:50 and available on the heels on Canal + at the request.

While the season 3 of House of Cards will land in the United States February 27 next on Netflix, Canal + has announced that it would broadcast the new season tomorrow on his Canal + Series. New episodes featuring Machiavellian Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), will be offered in the form of a marathon from 8:50 pm. A good way to stick to the policy of Netflix, which puts online all episodes in one fell swoop.

But Canal + fact things big and to avoid being lost in the throes of the policy pursued by Underwood and his numerous manipulations, the chain will allow its subscribers to relive the two first seasons, on 27 February - season 1 from 11 pm - and 28 February - season 2 from 10: 00 - still on Canal + Series in multilingual version.

The three seasons of House of Cards will then be available on the heels on Canal + at the request. are you ready to fall back into murderous madness of a man consumed by his lust for power? Frank Underwood, him, is ready to welcome you once again... Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/house-of-cards-seasons-1-2-dvd-boxset.html

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Drop Dead Diva: how to end? Jane she finished with Grayson?

Sunday, February 1, 2015 8:40:11 PM America/Los_Angeles

For those who have missed,we tell you how to complete the adventures of Jane Bingum. WARNING SPOILERS!

After six seasons and 78 episodes, Drop Dead Diva is ... done! On Sunday, June 22, 2014, Lifetime was programming the last episode of the series carried by Brooke Elliott. Sunday evening is the chain does Téva which broadcast for the first time in France, the final episode of the series. Prior to its release soon on M6 and the most impatient of you, it unveils the end of the series. So Jane Bingum she was finally able to declare his love to Grayson?

The answer is ... yes and no! As in many series, Jane and Grayson (Jackson Hurst) have turned around for several seasons. At the beginning of the sixth, Jane Grayson admitted his incredible secret. Jane is actually Deb, former companion of Grayson, died in a car accident five years. Thanks to an incredible misunderstanding, Deb managed to return to paradise and included the body of Jane, a lawyer. And if we could believe that Grayson and Jane would be reunited at the end of Drop Dead Diva, it is not. The fiction played with the hearts of fans all the way.

In the ninth episode of Season 6, Grayson died in a shootout in court. In heaven, he finds Fred, the first guardian angel of Jane and managed to convince him to return to Earth. He then joined the body of Ian Holt (played by Jeffrey Pierce). Problem: it is accused of murder and is about to be executed. Jane then will do everything to save him. Faced with the sudden new romance of Jane Owen and Kim - the colleagues of Jane - worry and try to make him aware that Ian is not made for it.

Faced with their insistence Jane resigned and left the firm in the penultimate episode of the series. The last episode of Drop Dead Diva is held the day before the wedding and Stacy Owen. The latter is about to give birth. Unsurprisingly, Jane manages to save Ian. The latter is released from prison. In the dying minutes, Stacy gives birth while Jane / Deb file the perfect love with Grayson / Ian. All's well that ends well. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/drop-dead-diva-seasons-1-6-dvd-boxset.html

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Hannibal Season 3: first pictures unveiled?

Sunday, January 25, 2015 7:54:30 PM America/Los_Angeles

The season 3 of the series Hannibal have been postponed until next summer, but it unfolds today through a trailer that is cold in the back.

As we know, the season 3 of the series Hannibal has been postponed until next summer, but this does not prevent NBC of spoiling already some images antes, through the first trailer.

Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) continues his hunt for the killer Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), but it will be a few years after the events of season 2, since there will be a jump in time...

Recall that in this season 3, the hero of the trilogy the Hobbit, Richard Armitage, will portray Francis Dolarhyde, a serial killer known as the "Tooth Fairy", and should appears? tre in at least six episodes.

In France, the series Hannibal is to follow on Canal + Series. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/hannibal-season-2-dvd-boxset.html

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The Vampire Diaries: the cast may change after season 7

Thursday, January 22, 2015 7:32:24 PM America/Los_Angeles

Paul Wesley announced that he could decide to leave the show after season 7 of The Vampire Diaries.

Upcoming departures in The Vampire Diaries? While Steven R McQueen (Jeremy) will go away in a few weeks, Paul Wesley suggesting today that desires elsewhere. US actor announcement clearly that it is not at all still be there after the season 7, 2016: "We have another year happens (the series was renewed in early by CW) and then I'm not sure what will happen ... "said the interpreter of Stefan Salvatore in an interview with the site Collider.

"Personally, I still enjoy the show, because now I also spend time to time behind the camera. So I feel to do new things. But it's true that without this experience up scene, maybe I would feel sluggish ... "Paul Wesley continuous accurate:" next season 7 will probably be very interesting, because I think they will move the dynamics of history. .. But then, to be honest, I do not know if it will be the same cast. "for now, Paul Wesley is still there and season 6 of The Vampire Diaries will resume this Thursday, January 22 in the United States. In France, the series is broadcast on NT1. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-vampire-diaries-seasons-1-4-dvd-box-set.html

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Digital harassment escapes anyone. The young actress Maisie Williams (which starred Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones series) has also suffered many negative messages on social networks.

The return to reality is sometimes cruel! Young Maisie Williams, who play Arya Stark in the bestselling Game of Thrones series, can attest. Pending the launch of the fifth season, the actress of 17 years has abandoned its costumes time to turn in an English movie, entitled Siketot96, which on the 2.0 harassment many teenagers on the internet. She also experienced the digital derision of many strangers on the internet and social networks.

"I'm dealing with trolls (people who send negative messages to other Internet users, often to mock them, Editor's note) on the internet every day." Can say that this is not well wicked, but these people there really are evil, in fact. Because we realize that there is someone who sat down at his computer and wrote all these things that are passed through the head. "People swing you for free, and sometimes moves you to a place that hurts" she told Digital Spy. Messages that may affect younger, sometimes pushing them to commit the irreparable...

Maisie Williams then adds: "it is easy to say just ignore them. But when you have 12 or 13 years, you don't want to ignore them, you want do them evil in return and you enter a vicious circle. Now, I have more recoil and I tell myself that? a not even worth the penalty that I care. "and understood who I am now..." Admirers of the family Lannister were those who were harassing the girl Stark? History does not tell it us... In the United States, the season 5 of Game of Thrones will begin Sunday, April 12 on HBO and will be broadcast on OCS. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-season-4-dvd-boxset.html

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Veep season 1 review

Monday, January 19, 2015 9:37:15 PM America/Los_Angeles

Politics is a widely topic explored in the American series, The West Wing to House of Cards, passing by the little-known K Street of Steven Soderbergh. this is for the drama. With Veep, you will see that there are also to start speaking of amendments, votes of the Congress, the NRA or the abortion debate. If so, juror promised.

You do not yet know Veep? Band of small lucky, this comedy political landed precisely on Canal + Series tonight, with the first three episodes at 20:45. Are you brieffe a bit before you start. Veep, it is the nickname given to the Vice President of the United States. It is a contraction of its acronym, VP (pronounced "ViPi"). In the case of Veep, the series created by Armando Iannucci for HBO, he is a Vice President. Selina Meyer, played by the wonderful Julia Louis-Dreyfus,has become President of the United States. Selina has teeth that line the floor of the White House, and has trouble living in the shadow of the most powerful man on the planet. Despite the finally rather limited, it has a little bit the diva complex.

Certainly, it occupies its duties with determination (almost) foolproof. But make no mistake about, Selina serves as its own interests, with online focus, in a future she hopes enough close: the oval office. Waiting to pick up the job of her dreams, she leads his boat though vainly.

In this series, as in Veep, writer has fun at the expense of these policies ultra ambitious but stuck in an administration immobilized until the ridiculous: paperwork to do more finish, media manipulation (when it is not the media who manipulate them), absurd public appearances and His new Muse,Veep also owes its success to the seconds. All the 'Selina team' is a range of personalities endearing, maddening, hilarious, embarrassing. Of the personal assistant to the Secretary, through the staff of communication... in short, an entourage as indispensable to the balance of the series as his hero.

You say we recommend Veep would be an understatement: you should see Veep! The first three episodes of season 1 are available as soon as this Sunday, January 18, from 8:45 pm. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/veep-season-1-dvd-box-set.html

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The Walking Dead: Ross Marquand (Mad Men) will be the first gay character in the series?

Thursday, January 15, 2015 10:35:28 PM America/Los_Angeles

And a new character!If in The Walking Dead, the dead follow, it must be that the writers also add new actors to further plot ... The zombies are flesh hungry. Ross Marquand is one of the new protagonists of the second half of season 5; and the first openly gay character in the series.

You count the days before the resumption of Season 5 of The Walking Dead? And according to the latest rumors and many US sites, a new character will be arriving in the second half of the season. The Hollywood Reporter announced that Ross Marquand will be one that will play it. The website even reveal the name of the protagonist in fiction, which will be ... Aaron. Present in the Robert Kirkman comic book (which is based on the TV series), we do not tell you more about its features. But just know that it will be the first openly gay character in the series. Good news for fans of the program already speculated about the sexuality of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) ... Could it fall into the arms of Aaron?

American actor Ross Marquand is not yet well known to the public.The most often secondary and is actually in the series Mad Men (which he played Paul Newman) it begins to make a (small) name. Theater, shows, movies and voice dubbing, it multiplies the projects from an early age. Enjoyed by millions of viewers, The Walking Dead is the series that will bring him early notoriety? It will not be the only new character to appear? Be in this second half of the season. Alexandra Breckenridge will also be there; as announcing to you? See you on February 9 OCS to find episode 9 of the series. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-walking-dead-seasons-1-5-dvd-box-set.html

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House of Cards: 'We'll never see the series on Netflix' in France

Thursday, January 15, 2015 12:10:47 AM America/Los_Angeles

In an interview with the newspaper Sud Ouest, Cécile Fouques, head of communications for Netflix in Europe, announces that the cult series of the streaming service will be ever available in France.

Bad news for fans of series! House of Cards is never available on Netflix France. Creating original, emblematic of the international power of the streaming service, the political fiction by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright faces rights fran? In an interview published Wednesday by our colleagues from South West, Cécile Fouques, responsible of the communication of Netflix in Europe announced that the exclusive rights of dissemination, resold a few years ago to Canal +, prevents the platform to broadcast the series on its network. Even the previous seasons. "We (House of Cards, Editor's note) will never see on our support" she explains.

The Manager back on startup announced as shy by Le Parisien, which revealed that only 200 000 to 250 000 households were subscribed in France. "Agencies are doing studies and their figures belong to them. I can simply tell you that we are happy with the results obtained in Europe"she says before explaining further in the interview that"according to countries more or less rapid accession to Netflix is not linked to the catalog. The economic model of VOD and the VODS is not yet widespread in France. In the months that will come, all this will be refined. (....) "Change is underway and will go in increasing".

Early 2015, Netflix claims more than 53 million subscribers worldwide including $ 37 million in the United States alone. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/house-of-cards-seasons-1-2-dvd-boxset.html

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Almost Human: the futuristic copshow produced by J.J. Abrams TF1

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 1:00:50 AM America/Los_Angeles

This Tuesday, January 13, TF1 broadcast Almost Human, a series that blends cheerfully "buddy show", crime and science fiction, new production of J.J. Abrams.

2048, in Los Angeles, the police have now teamed up. During an intervention against a terrorist group, John Kennex sees dying teammate and loses his leg following an explosion. After a long coma and the installation of a synthetic prosthesis, the COP wants to resume service and is assigned a robot. A forced collaboration that is not frankly to his Mind, he ejects from his car while they drive on the highway and decides to find another. He opted finally for Dorian, a former model withdrawn from circulation since regarded as all too human and therefore unpredictable. Kennex is going to have to adapt to this new partner that will help him in his hunt for terrorists.

Created by J.H. Wyman, writer, producer and co-showrunner of Fringe, and produced by J.J. Abrams, Almost Human has, from the pilot, a package of assets in his sleeve to seduce as many.

This first episode is dense and delivers a maximum of information. This is probably excessive but,it clearly shows the ambition of the series: put eyeful! This futuristic decor of a city plagued by crime, inevitably evokes the film Blade Runner.

If you are not familiar with the laws of Robotics of the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, a small reminder is necessary to understand the rules that govern the smallest actions. These laws are as follows:

A robot cannot harm a human being, or remaining passive, allow a human being to be exposed to the hazard.A robot must obey orders given to him a human being, unless they come into conflict with the first law.A robot must protect its existence as long as this does not conflict with the previous two laws.

These precepts, found in many stories of robots,Dorian, him, being more human, and therefore considered as faulty by the authorities, is contrary to these rules. A character who raises so many questions like free will, or the seat of conscience and feelings.

Like any good work of science fiction, Almost Human adventure on this philosophical terrain in the background. But make no mistake about, Almost Human is primarily a series of muscular and very effective action. Add to that a soup on of pretty well dosed humour and a budding friendship between the two protagonists, without forgetting the foundations for a promising mythology. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/almost-human-season-1-dvd-boxset.html

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Game of Thrones: The launch date of season 5 unveiled

Monday, January 12, 2015 4:23:39 AM America/Los_Angeles

HBO has announced the release date of the fifth season of Game of Thrones on its antenna. Get out the calendars: it's April 12 that the next series adapted from the novels of George RR Martin will be back with a new season. Warning SPOILERS!

Tyrion, the Khaleesi, Jon Snow, Arya Stark and Jaime Lannister will soon be back on your screens. It's official, HBO has unveiled the release date of the first episode of Season 5: Following their adventures is scheduled for 12 April 2015. If there is no trailer available on the web, the chain does US has promised in January. Either during the broadcast of a few episodes of Season 4 in some US IMAX theaters.

The season already looks exciting.This fifth season could be very followed, if only to know what character will be the next to fall by the wayside as the macabre habit of George RR Martin.

Sad news. We already know that there will not Hodor this season. This fifth season she will follow in her search for Arya Jaqen H'ghar to Braavos? Jon Snow will escape the white walkers? See you on April 12 on HBO, and the next day on OCS in France ... Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-seasons-1-4-dvd-boxset.html

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Season 5 of NCIS: Los Angeles resumes this Saturday night on M6!

Monday, January 5, 2015 2:32:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

Good news for fans of NCIS: Los Angeles. Season 5 resumes this Saturday night from 8:55 pm on M6!

Saturday, December 6, M6 aired the 20th episode of season 5 of NCIS: Los Angeles before interrupting the broadcast of the series to start the season 2 collection. As fans of the duo Callen/Hanna (Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J) rejoice because he is back from this Saturday, January 3. The chain finally broadcasts the end of season 5.

Chris O'Donnell: 7 things to know about the actor in NCIS: Los Angeles

The plot resumes so the 21st episode, entitled the third heart. You can discover the actor Daniel Henney (seen in X - Men Origins: Wolverine and Hawaii 5-0), guest time to an episode. He plays Paul Angelo, an officer under cover of NCIS, smuggled by Callen and Hanna. In the program of the evening: an unreleased track and two reruns as usual.

This Saturday night on M6 from 20:55 to NCIS: Los Angeles, season 5. That investigation will resume! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/ncis-los-angeles-seasons-1-4-dvd-box-set.html

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Edward Herrmann, actor Gilmore Girls died

Sunday, January 4, 2015 5:09:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

He was known for his role Richard Gilmore, the father of Lorela in the series Gilmore Girls. Edward Herrmann is decdede yesterday evening of the continuations of a cancer of the brain.

The cast of the series Gilmore Girls is in mourning: one of its members died this Wednesday, December 31, 2014, shortly before the new year. Edward Herrmann, the interpreter of the father of Lorela in the series succumb to cancer of the brain at the age of 71.

The actor was particularly known for his role in Gilmore Girls, but Richard Gilmore is far from being the only character Edward Herrmann has had occasion to interpret. During his career, viewers had the opportunity to see him in several series such as Judicial Police in New York, Oz, Grey's Anatomy, or even How I Met Your Mother. He had also won an Emmy Awards for his role in The Practice. In film, he had shared the Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio poster.

Lauren Graham, the actress who portrayed his daughter in Gilmore Girls, held him a last tribute via his Twitter account: "my friend Ed Herrmann was the nicest and most talented men. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/gilmore-girls-seasons-1-7-dvd-boxset-dvd-9.html

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EXCLUDED Castle: France 2 will broadcast a documentary on the behind-the-scenes of the series

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 12:17:25 AM America/Los_Angeles

On the occasion of the end of the season Castle 6, France 2 has prepared an evening event. January 19 at 10:15 pm, the chain would not broadcast a documentary in two parts on the scenes of the hit police series. Not to be missed.

Excluded Tele-loisirs. Last September, a team of production company Black Dynamite was able to visit a few days on the set of season 7 of Castle. To put small dishes in large, France 2, its magazine unit, and its purchases of programs branch, have managed to obtain valuable permissions to access behind the scenes of the police series.

According to Antoine Boilley, Secretary general of France 2, could not shoot unpublished images of the scenes of an episode of season 7, and got interviews with the main players which, of course, Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. The documentary, entitled Castle: the secrets of a phenomenon series, consists of two parts of 26 minutes each: behind the scenes of filming and met the star couple. Broadcast January 19 at 22:15.

"We wanted the last episode of season 6 with a special evening", explains Antoine Boilley. Thus, after this final, entitled the big day, the next episode will be chosen by viewers. They can vote on the website dedicated to Castle on France 2 from December 29 to January 12 midnight to select their favorite episode among the five proposed.

Finally, at approximately 22:15 the chain will only broadcast the famous documentary which will attempt to "decipher the reasons that make this series a phenomenon", said Antoine Boilley. "It will be presented in the form of the autopsy of a success, to keep the narrative mode of an investigation," he added. 'Trying to wonder about what could happen in this new season, but also on the success of novels, and the communities of fans around the series', he says. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/castle-seasons-1-6-dvd-box-set.html

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Homeland: season 4 provoked the wrath of Pakistan

Tuesday, December 30, 2014 6:37:09 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Pakistani authorities are angry against Homeland and its season 4 which takes place in their countries. For them, the American series gives a very bad image of Pakistan by claiming that a dangerous terrorist is protected.

Homeland is not only of friends since its inception. In season 2, the Lebanon was highly critical of the series created by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa accusing it of convey the worst possible shadow on the country. Two years later, for its season 4 - which has just ended in the United States - it is the turn of Pakistan to complain about the image that Homeland returns to the country. "Slander a partner country and close ally of the United States made harm to security and to the American people" said a source.

According to the New York Post, which relayed the information, Pakistan blame the American series with the "repeated insinuations that the secret services Pakistan protect terrorists at the expense of innocent civilians are not only absurd, they are also an insult to the thousands of members of the security of the country who sacrificed for fight against terrorism". Season 4 of Homeland is focused on tracking down terrorist Hassan Haqqani, by Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), protected by Tasneem Qureshi, officer of the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) and the Pakistani authorities.

The image of Islamabad also suffers from this image given by the series, a resident of Pakistan describes it as "a quiet and beautiful town with lots of greenery and beautiful hills in Homeland it is described as a squalid hell, a zone of war with gunfights, bombs and corpses scattered everywhere..." Nothing could be farther from the truth"while regretting that producers and writers not did a little more research, which"would have changed a lot of things ".

After the interview that kills and North Korea, creations film and television of the United States have definitely more the coast with the Asian continent. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/homeland-season-4-dvd-box-set.html

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The favorites TV-series Hobbies: True Detective, Fargo, Scandal ...

Monday, December 29, 2014 6:18:13 AM America/Los_Angeles

End of year synonymous with balance. Today, its journalists have focused on the TV series and you expose their shots heart 2014.

A series brilliant. Everything is excellent: generic, script, cast, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson would deserve an Oscar, atmosphere... I had a great TV moment on my tablet in fact. Thanks OCS.

I loved the sticky atmosphere of the villages lost in Louisiana, police intrigue to halfway between the silence of the Lambs and Twin Peaks, the duo of actors: Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, the intelligence of the mounting... And then this generic! @PEYRATDavid

A series that takes us there where it was not expected with a perfect cast, including the very fashionable Martin Freeman in the bastard disguised as shabby. To a lesser extent, recall us almost this good old Walter White... Blow of heart for Billy Bob Thornton in Hitman in the multiple faces and Allison Tolman, revelation of the series.The black humor, the loser and characters ... WTF mind Coen brothers hanging over the series without that there is a repetition of the film that inspired the series. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Strain: the fantastic series of Guillermo del Toro already on Canal + Series

Thursday, December 25, 2014 5:11:47 AM America/Los_Angeles

Coup for Canal + Series which has just announced the acquisition of The Strain, still unpublished fantasy series in France.

The first series by Guillermo del Toro arrived in France as early as the month of February 2015 on Canal + Series. From a trilogy of novels by the Director of Pan's Labyrinth, The Strain will seduce lovers of genre, with its aesthetic of series Z, its Gothic atmosphere, its creatures disgusted vaunts and his power permanent. Tell you would spoil the surprise of the first pilot episode. Here is simply the starting premise: a plane lands at New York JFK airport. The lights are off, the doors remain closed, the unit is cold. Unable to communicate with the crew. Epidemiologist Dr. Ephraim Goodweather is sent. Inside, he discovered 206 body and only four survivors. A quarantine is necessary before discovering the causes of this carnage.

At the casting, in the shoes of Dr. Goodweather, is an actor accustomed to the TV series. Created By http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-strain-season-1-dvd-boxset.html

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The Walking Dead: Kim Dickens (Gone Girl) won the first four spin-off series

Wednesday, December 24, 2014 8:17:15 AM America/Los_Angeles

It's done! Kim Dickens won the first role of the feminine of the spin-off series of The Walking Dead. The American actress of 49 years won the Grail to many actresses after a casting held "experiencing" according to the website Deadline. Already known beforehand,who will attempt to survive the threat of zombie with his two children, played by Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey. A "single mother MILF, banal but haunted by a past trouble", according to the American site. Kim Dickens will be accompanied by Cliff Curtis, heroes main project, announced a few days ago. No release date has yet been announced for this spin-off, whose code name is, for the moment, Cobalt.

Kim Dickens was recently Gone Girl of David Fincher poster where she interpreted the officer Boney. Veteran of the second role in the TV series. With the acquisition of this first role and always growing success of apocalyptic fiction created by Robert Kirkman, actress should gain notoriety. Recall that in the U.S., The Walking Dead is the the more verbose series on the social network Twitter. Currently on winter break, the season 5 will resume on February 8. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-walking-dead-seasons-1-4-dvd-box-set.html

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Final Homeland, Victoria Justice, the event France 2 back... the trailers of the week

Tuesday, December 23, 2014 12:44:47 AM America/Los_Angeles

Friday is the day of the series trailers! This week, was unveiled the first images of the end of the season 4 of Homeland, but also those of Eye Candy, the new series of Victoria Justice, and then of made in France with the return of WorkinGirls and the new series of France 2, accused. Without forget the mysterious trailer for Game of Thrones.

Homeland. Final season 4
Many have unfollowed Carrie Mathison in its fight against terrorism at the end of season 3... and they were wrong! Underestimated, this fourth season we will have find the excitement of the first. With episodes under high tension on bottom of conspiracies, betrayals and pinpoint strategies, season 4 has proved to be more nervous than ever.

Eye Candy. The new series of Victoria Justice

After Victorious, the idol of teenagers will soon be back in Eye Candy. A student gifted for computing, which was persuaded by her roommate to register on a dating site. But very quickly, she will realize that she might be in contact with a serial killer raging in Manhattan. Hop, helped a friend in the police, the geek started tracking down the mysterious caller.

The crazy series of Canal + is available in telefilm! A special episode, in which will find themselves in jail after having inadvertently involved in the death of their boss.

6 episodes, 6 stories, 6 people. Adapted from a British format, accused tells as a day, everything can fail. How can be found in the box of the accused, to await the verdict. Each episode traces such a puzzle the last weeks, months, years, a charged so we forged an opinion pending the final decision of the jury. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/homeland-season-4-dvd-box-set.html

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Orphan Black: new images for season 3

Monday, December 22, 2014 6:24:54 AM America/Los_Angeles

After a first trailer last month, the BBC has unveiled new images for the season 3 of Oprhan Black. As usual, this small trailer of a few seconds is very cryptic...

The club of the clones is back! If the season 3 of Orphan Black landed on April 18, 2015, the BBC began to disclose some information in dribs and drabs. If all this remains for the time being mysterious, the new trailer unveiled by the issues that will punctuate the season 3.

In these 30 seconds of the trailer, we see Tatiana Maslany, the main actress of the series, "it is a struggle for knowledge, Those who have the power does it not give up easily"before Rudy (Ari Millen) and the young Kira (Skyler Wexler) don't appear on the screen to conclude"they have never done and will never". Scary images, which have the merit of quickly plunge us into the atmosphere of the series.

Orphan Black tells the dangerous journey of Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Helena - four clones, all embodied by Tatiana Maslany - trying to discover the truth about their true origin. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/orphan-black-seasons-1-2-dvd-boxset.html

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Game of Thrones: a new (mini) teaser of season 5

Thursday, December 18, 2014 7:07:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

Some images from the fifth season of Game of Thrones were leaked... Putting poorly shot of marketing of HBO, who wanted to succeed to keep confidential video.

Ah... Game Of Thrones, this talent to raise the buzz around any image. This is (yet) managed to make the series, offering a new video. All ten seconds of the fifth season, but that fans snapped up already (and the first).

The teaser, see above, immerses us in the visions of the Raven in three eyes, who definitely seems to be at the heart of this next installment. Sansa, Arya, Tyrion and we can almost guess the shadow of Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) behind the bars of a window. There is time to see a mysterious lake, before seeing a book closes suddenly. You have understood: no new information on the horizon, but just returned from what raise the excitement of the fans.

Not what to complain anyway: you'd never have seen these images. At least, not without you be registered on the site Three-Eyed Raven (yet move of the "Raven in three eyes!) which requires your Twitter account or your phone number. The HBO launched this small site to be able to distill more confidentially that the pictures of the fifth season. Moreover, when the first trailer (there also of 10 seconds) has been published, it ended at the message "Receive the power of the view", with the address of the event site. Yesterday, members were therefore notified of the arrival of a new snippet they could preview only once before it disappears forever...

Should have been recalled to HBO that nothing will really Internet. And that Internet users are willing to do anything to broadcast images supposedly "secret", do learn you anything. The teaser so found himself in no time on the web, in a quality poor but all similarly. Well tried, but the marketing is missed. Unless HBO has precisely planned his coup to make still more talk about it and its flagship series. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-seasons-1-4-dvd-boxset.html

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Person of Interest: season 3 is back on TF1

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 7:01:21 AM America/Los_Angeles

John Reese and Harold Finch are back! The rest of the season 3 of Person of Interest arrives on TF1 on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 20:55.
Last April, TF1 proposed, following the season 2 of Person of Interest, the first two episodes of the third season. We found John Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) looking for the Machine, become lable.

On Tuesday, January 6,his return with the unreleased new season 3. TF1 will broadcast three episodes (two unpublished and a replay). As a reminder, the actress who portrayed since season 1 lieutenant Joss Carter plays in this season these last episodes.

Person of Interest (series produced by J.J. Abrams), follows the adventures of John Reese, an ex-CIA agent hired by billionaire Harold Finch to find people, victims or perpetrators of aggression. On March 13, Person of Interest has been renewed for a fourth season. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/person-of-interest-seasons-1-3-dvd-boxset.html

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Better Call Saul: two new trailers for the spin-off of Breaking Bad!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 1:12:26 AM America/Los_Angeles

At a little less than two months of dissemination of Better Call Saul, the promo is accelerating. AMC has unveiled two new trailers for the spin-off of Breaking Bad.

The account back and launched! Fans wait since the end of Breaking Bad, the first episodes of the spinoff Better Call Saul will be released in a few weeks. The exact date was unveiled recently and the Rendez-vous for February 8 next to the United States, on AMC.

At present, it is not known yet great thing on this new series, it takes place 6 years before Breaking Bad. "This February 8, we will introduce Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) worldwide, said Charlie Collier, president of AMC. "Known as Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad, viewers will be able to discover that Saul was not always this Albuquerque lawyer for the major criminals".

The two videos, very short, are yet not many elements. In the first, we view cups dedicated to the "best lawyer in the world", Saul Goodman, certainly. As to the second, it shows a little more incriminating elements: identity and the reports of police being destroyed cards. Created By http://www.boxsetstore.com/breaking-bad-seasons-1-5-dvd-box-set.html

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Downton Abbey Season 3: Revelations about the shocking death of a character

Monday, December 15, 2014 5:41:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

In England, after the release of this double episode special No.? l, viewers were shocked. Imagine that you are in the same State as TMC season 3 of Downton Abbey. But why did?

The title is self-explanatory so that we do not remember it ten times: caution SPOILERS concerning season 3 of Downton Abbey! TMC indeed broadcast this Saturday, December 13, the double final episode of the season after languishing several weeks aficionados of the series. Do not yell to the scandal as the waiting time, it was the same thing two years ago in England. Clarification that it was the special episode, released December 25, a British TV tradition. An episode that your morale both its end is sad. Then imagine the State of our English neighbours who have discovered a feast day...

Everything was happening yet in this episode in which the Crawley family went on holiday in Scotland, and Mary Department of a miraculous child. Oh, what beautiful. All happy to announce to his family the birth of his son, Matthew Crawley takes the wheel of his car, runs at a brisk pace and died in a road accident. Before this scene, our neighbours of Britain very nearly is overseas with their pudding, throat tight by sadness, but aslo anger. Why? Why kill Matthew now while it is just Dad? Why separate a character so important? Why so many dark before closing the season? A season that has already had its share of dramas with the death of Lady Sybil. A yet better accepted death both she was well and was able to bring a new impetus as a result of the episodes. But Matthew, heir of the Crawley family, died without seen nothing come without romantic dimension, without a priori that it brings anything to the story.Certainly, but how sad to make us aware of the harsh reality of life and death one day. Especially that in England, viewers were wait long months before discovering the Downton Abbey season 4, you, little lucky, you only have a week to wait! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Girls: season 4 starts in a month... January 11

Friday, December 12, 2014 6:37:09 AM America/Los_Angeles

Season 4 of Girls arrives on HBO on January 11. To announce this good news, the chain released two teasers and we offer a computer graphics made in Tele-loisirs on the four main characters.

Girls was announced by HBO as the representative of the women of the generation Y: connected (in all senses of the term), lost but not stupid. We follow the adventures of Hannah Horvath, performed by the brilliant Lena Dunham, in New York. Come to be writer, she galley and past of a job of advertising writer at waitress waiting its moment of glory. At the time where she thinks that it will happen, his publisher loses the life and it must repatir to zero. at the end of season 3. Her friend Shoshanna, who had the impression of my master his life and destiny.At the same time, she discovers that her friend Marnie, has regular sexueles relations with his ex, Ray. It will then do everything to get it back, without success. Its Jessa, the cousin of Shoshanna, is still looking for and made the acquaintance of an old artist who asks him to help her put an end to his days.

The episode 12 of season 3 aired 23 episodes March 2014. On 23 December, it will make nine months of waiting. And it will have to wait twenty days to find a new new episode of Girls on HBO. To his fans, Lena Dunham took advantage of this hiatus to get his book Not that kind of girl, so raw autobiography that the series she sign some episodes. Courage, there remains only one short month before the return of Girls ... on HBO. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/girls-seasons-1-2-dvd-box-set.html

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Arrow: first information on season 2

Thursday, December 11, 2014 2:04:22 AM America/Los_Angeles

TF1 has released the last episodes of the first season of Arrow. For the most impatient,the veil on the first indiscretions of the season 2. Warning spoilers.

Terrible end of season for Arrow! In the final episode of the first season that TF1 has aired this Wednesday, December 10, Tommy, the best friend of Oliver, died after the destruction of the Glades. How Olivier will recover from this tragedy? How Arrow will do to rebuild Starling City? We reveals some information about the season 2 arrow.

-After the death of Tommy (Colin Donnell), his best friend, Oliver (Stephen Amell) will keep the promise he has made to him. In the second season, Arrow will cease to kill the enemies of Starling City and work with police.

-In the second half of the season, this character since the first episode of the series will be murder.

-A character that everyone thought dead will resurface in Starling City and all upset.-The life of Thea (Willa Holland) will switch after revelations about his past...

-Colton Haynes, who plays Roy Harper in the second half of the first season, will become one of the main characters of the series. His relationship with Thea will be in many episodes.

-Actor Grant Gustin will make two appearances in the season. Benefits which have so captivated the American viewers as the chain does. CW has given the young actor of 24 years on the new series from the DC Comics Universe: The Flash. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/arrow-seasons-1-2-dvd-boxset.html

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Breaking Bad: the end of the season 5 aired on Arte from 8 January 2015

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 6:02:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

Very good news for Breaking Bad fans who are in need of their favorite series, Arte will broadcast the last episodes of season 5 early 2015.
September 29, 2013, the last episode of the Breaking Bad series was broadcast on AMC. Despite its success, the creators decided to put an end to this original adventure brought by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. The fifth and last season was almost 6 episodes. But after after negotiations, there has finally been sixteen to the delight of fans who like certain events in the series, had become addicted. On the other hand,the final season was cut in half. The writers explained that they do not wish to spoil the end and take the time to write it properly.

The first part has already been broadcast on Arte a few months ago and the second part, which contains 8 episodes, will be visible in original version subtitled as early as Thursday, January 8, 2015 at the rate of two episodes by Thursday, diffuse in second part of evening, the final season will be on air on 29 January. This is a great opportunity to review the series or to discover those who do not know. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/breaking-bad-seasons-1-5-dvd-box-set.html

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Grey's Anatomy season 10: images of the bloopers!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 6:39:15 AM America/Los_Angeles

Not yet broadcast on TF1, the tenth season of Grey's Anatomy was already released in DVD. An integral of 24 episodes which also offers fans a lot of surprises, including the bloopers of the shooting. The opportunity to discover the true face of the actors.

Dramas, crying, ruptures, deaths, departures... the daily at the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital is not all rosy. Fortunately, tray, actors do not hesitate to offer some good moments of fun! The evidence with this video, extracted the bloopers of the filming of the tenth season of Grey's Anatomy which will be released on 10 December next on DVD. Twenty-four episodes and bonuses, for all those who could no longer wait for the dissemination of these unpublished on TF1.

In the United States indeed, season 10 medical series Grey's Anatomy aired as early as September 2013, but in regards to the France, still need to be patient. Remember you, we left our hero in June last at the end of a ninth strong emotions season during which a storm ravaged, causing many accidents and disrupting the delivery of Meredith. The tenth should once again make us get out the handkerchiefs since it will end by the departure of Sandra Oh Cristina Yang alias.

So now, if Dr. Mamour, Meredith, Alex, or Bailey you are missing, find them happier than ever in the video below. The opportunity also to review our interview with Justin Chambers (Alex Karev) that evokes the season 10 of Grey's Anatomy. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/grey-s-anatomy-season-10-dvd-boxset.html

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Elementary Season 2: The homecoming of Sherlock Holmes!

Monday, December 8, 2014 4:20:21 AM America/Los_Angeles

This Friday night, Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson are back on M6 Elementary for the second season. A new round of particularly tasty episodes in which fans of the famous detective should find their account.

Countless adaptations investigations of Sherlock Holmes, whether on the big or small screen. But the one that took the most liberties with the work of Conan Doyle Elementary is certainly the series for sacrilege Watson and Sherlock is a woman, based in New York. Fiction played by Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller has nevertheless found its audience thanks to well-conducted stories, subtly sprinkled with humor and indefinable charm always brings the character of Sherlock. Though, if you are reluctant and stay true to the original work, let yourself be tempted by the still season 2 Elementary ... * M6 broadcast this Friday, December 5th the first two new episodes from 8:50 p.m..

While Mycroft is not very thick (but could have been in his youth), and yes, Watson is a woman, but let's not stumbled see! And pending the return of Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch Version (not before 2015 guys!), Do not deprive yourself of a good injection impossible surveys, 4 million viewers have been seduced by the first season. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/elementary-season-2-dvd-boxset.html

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The Expert series. The Walking Dead Season 5: An early season missed?

Friday, December 5, 2014 12:55:27 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Walking Dead began its hibernation. Sunday, November 30 was broadcast in the US on the eighth episode of Season 5, the last before the winter break which will end in February 2015. It is therefore time to review our Expert series. Attention SPOILERS!

The last before the winter break. Except ... the cliffhanger did not take place. The series of undead always accustomed us to the purpose of episodes of sick, giving us one desire: to see more! Not that this time we draw a line under Rick and his friends. Of course we will be in front of our screen in February 2015 for the second part of the season. But the wait is not as unbearable as we hoped. The Walking Dead But we are accustomed to disappointment as much as the pure enjoyment to episodes breathtaking.

And as this week we report the Expert series, aptly named Philipe Guedj, the season 5 is once again uneven. The ups and downs alternate on a season, as a single episode (discover the typical pattern of an episode of The Walking Dead here). Why? What are the shortcomings of the first round of episodes? What this fifth season also gave us great moments? Check out our analysis in this issue of The Expert series. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-walking-dead-seasons-1-5-dvd-box-set.html

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Downton Abbey: season 4 unpublished landed on TMC

Thursday, December 4, 2014 4:23:32 AM America/Los_Angeles

The continuation of the adventures of the Crawley family will be launched on TMC Saturday, December 20 at 20:50.

She was eagerly awaited by fans: the fourth novel season of Downton Abbey will be broadcast on TMC from Saturday December 20.

But before that, it will be already the last original episodes of the season 3, always on TMC. They will be broadcast Saturday, December 13 at 8:50 pm. We will find the Crawley on holiday in the Highlands, with the Scottish branch of the family. And attention: the end of this season promises to be rich in twists and turns...

It should be noted that season 5 of the Downton Abbey comes from across the channel, airing on ITV. A special episode of two hours will be offered on December 25. But to wait, fans of the series will be able to discover George Clooney in a skit from the show, broadcast on 19 December on ITV as part of a charity program. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Mentalist season 7: what can we expect from this past season?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 12:49:40 AM America/Los_Angeles

Already? Yes, already. This Sunday, December 30, The Mentalist begins its seventh and final season on CBS. Get out the handkerchiefs. It must be said that the end of the season 6 had been dangerously beat.Back on the major changes made by the final episodes and made a few shots on the comet... Of course, caution, SPOILERS on season 6!

This season 6, we had finally right at the revelation that everyone was waiting... At least, this is what believed CBS. In fact, the truth about the identity of Red John barely generated excitement. Why? Because after 6 seasons of The Mentalist, and at the rate of two episodes centered on him every year, it was illusory to believe that it is this mystery nickname that fans each week (9 million average for the season pes 6). The hearings are certainly etiolated over the years, but the real attraction of The Mentalist Red John has never been . It was also felt well embarrassed screenwriters the idea we issue a plausible answer, not too knowing in which direction to go and still Embroidering a little more.

In short, the blast fell back as fast. At the same time, all those who wondered how The Mentalist would survive a similar revelation quickly had their answer: the series already existed by itself, without the need to revive Red John at the appropriate time. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-mentalist-season-6-dvd-boxset.html

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Suits: Why should watch the series?

Monday, December 1, 2014 1:50:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

Thursday, November 27, at 20:45, France 4 draws the American series Suits, lawyers on measurement.

Unpack the costumes, the briefcases and your penal Code. Thursday, November 27, at 20:45, for the first time in clear on television, France 4 broadcasts the first episodes of great American series Suits: lawyers on measurement. Worn by two illustrious unknown, Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, American fiction tells the story of Mike Ross, a brilliant man, the infallible photographic memory. But to meet its needs, Mike d? forget his dreams and put an end to his law studies.

For others, he illegally passed the bar exam. One day, in an own fictions misunderstanding, Mike is found in the office of Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), one of the best lawyers of New York looking for a wizard. Seduced, Harvey will override the law and his superiors to hire Mike at the risk of his career. The two men will, in the eyes of all, solve criminal investigations... continually threatened by the secret that binds.

Bestselling series of USA Network (which has just ordered a fifth season, Editor's note), Suits is one of the best series of the American television.Thanks to strong plots and exciting business Suits shines especially by a top-flight cast led by the brother tandem but Vachard represented Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams. But the series does not end with its heroes.Starting with Rick Hoffman, who plays Louis Litt, offbeat lawyer at Pearson Hardman. Women are no exception: Meghan Markle (Rachel Zane) will make you capsize while replicas sailed. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/suits-season-3-dvd-boxset.html

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Desperate Housewives: 10 years later,what happens to the hero of the series?

Thursday, November 27, 2014 5:36:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

6ter broadcasts this Wednesday evening the latest episodes of Desperate Housewives. From the stop of the series in 2012, what happens to Bree, Lynette and others?

For those who have not yet seen the final, Desperate Housewives, catch-up session this Wednesday from 8:50 pm on 6Ter. Meanwhile, we give you news of Gabrielle Solis, Susan or clan Scavo.

Since the end of Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria has become a true businesswoman. His trick: production. Series (including Devious Maids) and reality TV dating (she even flirted with her Bachelor émisison), it is also very committed to his caritativement association "Global Gift Gala". And comedy? We find in particular Visions with Jim Parsons, the hero of Big Bang Theory. Phew!

Teri Hatcher, it was more difficult to stay in the light since the end of the series.A new slump and after Lo's and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman? We hope not! She still made appearances in shows such as Jane By Design and lent his voice to the character of Klay Hall in the movie Planes in 2012. And it also takes up a lot of his teen with whom she travels through the the world!

Marcia Cross, is a full time with her adorable twins Eden and Savannah, and it seems to suit him perfectly! But rumors want her return at the head of the Dhanapal series. Fingers crossed! Felicity Huffman, meanwhile, combines his woman and his career as front. By 2015, it will turn in Stealing Cars.

The story is more complicated for Nicollette Sheridan (Edie Britt) who filed a complaint against the series creator, Marc Cherry, for breach of contract in 2010. A trial she lost. But she persists and signs and will retry its luck at the beginning of the year. Will it be successful? Since the end of the series, his only role in the film has been in the film Jewtopia! Who has heard about? Person! Fortunately, she has the best companion of the world: a dog she walks all the time.

Like Dana Delany, heroin does to Body of Proof, Ricardo Antonio Chavira (Carlos), Kyle MacLachlan (Orson), Max and Charlie Carver (the Scavo twins) shackled NEET series! Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew Van de Kamp), meanwhile, recently spoke after the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. In an open letter, he explained that he was drugged for years. Now sober, he hopes that his testimony will help others.

But enough talk: discover all the news on the stars of Desperate Housewives in our slide where you can also enjoy news of Joy Lauren (Danielle Van de Kamp), Madison de la Garza (Juanita Solis), Maiara Walsh (Ana Solis). Happy reading! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/desperate-housewives-seasons-1-8-dvd-box-set.html

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Eric Dane (The Last Ship on M6): "In Grey's Anatomy, I was just a piece of meat!"

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 10:27:08 PM America/Los_Angeles

A poster from this Monday, November 24 at 20:50 on M6 in the series The Last Ship, in which he plays a ship's captain, Eric Dane, former doctor Glamour Mark Sloan, proves that there is much life after Grey's Anatomy. Meeting.

Tele-Loisirs: Do you have in life the qualifications to become a true captain of boat as in The Last Ship?

Eric Dane: A Sailor is in general a person honorable and sincere and I believe that I possess these qualities. My father was in the Navy. I would like to see me in this series but unfortunately died. He died when I was only seven years old. I regret not to have known the longest. He had the Viet Nam war and returned very shocked. By agreeing to play in this series, I believe that I pay a little tribute to him.

Your series has predicted well in advance certain facts of society such as the Ebola virus or even the return of the cold war...
What is amazing is that we shot the pilot for the series well before the armed conflict between the Russia and the Ukraine. We also talked about these problems of viruses and germs well before the existence of the Ebola virus. We have been very lucky for many things in this series. It is well known that the fiction sometimes joined the reality.

Did you choose to turn The Last Ship because you're the only hero of the series?

It's great to be part of a team. If I agreed to turn The Last Ship, it wasn't really because I was going to be the main star of the soap opera. But I'm comfortable with this idea. I am however working enormously because I am almost in every scene.

What memories will you keep Grey's Anatomy?
This series has given me everything. In Grey's Anatomy, I was just a piece of meat. In The Last Ship, I got a piece of meat but macho. (he laughs) I loved all of this series. This did not bother me to have a nickname, and Grey's Anatomy has allowed me to be here to talk about my own series.

Ellen Pompeo announced that it will certainly establish his career after the end of Grey's Anatomy. What do you think?
I do not really know why Ellen decided to make such a speech. After turning in the same series for eleven years, I guess it just sucks to do something else. For my part, I loved Grey's Anatomy, I enjoyed working with the team but I'm glad to have turned the page. I think that Ellen is therefore the same thing but I assure you it shall immediately abandon this project of forced retirement if a Director appreciates decides to hire him.

You come to celebrate your ten years anniversary with actress Rebecca Gayheart. What is your secret?

We manage very well to communicate together. Ten years is somehow 70 years to the life of a dog. (he laughs) She is my best friend. We really appreciate. We are very different from one another but we yet many commonalities. We are always at the end of everything is agreed. Rebecca is a very smart girl and this is the reason why I'm resting still on it at home.

You have a wife and two daughters (Billie, born in 2010, and Georgia, born in 2011). How do you experience being surrounded. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/grey-s-anatomy-seasons-1-10-dvd-boxset.html

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NCIS Season 11: he was the episode tonight really was shot in Marseille?

Monday, November 24, 2014 1:30:21 AM America/Los_Angeles

This Friday night in NCIS, Agent DiNozzo has to go to France for the purpose of a mission. In Marseille accurately. But this episode he was actually shot in Marseille? Analyzing images!

Crowing! This Friday, November 21 at 20:50 on M6, DiNozzo reapplies in France! Officially, the special agent was sent to Marseilles to attend a seminar. In reality it is responsible to find and bring back the daughter of Admiral Kendall, Amanda, a brilliant student who is now dedicated to the party and the wrong crowd. But once there, he will discover that all contacts NCIS supposed to be on site were murdered and finds himself falsely accused. Tony will be forced to extend their stay in the country bouillabaisse ...

So we scrutinize, we try to recognize? Be a piece of street the Auction, the Old Port, or see Roland, at the counter of Mistral (here we kidding!) ... Oh well, we glimpse the ilo good Mother in the distance, watching over the city but ... there was something wrong, that sounds wrong. We have before us the Marseille, or should we pleased t say France, seen by the Americans. These storefronts on behalf calligraphy, these white walls, this red bus or truck that treats called Happy Pancakes (guys? Has no meaning!) ... Here, the largest port city in France, capital of the South, we are not familiar. And for good reason!

This episode entitled The daughter of the admiral, the penultimate of the season 11, was shot in Los Angeles! Probably a matter of budget. Still be noticed a sense of detail in this watered down version of Marseille: red mullet and ratatouille are restaurant menu which Tony was seated!

And for your general knowledge know that the coming of DiNozzo in Marseille is not totally as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service actually has a branch in the Mediterranean city. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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beautiful life: Beno and Stephane can they coexist?

Friday, November 21, 2014 12:07:29 AM America/Los_Angeles

Beno and Stéphane good single fathers and hospital colleagues have recently become friends. The first even proposed hospitality to the second which does not support the solitude. The problem is that all means are good to settle.

Stéphane is the type to take advantage of certain situations. When Beno(Ludovic Baude) offered him hospitality for a day or two, just enough time to escape from a young muscular woman who he wanted to be quickly éconduite, Shirley has immediately accepted the proposal. But decided to make the pleasure last. He played with Beno depressive who did not support the solitude and quickly brought some belongings in several suitcases.

Yes... but under certain conditions. First everyone can find a benefit: only, both, they agree as thieves, especially to organize parties trays-TV before football matches. They have several points in common and therefore topics easy to find conversations, such as the education of children, work, women. Good living that does not hesitate to put the hand to paw, whether to pass behind the stoves or running errands.

On the other hand, Stéphane is a sex addict to the extent that it must put one (or two) girls in bed every night. Which is not the style of Beno,which would tend to find the rare Pearl... for life. If fellow turns his apartment in lupanard, where girls in string parade at any time of the day or night, this is likely to amuse Beno initially and it annoy very quickly. Stéphane must therefore review its train of sexual life... down. Or to spend good time at the ladies. But I bet that Beno will quickly remind him the rules of the game... Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Revenge season 4: an ex-SAMCRO, Tommy Flanagan arrives in a recurring?

Thursday, November 20, 2014 5:37:35 AM America/Los_Angeles

Actor Tommy Flanagan is announced in the season 4 of the series Revenge recurring.

According to TV Line the actor of Sons Of Anarchy Tommy Flanagan will therefore incorporate the season 4 of the ABC series, Revenge. This will be in the major recurring and not any since he played the great villain of the season: the powerful and dangerous Malcolm Black, a psychopath with an excellent memory. Self-made, cold and calculating, he is relentless when it comes to protecting his family and his fortune.

It will first appear in episode 11, aka, the first of the season (early 2015).In France Revenge is broadcast on TF and the series Sons of Anarchy on OCS. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/revenge-season-3-dvd-boxset.html

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Homeland season 4, episode 8: A special episode

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 7:08:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

The situation Corsican in episode 8 of season 4 of Homeland, which will be broadcast Tuesday night on channel more Series. Review (watch out for spoilers).

Review of episode 8 of season 4 of the series Homeland,Beware of spoilers.

Carrie wakes up with a Holy hangover and his prescription was changed. Evidence is required: in his own camp, someone plays double game. The young woman leaves doubts at Quinn and Lockhart, then the Embassy the Pakistani delegation of ISI. The agenda concerns Saul, Haqqani wants to monetize against members of his bodyguard, detained by the United States in Afghanistan. The agency is walking on eggs, The ISI in this ride. The situation is further behind when Saul gets in his age rams and to escape ...

Fortunately avoiding the traps in which he could fall after a previous episode,season 4 of Homeland finds a nervous approach. written by Chip Johannessen, a former (still one) for 24,reminds our good memory, the serial thriller of the 2000s by playing with time and pinpoint operations where everything can switch from one moment to the next. Episode deftly binds his dominant intrigues (leakage of Saul, the crisis meeting) and its pretense and actually the best illustration. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Season 4 of Shameless arrives on Canal+ ..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 6:22:52 AM America/Los_Angeles

Canal + will broadcast the season 4 of Shameless from Thursday, December 11, in the second part of the evening.

From December 11, Canal + will broadcast the season 4 of the American series Shameless. The Gallagher family's adventures are therefore continuing in a season 4 which goes even further in the trash and the murky.

Prepare to many changes in the characters. Thus, Fiona (Emmy Rossum), the big sister playing wonderfully the mother with his brothers and sisters in previous seasons,Gallagher throughout the season. Franck (William H. Macy) is dying (as since the beginning of the series), but one feels that the end is really close.Big brother, tries to follow its course in college, but with the blunders of his brothers and this is not as simple. In this season, it was the major asset of the Gallagher family.

An American adaptation of the eponymous British series,Shameless meets a great success across the Atlantic and Showtime is preparing to broadcast the season 5, January 11. Until the new season,fans will thus refreshing the memory from December 11. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Doctor Who celebrates Christmas,Hannah and her Girls...the trailers of the week

Monday, November 17, 2014 5:29:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

Despite the frosts of winter... How? is it a fall?In Short, when the temperature drops, we can prepare a hot tea, a hot water bottle and was above all an excellent excuse for rolling around in her quilt through our new batch of trailers

Lost Girl is certainly not a ultra series known to us, but this Canadian show about the supernatural adventures of a sexy succubus that dreaded has all the ingredients of the guilty pleasure. For those of you who know already, here is a teaser of the fifth and final season, which will be launched on the Showcase, December 7. Lost girl seeks his dad...

This year again, the distribution of gifts under the Christmas tree will be overshadowed by the Christmas Special of Doctor Who. A true family tradition across the channel! l will be maybe a little late: before sliding along the chimney, it must make a small detour to meet the Doctor.I will not have escaped the most geeks of you: this is the Nick Frost actor who will portray Santa Claus. HO HO HO! We hope you've been well wise.

Next one is to mark a milestone in your calendars. This is not one,but three small wonders of series that are making their comeback date: season 4 Girls, on HBO, and then the season 2 of Looking, also on HBO, but also Episodes that returns for a season 4 with a gaggle of teasers for a few seconds, which we selected our favorite. Enjoy! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Castle: Discover the wedding of Kate and Rick (caution SPOILERS)

Thursday, November 13, 2014 6:25:21 AM America/Los_Angeles

Caution spoilers! If you follow Castle on France 2, turn the look in more wait... or let yourself be tempted by this huge spoiler for your favorite series. Curiosity is not a defect so ugly after all!

Alert message: warning SPOILER! It is never too careful with stunned Internet users. We repeat, if you follow the season 6 Castle currently aired every Monday evening on France 2, go your way. Otherwise, plunge headlong into the continuation of the adventures of Rick and Kate taking place right now in the United States on ABC with the seventh season.

Because contrary to what the French fans still think: Castle and Beckett will not unite at the end of season 6. It will end on a tragic event that will prevent the wedding awaited to unfold in time and hour. It is therefore in the following season that the two lovebirds will catch up, offering their viewers the scene both hoped that they had been denied until then. It is in the sixth episode aired Monday evening across the Atlantic that the two heroes are exchanged their vows. An express wedding, which could disappoint fans both the ceremony is minimalist and delightfully kitsch decor.

Kate first of all, is not the princess dress that you could imagine. She joins Castle in his father's arms, in a catsuit Fortunately all in lace. Only Alexis, the daughter of Rick and Martha, and her mother are also present. The course moving ceremony takes place outdoors, before a sunset worthy of the fires of love. What are they called so? The wedding was held there without any hitch? You can not say no more. And pending the fran broadcast? Comfortable, it reveals the first images of the wedding. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/castle-seasons-1-4-dvd-boxset.html

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Homeland renewed for season 5, The Affair will be a season 2

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 5:45:41 AM America/Los_Angeles

Showtime announced renewal of two of his series.

Carrie Mathison fans will be able to rejoice: Claire Danes to endorse the role of the new bipolar FBI agent for a fifth delivery Homeland consists of twelve episodes?. The announcement was expected, but it still reflects a newfound confidence in the chain not in his series, which has offered a true reboot on its season 4. A bold choice and paid by the showrunner Alex Gansa. While season 3 was strongly criticized by scholars, season 4, currently being broadcast in the United States was largely welcomed by the press.

Hagai Levi and Sarah signed Treem, The Affair, another series that benefits from the momentum of criticism since its launch in September 2014 has been logically renewed for season 2. This intense and sensual drama consists of a cast three stars. Dominic West falls in love with Ruth Wilson, and began an affair with it. Their respective spouses are played by Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson. This new show is fascinating as it moves from the point of view of the two lovers. One half of the episode is dedicated to the vision of Noah (West), and the other of Alison (Wilson), on a same temporality. Everything is sprinkled of a police investigation since the two protagonists tell their story of love in flashbakcks against police officers.

"In its fourth season, Homeland is brilliantly reinvented, officially commented David Nevins, the President of Showtime. It continues to Captivate a core of faithful and was a launching pad for success The Affair. (both series are broadcast on Sunday evening as a result). With their provocative, relevant and addictive storylines, these two sets were adopted, dissected and discussed each week. We are very excited to see these complex shows return to 2015."he concluded. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/homeland-season-4-dvd-box-set.html

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Hell on Wheels: the season 5 will be the last

Monday, November 10, 2014 11:28:53 PM America/Los_Angeles

Railway pioneers will return for season 5 on the AMC which will also be the last.

Launched in stealth in 2011 by Mad Men and Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels captioned "Hell of the West" in France, said the trajectory of Cullen Bohannan (Anson Mount), a former owner of slaves seeking revenge after the rape and murder of his wife by Union soldiers. His investigation will lead him into Nebraska, where the construction of the first transcontinental railway began. Bohannan will have to make to the ruthless and corrupt Thomas Durant (Colm Meaney), vice-president of the Union Pacific Railroad, who decides to name it contrema? tre on site. The project faces as Indians who refuse to cede their land to whites.

Hell on Wheels was able to maintain a first season that brought together an average of 2.9 million American viewers. Season 3 was still 2.2 million faithful. Season 4, currently being broadcast on AMC, can also count on more than 2 million of regulars on average per episode. The series will conclude at the end of a season 5 cut in two parts of seven episodes (a habit taken since the end of Breaking Bad, which does the same for the final season of Mad Men bisected) aired on the summer 2015 and 2016. A decision that will allow the showrunner (season 3) John Wirth to anticipate the end of the series created by brothers Joe and Tony Gayton in good conditions. In France, Hell on Wheels is broadcast on OCS and D8.  By http://www.boxsetstore.com/hell-on-wheels-season-3-dvd-box-set.html

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Mentalist: CBS confirms that season 7 will be the last!

Friday, November 7, 2014 6:01:50 AM America/Los_Angeles

It's official now! Bring out the trailers, the seventh season of The Mentalist will be the last! The news, announced by actor Tim Kang last September, has been confirmed by CBS, the chain does that broadcasts fiction in the United States. Clap end to Patrick Jane.

The news is not a surprise, but should still give the fans a little pinch in the heart: Yes, the Mentalist series comes to an end. CBS, has officially announced the end of the latter. Information which confirms that  Tim Kang, alias Kimball Cho, unveiled last September: season 7 will indeed be the last! And double punishment for admirers, this ultimate season should contain only 13 small episodes; If compared to the other six that contained each, more than twenty. The first episode is scheduled for Sunday, November 30, and the last, which could last two hours, will be broadcast Wednesday, February 18 (programming in the United States).

CBS was already reluctant to renew the Mentalist for another season, but after a short suspense, the response was positive: Mentalist season 7! After six eventful seasons, the series will have fascinated millions of viewers worldwide. This is not TF1 who will say otherwise. Ease conducting, always, phenomenal hearings through the adventures of Simon Baker and Robin Tunney (they were still more than 9 million yesterday evening in front of the unreported episode, aired at 20:55). We just to wait until the end of this season and enjoy it better before I say... bye-bye to Patrick Jane! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-mentalist-season-6-dvd-boxset.html

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Under the dome season 2: The series does still interest?

Thursday, November 6, 2014 12:51:32 AM America/Los_Angeles

Season 2 of Under the dome just landed on M6. Unveiled last summer in the United States on CBS, this new season has lost much of its viewers (compared with the launch of the first season in summer 2013). Blame it on that, Our Expert from the series has focused on the question and the answers!

Broadcast last week on M6, the first episodes of season 2 of Under the dome drew 3.5 million viewers on average, throughout the evening. And they were 3.9 million at 20.50 Six for the release of the first episode (or 14.4% market share). A pretty performance for the series adapted from the novel by Stephen King. The opportunity for our series expert, Philippe Guedj to focus on the continuation of the adventures of Dale said Barbie (Mike Vogel) and Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) journalist. Season 2, is as good as the previous season?

In the United States in any case, Under the dome season 2 is not up to the expectations and hearings proves it. 11 million American viewers on average for season 1, they were more than 7 million the second. Four million viewers in less between the two seasons, a heavy loss of hearings. Yet, Under the dome was the summer series phenomenon in summer 2013. A year later, in 2014, it is Extant who won full promotional attention of the cha? not CBS. The fault has this single element? According to the Expert series, this explanation is not enough. The series continues in mediocrity, and game of the actors leaves to be desired.

Before this decline of inevitable interest, what will happen from Under the dome season 2? CBS only admits not yet defeated and has already ordered a season 3. What power a little, first admirers of the program... and the future evenings of M6. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/under-the-dome-season-1-dvd-boxset.html

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The series Suits,custom Lawyers arrives on the France 4

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 5:57:33 AM America/Los_Angeles

The series Suits, a law firm (or Suits) in the original, arrives on France 4 November 27 with the first three episodes of Suits season 1 which will be broadcast from 8:45 pm. Suits, tailored lawyers, is a series in which the brilliant lawyer, Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht) finds himself forced to choose someone to assist him. His choice is Mike Ross (Patrick j. Adams), brilliant young man who has no diploma?Problem, as the condition for working in the firm of Harvey Specter is to be graduated from the prestigious school of Harvard.

Impressed by his talent, Harvey Specter decides finally to take the risk and hire Mike Ross, who has an impressive photographic memory. Two, they will try to form a winning duo, but must at the same time use schemes to ensure that the secret of Mike Ross was never discovered.

The series Suits hit in the United States where a fifth season has been confirmed.Appointment on November 27 on France 4, to discover. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/suits-season-3-dvd-boxset.html

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The Walking Dead Season 3: Where were we?

Monday, November 3, 2014 7:29:36 AM America/Los_Angeles

It is this Thursday October 30 that starts the third season of The Walking Dead on NT1. But before Rick and his companions, we offer you refreshing? chir a little brains...

Whether or not you liked the second season (because the fact topic debate), it is hoped that you will answer present this Thursday night at 11:05 on NT1 for the launch of the season 3 of The Walking Dead. Because, in our humble opinion, it is much better! Moreover, if like us, you're royally annoyed on the season 2, no doubt you finally glimpsed the light during the last episode, efficiency to awaken the dead. EH? What? It spent what already? Don't panic, we're here to help take full advantage of the return of the zombies. Little reminder of the facts thus.

Finally Rick and Shane will stop to take the lead about Lori. In the penultimate episode, Rick was forced to kill his friend ex-meilleur, a test that it gives even more. But this death has many other consequences. After being stabbed in the heart, Shane rises into a zombie... And it is the young Carl, torn between his biological father and his spiritual father who will fire, passing him also at a higher point in the survival. But imagine that the most important is same not there!

That reflected the death of Shane, it is especially as the former policeman came back from the dead without even being bitten. So far, only a zombie bite caused the transformation. This means that now, any deceased person, natural or unnatural death, wake up thirsty flesh fra? che in the absence of having the brains in compote. What further darken the future...

The other good news (Finally, for us viewers), is that all the troops is being forced to leave the farm of Hershel in which she had the unfortunate tendency to be encro? ter. At the end of the season 2 in effect, a horde of zombies requires the survivors to leave their home in complete disorganization. In a panic, some missing including Andraa who, pursued by zombies, got lost in the forest.

The facts are simple: Rick comes to murder one of their own, Andraa the fighter is no longer there, Jimmy and Patricia died, Lori is pregnant until the eyes, and they were more than shelter... All will have to resume the road to to find a new refuge. Rick takes a little big head and prevents other: if they want as leader, democracy, is is finished!

Just to point out: Andrea is no longer with the rest of the troupe. It is yet not alone because in the last minutes of the episode, she is saved in extremis by a mysterious person, hidden under a hood, armed with a sword, and takes on a leash two zombies behind it... Friend or enemy? Everything what can tell you is that he is a character flagship of the series The Walking Dead that readers of the comics have been waiting for a long time! Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-walking-dead-seasons-1-4-dvd-box-set.html

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Homeland season 2: D8 deprogrammed the last 6 episodes of the season!

Friday, October 31, 2014 12:07:20 AM America/Los_Angeles

D8 will not broadcast the last six episodes of season 2 of Homeland. Because of poor hearing, the chain is no indication that they will be programmed "later".

The series Homeland shunned on D8? Broadcast from Monday, October 20th, at 20:50 on the string of TNT, the second season of the series Homeland was halted net ... Monday. After contacting the chain does, it meets us that the remaining six episodes will simply not broadcast in this time slot. Deprogramming of 7.8 and 9 episodes, originally planned Monday, November 3rd, replaced by the movie The Code, followed by a number at the heart of the investigation: DEA, go-fast and spinning. The last episodes of the season, 10, 11 and 12 were not already listed in the schedules of the chain does. But we are assured that the remaining 6 episodes will air "on a time slot yet undefined later."

A deprogramming linked to bad hearing? Most certainly.With an averaging 379,000 viewers on the evening of the launch of Homeland season 2, on Monday, October 20, on all 3 unpublished in clear episodes, and 322,000 viewers last Monday (October 27), it is true that the results were not in good shape ... Fans of the Homeland show, a little patience to find the end of your favorite series. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/homeland-seasons-1-3-dvd-box-set.html

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Death of actress Elizabeth Norment (Nancy Kaufberger of House of Cards)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 6:48:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

Sad news. Actress Elizabeth Norment (Nancy Kaufberger in House of Cards) died at the age of 61.

If the name of Elizabeth Norment certainly tell you anything, his character in the series Nancy Kaufberger Netflix House of Cards is certainly familiar. The actress, aged 61 years, died Oct. 13 at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. This is his sister, who confirmed the sad news, the Hollywood Reporter site.

The actress portrayed Nancy Kaufberger, the Secretary of the famous Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) in the series House of Cards. Before the creation of Netflix, she had played in numerous series and including New York: Special Unit, New York: Judicial Police, emergency or life to five. It occurred also at the theatre.

House of Cards teams obviously testified their sentence following the announcement of the death. "The team of House of Cards is terribly sad. "She was a talented actress, a warm soul and a very good friend for us ", explained by Beau Willimon, showrunner of the series to The Hollywood Reporter.

Elizabeth Norment, who had studied comedy at Yale, leaves behind four children. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/house-of-cards-seasons-1-2-dvd-boxset.html

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After Homeland, Damian Lewis finds a series

Monday, October 27, 2014 4:58:30 AM America/Los_Angeles

After 3 seasons at the end of Homeland.Nicholas Brody, Damian Lewis takes the path of the tounages for a new pilot controlled by American Showtime.

Now that Homeland is part of the past of Damian Lewis, the actor can continue his career in the direction he wants. which broadcast American not Homeland - he again raises his bags. He has been hired to play one of the first role In the driver Billions.

This drama series created by Brian Koppelman and David Levien follows the meeting between the ACE of finance Bobby Axelrod (Lewis) and the Attorney of United States Chuck Rhodes, played by actor Paul Giamatti, while billions of dollars are at stake. The filming of the pilot should start at the beginning of the year 2015. Showtime has not yet ordered series.

In the meantime, Damian Lewis will appear in the British television series Wolf Hall, in which he plays King Henry VIII.

Homeland follows its course on Showtime with its fourth season which began on October 5 and without his hero. This new chapter of the paranoid thriller focuses on Carrie (Claire Danes) and its new mission in Pakistan. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/homeland-seasons-1-3-dvd-box-set.html

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The Walking Dead: selfies, scenes and memories Instagram of actors

Friday, October 24, 2014 4:33:32 AM America/Los_Angeles

Because the typical day of a survivor in full zombie invasion is not any rest, breaks are needed! Fortunately, unlike the characters that they play, the members of the cast of The Walking Dead have access to WiFi. And as soon as they can, they unpack by posting a few photos on Instagram account, to the delight of the fans!

These little moments of life, that the actors and actresses of The Walking Dead share willingly with us, are real breathing into their very busy schedules. We view as well as Steven Yeun, aka Glenn, is a golf and not reluctant ever to a good barbecue, that Norman Reedus is really more connected on the kidding that Daryl and that it is also an artist, as the "little" Carl, Chandler Riggs, loooooove his sweetheart and made it the same head on all its selfies.

As the girls in the series, we discover that in addition to being already pretty covered with mud and all filthy in the middle of the zombies, they are also sublime outside film sets! But above all, what we accept all these photos, is the wonderful atmosphere that prevails between the actors and actresses of The Walking Dead. A complicity which burst the screen and makes pleasure to see, has alone when we know that their characters have gone through during these four seasons... and what to expect. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-walking-dead-season-4-dvd-boxset.html

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Scandal: Kerry Washington uncomfortable with sex scenes

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 11:43:30 PM America/Los_Angeles

What a shock! No, all-consuming passion between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn in Scandal, or between their characters Olivia and Fitz, is not natural. Their somewhat hot scenes put American actress uncomfortable.

"They are very difficult to do. The sex scenes are always weird, awkward,"Kerry Washington told Allure magazine. You do things that you are supposed to do that with certain people in your life. Do it with someone other than your partner to the city's weird. Do it in a room ful of people is even more bizarre."

Married to American football player Nnamdi Asomugha, Django Unchained actress says she always has in mind the wife of Tony Goldwyn, even in interviews: "In a series like Scandal, where alchemy is paramount, you learn to be careful, because each relationship in life are important. I have great respect for him, his wife and his family, and he feels the same for me. So you learn to do and say things the right way. "

This is not the first time that a Scandal actor was speaking of the sex scenes. "It is very hard to take pleasure," told the Huffington Post the actor Scott Foley, who plays Jake Ballard and who has often intimate with Kerry Washington while she was pregnant: "there is a Wizard for her bra, another for my hair, and sometimes, depending on the position, a well rounded belly between us. (laughs) "." By http://www.boxsetstore.com/scandal-season-2-dvd-boxset.html

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Revenge: 5 things to know about Emily VanCamp, the main actress of the series

Friday, October 17, 2014 12:53:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Today, the seasons 1 & 2 of Revenge on CANALSAT via the Pass Series, available to subscribers. On this occasion, here are 5 things to know about Emily VanCamp, actress who plays the hero one of the freely inspired by the count of Monte-Cristo series.

Ready for everything to avenge the honor of his father, Amanda Clarke or Emily Thorne (his false identity), intends to pay the rich families of the Hamptons who put his father in jail. Its strategy: get closer as possible to his enemies and destroy them from within. Strategist, combative, Emily Thorne is played by an another Emily, Emily VanCamp. Here are five things to know about the Canadian actress of Revenge.

(1) it is a distinguished dancer
The actress began dancing at the age of 3 years in order to become a professional dancer. At the age of 12, the Canadian College incorporates ballet Quebec.

(2) the series Everwood has truly launched it
Able series is in the drama Everwood she is really widely advertise the public. She played Amy Abbott, Dr. Abbott's daughter. His character quickly becomes central when Amy gets closer to Ephram, the son of Dr. Brown, whose family, who settled in the small town of Everwood, been getting a lot ... It all makes and will stall in 2007 ? Rebecca Harper in Brothers & Sisters.

(3) it comes out with all its partners!
When Emily VanCamp arrives on a movie set, she used to go out with one of its partners ... She meets Chris Pratt on the set of Everwood, they go out together two years. Same thing on the set of Brothers & Sisters where she crack for Dave Annable, another two-year relationship. On the set of Ben Hur, she began a romance than a year with Joseph Morgan. And today? With Joshua Bowman, his partner in Revenge she makes a living. Them, it's solid. They spin the perfect love since late 2011.

(4) she won a role in a blockbuster in 2014
If Emily VanCamp are chained for more than ten years on the series, she finally landed a US blockbuster, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She plays Agent 13 S.H.I.E.L.D.

(5) She speaks French
This is news that will delight fans of the actress, the latter is completely bilingual in French.

The entire seasons 1&2 of Revenge is to discover on CANALSAT Pass Series today. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/revenge-seasons-1-2-dvd-box-set.html

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Arrow: you already saw these actors in other series

Thursday, October 16, 2014 1:00:15 AM America/Los_Angeles

TF1 continues this Wednesday the release of the first season of the American series Arrow. The opportunity for Tele-loisirs to return to the careers of the actors. But yes, you've already seen them on the small screen!

And you are inevitably the next question: "but I've already seen him, in what series was he playing?". You were not wrong. Launched in October 2012 in the United States,Arrow the series of science fiction adapted from the DC Comics Universe offers a cast of actors and actresses "already seen on TV". Starting with his hero: Stephen Amell.The pretty boy has enshrined? But in what fiction it already played? The answer in our slide show.

And the others the bomb in the series, has been talking to her,the title of reboot of Melrose Place, Willa Holland is well known to fans of Newport Beach, Paul Blackthorne had actually crack more than one series Lipstick Jungle (the Queens Manhattan in VF). But Shh, it does not reveal you everything immediately. The answers to all your questions are to be discovered in our slide show. It's simple, just click on the Arrow photo below. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/arrow-seasons-1-2-dvd-boxset.html

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The Walking Dead Season 5, episode 1 review

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 7:39:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Walking Dead is back on Sunday evening in the U.S. and 24 hours later on OCS shock.The first episode of season 5 as the best of the series.

After a fourth season of fly high and a more predatory than ever, the suspense was at its peak as the future of Rick and his companions. So, the launch of the fifth season was our expectations? YES!

But was it better eating light before sailing on the couch. Entitled No Sanctuary, The Walking Dead Season 5 episode 1 is without doubt one of the most gores of the series.Before we proceed more in details, quickly back at the end of the fourth season. CAUTION SPOILERS! After leaving his cozy jail (need to know perspective when we cross the apocalypse), survivors troupe splits into small groups that we follow regardless. All notice a former railway line staggered to a sanctuary of peace signs: the Terminus. This is where the majority of the characters will be at the end of season 4. And if we believe first to a species of hippie society, one guesses quickly that the inhabitants of the place survive an organized cannibalism...

More than confirmed fear with No Sanctuary! The first minutes are almost unbearable horror where the currency of its new villains takes all its meaning: "you're either the butcher or the cattle".In The Walking Dead season 5 You understand that Rick and his family are cattle... But definitely full of resources, Carol will turn into a true warrior and avoid his friends to finish in the deli Department,the reunion between Rick and Judith will finally offer a moment of beauty. This baby is a miracle in this world of pure horror, and thanks to her, all the troops carefully retains a bit of humanity. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-walking-dead-season-4-dvd-boxset.html

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Charisma Carpenter (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) rebounds in Sons of Anarchy

Monday, October 13, 2014 10:05:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

Since leaving his iconic character of Cordelia, Charisma Carpenter never really struggled, but did not recover long term. This time it is in the final season of Sons of Anarchy she is about to return.

It remembers all Charisma Carpenter for his role in the Cordelia, pretty popular bimbo in her high school and damn chipie, which became little by little a solid member of the band to Buffy in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then in its spinoff, Angel. But in 2004, the actress must permanently leave the character that made him know. It enshrined? do then guest appearances in various, more or less obscure (Veronica Mars, Greek, Blue Bloods, Legend of the Seeker...).

Strangely, this is cinema that Charisma Carpenter will eventually bounce back. The perfect plastic actress seems doomed to play in worlds testosterones since Sylvester Stallone offered him one of the female in his Expendables saga. It thus plays the character of Lacy, Jason Statham's girlfriend in the first two parts... but by the third.

Fortunately, Charisma has the resource and will come back very soon on the small screen to play an administrative Director of a medical centre named Carol in the seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Nashville: Five good reasons to discover the series!

Monday, October 13, 2014 12:39:30 AM America/Los_Angeles

From this Saturday, October 11 at 8:50 pm TF6 rebroadcasts the first season of Nashville, which describes the fate and careers of two rival country singers. It is not to be missed, and told you why!

Real diving in the ruthless world of the music industry, Nashville tells us careers crossed Rayna Jaymes, a glory of the country on the decline, and Juliette Barnes, the rising star, darling of the teens. But the series also speak us more intimate feuds and beautiful love stories, all worn by the omnipresent music, true character full.

Nashville dvd is really worth a visit. So if you missed it when it was first broadcast, they give you five good reasons.

1 characters complex and moving. From the first episode, it takes empathy for Rayna. This mother and loving wife is primarily an artist who refuses to compromise themselves by agreeing to cut back on the quality of its songs to make them more commercial. His declining career yet will force her to make a choice: persisting risk all lose, or hunker down and do a tour with her rival, history of giving back a shot of young in his image. Juliet, she is immediately unsympathetic. Little diva to the character of pig, she dreams that glitter and glory. But it would be a mistake to leave it at that. Juliette Barnes has his own demons and a little scraping varnish.Deacon, mentor and ex-lover of Rayna will be torn between affection, both human and artistic, he has for the latter, and his desire to work for Juliette. Meanwhile, the duo Scarlett/Gunnar is the cutest couple of the moment, especially when they sing.

2. the music! Let it be said, no need to be a fan of country to enjoy Nashville. Even if the music takes a significant place in history, the more resistant to the kind should let their guard down.Feelings that the characters do not dare to confess, is the catalyst of the rivalry that opposed Rayna and Juliet, or concentrated career of these two issues - there. The music in the series is as much a character and a setting us back permanently to the history of Nashville, the capital of the country that has established it as true local religion.

3.Nashville-the fabulous cast.Wonderful, fantastic, the sublime Connie Britton expected to review in the commensurate with his talent since Friday Night Lights (no, American Horror Story?).She plays Juliette, a character difficult to love, but ultimately quite complex. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Doctor Who, The Walking Dead..the trailers of the week

Friday, October 10, 2014 9:24:21 PM America/Los_Angeles

This week, our selection of trailers series pays tribute to the genre! A bit of SF, a bit of fantasy and a good dose of horror. Are you salivating with a cult series, less known and more recent, but who have a bright future ahead of them and a second season on the road. Are you ready? Then, as said a certain doctor: Let's go!

The eighth season of Doctor Who in full swing, and our hero attacks, once more, a monument of British culture, popularized by the famous novel by Agatha Christie (whom he had also met in a previous incarnation): the doctor boarded the Orient Express! Except that this is not a flesh and blood assassin that he hunts down, but a being made of bone and strips. We bet you that this mummy forgot to validate his ticket by train! Our British neighbors will have the chance to discover this eighth episode tomorrow night on BBC One.

It is not the mummies, but their putrefaction is already well advanced! The Walking Dead zombies have fangs... as usual. The Group of survivors is separated and? feared... as usual. And if the dead were not sufficient to flank us the miquettes, Rick and his buddies are going to have to rub shoulders with the "bad guy" of the season. In short, if the man is a snack for the zombie.Broadcast this Sunday night in the United States on AMC, the first episode of season 5 of The Walking Dead will be available tomorrow. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/doctor-who-season-8-dvd-boxset.html

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American Horror Story, season 4: meet the freaks!

Friday, October 10, 2014 12:21:02 AM America/Los_Angeles

Do not be afraid, good people! Reassemble the driveway up to the big top, pass the door and throw an eye behind the curtain.What you'll see American Horror Story season 4, you won't see anywhere else. The circus Elsa March will surprise you, shock you, have fun and, hopefully, you terrify.

1952, in the small town of Jupiter,Florida, a serial killer is rampant, leaving many distraught local police. At the same time, Elsa March is looking for a new attraction for his "cabinet of curiosities". She is convinced, the sisters Bette and Siamese Dot will attract crowds and perhaps bring him glory as she wants.

Launched last night in the United States,season 4 of American Horror Story, called Freak Show, should not leave anyone indifferent. Between repulsion and voyeurism, the series has long understood that it could rely on our instincts. And as usual, creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck have not skimped on the gore and quirks. Their cast, almost unchanged since season 1,the famous freaks. Here is a gallery of portraits that should put you water in the mouth... or make you flee!

Elsa is the director of the circus and the matriarch of the American Horror Story "freaks", small protected. But it feeds mainly a voracious appetite for celebrity. Years pass and Elsa refuses to see his dreams of glory fade.

The sisters are Siamese collected by Elsa, who sees in them the salvation of his circus. Bette is also playful and curious about the world around him that Dot is stuck and suspicious.But their relationship goes far beyond what meets the eye ... and it is double-edged.

But if his physical deformity has some assets appreciated in secret by a few women in the home desperate, Elsa reminds Jimmy is safe among his own.
Faithful among the faithful, Ethel is very close to Elsa. A devotion of every moment! Station to threatening its venerated Patron Saint, or his son Jimmy that she watch like a lioness. But in American Horror Story season 4 Ethel is not a mother and it intends to curb the dreams of escape from the latter.

This buxom hermaphrodite has indeed three breasts and a big personality! To learn more about Desiree, you have to watch the rest of the season 4 of American Horror Story. This man with superhuman strength was awesome! But the husband of Desiree (and ex of Ethel) are perhaps also victim of appearances. The sequel to Freak Show unveil us more on this mysterious Mr Muscles. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Arrow: Why should watching the new series of TF1?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 6:15:52 PM America/Los_Angeles

TF1 airs the first two episodes of the American series Arrow.The show explains why we must look at this new fiction.

By discovering the Arrow pitch (the new series of TF1 this Wednesday evening at 22:40), you say to yourself: "a series of superhero for teens"? Think again! Launched in October 2012 in the United States, this series adapted from the DC Comics Universe has surprised everyone. Dark, intriguing, violent and planted by an illustrious unknown that will make you capsize from the first episode, Arrow is the good action of the season series 2012/2013.

Starting with his main interpreter therefore. Body of Greek God, tortured look, Stephen Amell took time to make a name in Hollywood. It is now made. With conviction, 33 years actor Oliver Queen, young billionaire left for dead after the sinking of his boat and who is going to resurface five years later. But how has he survived? Where was he? That has happened? Back in his hometown, Starling City, Oliver Queen has now a goal: save his city of corruption! And does it matter if he has to kill the corrupt...

It is on this shade that Arrow makes the difference. Oliver Queen is not a superhero smooth and flawless. Disturbed, always on the wire, the man who learned the techniques of self-defense on the where he lived for five years has a complex personality and secrets to resell. Because the success of Arrow resides on this mystery. Through flashbacks, viewers will discover each week the transformation of Oliver Queen.A major plot that will take more and more scale.

For others, no need to panic, Arrow remains an entertainment.Oliver must face his past escapades. How will react Laurel (Katie Cassidy), his former girlfriend? A romance that will make viewers happy hearted. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/arrow-seasons-1-2-dvd-boxset.html

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Mentalist: Who is red John? The last suspects still in contention

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 10:45:55 PM America/Los_Angeles

Tonight TF1 will broadcast the sixth season of Mentalist, Patrick Jane discovers the identity of his worst enemy: Red John. For the moment, our hero still hesitating between two suspects .
At the end of Season 5 of The Mentalist, we discovered a major piece of the puzzle in the hunt for Patrick Jane. Our beautiful blond was in possession of a list of seven succeptibles to be Red John persons. Since the beginning of season 6, the suspects were eliminated one after the other ... just to keep two.

Tonight, in the eighth episode of season 6 called The End of Red John, the hero will discover the truth and finally take his revenge. Let us recall that Red John is the historical enemy of Patrick Jane.He is the one who murdered his wife and daughter, and shattered his life. But until this revelation Tuesday, we suggest you form an opinion by analyzing past assumptions still valid, and which are eliminated.

1) Bret Stiles (Malcolm McDowell): Eliminated
The cult leader brought out of prison for Jane and he revealed that Kristina Frye was selected by Red John. From his side, Jane has saved framed within Visualize.

2) Gale Bertram (Michael Gaston): Still in the running
Patrick Jane is convinced that the policy manager that the CBI is an ally of Red John. He even thought that he was the mole infiltrated the CBI. In Mentalist Season 4, it suspends Lisbon and tries to get rid of Patrick Jane.

3) Bob Kirkland (Kevin Corrigan): Eliminated
Homeland Security agent, he entered in Mentalist season 5, where he searched the personal files of Jane on the killer. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones: become unbeatable on the series and its characters

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 8:23:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

D8 broadcasts every Monday season 2 Game Of Thrones and the season 5 is filming, Tele-loisirs gives appointment on all new mini-site dedicated to the series, to find everything you need to know about the (many) characters.

First broadcast in clear for the season 2 of Game of Thrones, on D8 every Monday evening at 22:55! The laggards on the event series will finally be able to the adventures of the tortured heroes of the show. But... Where it was already? Who is King, who is the brother / sister who, and how they got in there and this character, it was not supposed to be dead? No need to panic. Known for its countless characters, even the biggest fan of Game of Thrones may be struggling to remember everyone. Especially that plots can sometimes be played on a tiny detail, so be careful.

That is why we simplified your work with our minisite brand new dedicated fiction. News, videos, and worksheets characters. It is gift! You've already seen somewhere, but cannot remember who is Ser Davos Mervault? Small catch-up guaranteed without spoilers in the 'characters' section. You want to know what becomes of Tyrion actor, Peter Dinklage, (favourite character of fran? ais!) outside the series? Everything is said in the 'news' section. And for those who would like to learn in detail about each characters, it is also possible. But station, this time, it's 100% spoilers! you will not hesitate one second if you are asked to spell Daenerys Targaryen upside down or the name of the sword of Arya Stark because you'll be nonstick! By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Desperate Housewives: 10 years later, that become the hero of the series?

Sunday, October 5, 2014 6:56:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

Ten years to the day that the Desperate Housewives have made their first appearance on television. The creation of Marc Cherry held the top of the keypad for eight seasons and came to the Kingdom of the cult series, from those who serve the following reference.

Since the end of Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria has become a real businesswoman. His trick: production. Series (particularly Devious Maids) and reality TV dating (she even flirted with the Bachelor in his issue), it is also very committed caritativement to its "Global Gift Gala" association. And the comedy The will be particularly in Visions with the hero of Big Bang Theory.

Teri Hatcher, it was more difficult to stay in the light since the end of the series. The New Adventures of Superman? We hope not! She still made appearances in series like Jane By Design and lent his voice to the character of Klay Hall in the film Planes in 2012. And then, she also deals with many of her teen with whom she travels around the world!

Marcia Cross, is also a MOM full time with her adorable twins Eden and Savannah, and it seems to suit him perfectly! But rumors want her return at the head of the Dhanapal series. Fingers crossed! Felicity Huffman, meanwhile, combines his woman and his career as front. By 2015, it will turn in Stealing Cars.

The story is more complicated for Nicolette Sheridan (Edie Britt) who filed a complaint against the series creator, Marc Cherry, for breach of contract in 2010. A trial she lost. But she persists and signs and will retry its luck at the beginning of the year. Will it be successful? Since the end of the Desperate Housewives.Who has heard about? Person! Fortunately, she has the best companion of the world: a dog she walks all the time.

Like Dana Delany, Ricardo Antonio Chavira (Carlos), Kyle MacLachlan (Orson), Max and Charles Carver (the Scavo twins) Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew Van Der Kamp) was recently took the floor after the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. In an open letter, he explained have been drugged for years.

But enough talk: discover all the news on the stars of Desperate Housewives in our slide where you can also enjoy news of Joy Lauren (Danielle Van de Kamp), Madison de la Garza (Juanita Solis), Maiara Walsh (Ana Solis). Good reading! By http://www.boxsetstore.com/desperate-housewives-seasons-1-8-dvd-box-set.html

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The expert from the series. Blacklist: good or bad series?

Sunday, September 28, 2014 7:30:11 PM America/Los_Angeles

New! Tele-Loisirs has its expert of the series in the person of Philippe Guedj. Each issue, it will be a new series to the scanner. For this first episode, one dissects Blacklist, the series which peals out each Wednesday on TF1.

Even if Blacklist loses some viewers week by week, she still manages to crush the competition every Wednesday evening when it was broadcast on TF1. Launched on 27, the series has emerged immediately as the new crime fiction that brings together the public. In addition to its episodes one hundred at a time, it is the character of Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader) who fascinates the crowds. Naughty, mysterious, clever and sneaky, it is the character through which the series works.The young and attractive Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) is sometimes pale figure.

Then finally, it seems that Blacklist is a good series? Opinions vary on the issue... To decide, we asked our Expert from the Blacklist series in the person of journalist Philippe Guedj to analyze the show. For us (but especially for you), he dissects the large series of the time. Will you share his opinion? It is for you to see in the video above... until its next review! By http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-blacklist-season-1-dvd-boxset.html

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Vampire Diaries vs. Teen Wolf: The game!

Sunday, September 28, 2014 2:14:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

Every Friday evening, a crucial choice arises to you, Twilight fans, at the time to decide on the TV program: Teen Wolf or Vampire Diaries? The hour of the match has come!

Among them, Teen Wolf (for fans of Jacob in the saga by Stephenie Meyer, it is this series need to choose), and Vampire Diaries (which gathers the #TeamEdward) who oppose every Friday evening, respectively on France 4 and NT1. Between the two, you get lost? Tele-Loisirs between the two series for teens!

Vampire Diaries vs. Teen Wolf: the match of the beautiful kids! Ladies, do not deny it, there are a few nice bucks in these two series. If very charming Tyler Posey serial werewolves, difficult to compete with the shock of Vampire Diaries duo formed by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. Ian Somerhalder is a bomb and all the girls are addicted. The evidence, even his partner could not resist its charms. On this ground, the point is going to Vampire Diaries!

Vampire Diaries vs. Teen Wolf: the game of intrigue!Vampire Diaries turns slightly round.  It is obviously based around the love triangle Elena, Stefan and Demon. Who to choose? This is the question that constantly arises Elena. If the pretty brunette finally chooses between the two at the end of season 5, the thread can tire. From the side of Teen Wolf, the plots are wide and varied. The bad guys come from everywhere. Are preferred. The point goes to Teen Wolf!

Vampire Diaries vs. Teen Wolf: the match of maturity! If Vampire Diaries says "sexual image" - the plot is still around the famous "threesome" Teen Wolf is much ado. After all, there are "teen" in the title. Review: Teen Wolf is a more watered down entertainment ... Vampire Diaries plays with the sensuality and sexuality of its actors. Aesthetics posters around the show is proof. Conclusion: the choice is yours depending on your preference!

Vampire Diaries vs. Teen Wolf: the game of special effects! On this point, it is still the werewolves prevail. If their transformation is more complicated than the vampires, it is also most successful. Fight scenes, heads cut off, strange creatures, Teen Wolf does refrain nothing... While in Vampire Diaries, it is still more cheesy. Thus, the point goes to Teen Wolf. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Friends:a video Summary of 236 seconds

Thursday, September 25, 2014 10:20:19 PM America/Los_Angeles

Friends has (already) 20 years! On this occasion,the Warner studios had fun compiling the series in a video 236 small seconds ...

Some of you have certainly grown up with Friends, this series now cult that has punctuated our lives for years. Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Ross have  perhaps animated evenings, 10 rich in emotions and twists seasons time. Know this, Friends is now 20 years old - like emergency!
In recent weeks, tributes are therefore progressing across the Atlantic: even the actors from the series lend themselves to the game. Thus, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney  Cox and Lisa Kudrow have not hesitated to replay their famous characters in a nice appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show recently.

Another great nice initiative: the studios Warner who chose to summarize the series into a video of 236 seconds, small selection to discover above.

If you are somewhat nostalgic after the vision of this video, don't worry, it is simply the effect expected by Warner that hope might as well make you buy the full  DVD! If your budget does not allow it, you can come to our site boxsetstore.com.

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Charmed: what are the main actors of the series?

Thursday, September 25, 2014 12:20:34 AM America/Los_Angeles

The series Charmed, which was part of the famous trilogy from Saturday on M6, is rebroadcast every day of the week at 12:40 on W9. This return in the past raises this crucial question: that became actors
If you were born in the 1980s, the Halliwell sisters are part of your childhood heroes, along with Buffy or as Mitch Buchannon for example. The sisters Halliwell witches fighting demons and evil forces of San Francisco. Moreover, it is rumored that the series could return.

Level career ons by that a bit was the star of the series, Shannen Doherty. Passed by little house in the Prairie and obviously Beverly Hills, Shannen Doherty has a career rather? busy t. But since Charmed, she has much more seen. She participated in shows like Dancing with the Stars (the American DALS) and has also reappeared in the new version of Beverly Hills. It appears in 2015 with Holly Marie Combs (Piper Halliwell) in a docu-soap titled Off the map with Shannen and Holly. Holly Marie Combs who has a role
in the Pretty Little Liars series since 2010.

The other star of the series, it was the little sister, Alyssa Milano. One who played Samantha in Madame is served, has struggled to bounce back from Charmed. But one who has just given birth to her second child plays since 2013 the main series Mistresses.

Among the other actors of Charmed,you cannot switch to the phenomenon Kaley Cuoco, who portrayed Billie Jenkins in the season 8. It became essential today with his character of Penny in The Big Bang Theory, that it offers more.

Finally cannot not talk about Julian McMahon. One who interpreted Cole Turner (mi-ange, mi-Balthazar), donned the blouse to interpret sulphurous Christian Troy Nip/Tuck. Blabla Treves and place the images. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/charmed-seasons-1-8-dvd-boxset.html

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Dallas: Jesse Metcalfe left the series after three seasons

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 11:27:21 PM America/Los_Angeles

Jesse Metcalfe, who portrayed Christopher Ewing, the son of Bobby in Dallas, will leave the series after three seasons. Warning spoiler!

Jesse Metcalfe, that everyone have been the gardener-lover of Gabriel Solis in Desperate Housewives, leaves the cast of Dallas in which he played Christopher, the son of Bobby Ewing. The actor leaves in effect the reboot of the cult series of the years 70-80 after three seasons, with the last one ended as each season by a final explosive. "Producers and writers needed a shock at end of season. After three great years, I was ready to go ahead and turn to other projects. This was the perfect opportunity to surprise fans and offer this one theater. I enjoyed my time on Dallas and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Warner Bros. and TNT, and I wish. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/dallas-season-1-dvd-box-set.html

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Friends: The Central Perk coffee legendary series, has just opened in New York

Thursday, September 18, 2014 8:41:48 PM America/Los_Angeles

Friends fans have dreamed about, their dream became a reality, the Central Perk exists and it has just opened in New York to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Friends series.

From dream to reality. After envied Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) and other aficionados of Friends dvd may in turn sit in the famous a little ugly couch in Central Perk. For the uninitiated, it comes to the cafe where the main characters of the series were very often. And it is not really known why, the couch was still for them! It is also that Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) gave concerts to die of laughter. Impossible to forget Smelly Cat, "You stink cat", this ridiculous title become cult for Friends dvd viewers. This moment and many others marked the public who become great, not dreamed to be able, in turn, to enter.

After waiting too long years, the Friends fans dream have come true! By http://www.boxsetstore.com/

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Orphan Black canceled by number 23 tonight

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 11:03:15 PM America/Los_Angeles

It is badly crossed for Sarah and its clones. And no, we speak not only of their adventures in season 2 of Orphan Black. Without adequate hearings, issue 23 chose to deprogram the series of anticipation, to the chagrin of fans.

Orphan Black has not frankly convinced on number 23. Aired on Wednesday evenings in prime time, the series, yet excellent, not frankly drew the crowds, this is the least we can say. Last week, she recorded only 36 000 viewers, or barely 0.1% of hearings. So riquiquis figures than the cha? don't chose to stop the bleeding. Or at least, to ensure that it is the least possible damage. Orphan Black left his box of 20:40... for that, a little more confidential, from 11 pm.

If you don't want to lose a crumb of the vexations of Sarah and its clones, we therefore advise you to take notes new schedules taking effect starting tonight:

Tonight, Wednesday, September 17: instead of 9 and 10 episodes of season 1 of Orphan Black, originally planned at 20:40, so you Find them first two episodes of season 3 of Ink Master. Episodes Orphan Black deprogrammed are moved to the following week. Wednesday, September 24: episodes 9 and 10 of season 1 are so programmed to 23 h replace River Monsters.

Wednesday, October 1: as of 11:05 pm, number 23 will launch the first three episodes of season 2 of Orphan Black. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Charmed, back? Shannen Doherty has focused on the question!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 12:12:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

Damn! Charmed could return to TV? And nobody warned the relevant leading? It was not counting on Shannen Doherty who necessarily has an opinion on the question.

Last November, the American CBS has think a reboot of Charmed dvd. A very enticing new for early fans of the TV series, but also to... the first concerned by the new, namely the original actresses: Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty. And it is precisely this last who spoke the first on this unconfirmed information. In an interview accorded to the Digital Spy site, she said: "I know that the fans would like to see Charmed return to television. I do not know if this could work. I think it could indeed work because this is a series that people love and they will never tire. "But I don't want to see other actresses play them!"

Before continuing: "viewers fall in love with characters and get fully involved (...) "they are going to claim the return of the three sisters, the true!" Then that interpreted the more aged the halliwells (Prue) ends, skeptical: "it will be difficult to rena be the same thing." Can do something different and also good but certainly not with the magic of the original. Charmed dvd cannot be Charmed without his original team. It will be just a different version of the series". Back? No return? For the moment, nothing leaves us (still) think that CBS is working on this event. Meanwhile, the actress will be his girlfriend Holly Marie Combs (Piper Halliwell) very soon and they will leave together on a road trip across the United States for TV. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/charmed-seasons-1-8-dvd-boxset.html

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Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, the trailers of the week

Monday, September 15, 2014 10:32:15 PM America/Los_Angeles

Go back to series! Suddenly, it allowed you to a small selection was pleasant? Hoping that you will want, not only to find your faves, but also to discover new ones.

This season 4 of Once upon a time already looks fantastic... in every sense of the term. The last major hit of the animation studios Disney, Frozen (the Queen of snow, VF), invites himself to Storybrooke. In the first trailer, we could see Elsa make an entry for the less noticed and therefore necessarily gla? ante. This time, with this real trailer, there's her face. Season 4 of Once upon a time, it is from September 28 on ABC.

Beware, if you are not up-to-date in Vampire Diaries, there is still time for you to move to the next trailer!

Decidedly, it comes out will have not spared Elena, which is in the new trailer of the season 6. It will have to cope with the loss of Damon... and it is not won. And what better way to do the mourning of a love lost than to return to College? It is a well known cure, don't laugh. But Elena is not exactly one student like the others? a will quickly degenerate. We'll know more on October 2 on the CW.Same warning if you have not finished the season 9 of Supernatural! SPOILERS!

Speaking of rotten year... Sam and Dean have also given well. Except that the latter, recently transformed into a demon, has the air of rather? take it well and takes advantage of this new life that is offered to him. But as it is in Supernatural, and is already in the season 10, you can well imagine that everything will be rosy for the Winchester brothers. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/once-upon-a-time-season-3-dvd-boxset.html

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American Horror Story, season 4: discover all teasers of Freak Show

Monday, September 15, 2014 12:51:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

COME, COME! Don't be afraid (whatever) and take your ticket for entry to circus freak! Come see the bearded Lady, the contortionist, the sword swallower,  tremble before the psychopathic clown face and shiver sisters Siamese! This little shop of horrors will open its doors October 8 on FX!

For each new season, American Horror Story has accustomed us to its string of teasers . After the haunted house, the psychiatric asylum and the Sabbath of witches, the series takes us into well universe distressing and freak shows. These circuses, very popular during the first half of the twentieth century (a period which is when this season 4 AHS), were real human zoos where any physical deformity drew crowds of onlookers. In short, it is the perfect setting for the horror series. It makes you wonder how Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the creators of American Horror Story, have not thought of it! As freak shows were the catalysts of the worst vices of mankind.

Note that this is not the first time the series focus on this small mysterious world of circuses of the freak. Remember that episode of X-Files, Humbug (season 2 episode 20), in which Mulder and Scully were faced with beings outside the norm in a freak show. And the series Carnivale (the caravan of the strange, in VF) left an indelible mark in the field.

But enough blabber.This is not one, nor two, but nine teasers of this season 4 of American Horror Story, which will air on FX in the United States on 8 October. If clowns are not terrified you already, you do not sleep as an eye after seeing this one. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/american-horror-story-seasons-1-2-dvd-box-set.html

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Scandal: check out the first trailer of the season 4

Thursday, September 11, 2014 10:48:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

On Thursday, September 25, ABC will broadcast the highly anticipated first episode of season 4 of Scandal. The chain comes to unveil the first trailer. Warning SPOILERS.

But where is Olivia Pope? After the final explosive of the third season of Scandal, the series created by Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy) will make his comeback in the United States on September 25. Throughout the summer, fans of Olivia Pope posed the same question: "But where is party?". And it is on this terrible polling as ABC decided to focus the promotion around the season 4 of the hit series.

Indeed, at the end of the third season of the drama series Scandal, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) fled by private jet with Jake Ballard jet (Scott Foley) leaving the President of the United States devastated, Internet users can discover Fitzgerald Grant (played by Tony Goldwyn) call in vain Olivia's apartment.Public relations expert seems to go for the best. On a deserted Beach, the beautiful brunette relaxes on a sun lounger... with a traditional glass of red wine.

At present very little information on season 4 of Scandal dvd has leaked. The only certainty: Columbus Short - who played Harrison Wright in the first three seasons - will not return. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/scandal-season-2-dvd-boxset.html

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Game of Thrones: the season 2 unpublished plain lands on the D8

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 1:07:13 AM America/Los_Angeles

Notice to fans of Game of Thrones who discovered the series on D8. Season 2, not yet reported in clear, arrives on the group Canal + starting Sunday, September 28 at 10:40.

Difficult to find in the programming of the series Game of Thrones in France. After airing season 4 soundtracks, with a slight delay with the United States, OCS will rebroadcast from Thursday, September 11 that same season in frace. But the chain of the Orange group are not only broadcast the flagship of HBO series.

Indeed, Canal + also released the first two seasons on its antenna until D8 and D17 do broadcast in turn the Game of Thrones first season.

In the continuity, D8 will soon broadcast the Game of Thrones season 2, not yet reported in clear, from Sunday, September 28 at 10:40. The first two episodes, remembers the North and night lands, will be on the air. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-season-4-dvd-boxset.html

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AMC command pilot of the spin-off of The Walking Dead

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 12:59:21 AM America/Los_Angeles

A spin-off of The Walking Dead was mentioned for several months, but the project came to fruition: AMC has ordered a pilot, which will be shot in late 2014.

A few weeks of the return of The Walking Dead Season 5, October 12, fans of the series have a new reason to rejoice: the spin off both expected should finally see the day!

The Walking Dead: all info about season 5.Evoked since already several months and entered many speculations, the project has finally made a big step forward at the end of the week, since AMC already airs the original series - just ordered a driver. If it is convincing, the spin-off should be definitely launched on the rails.

At the present time, it knows that little information on this new series, if it doesn't it will focus on what happens outside the Group of Rick: perhaps through another group of survivors who fight for survival against zombies. The pilot will be written by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson, which should also loss the showrunner of The Walking Dead spin-off.

The filming of The Walking Dead pilot should take place by the end of the year 2014. Depending on its quality, AMC will decide whether to implement the proposal, and to officially launch the production of this derived series. This spin-off is the subject of numerous rumors for already several months: there is no doubt that fans eagerly awaiting the result! By http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-walking-dead-season-4-dvd-boxset.html

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Mad Men: What to expect in season 7, aired on Canal +.

Thursday, September 4, 2014 8:47:41 PM America/Los_Angeles

This Thursday, September 4 at 22:40, the first seven episodes of season 7 of Mad Men landed on Canal +. Is this the end of the journey into hell for Don Draper?

The latest images of the season 6 mad men dvd showed Don Draper and his two children, Sally and Bobby stop in front of a dilapidated House, a former brothel. Upset, he gives them: "This is where I grew..." Don/Dick Whitman can finally dare to release as it did during a presentation before clients to the Agency by confessing his orphan past and was raised by prostitutes. This incident causes an earthquake...

Season 7 of mad men begins two months after the layoff of Don Draper. The creative lives between two aircraft, between two worlds, New York and Los Angeles, where Megan, his wife, began her career as an actress. He was well aware that his lies may ruin his career. Pete Campbell, is once again single. The Agency, the atmosphere is electric: Peggy and the luscious Joan delimit at best their territory. Richard Nixon was elected President and the arrival of a computer to the agency concerned and upset the habits

Developments in American society are beautifully recounted, the narrative is always so glamorous, suspension and powerful and follows with passion and tension the lives of these pubards. Jon Hamm is a beautiful and poignant Don Draper stuck between his past that he cursed, its future uncertain, his doubts about married life and her concern about the evolution of the society. And Yes, in 1969, man has walked on the Moon! "The first part of the season 7 mad men dvd bounces on the chaos in which it has been left last season, said the author of the series Matthew Weiner in an interview with Télérama." He went through a very strong period of introspection, and has evolved a lot, emotionally. This new season is longer in action, seen advance and face obstacles more specifically. It proved, he was honest, he confessed the truth about his origins to his colleagues and to his children. But? a is not enough to make him a different man. "And even less to change the look of his loved ones." Women are always beautiful and it lead the dance to the image of Peggy, stunning Elisabeth Moss and Joan, Sen? aunt Christina Hendricks.

This final season 7 of Mad Men dvd will like other series cult Breaking Bad, being divided into two parts. This Thursday, September 4 from 8:40 p.m. on Canal +, you will see the first seven episodes. Then it will wait until next for at the end of the fate of the hero. We really let ourselves carried away by the wind of this cult series and it remains frustrated at the end of the seventh episode who sees the disappearance of one of the heroes. Soon thereafter! By http://www.boxsetstore.com/mad-men-seasons-1-6-dvd-box-set-6512.html

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NCIS: Los Angeles: season five on M6

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 5:27:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

Good news for fans of NCIS: Los Angeles. Season 5, including M6 had already broadcast the first three episodes.

From Saturday,September 20 at 20:50, agents Callen (Chris O'Donnell) and Hanna (LL Cool J) will resume service on M6 for the fifth season of NCIS: Los Angeles. The chain which had already broadcast the first three episodes of the season, takes over during this new season in France with the 100th episode of the series. Note that M6 will offer nightly two unreleased episodes.

And the 4 episode entitled "Reznikov, N", the action picks up more beautiful. The plot? Hetty Callen ordered Callen to go to a camp of the Navy for evaluation of comeptence but the agent decides to follow his colleagues of NCIS on a crime scene. The case touches him directly as he is of his father by a member of the famous Comescu family...!

And among the novelties of the season, watch for the appearance of Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy against the Vampires, Gossip Girl) as a guest of this NCIS: Los Angeles fifth season. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/ncis-los-angeles-seasons-1-4-dvd-box-set.html

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Criminal minds VS Castle: What series is the best?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 7:22:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

Criminal Minds on TF1 against Castle on France 2. But what series is the best? Let the game begin!

Viewers can discover the ninth novel of criminal minds season while the two fans of Castle discover the investigations of the season 6 new Beckett and Castle. We know, every Monday night, you are likely to hesitate before your television. TF1 and France 2?

The best casting: criminal minds
Hard to resist the investigators of criminal minds. Shemar Moore to Matthew Gray Gubler, AJ Cook and Kristen Vangsness, each character has managed to find its place. So when production is separated from Paget Brewster (who plays Emily Prentiss), the fans showed their displeasure. The production has folded. The actress found her role.

This is one of the keys to the success of the series. The rocky relationship between Beckett and Castle is transformed through the seasons in a beautiful love story. Verbal jousts become cults, making salt from the crime fiction. Successful notably worn by the antics of its leading actor, Nathan Fillion.

The best intrigues: criminal minds
Let us not lie, Castle and criminal minds does not shine for their "happy" investigations. But, once again, special mention to criminal minds which offers thrilling, dark, excavated and sometimes terrifying investigations.

The best invited: criminal minds
Since 2005, criminal minds attracts small-screen stars.Frankie Muniz (Malcolm), James Van Der Beek (Dawson), Amber Heard, Elle Fanning, Luke Perry (Beverly Hills), Jane Lynch (Glee), Mark Moses (Desperate Housewives) and the list is long. It should be noted that in September, Jennifer Love Hewitt will join the team of Hotchner.

The best audiences: criminal minds
In France, like the USA, the police series is capable of attracting up to 7 million viewers.From the other side of the Atlantic.Criminal Minds of his real name attracted 10.9 million followers on average last season. If Castle is also an international success, the series carries out hearings (a tiny bit) lower. Starting with the France where the series navigates between 5 and 6 million fans every Monday. In the United States, the last season has attracted 10 million viewers. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/criminal-minds-season-9-dvd-boxset.html

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David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) joined the season 6 of The Good Wife

Sunday, August 31, 2014 8:23:22 PM America/Los_Angeles

According to the Hollywood Reporter, actor David Hyde Pierce absent of the screens from the stop of the series Frasier, will be in season 6 of The Good Wife.

After Michael J. Fox, Martha Plimpton and Carrie Preston a new recruit will do his arrival in season 6 of The Good Wife. According to the Hollywood Reporter, it's David Hyde Pierce, best known for his role of Dr. Niles Crane in Frasier series,Absent from the small screen for a decade, the actor made his return in the CBS legal series where it will, this time, a legal journalist of the cable which entered politics after being sickened by the killings and corruption in Chicago.

Proud to host this new kid in The Good Wife, Michelle and Patrick King, creators and showrunners for the series said: "we are incredibly flattered and excited that David is from ' The Good Wife dvd' its first on TV since 'Frasier'." We are unconditional fans of dramatic talents as well as his comic talent." The season 6 of The Good Wife airs September 21 next on CBS. In France, the series is broadcast on M6 and Teva. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-good-wife-season-5-dvd-boxset.html

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Hannibal: Gillian Anderson full-time in season 3?

Thursday, August 28, 2014 8:59:42 PM America/Los_Angeles

The unforgettable Dana Scully in the X-Files embodies two years the psychiatrist of the Cannibal starring Mads Mikkelsen. The actress of Hannibal is currently in full negotiations to become regular in the next season of the show...

Hannibal is going to hire his psychiatrist full-time? Gillian Anderson, who lends his face to Bedelia's du Maurier in the series of the American network NBC, could indeed reach Mads Mikkelsen in the entirety of the episodes of the third season of the show! During the first two, the actress appeared on a recurring basis in the drama, telling the story of the famous Cannibal.

This is Bryan Fuller,which announced the news during the last San Diego Comic-Con: "we are negotiating his contract so that it becomes a regular character. Nothing is yet signed. But it has proved to support seamless to the series." Fans are already assured of finding the actress in the next season premiere of Hannibal because Fuller said: "the first episode (season 3) will be as a new pilot for headlining Gillian Anderson and Mads Mikkelsen."

Last year has not been easy for the actor Dana Scully in the X-Files. In addition to come from time to time in Hannibal, she was one of the stars of Crisis, unfortunately cancelled after 13 episodes.  By http://www.boxsetstore.com/hannibal-season-2-dvd-boxset.html

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Emmy Awards:Why were Game of Thrones snubbed?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 9:02:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

Great favorite of the Emmy Awards 2014, the series Game of Thrones is distributed without any statuette. The Academy would have struggled to reward the heroic fantasy?On Twitter anyway, fans have expressed their incomprehension.

With 19 nominations, Game of Thrones arrived in this 66th door Emmy Awards by the great ceremony. However, at the end of the evening which was held in the night of Monday to Tuesday in Los Angeles, the series based on the novels by George R.R Martin returned empty-handed. Of course, the competition was tough from the side of dramati!Breaking Bad had there last one hurray with his fifth and final season when True Detective was regarded as a serious outsider thanks to the performance of its actors.

It is ultimately the series conducted by Bryan Cranston, who won honours with including the award for best dramatic series, one for best actor, and those of the best actor and actress. Other works in competition are shared the crumbs. but not Game of Thrones dvd. Yet it was hoped a little something for Peter Dinklage, excellent in the role of the of popular Tyrion Lannister. Same thing for Lena Headey, Machiavellian Cersei Lannister, who failed to convince academics. Then what? Have a problem with the heroic fantasy genre already under-represented in the TV series? By http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-seasons-1-4-dvd-boxset.html

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Vampire Diaries: check out the first trailer for season 6!

Monday, August 25, 2014 12:31:47 AM America/Los_Angeles

The CW yesterday unveiled the first images of the new adventures of the heroes of his hit. In this video, all the ingredients that make the success of the series come together: the trio of sexy actors, the drama and the bites on the neck.

They are back for one more year! The bloodsucking of Vampire Diaries return across the Atlantic to the antenna to the CW for a sixth year looming already and already rich in twists and creatures of the sexy night! Thus, American fans of the show will find Elena, Stefan, Damon and the other from Thursday October 2!

Yesterday,in the vampire diaries moving trailer, Elena seems still inconsolable following the tragic events that unfolded in the final episodes broadcast in the USA in May. Stefan even advises his ex-girlfriend to definitively turn the page... Sad and hopeless, it begins to attack humans and drain their blood! Will she succeed in turning the corner?

After the upheavals at the end of the vampire diaries fifth season, fans were worried about the fate of Damon... The president of the United States Barack Obama in person had even tweeted that if the character does not appear in the credits of this year, it dissolves the Government! But everyone can rest assured, thanks to this video.

In France, NT1 will offer its viewers to discover the Vampire Diaries Season 5 on Friday 29 august from 20:50. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-vampire-diaries-season-5-dvd-boxset.html

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Tony Shalhoub back to TV in Nurse Jackie!

Thursday, August 21, 2014 7:19:18 PM America/Los_Angeles

Tony Shalhoub, who played eight seasons for the detective to obsessive-compulsive disorder, will be included in the credits of the seventh season of Nurse Jackie! The actor recently get a recurring role in the series.

Monk soon treated by Nurse Jackie! Almost... Tony Shalhoub, the interpreter of the detective with obsessive-compulsive disorder, has indeed signed to join the cast of the series carried for seven years already by Edie Falco. The actor appears? tra on a recurring basis in the next adventures of nurse borderline for a release under current 2015 in the USA...

This man is very popular with his colleagues, including Gloria Akalitus (Anne Deavere Smith) emergency, his supervisor. He is housebroken and has very good manners. Bernard will be a friend to Jackie.

This comeback will be good for Tony Shalhoub? After stopping Monk in 2009,  the actor has been pleased discreet only appearing in a few TV movies or as a guest star in the series.. It is only at the beginning of 2013 he attempted a real return as one of the main characters of comedy We Are Men. Unfortunately, the show was quickly cancelled... By http://www.boxsetstore.com/nurse-jackie-seasons-1-5-dvd-boxset.html

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Mentalist: Emmanuelle Chriqui talks the entourage movie

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 9:13:42 PM America/Los_Angeles

This Wednesday, TF1 will broadcast two episodes of the Mentalist in which you will see the beautiful Emmanuelle Chriqui of Simon Baker.When it appears to the screen, unable to not be captivated. Unfortunately, his heart is not to be taken, then failing to implement schemes to seduce her, we propose to focus on his career.

For the moment, and we wish that this change, the Canadian is best known for his role of Sloan McQuewick in Entourage. Despite the number of sexy girls parading on the screen during the eight seasons of the series on HBO, between 2004 and 2011, Sloan is the most beautiful woman that you will see in 96 episodes. But allowing it to itself from all the others, played by Adrian Grenier, for her money, she is attracted by its manager/best friend: Eric Murphy.that his character is well written. It makes you dream this majority whose main strength is their personality and not their physical. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-mentalist-season-6-dvd-boxset.html

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Did you know? Jamie Dornan (50 shades of Grey) is the Sheriff of Once Upon a Time

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 1:33:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

Once Upon A Time. After a broadcast on M6, the fantasy series arrives on the TNT.Badly shaved beard, penetrating blue eyes, smile to fall and a dream body.

No you are not dreaming, the Sheriff Graham that you will discover in Once Upon A Time from 20:50 on 6Ter is none other than Jamie Dornan, the future hero of the  long-awaited film saga, fifty shades of Grey. Spotted by Sofia Coppola in 2006 (he plays in Marie Antoinette), the series of ABC that 6Ter rebroadcasts from Tuesday.

In Once Upon A Time, Jamie Dornan plays Sheriff Graham, a mysterious character who will not leave indifferent the women of the series. But in 2012, after only 9  episodes, the actor left brutally series. A drama for the fans who had already capsized for the pretty boy of North Ireland. But against all expectation, became the  "it - boy" of the moment, rumours annon? ant its comeback in the fourth season of the series are more and more insistent. Thus, during a recent interview, Jennifer  Morrison, the lead actress of Once Upon A Time said "we are still good friends but objectively I believe that Jamie has a full time job" before adding: "but it is  hoped that someday, it will be a time to resume his role in flashbacks of the Sheriff Graham".

At the age of 32, the year 2015 looks like that of the consecration for Jamie Dornan. In February, the former model will become James Grey in the film adapted from the  best seller. Immediately check out the scorching trailer. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/once-upon-a-time-season-3-dvd-boxset.html

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Hillary Clinton in House of Cards birthday spoof

Monday, August 18, 2014 9:59:19 PM America/Los_Angeles

To encourage users to sign the Bill Clinton birthday card, his wife, Hillary Clinton, the parody series House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. This Tuesday, August 19, former U.S. president Bill Clinton will celebrate its 68 spring. on this occasion, the American Secretary of State and the actor Kevin Spacey performed a parody rather funny the House of Cards. the hero without scruples in the political series. It is in a video put online by the Foundation Clinton that we view the actor move a phone call to Hillary Clinton. Then follows a dialogue rather fun.

Imitating the voice of Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey asked Hillary Clinton what it intends to offer to her husband for his 68th birthday: "It is a very personal decision that I will take when I am ready," replied wryly that which use this phrase when asked if it will be candidate for the presidential election. Alluding to his investment in a program for the protection of elephants, the actor offered him: "you know what, my dear, I'd really like one of these elephants that you try to save".

The latter eventually then suggested to adopt a baby elephant and calling it Franck if she's a girl.Those two names being those of the main characters of the series. "I was leaning rather for first name Kevin".http://www.boxsetstore.com/house-of-cards-season-2-dvd-boxset.html

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What happens to Jesse Metcalfe, the sexy gardener on Desperate Housewives?

Monday, August 18, 2014 1:18:29 AM America/Los_Angeles

Entertainers, singers, actors, reality TV stars, they made us crack, cry or laugh well before passing away from radar screens. But there is a life after glory, and weekly Tele-loisirs gives you news of ex-stars of the planet people. Today: Jesse Metcalfe, the gardener and lover muy caliente of Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives!

Born on December 9, 1978 in Carmel Valley, in the County of Monterey, California, Jesse Metcalfe is a mix of Italian, Portuguese origins and french? ease. The young man grew up in Connecticut, where he played for several teams in basketball. He studied at New York University, and then at the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, where he learned the trade of actor. After a few student films, his agent finds him a first r? in the soap Passions. From 1999 to 2004, he played Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald before deciding himself to go towards new adventures and nabbed a r? which goes earned him greedy admiration of millions of viewers around the world...

It has not forgotten... his character's super sexy gardener on Desperate Housewives: John Rowland, 17-year-old student hired by the Solis to mow the lawn of their house. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/desperate-housewives-seasons-1-8-dvd-box-set.html

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Unusual: the smallest woman in the world in American Horror Story season 4!

Thursday, August 14, 2014 8:35:51 PM America/Los_Angeles

Jyoti WAGGGS, which is 62.6 inches, includes the distribution of the horrific series of Ryan Murphy. This year, the action will take place behind the scenes of a freakshow, that is the Gallery of the "monsters" of a circus.Season 4 of American Horror Story just call a special guest services..Indeed, the series co-creator Ryan Murphy has announced on Twitter that the smallest woman in the world will be included in the credits of his freakshow! He also posted a photo on its account of Jyoti WAGGGS, an Indian of 20 years measuring 62.6 centimeters on the knees of Jessica Lange, one of the pillars of the horror drama.

Expected in October across the Atlantic on cable FX, this new anthology will bring together many actors. Among the ancients, fans will be pleased to find Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters in previously unreleased. But this is not all as Patti LaBelle, Finn Wittrock, Wes Bentley, and especially Michael Chiklis joined the caravan of the strange this year. Finally, the great villain of these new components will be played by John Carroll Lynch.

The action of American Horror Story: Freakshow will take place in the 1950s in Jupiter Florida. Jessica Lange should embody Elsa March, the owner of German origin of one of the past fairs to the monsters of the United States. Siamese sisters, woman with beard, evil clowns, sex and complicated and twisted heart stories should be on the menu... The recipe for the success of the series in all! By http://www.boxsetstore.com/american-horror-story-season-2-dvd-box-set.html

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Patti LaBelle (Lady Marmalade) joined the season 4 of American Horror Story

Thursday, August 14, 2014 3:48:23 AM America/Los_Angeles

A new recruit will be arriving in season 4 of American Horror Story. It's Patti LaBelle, the unforgettable performer Lady Marmalade. The singer will play recurring rolw in the series.

Only a few months before the launch of season 4 of American Horror Story! If it is already known that the actor John Carroll Lynch (Shutter Island, Body of Proof) will play "the clown most terrifying that has never seen on television", it is also known that a well known face in the music scene will come join the dark character in the series. It is the godmother of soul Patti LaBelle, interpreter of the legendary tube Lady Marmalade.

The singer will therefore join the cast of American Horror Story: Freak Show - the title makes reference to these nomadic circuses that were all the rage in the United States in the 1950s. She will perform the mother of Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe), which will be its importance in the mystery of the series. This is not the first time that Patti LaBelle on TV. It has already played in Campus Show, the series derived from the Cosby Show where she play the role of Adele Wayne. The Queen of rock'n soul has also starred in his own sitcom, Out All Night, in which she sang Chelsea Paige, a club owner and former glory of R'B. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/american-horror-story-seasons-1-2-dvd-box-set.html

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Grey's Anatomy: the return of the mother of Meredith!

Friday, August 8, 2014 5:55:50 PM America/Los_Angeles

The actress who played the mother of the sick heroines in Grey's Anatomy, ABC will make his comeback in the series after several years of absence! His character, who died, should appear in flashbacks scenes...

A deceased but character lighthouse of Grey's Anatomy will make his comeback in the series! And it is none other than the MOM sick of Meredith, and formerly brilliant surgeon, which will appear in the credits of the first episode of season 11 of the hospital drama.Kate Burton, who lent his face to this woman very hard towards his daughter, appears for two seasons in Scandal, one of the babies from Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey's (for the respondents).

Attention, the following lines contain information about the events in the episodes may last in the USA... You are forewarned. Ellis Grey, died as a result of Alzheimer's disease, should make a comeback in the corridors of the legendary hospital in scenes from flashbacks in order to lift the veil on one of the incredible events of the last chapter of the eleventh year of the show.

The fans have made the knowledge of Margaret, the new recruit to the Grey Sloan Memorial but especially... the girl hidden Ellis and Richard (James Pickens Jr.)! Indeed, the terrible lovers apparently had a child together many years ago, in the greatest secrecy. Shonda Rhimes and the writers will try to explain to viewers this reversal of situation unexpected, surprising and worthy of the great moments in the fires of love, thanks to returns in the past. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/grey-s-anatomy-seasons-1-10-dvd-boxset.html

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Glee: five small new in the final season!

Thursday, August 7, 2014 7:32:26 AM America/Los_Angeles

Then the music series will conclude at the end of his sixth season and that the creator has promised a real return to the sources for this final lap, five new characters will come walking the halls of McKinley high school!

It is soon for the Glee series!As previously announced, season 6 will be the last of the music series. Ryan Murphy, the creator of the show aired on FOX, explains to fans of the first hour that these ultimate 13 episodes will be a return to the origins of the series. He also said that any former member of the cast was welcome on the set if it wished. However, if members of the first generation of the New Directions will make their comeback in the auditorium, five new characters have been announced for this year!

Viewers will thus discover Roderick, a young man coated and shy, with the same kind of voice as that of Otis Redding.This is the new pariah of the series. Spencer will be the star of American football in high school. Openly gay, it's better not attack him about his sexuality because he does not hesitate to defend themselves! It has an exceptional voice. Jane is described as a very ambitious girl.Could not join the Warblers (one of the rival choirs which Blaine was one), it is folded on the New Directions. Finally, the twins Madison and Mason will be the new cheerleaders of the team of Cheerios. Although it is believed that the boy is gay, it is homosexual, there is nothing. He and his sister are very strange but they are ultra-positifs people! For the time being, no actor has yet chosen to embody these teens.

During the second part of season 5, the action of Glee was refocused on the hard core of the characters in taking in New York. With these revelations, the rumors that annon? have a return very important action to the McKinley high school seem to occur. This final lap kickoff is scheduled for mid-season in the United States. These additions of casting will help rekindle the interest of fans who have largely deserted the program. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/glee-season-4-dvd-box-set.html

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David Cubitt joined the cast of Arrow

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 6:25:41 AM America/Los_Angeles

David Cubitt, former actor of the Medium, joined the cast of Arrow.

It was detective Lee Scanlon in the series Medium.David Cubitt now puts the cap on Arrow. 49 years old comedian joined the time of an episode season 3 of CW, as reveals The Hollywood Reporter.

David Cubitt appear in the third episode of the new season: he will lend his face to Mark Shaw, a.k.a. Manhunter. Cubitt plays an agent of a..R.G.U.S (the secret organization intended to fight the villains) that crosses the path of John Diggle (David Ramsey). Note that David Cubitt is not the only one to join the series since Peter Stormare (Prison Break) as Werner Zytle.

At Comic-Con in San Diego,we found a new villain, Ra's al Ghul, the head of the League of Assassins. Suffice to say that this third season should be full of twists and turns.

For those who don't know? milk not all the series, it is time to take a look at the trailer for season 2. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/arrow-seasons-1-2-dvd-boxset.html

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The Big Bang Theory: 1 million dollars per episode for actors

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 4:25:54 AM America/Los_Angeles

According to the American site Deadline, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco would receive one million dollars per episode to resume the Sheldon, Leonard and  Penny in the next seasons of The Big Bang Theory.

The wage negotiations relate to their purposes for the heroes of The Big Bang Theory. While it was reported last week that the filming of the eighth season of the hit  CBS series had been postponed because no financial agreement had been reached between the Warner Bros. TV studios (which produced the series, Editor's note) and actors  who demanded a wage increase, it seems that all this is about to settle. According to the American site Deadline, production and actors have reached an agreement.  Indeed, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco would now 1 million dollars per episode to resume Sheldon, Leonard and Penny in seasons 8, 9 and 10 of the comedy.  An increase in size for those who earned $ 350,000 per episode last year.The three actors should pocket almost 90 million dollars over the next three years according  to Deadline.

For now, neither studios nor officials have confirmed these exceptional amounts. According to Deadline, the contract of the stars of the show would leave a door open  for a possible eleventh season. Remains for Warner Bros. the renegotiation of contracts Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayvar, two others historical fiction. Since 2010, the  interpreters of Raj and Howard earned $ 100,000 per episode. Only Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik, arrived later in the show, are still under contract and therefore not  parties of renegotiations.

If everything goes in the order, the filming of the eighth season of The Big Bang Theory could begin with only a week's delay. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-big-bang-theory-season-7-dvd-boxset.html

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Homeland: Mark Moses (Desperate Housewives) joined the season 4

Sunday, August 3, 2014 8:37:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

New players are expected for the season 4 of Homeland which is currently shooting, which one you should recognize.

Mark Moses will join the cast of season 4 of the series Homeland tells us the site of the Hollywood Reporter. If this name does not necessarily allow you to put a face on it, just look at the photo to the left. "Ah, this is him? But... ", Yes, this is the actor who played the character of Paul Young between 2004 and 2011 in Desperate Housewives. There are two Screen Actors Guild Awards, given to all actors of the cast, in 2005 and 2006. Feeling that the wind might turn, in 2007, he won the role of the Herman "Duck" Phillips in Mad Men until 2013. Incidentally, the cast also has reveived a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2009.

If in Desperate, as the fans call it, it was mainly watched by those responsible for procurement, Homeland, the public is very different; He is younger. The overall atmosphere of the series is also darker, more complex storylines and better written characters. In short, it is a real promotion for this player in 56 years. The American website explains that it should play the role of the Dennis, an expatriate Professor of political science at the Quaid-I-Azam University in Islamabad.

The actress Nimrat Kaur has also joined the cast and Art Malik should make some appearances. The season 4 is currently produced in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. It will be broadcast from October 5 on Showtime. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/homeland-season-3-dvd-box-set.html

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While the filming of Big Bang Theory were to resume yesterday, none of the actors of the series made on the trays.The ongoing negotiations between the Warner studio and the actors for the renewal of their contract.

There is water in the gas between the actors of Big Bang Theory and the producers of the sitcom. While shooting the series #1 in the United States was to resume yesterday, none of the five main actors (Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar) did on the plates. In a press release that the Warner announced: "in current contract negotiations, the production of Big Bang Theory, which was to begin today is postponed." In fact, no agreement was reached between the Warner Bros. TV studio and actors seeking a heavy pay increase.

These negotiations, which began almost a year ago, still fail to operate. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco, who respectively receive $ 325,000 per episodes, calling for a significant increase of their salary, hoping to receive up to one million dollars per episode. They also want to reach a certain percentage of the profits generated by the series. Like from the side of Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar who ask, too, increased. Only Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik, arrived later in the show, are still under contract and cannot renegotiate.

So the pressure mounts for Warner's nterest to find an arrangement with its actors, since the sitcom was renewed for three more seasons. For now, none of the two parties know when film will resume. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-big-bang-theory-seasons-1-6-dvd-box-set.html

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Mark Valley joined the season 15 of experts

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 11:40:15 PM America/Los_Angeles

Mark Valley joined the cast of the season 15 experts. According to Entertainment Weekly, the American actor will play a private detective.

On September 28th, American CBS will launch the season 15 of experts. A few weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly announced the arrival of Mark-Paul Gosselaar aka Zack Morris, in saved by the Bell, to the cast of the series. The actor will play 40 years since two characters lend its features to twins, Paul Winthrop and Jared Briscoe. One will be a dangerous seria-killer, imprisoned and about to be run. The other, a powerful real estate agent who fights to proclaim the innocence of his brother.

Another recruit will now arriving in the series. According to the American site, this is Mark Valley, as we have already seen in Fringe and Body of Proof or even Human Target, who will join the science police in Las Vegas. The actor will play the recurring, a private detective who joins Julie Finley (Elisabeth Shue) to find his partner suddenly disappeared. And despite their differences, it is not impossible that a certain attraction are born between the two characters... It would seem that the CSI franchise has still ahead. Anthony Zuiker, the producer and screenwriter of Experts will launch a spinoff new in September, led by Patricia Arquette: CSI: Cyber. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The series Once Upon a Time arrives on 19 august!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 7:52:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

Good news for all fans of Once upon a time! The series arrives on 6ter from 19 august next,at 20:50.

The fairy tale characters that have rocked your childhood come back! After the broadcast of the first two seasons of Once Upon a Time (with Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin and Lana Parilla) on M6,The season 1 and 2 of the American network ABC will once again proposed as early as 19 august next on 6ter, from 20:50. The chain would not broadcast season 3 exclusive.

We believe that the magic of fairy tales operates as with 7 million viewers on average ,the series has become a true phenomenon in the United States. In France, in its first broadcast on December 1, 2012, the first three episodes attracted 3.5 million followers (16% PdA). In addition to having been repeatedly rewarded, season 4 of the series landed on September 28 with the arrival of the snow Queen! By http://www.boxsetstore.com/once-upon-a-time-season-3-dvd-boxset.html

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Lea Michele guest star in Sons of Anarchy!

Monday, July 28, 2014 8:00:29 PM America/Los_Angeles

A guest-star will be soon?The arrival in the seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy. This guest is none other than Lea Michele, star of Glee!

On Tuesday 9 September,American FX will launch the seventh season of Sons of Anarchy. This final season will be marked by the arrival of two stars trash rock singer Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love, the estranged girlfriend of Kurt Cobain metal. The first will be a supporter of white supremacy that will help Jax in his conquest of power, the second will meanwhile be the r? the of the teacher of Abel.

That is not all. We learned today that an another guest will be arriving in this seventh season. This prestige guest is none other than Lea Michele, Glee star. The actress just to share the news with her fans on Twitter. It is in a first message that the pretty brunette wrote: "I woke up looking forward today! A new nifty to share..."

Both say, Sons of Anarchy will send heavy! starting with a first special episode which lasted 1:45, which will be followed by Anarchy Afterword, a show devoted to the history of the series of bikers. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/sons-of-anarchy-season-6-dvd-box-set.html

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Arrow: the first images of the season 3 and the arrival of a new enemy

Monday, July 28, 2014 1:58:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

New images of the season 3 of the American series Arrow were projected yesterday during the Comic Con in San Diego. And the last minutes reveal the great villain of this new season: Ra's Al Ghul.

The season 3 of arrow will land in the United States on CW October 8 and salivating fans who are anxiously waiting for the new adventures of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), unpublished images were yesterday ejected during the Comic Con in San Diego.

The trailer in question begins with the images of the final events of the season 2, presenting all the issues in the context. After a minute the serious things start and we discover the first images of the season 3. There is Oliver in Hong Kong, new place where take place the flashbacks, but also the young vigilante in love go with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards): an umpteenth shot poker tempted by Oliver, the first episode will almost certainly answer the question.

But other images attract our attention: Roy (Colton Haynes) dropped the Red hoody and slips into the costume of Arsenal. The last seconds reveal a well known character to fans of comics and the Batman universe, a character who was acting as an invisible threat during the first two seasons: Ra's Al Ghul. After Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and Deathstroke/Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett), the Green archer is going to have to face this new threat and protect again the Starling City inhabitants.

RA's Al Ghul is the leader of the League of Assassins, an organization that emotionally affects Oliver, Merlyn his first true enemy was and Sara (Caity Lotz), the girl is in love was also a member of the League. Andrew Kreisberg wants to go that route there "we want to present a new challenge with an enemy who would speak to Oliver compared what he saw emotionally to Oliver.

This season 3 should be rich and according to Kreisberg a new war is on the point of start and unlikely alliances should be born. See you on October 8th. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/arrow-seasons-1-2-dvd-boxset.html

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Scandal, season 4: Portia de Rossi joined the cast!

Thursday, July 24, 2014 8:56:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

This is Ellen DeGeneres's wife, who announced on Twitter the involvement of his wife to the next season of the guilty pleasure.The actress is known in Ally McBeal, Nip/Tuck or Arrested Development.

A well known actress of the seriephiles will join Scandal in September 2014! Indeed, Portia de Rossi appears in the fourth season of the drama.Ellen DeGeneres, his wife, who announced with humour and pride, the big news on Twitter: "it's annoying people who tell the stories on Twitter and that is why I do tweeterai Portia signed for a top-secret arc in Scandal." Oops."

Portia de Rossi is still kept secret but it will be listed in the credits of the guilty pleasure of the American network during several episodes. Series fans know the actress through its stakes in shows cults such as Ally McBeal, Nip/Tuck or Arrested Development, recently ressucitee by Netflix. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/scandal-season-2-dvd-boxset.html

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Another character of The Snow Queen in Once Upon A Time

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 10:53:26 PM America/Los_Angeles

A fourth character from the animated film of the Disney studios will soon appear? The great drama of the American network ABC. The event in the season 4 of Once Upon A Time, it is the arrival of the snow Queen in the series! Indeed, as previously announced, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff will disembark at Storybrooke next Sunday, September 28 in the season premiere of the fantastic drama. Georgina Haig will lend his face to the young woman to the powers of ice, Elizabeth Hail will embody his sister and this is Scott Michael Foster, who will play the beloved of the latter... But that is not all!

The universe of the most lucrative movie in the history of the Disney studios will move further in OUAT because the network said that a fourth character in the feature film will join the trio on the small screen! Thus, it is the Hans sneaky that viewers will discover in autumn in flesh and bone.. At the present time, no actor was chosen to give life to the young man. It should be like his animated version: young and refined especially ready to do anything to achieve power!

Last week, Paul Lee, the president of ABC, had raised the possibility that a spin-off of Once Upon A Time centered on the snow Queen sees the day at any given time. If this spinoff eventually exist, it seems that its cast is almost full! By http://www.boxsetstore.com/once-upon-a-time-season-3-dvd-boxset.html

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Xena Warrior Princess in season 2 of agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 1:24:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

Lucy Lawless, who once embodied the famous Warrior Princess, joined the series .The show will be returning to the antenna across the Atlantic on Tuesday, September 23.

The Marvel Superheroes will do battle with Xena, Warrior Princess! Indeed, Lucy Lawless, the star of the cult series of the end of the 1990s, incorporates the distribution of the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., broadcast on ABC! However, at present, no one knows what character she will lend its features, or for how many episodes.

However, we know that production recently went looking for one that will embody Mary Maloney, a new recruit in the S.H.I.E.L.D.. It is described as "a very talented agent, the temperament of leader and undeniable sex appeal".In recent years, the public could see the actress in the Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus or Parks & Recreation.

Studios have also updated the agenda of the outputs of their films at the cinema.Five new feature between 2017 and 2019! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will return on September 23 in the USA. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Mentalist: Josie Loren, new bomb series

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 5:50:02 AM America/Los_Angeles

Actress Josie Loren joined the cast of the seventh season of Mentalist.What the gap left by the departure of Amanda Righetti alias Grace Van Pelt.

New recruit for Patrick Jane. In a few months, Mentalist will make his return to the United States for a seventh season which looks like that of any changes. After the revelation of the identity of John the red and the successive departures of Owain Yeoman (Wayne Rigsby) and Amanda Righetti (Grace Van Pelt), the production comes to afford the services of a new special agent. Indeed, according to the very knowledgeable American site TVLine, Josie Loren joined the series for a majoy story that could lead to an important recurring in fiction by Simon Baker.

According to TVLine, the new recruit to the team of Patrick Jane.The young woman, ambitious and dynamic will therefore rubbing the unorthodox methods of Patrick Jane. What do sparks...

After a sixth season criticized, the Mentalist writers will have to strike a blow next year. Saved in extremis by the chain does American CBS, the series sees its hearings fall severely for several seasons. Rest the success without false note by Mentalist on TF1. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-mentalist-season-6-dvd-boxset.html

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Sons of Anarchy: USA last season will be released on

Sunday, July 20, 2014 10:26:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

Finally the date of American broadcast the seventh and final season of the famous series of bikers. Engine!

It is a date to circle in red marker on his agenda. On Tuesday September 9,FX will start the seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy, the series that makes zoom! Zoom! with bikes. The first episode will be somewhat special since it last 1:45, has announced the chain does cable American. A special episode, which was then followed by Anarchy Afterword, a program that will return to the history of the series to riders.

Season 7 will start 10 days after the mind-blowing (and deadly!) final of the sixth season, when Gemma (Katey Sagal) brutally killed Tara (Maggie Siff), the wife of Jax (Charlie Hunnam). This last, drunk with pain, finds himself in prison for violating the conditions of his parole. From his cell, and with the help of some members of Samcro, he will make every effort to carry out its revenge...
This seventh season sends heavy since the viewer crosses the route of the metal singer Marilyn Manson (a cellmate of Jax!), and especially Courtney Love, the foermer girlfriend of Kurt Cobain. Also the return of the character of Venus (Walton Goggins, seen in The Shield).

We really looking forward to see the end of this excellent series that will be truly revealed the actor Charlie Hunnam as we will see next year in the latest film by Guillermo del Toro: Crimson Peak.  By http://www.boxsetstore.com/sons-of-anarchy-complete-seasons-1-5-dvd-box-set.html

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Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) becomes president of the United States for HBO

Thursday, July 17, 2014 9:39:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

After playing in Breaking Bad, the actor will be the role of the president Lundon B. Johnson in All the Way, adaptation TV in a drama produced by Steven Spielberg for HBO.

Bryan Cranston is back on TV! The actor who portrayed the role in the iconic Walter White in Breaking Bad series reunites with his first love. He will soon join the cast of the movie All the way, the adaptation of a play in which he had already played on Broadway and which earned him a Tony Award (Prize for best actor and the best part for Robert Schenkkan, the author of the piece). Bryan Cranston will play the role of Lyndon B. Johnson, who became President of the United States after the death of John Kennedy.

This new series, in association with HBO Films, will be produced by Steven Spielberg. And Robert Schenkkan that will be in charge of the scenario of this movie, which returns to the first year of president Johnson in the Oval Office of the White House. For the time being, no date has been given as the dissemination of fiction. Bryan Cranston is still headlining of the American blockbuster Godzilla, big carton of the year 2014. The film has also harvested by more than 490 million dollars in revenue. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/breaking-bad-seasons-1-5-dvd-box-set.html

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The snow Queen: next spin-off of Once Upon A Time?

Thursday, July 17, 2014 12:41:04 AM America/Los_Angeles

During season 4 of Once Upon A Time, characters from the most lucrative movie in the history of the Disney studios will make their appearance in the series... And if they became the heroes of the show derived from the universe of OUAT?

And if the snow Queen became the main character of a new series derived from Once Upon A Time? After a third season at disappointing audiences and a series cancelled after 13 episodes, the drama magical account on the snow Queen to return to the top! Indeed, as previously announced, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff will disembark at Storybrooke in season 4 of OUAT in September.

And as reported by E! Online, when asked by Paul Lee, during the press conference for the Television Critics Association about a possible spinoff centered on Frozen, his answer was as follows: "we have no plans in the immediate future for a possible series derived on the Queen of snow, He then adds: "they have a capacity for infinite inventions, they therefore already have ideas for several years. This does not stop us therefore to see beyond Once Upon A Time." More simply, if the audience responds far and reacts positively, anything is possible.

The fantasy series will make his return to the air on Sunday, September 28 across the Atlantic and will welcome Georgina Haig in the girl to the powers of ice. His sister, Anna, will be portrayed by Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster, who will lend his face to the beautiful Kristoff. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/once-upon-a-time-season-3-dvd-boxset.html

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Scandal: You missed the first season? Not serious! The second is the best!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 9:16:01 PM America/Los_Angeles

After airing the first season of the series carried by Kerry Washington, M6 continues its momentum and program season 2 tonight at 20:50. Unmissable.

(Almost) forget everything you saw on Scandal! After a first season as appetizers, the series created by Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy) takes off in a second high season in colors that M6 broadcast tonight from 8:50 pm. Announced as the new series event not to be missed under any circumstances, Scandal is transformed after his first season. Airing in 2012 in the United States, the fiction was disappointed in not attractive 7 million viewers on average. Taking advantage of the summer break, Shonda Rhimes and writers were then revised their copy. With brio.

In season 2, Scandal becomes a true political thriller. Licked, ambitious, scotchante, the series has become a reference for the other side of the Atlantic. With this power (re) found, Scandal saw hearings climb from week to week for dinner destroyed flagship of ABC series: Grey's Anatomy.

In the 'new' Scandal, finished weekly intrigues where Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) must help one of his clients. A red thread will keep fans throughout the 22 episodes of the season and (sometimes incredible) plot twists will multiply. In short, you'll understand if you missed season 1 of Scandal, it does not much matter. On the other hand, if you missed the second, you may skip the series of the moment. You have been warned. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/scandal-season-2-dvd-boxset.html

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Doctor Who, season 8: the full trailer finally revealed!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 12:11:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

At a little more than a month of the return of Doctor Who on television, the BBC has finally unveiled the long-awaited trailer. There is a Peter Capaldi in full introspection, ready to go on a trip in the darkness.

With a return to television for 23 August upcoming production of Doctor Who starts to speed things up for the promotion! After two trailers for a few seconds, the BBC unveiled yesterday a new trailer, a little longer this time.

On the images, there's Clara (Jenna Coleman), who tries to tame the new doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. This new reincarnation is well away from Matt Smith, former actor flagship of the series! The Interior of the Tardis, the doctor asks: is it really a man good? Obviously.Result: a season that promises to be under the sign of introspection, with a travel "into the darkness".

Of course, new episodes will be the opportunity to discover new planets and new monsters, but also find old enemies. Because of course, the Daleks will be there,but according to the trailer, they will not be alon as you can also see dinosaurs attack Big Ben.The season 8 is coming soon! by http://www.boxsetstore.com/doctor-who-seasons-1-7-dvd-box-set.html

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Raising Hope:meet the Chance!

Monday, July 14, 2014 12:27:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

The family comedy Raising Hope finally lands on M6! Unfortunately, the chain does not risk to the broadcast in prime time and to discover, need to shorten his sleep on Saturday.This series really fun and full of tenderness!

So if you're not subscribed to Canal +, that you have zapped 6Ter webcasting (that has canceled it since the absence of hearings) and say it clearly, that you laugh at totally to have four years behind US, you can still catch you up. Nothing is yet lost, you'll have a new opportunity to discover Raising Hope (but after?, if you miss it again, we can not do anything for you). Set your alarm clock because M6 will broadcast this delightful comedy this Saturday, July 12 from 10:40 for the first four episodes of season 1.

But Raising Hope, what is just? It is the latest creation of Greg Garcia, who has an another super comedy, casual outside and tender inside, My name is Earl. Raising Hope, launched in 2010 on the chain not FOX, it is the story of the Chance family.Do you follow? All more freaky than the others, and yet still docked together in a daily newspaper that speak to everyone.

And who exactly the Chance? There are Jimmy who, at almost 24 years old, living with her parents, Virginia (Martha Plimpton) and Burt (Garret Dillahunt). Finally, in reality, Virginia and Burt live in Barbara June (Cloris Leachman), alias Maw - Maw, aka the grandmother of Virginia.

In short, back to Jimmy. Because he paid good time with a girl without taking precautions, Jimmy view: 1 / that it is love with a serial killer and that he could leave his skin; and 2 / it is now dad. It will then fall totally in love before the adorable face of her baby, pretty Hope, and will take its first steps in fatherhood. But if it comes from a welded and loving family, his parents are not necessarily an example to follow... Virginia and Burt had Jimmy while they were still teenagers. And inevitably, at this age there, it makes mistakes, trying to, is what we can. Methods of unorthodox education that Jimmy will strive not to reproduce for his daughter. To meet the needs of Hope, bump it at Howdy's, a local supermarket, where he made the acquaintance of the impetuous Sabrina.

And it's good? Yes, Yes and Yes! Raising Hope denotes the usual family series by its irreverent tone, offbeat, humor and situations not always politically correct but deliciously Dr.? And above all, it not buried us under a layer of sticky sentiments and marshmallow. Raising Hope exudes sincerity and tenderness toward his characters. A portrait in acid of a certain middle class American but that makes us love it even more! By http://www.boxsetstore.com/raising-hope-season-3-complete-dvd-boxset.html

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Hearings TV: Person of Interest in the hearings head

Thursday, July 10, 2014 8:10:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

The leading trio is occupied by TF1 with Person of interest, France 2 with Secrets of history and M6 with Scandal.

TF1 broadcast an episode of the Person of Interest before the broadcast of the semi-final between the Brazil and the Germany match. 4 981 000 viewers were at the rendezvous,21 per cent of the public. France 2 follows with the Secrets of history magazine presented by Stéphane Bern. The rebroadcast topic interested 2 966 000 viewers (12.4% pda). About the Scandal on M6 series, she has gathered 2 275 000 people (9.6% pda).

On France 3, the book surveys series combines 1 532 000 fans, 6.5% of the public. Just behind, we find TMC which occupies the first place in the ranking of TNT with a 90' surveys which interested 1 337,000 viewers is 5.6% public. Beautiful score also for D8 with my neighbor who seduces 1 048 000 viewers (4.4% pda).

Follow France 4 with these animals that make us laugh (891 000 viewers, 3.7% pda), France 5 with live away from the world (829,000 viewers, 3.6% pda), Gulli with flute to six Schtroumpfs (662,000 viewers, 2.8% pda), NT 1 with a small area of turbulence (657,000 viewers, 2.8% pda), W9 with return to Cold Mountain (617,000 viewers(, 2.7% pda), NRJ 12 with our friends cops (562 000 viewers, 2.3% pda), Arte with Jaurès is alive! (517,000 viewers, 2.2% pda), D17 with singing all Disney! (272 000 viewers, 1.2% pda).

At the bottom of ranking, include 6ter with Criss Angel: Believe (130,000 viewers, 0.6% pda), HD1 with someone good (145 000 viewers, 0.6% pda), RMC discovery with Versions fran? ease (97 000 viewers, 0.4% pda) and finally, number 23 with Business Code (50,000 viewers, 0.2% pda). By http://www.boxsetstore.com/person-of-interest-season-3-dvd-boxset.html

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Once Upon a Time: Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) joined the season 4

Thursday, July 10, 2014 3:30:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

Elizabeth Mitchell, known for his role in Lost, V and Revolution, joined the season 4 of Once Upon a Time.

The cast of season 4 of Once Upon a Time grows. According to Entertainment Weekly, Elizabeth Mitchell received a recurring role in the series of Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

If his character's name has not yet been revealed, the US site reported however that might be malicious and linked to Arendell and Elizabeth Lail and Elsa (Georgina Haig), all two issues of the universe of the snow Queen and loosely integrated into the plot of these new episodes. Other information, the events of the season 4 of Once Upon a Time will take place, in all likelihood, after those of the Disney movie.

By joining Once Upon a Time, Elizabeth Mitchell will be including the creators of the series Kitsis and Horowitz, former writers of Lost, fiction in which she had interpreted Juliet Burke.Recently, the actress has played in V and Revolution, recently canceled after two seasons.

Season 4 of Once Upon a Time will arrive this fall in the United States on ABC. In France, the series is broadcast by M6.by http://www.boxsetstore.com/once-upon-a-time-season-1-merlin-seasons-1-4-dvd-box-set.html

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Arrow season 3: Superman joins the cast!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 7:19:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

The season 3 of Arrow will be definitely not stingy new heads! After Peter Stormare (the new count Vertigo), Devon Aoki (Katana) and Karl Yune (Maseo Yamashiro), the series comes to Brandon Routh, actor who had shod in 2006 cape and tights for the Superman Returns de Bryan Singer. It should embody a key figure in these new episodes. Caution spoilers!

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Community, Arrested Development These series cancelled then saved!

Monday, July 7, 2014 7:11:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

The case of Community is somewhat special: series is sentenced for several seasons, since every year, she is on the hot seat. From season 3, fans have launched the campaign #sixseasonsandamovie on social networks to promise their program with the same fate as Arrested Development, a series on the same gauge. But the reference then the return of creator Dan Harmon, as well as the successive departures of actors, including that of rapper Donald Grover, prompted NBC to cancel the series. Yahoo!, who wants to compete with Netflix in producing its own series, has jumped at the chance to recover Community, thus ensuring a certain success.

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Downton Abbey: the first spoiler of season 5

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 9:41:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

ITV has revealed a first spoiler of season 5 of Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey back this autumn on ITV. To wait the fans of the series, and especially for a little more incite their curiosity,British unveiled a first spoiler of season 5. It will warn you, this video may frustrate the most impatient.

As a reminder, Sue Johnston recently joined the cast of the English series. The actress will thus perform as guest-star,the maid of Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith).

Richard E. Grant, Anna Chancellor, and Rade erbed ija had already been announced as new actors in dramatic fiction while Harriet Walter and Peter Egan will resume their shows, respectively, of Lady Shackleton and Lord Flintshire.

In France, the series is broadcast by TMC. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/downton-abbey-seasons-1-4-dvd-boxset.html

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The Girlfriend Experience: the Soderbergh film adapted series

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 6:00:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

Starz has commissioned a first season of The Girlfriend Experience, suitable series of the eponymous film by Steven Soderbergh released in 2009.

It is the turn of a new film to be soon adapted into series. According to Deadline, Starz has given the go-ahead for The Girlfriend Experience, inspired by the eponymous feature film directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Composed of a first season of 13 half-hour episodes each, The Girlfriend Experience will explore the ambiguous relationships between these escort girls with their clients, which often look for more than simple sexual antics. These girlfriends one evening, dives in the privacy of these rich men, quickly, trusted friends, became lovers, with the difference that they are handsomely paid for their services.

Writing and the realization of this anthology, we find Lodge Kerrigan (The Red Road, The Killing) and Amy Seimetz (The Killing) while Steven Soderbergh oversee the project as a producer.

For the moment no launch date was announced. The cast, meanwhile, has not yet revealed. Below you will find the trailer for the independent film series is inspired, with Sasha Grey is the leading role.by http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-girlfriend-experience-blu-ray.html

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Chris Bauer of True Blood tells his past experience about alcohol and drug

Monday, June 30, 2014 6:28:55 AM America/Los_Angeles

The scenes where Andy Bellefleur, his character in True Blood, becomes addicted to vampire blood and remind him of a few bad memories. Actor Chris Bauer has just entrusted to People magazine he have been alcohol and drugs for a decade. And that is when began shooting the series seven years ago that he was able to stop everything.

In reality, it is his wife Laura in her posing an ultimatum, which has helped him. "She was really afraid for me. She suffered to see me in that State. She said that she would leave me and take the children,"said 47-year-old dad to the town of two teens, beautiful and Mercy, ages 12 and 14. "I was incredibly blessed," stresses that finally emerged after detoxification treatment.

At the age of 14 years, the actor began to drink alcohol. A first glass, which quickly transformed into several: "I think having abused since the beginning. (...) It was always more than a glass. "I drank to change the fa? one which I felt inside, it was a one-way ticket to oblivion."

Then the drugs arrived at the same time as an adult. Coca? ne, marijuana... "I took what I was offered," says Chris Bauer to People. But this last is in does not to him, but to the film industry as: "it has never been difficult to a d? ner, bo? te night or a first find someone with whom use drugs."

In hindsight, he understands better lifestyle of the era: "alcoholism is very progressive. It is passed necessary consumption for parting to indispensable in everyday life. All my energy, I was putting it to cover my level of intoxication, my hangover wood or how to escape a situation to go have a drink. He also produced the harmful effects it could have on her children.I told myself: as I make them breakfast, how could there be a problem?" But I realize that it wasn't because I was putting Bacon and eggs on their plates that they got what they deserved from me!

Upon discontinuation of drugs and alcohol, Chris Bauer noticed an incredible change: his weight, his fitness and his cholesterol will carry much better now.

True Blood returns tonight on OCS City for a final season (aired from June 22, 2014, on HBO) original 7.By http://www.boxsetstore.com/true-blood-seasons-1-6-dvd-boxset.html

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Aquarius: Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones) will play Charles Manson

Friday, June 27, 2014 4:34:39 AM America/Los_Angeles

    Gethin Anthony, who played two seasons Renly Baratheon in Game of Thrones, will play Charles Manson in Aquarius, the new series with David Duchovny.

    It conna? t finally the identity of the actor who will play Charles Manson in Aquarius. According to TVLine, Gethin Anthony, who played two seasons Renly Baratheon in Game of Thrones, brought to camp one of the most famous serial killers in the United States.

    As a reminder, Aquarius, which takes place in the 1960s, focuses around Hodiak (David Duchovny), a Los Angeles policeman in the hunt for a criminal petty who is none other than Charles Manson, then in full draft of his hippie cult of the family? which it will gradually become the charismatic leader. If Aquarius fits in the long term, the series could follow the evolution of Manson until the most media slayings in the following seasons.

    The US site also reveals that Grey Damon (Friday Night Lights) and Emma Dumont (Bunheads) joined this fiction launched by 2015 on NBC, respectively in the partner mission Hodiak and Emma Karn, a missing girl who was played by Charles Manson.

    The Aquarius scenario, initially proposed to FX several years ago, was written by John McNamara (creator of the advantage series).NBC has not yet to release date for this series. BY:http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-seasons-1-4-dvd-boxset.html

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Devious Maids, True Blood, Gotham: here are the trailers of the week!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 6:43:02 AM America/Los_Angeles

Children, when sunny days arrive, you are great, told you father: "drop shots from Sun and clean air, pushes you into your sofa and mate trailers series of the week!". This is an order!

Well take a small dose of trailers of series this week? a good grave, we at a handy! After Teva, Devious Maids, the series of Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives, arrives this Saturday, June 21, on M6. These desperate (and devilishly sexy) household women have more than one trick in their bag (in vacuum). The life of luxury, scandals, secrets, the corpses in the closet of the good company in Beverly Hills, they know a RADIUS on the subject!

This Saturday, June 21, it is precisely the day that has chosen BBC America to launch its new series, Almost Royal. It is the first original comedy. A "comedy-reality" to be precise, since Ed Gamble and Amy Hoggart, who interpret Georgia and Poppy Carlton, young English aristos that leave to the discovery of the United States, are the only two players. In the tradition of Sacha Baron Cohen with Borat, Almost Royal promises to be shifted, with a good dose of discomfort and clash of cultures!

Gotham continues to make us soft eyes with tantalizing trailers. The latest focuses on villains and gangsters who grangrenent the city.Thus we view Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith), Oswald Cobblepot, the future Penguin (Robin Lord-Taylor) and Selina Kyle, Catwoman in the making (Camren Bicondova), who before the enemies of Batman, were far with thorns in the foot of the Inspector Gordon young. Because, as a reminder, if the history of Gotham takes place in the city of the vigilante by night, it stands in contrast to a time when Bruce Wayne is still a child and will focus therefore on the rise of criminals while Jim Gordon has not yet earned his stripes of Commissioner. Gotham is scheduled on FOX next autumn. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/true-blood-seasons-1-6-dvd-boxset.html

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When Cougar Town mocks his own title: best generic valves

Monday, June 23, 2014 6:58:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

When a series is known to laugh at itself, it is irresistible. And finally, when they wrote a comedy, not to take seriously this is always a plus. Since the season 2, the writers of Cougar Town proved they had a sacred meaning of the tongue-in-cheek fashion. Why? It's simple: they do not like the title of the series, and they do know each episode with a lot of humor.

In 2009, the cha? ABC launches its new comedy called Cougar Town. Created by Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel, she leans on the desiderata in love with Jules Cobbs (Courteney Cox), a real estate agent, mother of a teenager quadra and divorced, which will first becoming infatuated with a younger man. The title of the series was supposed to reflect the new State of mind of Jules, determined to offer a second youth with a twink. But it also refers to the nickname of the city in which the story unfolds: the cougars are the football team local to Gulfhaven, Fla., renamed for the occasion Cougar Town.

So far, the title seems totally appropriate. Except that the emotional life of Jules quickly takes one any other turning when she meets his new neighbour, Grayson. Initially, they will hate, bicker, and then tease... brief, they turn around until they can no longer do without one another. Grayson is not a twink, Jules is therefore no longer a cougar. Suddenly, the authors of the series, which were never really frame this title, wished to change it. At the time, Bill Lawrence commented on Twitter: "from now on, Cougar Town is a series on alcohol and friendship among adults. And it is called Cougar Town. I hate myself".

But it was too late for that. Failing to correct the shooting, they therefore preferred to laugh. Therefore, since the season 2, these small pranksters of authors have inserted a valve to each of their generic, well story to insist on the fact that they would never assume this title. A generic which boils down to a Florida plan and a carton of title. Since then, each week, fans can press "pause"button to read the comments written part and other registration Cougar Town.By http://www.boxsetstore.com/cougar-town-season-3-dvd-box-set.html

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One Upon a Time: the actors in the series, this weekend in Versailles

Thursday, June 19, 2014 9:02:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

This weekend will be held at the Palais Congress of Versailles, the Fairy tales II, an opportunity for fans of the series Once upon a Time to meet the actors of the series

Lana Parrilla (Regina Mills / Evil Queen), Emilie de Ravin (Belle), Jared S. Gilmore (Henry Mills), Rebecca Mader (Zelena / Wicked Witch), Robbie Kay (Peter Pan), Sean Maguire (Robin Hood) will therefore be 21 and June 22, 2014 at a few steps from Paris, at the Palais des Congrès de Versailles for the Fairy tales II, a convention where the actors of the series Once Upon a time will meet their fans. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/once-upon-a-time-season-3-dvd-boxset.html

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Game of Thrones season 4: back on the highlights

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 10:59:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

7.1 million, it is the number of HBO Game of Thrones subscribers.A season 4 who completed his contract, both in terms of hearings (the record of the most seen episode remains Mockingbird, with 7.2 million) to suspense. Moments "OHMYGODOHMYGOD", there has been pletore! And did you a small compilation '...

It became the specialty of Game of Thrones. Beyond its stakeholders stories and its heroes and fascinating anti-hero, the series manages each week to talk about her thanks to still more shocking scenes. those that we had not seen coming, and those that are downright gores, but also reversals of situation and scenes of great psychological violence.Like his characters, and this season 4 set the bar even higher. Obviously, spoilers!

What a day of celebration at King's Landing has turned into a nightmare for the Lannister. The rest of the guests at the wedding Margaery to Joffrey showed shocked faces, but internally, they were all the ola. The King was poisoned. After an endless agony, Joffrey died the most horrible of the fans. It was nice to rejoice in his death, it was pretty damn disgusting! Exit the nerdy tanning and complexion hauled for the summer, bet on marble purple, it's trendy!

Jaime Lannister is one of the darlings of the fans. It is as if it was bought back to where the small Bran saving Brienne. However, Jaime is not a hero, far away, and like to remind us, the series showed us his worst facet. In episode 3, it violates his s? ur Cersei before the body just cold of their son, the fruit of their incestuous relationship. A barely sustainable scene...

Except for the fact that this baby is a child of Craster, he had with one of his daughters before getting murder by Karl Tanner, and that this small piece of cabbage has been abandoned in the forest, offered in sacrifice to walkers whites which in turn transformed it into one of them... Yes, except all? a, the scene is rather? t cute, no? Arriving in the last few seconds of episode 4, it is in any case one of the highlights of this season 4. Pity that we do any more reference subsequently...

We already knew that Tyrion was a fabulous figure, and that his interpreter Peter Dinklage was a great actor. The sequence of the trial did that confirm this. Accused by his nephew and considered by his father, betrayed by those he loves, Tyrion is more hiding behind skilled strokes of humour which he has the secret. Resigned, he knows that whatever he may say, his fate is already sealed. Then he says what he thinks. And as one would say: "he is big!". By http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-season-4-dvd-boxset.html

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'Rookie Blue' Season 5: New Cast Member Added, Secrets

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 2:03:12 AM America/Los_Angeles

The former star of the series the lives being Erica Strange (Beeing Erica) is complete for more than 3 years, actress Erin Karpluk has just obtained in season 5 of the series Rookie Blue

According to the website TV line, that was nearly 3 years Erica Strange in the series Les Vies rêvées of Erica Strange(Beeing Erica), actress Erin Karpluk has therefore signed to a r? the major in the future season 5 of Rookie Blue.

It should arrive at the half of the season which will include 22 episodes, in 2015. For the moment, his secret, which suggests that it will be important to the plot.Recall that recently Erin Karpluk was Sonja Sullivan in saving Hope.In France, the series Rookie Blue is broadcast on 13th Street.. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/rookie-blue-seasons-1-2-dvd-box-set.html

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Doctor Who:SR Geek Picks

Monday, June 16, 2014 7:17:27 AM America/Los_Angeles

You dream (if, you must admit)? Well it seems that this dream is realized . A photographer had the wacky idea (but terribly tendency) to disguise kittens in characters of TV series or cult films. Attention, the quotient mignonnitude creve ceiling!

It is called Wendy Robbins, but you can also find her on his FlickR under the nickname Folkwynd. His trick to it, this is the photo, and it seems that she devotes a good part of his passion to draw the portrait of adorable kittens. A hobby that would be almost passed unnoticed? u if the young lady was not made up his mind to tackle characters cults of our series and favorite movies!

A little sewing to make pretty mini-costumes, simple but effective sets, models that take the pose like pros... The photographer is ventured to Westeros with characters from Game of Thrones, fell not very far from Gallifrey to visit the hero of Doctor Who, she also put her bags in Middle-Earth with Frodo and Gandalf from Lord of the rings, before a final stop in full star wars, where it crossed the Princess. The adjectives that come to mind are not in the Larousse: PR, cromignon, kawa?, Abigail, etc. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/doctor-who-seasons-1-7-dvd-box-set.html

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Alex and love Jo (Greys' Anatomy): Justin Chambers returns to the end of the season 9

Thursday, June 12, 2014 9:57:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

The ninth season of Grey's Anatomy ended this evening on TF1. The love story between Alex and Jo who will be the last? Is Dr. Weber dead? That is going to happen in season 10? This is Justin Chambers that responds.

Yeah! Alex Karev is finally in love! In the last minutes of the end of the season 9 of Grey's Anatomy, the doctor of Pediatrics said its flame Jo Wilson. A small moment that they turned together both real cats and dogs! And as often when? began thus, they is finally fell into the arms of the other... But all was not all rosy in this last episode. Callie and Arizona have broken, Cristina and Owen also, and viewers keep in memory the last image, that of Dr. Weber, extended on the ground. It shall comfort however with the birth of little Bailey first biological child of Derek and Meredith (they adopted a small Zola).

How will it continue the adventures of the Grey Sloan Hospital staff? The best is to ask the players and that is what we did with Justin Chambers, at the 54th Festival TV of Monte - Carlo, interpreter of the very cute Alex Karev. 44 years comedian (and married for 20 years, sorry ladies!) returns on this final explosive and tells us what it's going to happen in season 10 Grey's anatomy. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/grey-s-anatomy-season-10-dvd-boxset.html

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Younger: the first images of the series created by Sex and the City

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 10:27:51 PM America/Los_Angeles

TV Land unveiled a first teaser of Younger, the new series Darren star, the creator of Sex and the City, which notably staged Hilary Duff.

Launched in January, Younger finally shows its first images. Written and produced by Darren Star, already in the origin of the series to success Beverly Hills, Melrose Place, Sex and the City and 90210, this new stamped Comedy TV Land will stage a casting choice since Sutton Foster (Bunheads), Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire, Gossip Girl), Debi Mazar (Entourage) and Miriam Shor (The Good Wife) make up the distribution of this adaptation of the eponymous novel by Pamela Redmond Satran.

As a reminder, Younger will follow the adventures of Liza (Sutton Foster), a single and quarantine mother who tries to return to the world of work in New York City. Problem, she soon realizes that it is difficult to remake his career at his age. It was nevertheless persuaded by a stranger she meets in a bar that he says that she is much younger than his age and so decides to pass for a woman of... 26 years! With the moral support of his friend Maggie (Debi Mazar), she gets a job of assistant to the capricious Diana (Miriam Shor) and works in the company of the young Kelsey (Hilary Duff). Once his job in his pocket, Liza must do everything to maintain its well kept secret.

The series has not yet been announced in France. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/sex-and-the-city-seasons-1-6-dvd-boxset.html

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Game of Thrones: 14 signs that prove you are a fan of the series

Sunday, June 8, 2014 11:53:36 PM America/Los_Angeles

Real phenomenon, Game of Thrones has a sacred base of fans completely addicted to the HBO series. Here are the signs of recognition from the community.

1. you are never planning to exit Monday night, because one thing you obsesses on this first day of the week: be able to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones quietly at home And for 52 minutes, you are reachable for person.

2. trying to avoid spoilers on the new episode (broadcast the day before in the United States), especially on Twitter and Facebook. And if ever a "friend" you spoiled a major trick, you insult him before your screen. Good he cannot hear you, but a relieves.

3. you know by heart all Hodor replica. But without exception.

4.A wrote, you do not speak of Game of Thrones, but GoT. Simpler.

5. after the end of a traumatic episode of GoT, you feel a great need to share and communicate with other fans of the series."but seriously, it was crazy, I wasn't expecting".

6. you try not attach to the characters, because you know that they can die from one episode to another. Or even one minute to the next. Or even... Oops, too late.

7 Game of Thrones is the only series that you do not pass the generic. You need this music to put you in the mood. A kind of ritual.

8. before, you hated Jaime Lannister. But?, it was before. (Also works for the Bloodhound.)

9. you know that Tyrion Lannister is the more sensible character of the entire series. Only about as normal.

10. Red Wedding images still haunt your mind.

11. you bet everything on Arya to take revenge of the Starks. Or bran, when it will be completed to walk in the Woods.

12. you wonder where the dragons are passed in season 4. Nan but seriously they do what the guys do

14. you are uncomfortable whenever Theon Greyjoy will appear to the screen. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-season-3-dvd-box-set.html

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Pretty Little Liars: Glamorous evening for the 100th episode

Friday, June 6, 2014 6:28:44 AM America/Los_Angeles

If fans discover this 100th episode that July 8, Pretty Little Liars actresses, celebrated the event Sunday night in Los Angeles for an evening 100% glamour.

A few days away from the launch of the fifth season, the cast' Pretty Little Liars ended this weekend in Los Angeles to celebrate the 100th episode of the series. Entitled Miss Me x 100, it will be broadcast July 8 while the season 5 will begin in the United States on Tuesday, June 10. If is still unknown who is the mysterious, actresses seemed little worry on the red carpet.

All more resplendent than the other, the hero series competed elegance to be the most beautiful under the flash of photographers. So, for what look do you vote? The soberness of Ashley Benson, aka Hanna Marin? Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis) also opted for a white dress also! Unless you prefer the originality of Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery) with its retro outfit? Or maybe holding hot beautiful Shay Mitchell who plays Emily Fields? Janel Parrish (Mona Vanderwaal) chose to put in full view with a bright red dress!

We do not forget the presence of other recurring actors of the series who had also agreed on their 31 as you will find out in our slideshow. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/pretty-little-liars-season-3-dvd-box-set.html

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Return of Breaking Bad? Bryan Cranston: "never say never"!

Thursday, June 5, 2014 5:47:52 AM America/Los_Angeles

Interviewed by CNN, the actor Bryan Cranston returned to his life, Walter White in the cult Breaking Bad series.

Currently on show at the American blockbuster Godzilla, Bryan Cranston was the guest of journalist Ashleigh Banfield on CNN. The opportunity to get back on the many faces of the brilliant actor, and his r? the the most iconic, Walter White, Professor of chemistry in the Terminal phase of cancer, become the King of meth traffic in the series of Vince Gilligan. He returned on the final season 5 of Breaking Bad, which left so many fans in mourning. For Bryan Cranston, his character is perhaps not dead! The question of the journalist, who wonders if Walt really eat dandelions by the roots, he said laughingly: "Hey, you've never seen a body bags ready to go or anything!", before adding "I do not know [if he is dead]".

"It should never say never!", adds Bryan Cranston. Many lovers of the show already cult, which was completed in September 2013, await with impatience (and excitement) the spin-off of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, to be launched by AMC in November 2014. Aaron Paul, the interpreter of Jesse Pinkman, could return in this black comedy centered on crooked lawyer of the duo of criminals, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk). No trailer has filtered, but a few webisodes centered on this priceless character had been made in 2012. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/breaking-bad-seasons-1-5-dvd-box-set.html

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Lily Allen in Game of Thrones? His brother says that it has never been approached

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 7:30:20 AM America/Los_Angeles

Would have Lily Allen narrated anything?His brother Alfie says in any case that it was never question that she joined the cast of Game of Thrones series in which he plays.

One of them tells us the truth... but which? Between Lily Allen, who explains that she was approached to integrate Game of Thrones, and his brother Alfie who responds that he has never been in question, that tells us anything?

Back to the facts: there are some days, the singer said that producers of the fantastic success of HBO series had contacted him to propose to interpret Yara Greyjoy.However, this character is the sister of Theon Greyjoy,character played by his brother in life,Alfie Allen.The popstar explained during a chat with her fans that she had refused,for not having to share incestuous acts with Alfie:"I did not feel uncomfortable,because need I mounted a horse and my brother touches me breasts and this kind of things.I said no thank you."

Thought the close case: except here,Alfie Allen declares his?We have heard the words of his sister and estimate that they are wrong:"the only thing that I can say on this subject, it is that this is not true, said the website Vulture.I can also tell you that Gemma Whalen has always been the first choice for the r? the [Yara, Editor's note], from the start. And it is fantastic."
Then, Lily told us about nonsense?Are eagerly awaiting a response from her. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-seasons-1-3-dvd-box-set.html

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Sons of Anarchy: Marilyn Manson and Annabeth Gish joined season 7

Monday, June 2, 2014 2:40:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

Nice shot of Sons of Anarchy! The multiple hats artist Marilyn Manson and Annabeth Gish, who plays in The Bridge joined the season 7 of the FX series.

The ultimate season 7 of Sons of Anarchy can already boast of having a cast worthy of the name. According to Deadline and TVLine, the series aired by FX in the United States will welcome two new actors for his last stand, and not least. Marilyn Manson and Annabeth Gish as well integrate the cast of the drama, which last season will be broadcast from September across the Atlantic.

Marilyn Manson a white supremacist prisoner in the long arm, that Jax (Charlie Hunnam) does not hesitate to use for its own benefit. For rappek, the musician is not in its first dry run on the small screen: in addition to having doubled the voice of the shadow of Peter Pan in the season 3 of Once Upon a Time, Manson also played in Californication or Kenny Powers. Moreover, the rock singer did not hide his joy with Deadline to join FX series, including wanting to please his father, big fan of Sons of Anarchy.

Meanwhile, Althea Jarry, Annabeth Gish will embody the new Sheriff of Charming, responsible for the investigation of the recent murders that have marked the city.Currently actress of The Bridge, an American adaptation of the Swedish-Danish series Bron/Broen, Gish is most famous fans of the X-Files series, for there have played the agent of the FBI Monica Reyes.

In France, Sons of Anarchy is broadcast on M6. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/sons-of-anarchy-season-6-dvd-box-set.html

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Game of Thrones: why the episode 8 of season 4 was not issued

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 5:41:19 AM America/Los_Angeles

Why the episode 8 of season 4 of Game of Thrones has not aired? HBO, which broadcasts the series, chose to make a pause on the eve of Memorial Day, a public holiday in the United States.

No spoilers of Game of Thrones Monday morning on social networks... Worse, the latest episode is not found. But what happens? Don't worry, nothing very disturbing... Episode 8 of season 4 of the famous series will be broadcast on the night of Sunday 1 to Monday, June 2 in the United States.

If it was not broadcast on HBO last night, like every week, the reason is simple. Today, Memorial Day is celebrated in the United States: a holiday which takes place every year the last Monday of the month of May to remember the many people who gave their lives during the civil war. To avoid a fall of hearing, HBO decided to no longer broadcast of Game of Thrones the eve of this holiday. That night, the American channel has aired a TV movie event: The Normal Heart with a cast of prestige such as Julia Roberts and directed by Ryan Murphy, the creator of the series Glee.

Pending the next weekend, don't miss (above) the spoiler of the eighth episode of Game of Thrones season 4. Recall that the series airs immediately after its release in the United States on the OCS City channel. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-season-3-dvd-box-set.html

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Autopsy of a generic: the Simpsons, variations on the same theme

Monday, May 26, 2014 1:00:44 AM America/Los_Angeles

It is the oldest comedy in the history of television. 25 years that the Simpsons make us laugh, and in a quarter of a century, their generic underwent two major changes. Necessary rejuvenation cures, but always the same script and the same dynamic. It was time to unravel the secrets of this worship sequence!

It was in 1989 that the comedy the Simpsons sees the day on FOX. First in the form of sketch in a talk show popular, then in its own series. Matt Groening, the creator, could never suspect that the average U.S. family would be still there 25 years after! The advantage is that them, unlike actors in the flesh and bones, do not take a ride. The credits nor elsewhere and, thanks to two refreshments during his long life. Only two facelifts and remain still as dashing? Take that Hollywood! Bart is always punished, Maggie passes sempiternellement to the caisse, Lisa refuses to comply with the conformity of the course of music, Homer persists in its awkwardness, margin remains a super MOM and the couch did to his head.

Thus, there are three main versions of this generic. This last was seen for the first time in its entirety not not at the first, but the second episode. At the time, the duration of 1 minute 30 is quite rare on the networks. A length that will be used to compensate if an episode is too long or too short.

The music is composed by the eminent Danny Elfman, to whom we owe the themes of the films Men in black, Spider-Man, Batman, Chicago or even the series Desperate Housewives (the list of facts of weapon continues still for miles). When Matt Groening appealed to him in 1989, he claimed something "retro-style". In just three days, the opening of the Simpsons music was born. Since then, she has rearranged, at the beginning of season 3, by Alf Clausen (who has previously worked on the music of Moonlight and ALF). The song has received numerous awards such as the National Music Award for favourite theme, as well as of the BMI TV Awards in 1996, 1998 and 2003. The only episode to date, apart from the special Halloween episodes, the famous Treehouse of Horror, in which you do not hear this famous theme is the 20th of the season 21. The entire generic has been replaced by a lib dub of the inhabitants of Springfield on the title of Ke$ ha Tik Tok. Today, everyone is able to hum the credits of the Simpsons, confirming that the series is a monument of pop culture. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com/the-simpsons-seasons-1-24-dvd-box-set.html

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Game of Thrones: scenes from the season 5 shot in Spain?

Friday, May 23, 2014 7:50:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

Producers of Game of Thrones are currently looking for season 5, places of shooting in Spain.

And after Entertainment Weekly, part of the season 5 of Game of Thrones might be done... in Spain! Fantasy series producers are full looking for locations across the Pyrenees, and more specifically in Andalusia.

If the exploration is successful, the Spain would be the seventh country to host the filming of medieval fiction. Already has an international cast, Game of Thrones is a series that travel to the four corners of the world. In addition to I' Ireland of the North, where the majority of the scenes is performed, Game of Thrones has already posed in Croatia, Iceland, the Morocco, Malta and the United States. When a shoot in Carcassonne?

Season 4 of the series Game of Thrones will broadcast in France on OCS City every Monday at 20:55. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/game-of-thrones-seasons-1-3-dvd-box-set.html

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True Blood: the trailer for the ultimate season 7

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 4:18:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

The vampire series from Alan Ball will pull its reverence this summer on HBO. Sookie, Bill, Eric and the others returned for a final season 7 in Bon Temps.

After unveiling a first teaser a few weeks ago, the American cable channel offered this weekend fans a true a thirty minute trailer. We view a Sookie (Anna Paquin) in full reflection on his past good time adventures. The waitress remembers the couple formed with Bill (Stephen Moyer) at the time of happiness, while bloodshed are mushrooming in the city. Many vampires are indeed contaminated and uncontrollable, after having served as guinea pigs in a secret unit the previous season. "People keep me responsible for what happens in this city. I cannot support that another person died because of me."launches Sookie, which will count on the spiritual support of her grandmother, back among the dead for a ghostly appearance.

Side heart, this trailer tells us a little more about the famous love Quartet between Sookie and her three suitors. If the absence of Eric (probably to maintain the suspense, not panic!) cannot fail to worry fans after a final season that saw him blaze naked as a worm, our heroine finally succumbs to the charms of the werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganiello), while remaining attached to Bill. He asked also if she is in love... This final season of True Blood is to follow from June 22 on HBO, and the following day on OCS. Created By http://www.boxsetstore.com/true-blood-season-6-boxset.html

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Community: the reaction of Dan Harmon on cancellation

Friday, May 16, 2014 2:56:54 AM America/Los_Angeles

NBC has just taken the decision to cancel the comedy community after 5 seasons. Dan Harmon, the creator held to respond to the news on his personal blog.

Critical success and become cult, Community has just been cancelled by NBC after 5 seasons. UFO meta watered to pop culture, the series was able to deeply touch millions of fans throughout its existence. Unfortunately few of them were at the venue every Thursday before their television screens and the show created by Dan Harmon has constantly sailed into troubled waters. After a first season at 5.1 million viewers, hearings continued to fall, reaching 2.9 million in season 4. Despite increased to 3.5 million for the season 5 - which marked the return of Dan Harmon after his ouster the previous year - NBC decided not to renew Community and the famous 'Six seasons and a movie' of Abed (Danny Pudi) has more reason to be.

Fans of the series however always keep hope that Community life on another channel, or on Netflix (which, reminder, resurrected Arrested Development last year). Unfortunately for the latter: no chance. Community streaming rights belong to the VOD Hulu platform. What future for Jeff, Annie, Abed, Britta, Shirley, Chang and the Dean so? Dan Harmon gives an early response in his blog.

"I'll admit, when Sony called me Friday to teach me the new there was a brief discussion at the end of the opportunity to live the series elsewhere and my reaction was 'Yeah'. For a million reasons, some selfish, some creative, logistics, sexual five, three racist (in a good way) and, oddly, isometric nine... I said 'Yeah' a Friday afternoon, and if I changed to a 'sure, let's talk about' Monday morning, Sony could do his thing. I won't be the guy who annulled once a cancelled Community"he wrote, before adding"I'm afraid to tell you that my enthusiasm will not make a big difference. I know the fandom, when there is a deep attachment and as long it becomes almost religious. But there are a lot of reasons why a resurrection of Community would be difficult. So to be ready to do not see return."

A statement in the form of farewell to the writer and producer who has worked since the year last on his new series, Rick and Morty. Its new animated series began on on Cartoon Network. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Vikings: What is the true face of Travis Fimmel?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 12:44:13 AM America/Los_Angeles

In Vikings, Travis Fimmel takes on the traits of Ragnar Lothbrok,flourishing beard and covered hands of Earth and dried blood. But those blue eyes, her blond hair and its imposing silhouette suggest a beautiful kid behind the dirt... It has been found!

Tonight at 20 h 50 Canal + will broadcast the first episodes of the second season of Vikings while it concluded there are about ten days to the United States. Vikings, is the little series that climbs. Broadcast overseas on History, not frankly deemed string for his fiction, the first season has worked well thanks to the word-of-mouth and the talent of its creator, Michael Hirst. Several reasons for this: the Visual quality of the series, the historical basis of departure since the hero has likely existed - first viking to have explored the western portion of the globe - the mythological aspect also, fascinating, his bewitching generic, and its actors of course, for the most part unknown apart from participation noticed Gabriel Byrne in the first season.

Question actor, one who die on-screen, it is Travis Fimmel in charismatic Ragnar Lothbrok skin. All the girls will perhaps be no agreement but we, we love this Barbarian with blue eyes! Certainly, it carries a large mat on top of the skull, sports a well-stocked beard and is always carefully covered with Earth, blood and salt water... And yet, he is so hot! But maybe some will prefer the real Travis Fimmel, who wash, is CAP, shaves, and wears the suits. And reason, between Travis and Ragnar, thats the day and night!

At 34 years of age, this beautiful Australian model was turning to comedy. Shaven, hair cut short... in real life, Travis Fimmel has nothing to do with his character of barbarian. Also here are a below drawn picture of the series The Beast (2009) which will unveil you what lies behind hairs and dirt. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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While the fourth season of Homeland will land on Showtime October 12, Howard Gordon, the producer of the series, has delivered some confidences to the American site E!Online on this new season.

WARNING SPOILER. The end of the third season of Homeland has shocked more than a fan. Same for all, we could say. No one expected to what Brody (Damian Lewis) is finally hanged... Everyone (or almost) thought that he would be saved and that Carrie and he could live a beautiful love story and would grow their child in a world rid of the wicked! Finally, it extrapolates a little... And everything will be rosy, far away, in the new life of Carrie Mathison in the light of the first images from the fourth season to discover in the video above.

If the last episode of the season 3 has greatly surprised, much expected that the series ends with the death of Brody. Indeed, with the death of one of its main characters, many are those who did not see the usefulness of a new season. It is finally nothing and the season 4 is scheduled for next October. And no, for the most optimistic among you, Brody will return not from the dead...

Questioned by the American website E!Online, the producer of Homeland, Howard Gordon was asked about the fate of the series: "has what the series might look like without Brody, this is probably the biggest challenge." But Brody will always be present in the life of Carrie and the memory of her loss is dark and pervasive." And further: "she was pregnant with him. "Unlike Jack Bauer, she is very good at what she does, but it is very often incompatible with what humans value: love, kindness, and motherhood."

All this portends dark days for Carrie Mathison and her unborn child. But maybe the young woman will find smiles and love in the arms of Quinn... We'll still have to wait a few months to find out what the future holds for Carrie. One thing is for sure, the series will make a new start as once confided to the American press the creator of the series following the final episode of the season 3: "It is certain that the series is going to reinvent itself and will be a sort of reboot for its season 4". By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones, season 4: the death of (SPOILER) explained by science

Thursday, May 8, 2014 8:37:21 PM America/Los_Angeles

Attention, this is not a drill! Spoiler alert! If you do not update in Game of Thrones, in particular the episode 2 of season 4, you read this at your own risk! For others, here's a nifty way to combine with pleasure: step 1, watch Game of Thrones; step 2, go on a key scene and explain it scientifically; step 3 learn things.

A priori, medieval science and fantasy do not mix. What a mistake! All the nerds of the world know: not only the two are quite compatible, but each of them has a rich and fascinating to explore universe. Then, when it manages to combine tubes with tests and magic, it's kinda the insured geekasme!

About three weeks ago Game of Thrones engaged us a new shocking episode whose only series and the books of George R. R. Martin have the secret. The second season 4 to be exact. In the latter, who celebrated with great pomp the marriage of James and Margery, someone paid a poison in the glass of the young tyrant who, after a particularly trying agony scene, eventually making his last breath. We are not going to hide it behind our screens, was a tiny little makes the hola. It prevents that among all the horrific dead series, it moves easily in the top 10 of the most horrible... and in addition it looked particularly painful! Even though between us, purple fits him well to the complexion, the p'tit Joffrey.

Members of the American Chemistry Society conducted an explanatory video on the subject. Good for a beheading because, we can understand the chain of causes and effects that lead to certain death: a sword + head + Squeak = death. But with regard to poisoning, what kind of concoction could well cause all these little ragoutants symptoms?

We take two seconds to Dr. House (this is a lupus!) and let us look at the patient: Joffrey, blondinet in full adolescence, result of the incestuous union between a brother and a sister, loves playing at Guillaume Tell with prostitutes. Symptoms: virulent cough and sudden difficulty in breathing, spasms, nausea, bleeding from the eyes and skin mottled veins (malin placement product for Google Map!). Poisoning is one of the causes of death that George R. R. Martin likes especially, like Lucrèce Borgia. We learn that the offending potion is called, quite rightly, "the strangler". But in our reality, what kind of plant could cause a death as violent? This is an explanation that holds the road:

The doctor of chemistry Raychelle Burks has eliminated all potential suspects. In the end, three plants could match: the deadly nightshade, hemlock, and strychnine. It is known that Joffrey asphyxiated because the muscles in his throat tightened so hard that oxygen was more to spend in his trachea. However, if the first two mentioned plants actually have an action on the muscles, they on the other hand cause the opposite effect: they relax. Conversely, 20 minutes after taking a lethal dose of strychnine, your muscles will begin to convulser. And the first to be immobilized, they give you in one thousand: those of the face and neck! It saves you the details on the method of extraction, alkaloids and the recipe that lead to this result, everything is in the video below. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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W9 deprogrammed Modern Family

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 11:24:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

W9 deprogrammed the American series Modern Family, because of poor hearing. It will be replaced by the Simpsons as early as may 10.

March 8, W9 launched the season 4 of Modern Family. The series created by Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd II was returning after a broadcast on M6 that was not conclusive level hearings. Alas, this return was short-lived since the channel TNT decided to deprogram the series, without hearings.

This fourth totally new season in France was broadcast at 1240 on the little sister of M6, at the rate of five episodes per week. After exhausting its reserves, W9 was obliged to offer reruns of season 1. Episodes that have not caught viewers, to each time less likely to follow. Last Saturday, Modern Family had attracted the interest of 150,000 curious average, and 1% of the public over the 4 years and more. An attempt to reassemble the hearings, the chain decided to replace the series by the Simpsons, one of its flagships that maintains its place in prime time on weekends.

Go to dry your tears, a short trailer of the series which revealed the beautiful Sofia Vergara to the public. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Almost Human, the series produced by J.J. Abrams canceled

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 1:08:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

The American channel FOX comes to cancel the series Almost Human, produced by J.J. Abrams, after one season.

13 episodes and then goes. FOX comes to cancel the series Almost Human after just one season. The American chain was not convinced of the hearing recorded by the science fiction show produced by J.J. Abrams. On average, 6.2 million viewers followed the futuristic investigations of Karl Urban and Michael Ealy.

A score found yet in the high average of the chain, but that will not be enough to save her. Customary due, FOX never really believed in its series, airing episodes in disarray regardless of the overall consistency. In 2002 Firefly science fiction imagined by Joss Whedon, series suffered the same fate.

Created by J.H. Wyman (Fringe), Almost Human takes place in 2048 and follows the Inspector John Kennex (Karl Urban) who resumes service after 2 years spent in a coma following a mission where he lost his leg. While Los Angeles Police have teamed up with particularly docile androids, Kennex decides to get rid of hers and decided to take a new partner: Dorian (Michael Ealy). Former model, this type of Android has been disabled because too close to human emotions. Cohabitation is difficult, but the two officers must quickly agree to resolve their investigations.

Purchased by TF1, the 13 episodes of season 1 of Almost Human are available in original version and under standard chain VOD platform. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Desperate Housewives: no meeting in the program according to Eva Longoria

Monday, April 28, 2014 7:43:04 AM America/Los_Angeles

Eva Longoria has turned off some hopes bringing the cast of Desperate Housewives for some bonus episodes. Marc Cherry is too busy and there is nothing to say.

Between 2004 and 2012, Eva Longoria lent his face to Gabrielle Solis, one of the Desperate Housewives of the string ABC, alongside Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross. But if many fans hope to see the Quartet to reform one day the time of one or more episodes, the actress has recently played the card of the franchise: it's actually finished the series Desperate Housewives. Last year, Teri Hatcher had shown support for a film adaptation.

According to Eva Longoria, there are two reasons that could explain the absence of a draft in the colours of Desperate Housewives. First, the showrunner Marc Cherry doesn't have the time. "I think Marc is very busy and very successful with Devious Maids." said Tony Parker ex in E!, which is also a producer of Devious Maids, including the second season will start in May.

Secondly, Eva Longoria estimated that more, there is much to tell about the main characters of Desperate Housewives, "we explored all the characters and Marc always says that it has nothing to say." And she concluded, "But I love girls and Gaby miss me." It is probably not enough to convince Marc Cherry revive her former baby. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Grey's Anatomy season 9: what the press thinks

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 11:37:21 PM America/Los_Angeles

The doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital are back tonight, Wednesday, April 13, 2014, at 20:50 on TF1 for a new season overwhelmingly by the TV magazines.

These are doctors in shock that TF1 viewers will find this evening. The ninth season of Grey's Anatomy has indeed staged Derek, Meredith or even Cristina a few weeks after their dramatic plane crash. Between physical and moral wounds, the trauma is always present in the medical team.

This ninth season of Grey's Anatomy has convinced TV Cable Sat, which States: "an exciting season which raises the interest of the series manhandling its main protagonists. It upsets habits, that's fine!" For TV entertainment, this "melancholy season and affecting where each tries to rebuild marks an evolution."

Tele Z written on his side: "great emotion,unbelievable sometimes, but fans will appreciate." TV 7 days said for his part: "season 9 or the change in continuity..." The sadness of the first episodes fades gradually to make room for more lightness and humor... Side team, succession is assured with the arrival of young interns." By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Bones, season 9: Booth and Brennan will go and live in Germany?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 6:51:44 AM America/Los_Angeles

While the season 9 of Bones returns tonight in France on M6, it continues in the USA and there are only a handful of episodes before the final.And the big question is will Booth and Brennan will go and live in Germany? Caution spoilers!

Indeed, Agent Booth has been proposing a promotion and could lead a new Bureau of the FBI in Germany. But it hesitates seriously and does not know if this is compatible with its new family life. "It will weigh the pros and the cons, for not accepting a trick in which he does not want to go", says the Executive producer of Bones, Stephen Nathan.

Yes but now, Nathan also suggests that revelation of Killer Ghost goes all upset and will seriously affect the ability of Booth to refuse this new position: "this is an opportunity that he may not really deny ultimately. While en route to the Germany? In the meantime, season 9 of Bones continues every Monday evening on the American channel FOX.

Now that the season 10 of NCIS is behind us, M6 has always put in the mouths of its viewers.It is the Bones series, which now airs on the French channel.Place in episode 10 of season 9. Booth and Brennan, married in episode 6, a new stage awaits them and they must remain welded to the cross together.

One thing is sure, since this marriage, Brennan is less aggressive or very soft with some characters from the series.But this may not last long, with concerns related to the education of Christine and the crises of jealousy Booth, difficult to keep calm. by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The vagaries of the french government both in positive and negative daily at the heart of current events. And if policies have imagined in another context? In an American series for example!

Previously on melyBuzz, Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, Vladimir Poutine are transformed into Disney characters with an artist named Saint Hoax. Like what, political and cartoons can make good Bedfellows! A diversion to die laughing. It has not only the characters of Disney who often find themselves diverted, the series studios! Honest trailers or parodies are jumping on the canvas. If the policy and Disney are the pair, why step series American and french politicians? It is as well as heads of the french government such as Manuel Valls, Francois Hollande, Marine Le Pen or even Ségolène Royale find themselves embedded in series such as The Vampire Diaries, Games Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, or even Gossip Girl. This series of photos will not fail to make you laugh but also to see the french Government of any differently.

He traded the old camper in which he prepared the drug for a brand new car. Aaron Paul, "Breaking Bad" series the unforgettable Jesse Pinkman, returns in the adaptation of the video game "Need For Speed" for her first major role in film. This action and crazy action film released Wednesday, April 16.

In Paris at the beginning of the month, Aaron Paul, who embodies the wild racing driver Tobey, is lent to the game of questions and answers with ease. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Glee: it's the war between Lea Michele and Naya Rivera!

Sunday, April 20, 2014 7:59:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

These days, several media reported tension between Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, and Naya Rivera, aka Santana Lopez. The two actresses would bear Fox musical series and the plateau of the real cold war theatre. Blogger Perez Hilton says, quoting a source present on the set, that Lea Michele would have made her crazy colleague with his diva quirks: "Naya and the rest of the cast are annoyed by the attitudes of Princess Lea, which interrupts the filming and wait everyone to solve personal problems."

It also specifies that Naya Rivera would then complained to the producers of Glee from the distressing behavior of his partner, who would have slammed the door after having got wind of the case.

Yet, on the side of the partisans of Lea Michele, the Bell sound is different. According to them, the two actresses in 27 years don't even have scenes in common and Naya Rivera would be that portray by his demands. Actress addicted to plastic surgery - which looks more and more like Kim Kardashian - has recently been dropped by her fiance, rapper Big Sean. Maybe she has the nerves at the moment? By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Banshee season 3: three actors join series

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 10:23:09 PM America/Los_Angeles

Meaghan Rath, Chaske Spencer and Tom Pelphrey will join the cast of the Bansheee series for season 3.

Banshee, including dissemination of the season 2 has completed last March in the United States, has hired new actors to his season 3. According TVLine.com, Meaghan Rath (Being Human) will play the character of Aimee King, a police Kinaho, Chaske Spencer (Twilight) will take the role of Billy Raven, a former police officer dismissed the society and Tom Pelphrey (As the World Turns) will interpret Kurt Bunker, a former skinhead who aspires to join the police force of Kinaho.

Comedian Langley Kirkwood (Black Sails) had already been announced as a newcomer in this season 3 of Banshee as Douglas Stowe, a converted former colonel in the underground economy.Produced by Alan Ball (creator of Six Feet Under and True Blood), the Banshee series is broadcast in France by Canal + Series. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Glee season 5: a character will make his return for the finale

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 7:14:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

A character in the series Glee is going to make a comeback on the occasion of the last episode of season 5 (spoiler).

Brittany Pierce, played by Heather Morris, will make his comeback in the last episode of season 5 of Glee. The site of E! which States that the cheerleader will appear in this finale conditions still undetermined at the moment.

Reminder, that had left Glee at the end of the season 4 has already made a small appearance in season 5, when the 100th episode of the series, which unusually consisted of two parts.

However, the future on more long-term actress Heather Morris is more unstable. The producers of the series themselves extremely interested in the idea of a return to his Brittany Pierce character in the final season 6. However, the actress appreciates his new role of young mother - why it had the series - and is not yet ready to commit to several episodes.

In France, OCS has not yet release date aired for the season 5 of Glee, which is shortened by two episodes. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/

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Californication season 7: new images of the final series

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 4:47:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

On April 13, the series Californication will begin to bid farewell with his season 7. As you know Hank Moody (David Duchovny) and Karen (Natascha McElhone) are preparing to bid farewell at the end of season 7 of the series Californication. It will broadcast from April 13.

A new trailer has just fallen, unfortunately the guest of this final season (Michael Imperioli, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Heather Graham) are not very present, just like other pillars as Becca (Madeleine Martin), or even Marcy (Pamela Adlon). Fortunately, there's Charlie (Evan Handler)!

It is April 13 that Hank Moody will be back on Showtime, for the seventh and final season of "Californication", including the trailer fell.

The sentimental-sexual adventures of Hank Moody will come to end soon. The character played by David Duchovny will return for the seventh and final season of Californication, that broadcast Showtime starting April 13. Yet less than a month to wait and the first images have fallen, to give you a glimpse of what awaits the writer on rock adventures ' roll. And believe this trailer, the series has the package to its final. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Once Upon A Time season 3: Episode 15, the promo video unveiled!

Monday, March 24, 2014 9:57:03 PM America/Los_Angeles

Yesterday evening, Once Upon A Time fans were able to discover the 14 episode entitled "The Tower". To wait until next Sunday, you can discover the video promo of episode 15.

The Witch of the West goes to the action! In this excerpt, we discover Rumple running through the forest. Would he manage to escape? Nevertheless his flight seems to serve anything. Remember, the Witch of the West has his dagger. In the possessing, it can control Rumple. Once Upon A Time fans will have goosebumps. In this episode, the dark one will make his comeback as suggests Zelena stating "I summoned the dark"!

Regina does not count to let!A battle between the evil Queen and the Witch of the West will be held very soon.

Emma finally found Neal. But the latter appears badly in point. Could this be because of a spell? An umpteenth attack by flying monkeys down on Storybrooke. David tries to protect Emma. Meanwhile, Hook is locked in the store of Rumple with beautiful. Both seem terrified. A person attempts to return. In the last seconds of the video, there's the Witch of the West, the smile to the lips. His revenge was a great success! Meanwhile discover the 14 episode next Sunday, you can read the criticism and the summary of episode 13 of Once Upon A Time, season 3.

In episode 14 of Once Upon A Time, fans will be able to discover a new Princess, Rapunzel.We unveiled you a few days ago, a first picture of Rapunzel in Once Upon A Time season 3. In the enchanted forest, Charming found in his room, his daughter Emma, dressed in Princess. The young woman is made to be beautiful for prom. She wishes that his father to learn to dance. But this small time is interrupted. Emma disappears under the eyes of his helpless father. Charming wakes with a start. It was just a bad dream! Snow announces to her husband that she is pregnant. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Hearings TV: nearly 7 million faithful for The Voice

Sunday, March 23, 2014 7:40:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

Yesterday, Saturday, March 22, 2014, TF1 has dominated the hearings through the first episode of the ultimate test of The Voice. The chain is far ahead of France 2 and Serge Lama, the grand show as France 3 and two little girls in blue. W9 is leader of the DTT channels through its evening dedicated to the Simpsons.

Beautiful hearing for TF1. The chain which proposed to discover the new event of The Voice, the ultimate test, brought together 6 920 000 unconditional or 30.8% of audience share. The last episode aired March 15 battles has for its part was followed by 6 728 000 fans to 31.3% PDA.

France 2 monte on the second step of the classification of hearings behind TF1. The string that banked on entertainment Serge Lama, the grand show attracted 3 112 000 viewers or 13.7% of audience share.

France 3, which aired its side the movie two little girls in blue adapted from a novel by Mary Higgins Clark has attracted in its nets 3,310,000 curious for 13.4% of audience share.

M6 ends at the foot of the podium with Hawaii 5-0 which was watched by 2 955 000 people (11.8% PDA) against 2 787 000 fans and 11.8% PDA the previous week. Beautiful hearing for France 5, reaching the 5% of Pda with beautiful escapement, show acclaimed by 1 222 000 French.

W9 is the leader of the TNT with its evening dedicated to the Simpsons. 927 000 fans of Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie were at the meeting yesterday evening or 3.9% audience share. Arte displays on its side to the meter 690,000 fans or 2.8% of Pda with the hanging gardens of Babylon. TMC exceeds little 2% of audience with New York Criminal Division share, followed by 516,000 fans series is 2.1% PDA.

Found under the 2% of Pda Gulli and the vampire dog (468 000 small and large or 1.9% PDA), D8 and the heart of the investigation (444,000 curious for 1.8% PDA), France 4 and Doctor Who (378,000 lovers and 1.5% PDA) and NT1 and criminal Chronicles (297,000 viewers and 1.3% PDA). The D17 shock Zap was watched by 263,000 fans or 1.1% of audience share. NRJ 12 displays in meter 232,000 lovers (0.9% PDA) with they scored the French. The chain ahead of little 6ter and brothers in arms (165,000 fans or 0.7% PDA).

RMC discovery, number 23 and HD1 are found at the bottom of the ranking with respectively the facts Karl Zéro (130,000 viewers and 0.5% PDA), alert Cobra (61,000 fans and 0.2% PDA) and Les Bleus first not in the police (39 000 faithful and 0.2% of Pda). By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The ex-star of Nikita, Maggie Q's back in a series

Thursday, March 20, 2014 8:05:12 PM America/Los_Angeles

After the end of Nikita tv show Maggie Q. here again appeared in the headliner of a CBS series pilot

The star of the series Nikita is so back on CBS. According to Deadline, in effect, Maggie Q will be starring in a series (untitled at the moment) of Kevin Williamson project (The Following). The first male, he will be portrayed by Dylan McDermott (Hostages).

Written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Liz Friedlander, this psychological thriller revolves around two detectives: Beth davis (Maggie Q) and Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott), specialized in cases of incidents of harassment in any genre. Also in the cast Mriana Klaveno (Devious Maids, True Blood) in the role of Janice, a member of the same unit detective.

Maggie Q bomb is back. After Nikita, the actress will slip into the skin of a COP obsessively for Kevin Williamson.

After The Vampire Diaries and The Following, the producer and screenwriter Kevin Williamson decided to remain in the thriller. The next academic year, one who became known for his screenplays for horror (Scream, remember last summer), will soon be launching a new series on CBS, with a cast that looks fabulous. Indeed, if the program has not yet name, he can count on two headliners of first choice: Dylan McDermott (already announced in February) and Maggie Q.

Deadline just to announce that Maggie Q had been chosen to slip into the skin of a police obsessive and addicted to work, partner of the COP played by Dylan McDermott. The duo of inspectors will take care of cases of harassment for the Los Angeles police.As a reminder, Maggie Q became famous thanks to his role in the action series Nikita, aired for four seasons on the CW. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Cougar Town: The 4th season arrives March 23 on Teva

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 8:10:33 PM America/Los_Angeles

Teva continued dissemination of the American series Cougar Town. The chain has just announced that season 4 will start on Sunday, March 23...

Are you addicted to the adventures of Jules Cobb, aka Courtney Cox? Teva will all broadcast Sunday, from March 23, the fourth novel season of Cougar Town. Series fans will appreciate. The opportunity for them to regain any of the cast, and this for 15 new episodes in France. Sunday 23 March, five episodes will be broadcast from 8:40 pm.

History will resume there where season 3 ended... Shortly after his marriage to Grayson, Jules is already raises many questions and becomes depressed. Her friends, Ellie and Laurie, are at his side and do everything to pull it out of this bad patch. At the same time, Bobby takes advantage of 21 years of Travis for making up for lost time and teach him how to become a man...

In the U.S., the season 5 is currently being broadcast on TBS. There, the hearings are in constant decline. The series will be renewed next year  for a sixth season? All bets are off. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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NCIS: New Orleans: first photo of Scott Bakula and Mark Harmon.

Monday, March 17, 2014 11:36:15 PM America/Los_Angeles

On 25 April a two parts in the series NCIS episode will introduce its new potential Spin Off NCIS characters: New Orleans. First photos...

As you know, on 25 March and 1 April next season 11 of the series NCIS, history of present Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula), the head of the office of the local NCIS. A possible spin-off (NCIS: New Orleans is indeed envisaged).

"It's a love letter to New Orleans", Scott Bakula, told USA Today on the filming of these two episodes.

In these episodes, the agencies come together to investigate the murder of Member of Parliament for North Carolina, Dan McLane, a former NCIS agent is found died in New Orleans. He was part of the "Fed 5," a team of five members of the NIS (the former NCIS) which also included Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Pride. They will make a personal matter...

The first steps of Scott Bakula in NCIS are coming soon! Indeed, the two episodes of the series introducing the future spin off NCIS New Orleans should be disseminated on 25 March and 1 April next in the United States. The occasion to find agent Jethro Gibbs in head to head with the new kid Dwayne Pride, future hero of this spinoff potential embodied by Scott Bakula. Both will in these episodes have to investigate the murder of a member of Congress whose body was found in New Orleans. Former NCIS agent, he worked within the Fed 5, an elite group that in the early 1990s had also in his breast Jethro Gibbs and Dwayne Pride.

In this NCIS New Orleans, Scott Bakula will be assisted by Lucas Black (Fast and Furious) and Zoe McLellan (JAG) which will embody the NCIS agents, while CCH Pounder (The Shield) will lend his face to the medical examiner of the series. If the sauce takes in these two episodes, the spin-off may then be launched and follow in the footsteps of NCIS: Los Angeles. Unless he suffers the same fate NCIS: Red, remained in the cards for not having enough seduced the audience of the series. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Mad Men, season 7: "no sequel or spin-off, after the end of the series"

Sunday, March 16, 2014 10:28:58 PM America/Los_Angeles

Are you disappointed that Mad Men ends? And well he'll have to do with it! Because according to the creator of the series, Matthew Weiner, there will be either spin off or suite, unlike what the U.S. chain AMC (which broadcasts Mad Men in the USA) could make his other hits, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead:

"For Mad Men, there will be no sequel, under no circumstances. I completely exclude this possibility"ensures Weiner to TV Guide, explaining that he will be entirely"exhausted this world"by the end of the 92 episodes that will count in the final series. "I do not know what state of mind I'll be, when the show ends, but it is absolutely not planned to return to the world of Mad Men. I did not intend to make more episode".

It will therefore follow the season 7 finale of Mad Men, from April 13 on the American channel AMC, with the broadcast of the first episode.

Don Draper is descended from a plane. Where is it? Where is it going? Why down there? Why is he single? Why this hat? Moved to Los Angeles? Why doesn't it rain? One can ask questions of the world before this plan brief, which announces the season 7, the last season of Mad men, expected April 13, 2014, on AMC. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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True Blood: an actor of 90210 in the final season

Thursday, March 13, 2014 5:17:35 AM America/Los_Angeles

Expected from the month of June, the seventh and final season of "True Blood" comes to recruit Riley Smith ("24 hours chrono", "90210", "Beauty and the Beast") to take  a recurring roles.

A little rock' roll in season 7 of True Blood! For his last lap, Alan Ball series has indeed recruited Riley Smith for a recurring role: that of a drummer in long  vampire teeth. Seen especially in 24 hours chrono or 90210, the comedian will share a few scenes with Carrie Preston, since the character he plays will fall quickly in  love with that of actress. A relationship that can be guessed fatal and which will in place from June 1 on HBO.

End of suspense: it is American actor Alexander Skarsg as we have seen in the series "True Blood" and the film "Battleship", which was chosen to embody Tarzan, come to  announce the Warner Bros. studios.

This blockbuster with the release in the United States is already set to July 1, 2016 will be also other stars on show: Samuel L. Jackson, the blonde Margot Robbie  (the revelation of the 'Wolf of Wall Street' by Martin Scorsese) in the role of Jane Porter, the woman whose falls Tarzan, as well as the Austrian actor Christoph  Waltz ("Inglorious Basterds" and "Django Unchained' by Quentin Tarantino(, nominated twice for an Oscar).

This new adaptation of "Tarzan" will be directed by British David Yates, who signed the last four episodes of the saga "Harry Potter." The screenplay is written by  David Beatty ('Australia' "I, Frankenstein") and Craig Brewer ("Footlose 2011') and will follow the route of the heroes imagined by Edgar Rice Burroughs from his wild  childhood in the jungle until his return to England and his discovery of an another jungle, urban this time.

Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. distribution boss says very very satisfied: "we assembled actors from the four corners of the world to tell this wonderful story. Warner Bros  has a long with David Yates and Jerry Weintraub ("Ocean's Twelve") and we are looking forward to discover what the team will prepare us for this timeless story".

And add: "Tarzan is a character both enigmatic and eternal of literature and film for more than a century. The adventure of this man, caught in a Vice between two  worlds, captivated readers and viewers of all ages. Suffice to say that we are pleased to offer a new adaptation of the book by Burroughs to the current generation. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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New Girl, Brooklyn 99, the Following and the renewed Project Mindy

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 7:32:25 AM America/Los_Angeles

Fox has announced the renewal of its series 4: New Girl, Brooklyn 99, the following and the Mindy Project.

Renewals begin arriving. So Fox announces a season 4 for New Girl, a season 2 for Brooklyn Nine Nine, a season 3 for The Mindy Project. But the chain does not only renew comedies, since she also announced that The Following series will have a season 3 (good luck to the writers).

Of course, other listings for cancellation or renewal should follow. Remember that Sleepy Hollow, Bones, Glee, Bob's Burgers, Family Guy and The Simpsons will also have new seasons, next year...

Good news for fans of New Girl. the comedy that made Zoey Deschanel a star will be well entitled to a season 4, broadcast in 2014-2015. The American channel FOX comes to renew New Girl, even if the series displays low hearings this year for its third season. Indeed, 18 episodes already broadcast attracted 4.9 million followers on average. An average, boosted by an episode broadcast in the post-Super Bowl box, last February...

In addition to New Girl, two other comedies come to be renewed by Fox. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, with Andy Samberg, whose season 1 capped at 4.2 million followers on average, will be entitled to a season 2. The Mindy Project hearings, season 2, are still more bad (with 2.8 million viewers per week), but the series will be entitled to a season 3 yet! By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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FOX renews New Girl, The Following, The Mindy Project and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Monday, March 10, 2014 2:55:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

Good news for lovers of series. The American channel FOX announced Friday the renewal of four series despite some disappointing hearings.

After having announced the implementation of new seasons of the Simpsons, Sleepy Hollow or Bones, Glee, FOX lifted the veil a few hours ago on the future of several of its series. In a statement picked up by the American site Deadline, the chain confirmed the renewal of its series 4: New Girl, The Mindy Project, The Following, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

An ad that could surprise some both she intervenes early and respect series somewhat overdue in terms of audience. This is particularly the case for The Following with Kevin Bacon. The second season launched in January 2014 has assembled currently averaged about 2 million less than the first season. The Mindy Project is also declining. The series worn by Mindy Kaling has lost his side averaged 300,000 fans.

Powered by the broadcast just before the Superbowl episode event with Prince guest-starred, the New Girl with Zooey Deschanel comedy has earned at the moment more than 400,000 fans. Launched last September, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be a season 2 despite a fall in its hearings. Elected best series musical or comedy at the recent Golden Globes, this fiction, which also helped Andy Samberg to win the Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy or a musical series, gathers less than 3 million American viewers while it appealed more than 4 million in its debut. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Grey's Anatomy season 10: Isaiah Washington returned to the departure of Sandra

Friday, March 7, 2014 6:23:40 AM America/Los_Angeles

Isaiah Washington will resume his role of cardiac surgeon former love of Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) in an episode of season 10 of the series Grey's Anatomy which will broadcast next month.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the season 10 series Grey's Anatomy will therefore mark the first appearance of Isaiah Washington in the ABC medical drama since season 3.

Remember indeed, that Dr. Preston Burke, his character had left Cristina at the altar just before their wedding... However this season 10 mark the departure of Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) of the series. For the series creator, Shonda Rhimes was important to end the history of this character. And for this the return of Dr. Preston Burke, was essential.

The season of Grey's Anatomy 10 continues tonight on ABC. Discover the broad lines of "You ve Got To Hide Your Love Away" on our site.

Grey's Anatomy continues on ABC! In a few hours will be released the 14th episode of season 10, entitled "You ve Got To Hide Your Love Away" ("you must hide your love"). We will find the surgeons of the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital following the announcement of the non-fraternisation rule, which should cause trouble within the hospital. Seriously under this new regulation, Alex and Jo will indeed go through a difficult period that may cause a rupture. According to a sneak peek of the episode 14 recently released by ABC, the two characters have a violent quarrel before all medical personnel. Will it be directed to believe in their separation and avoid the gaze of the other doctors? By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Arrow season 2: Episode 15, the trailer!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 10:29:58 PM America/Los_Angeles

That night, the bravest of you remained standing to watch the rest of the season 2 of Arrow. No time to blow! Here comes the arrow season 2 episode 15 review!

A trial began that night in the Arrow season 2 episode 2 and adrenaline level, we can say that it has been served! William Tockman orchestrated a robbery at Kord Industries with careful precision to steal an electronic device. This allows it to access any bank vault in the world. Oliver and Sarah devoted one of its flights but Tockman uses the device to hack the computer servers of the laboratory of Oliver. We see also Felicity take a ball and we learn that Sarah and Oliver have a relationship to the great wrath of Laurel! An episode 14 rich in twists which leaves us thinking than the rest of the season 2 arrow will be simply thrilling. Until next Wednesday, MCM.fr presents you the trailer for episode 15!

A trial began that night in the Arrow season 2 episode 2 and adrenaline level, we can say that it has been served! William Tockman orchestrated a robbery at Kord Industries with careful precision to steal an electronic device. This allows it to access any bank vault in the world. Oliver and Sarah devoted one of its flights but Tockman uses the device to hack the computer servers of the laboratory of Oliver. We see also Felicity take a ball and we learn that Sarah and Oliver have a relationship to the great wrath of Laurel! An episode 14 rich in twists which leaves us thinking than the rest of the season 2 arrow will be simply thrilling. Until next Wednesday, MCM.fr presents you the trailer for episode 15!

Next week, The CW will broadcast the next episode of season 2 of Arrow! Episode 15, entitled The Promise, will be undoubtedly panting. In the trailer, you can see that there are 5 years, Oliver has made a promise. The hero and his friends also try to stop the terrifying Slade Wilson and no error will be tolerated. Clearly, the episode 15 season 2 arrow is not to be missed next Wednesday! We'll let you discover the band Announces and, as a bonus, it invites you to discover a comedian's guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt, the actor who rises! By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Once Upon A Time season 3: the Witch of the West will be abominable!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 2:10:27 AM America/Los_Angeles

Jennifer Morrison continues by revealing a scoop series,in this second part, more and more strange, but strange in the sense of the term. I read the scripts of upcoming episodes and it's very exciting and it makes you want to see more." Adam Horowitz, one of the creators of the series had announced that the sequel to the series would be different "what awaits you is a new way of telling this story which, it is hoped, will be exciting." It will be quite different from all the things we've done before". At the staff ' from Spreadshirt.NET there look forward to the sequel. Yet more than a few days! Once Upon A Time will resume within 5 days with the release of episode 12 titled "New York City Serenade".You can discover the video filming of Emma and Walsh in Once Upon A Time season 3.

In the video of the shooting of the season 3 of Once Upon A Time there's Emma and Walsh. This new character will play the boyfriend of the young woman. Check out the video.

In the next episodes of Once Upon A Time has elapsed since the disappearance of Storybrooke. Emma and Henry live quietly in New York without having no memory of their past life. The rest of their family returned to the country of fairy tales and it would seem that it is in danger. Indeed, photos promo of the episode 12 of season 3 of Once Upon A Time, there was the characters face a major threat. Hook will have to pick up Emma that it helps. But the task will be complicated, since it has no idea of who he is and his getup should not fix things. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/

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Sons of Anarchy season 6: starting March 26 in France on series Club

Monday, March 3, 2014 6:16:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

Airing this fall in the United States, the season 6 of Sons of Anarchy landed in France in one month, March 26 on the Serieclub channel. The chain customers may, from 11:10 p.m., Wednesdays, discover the new episodes of the last season. The first episode had very good results in the US ratings. For more information on the French broadcast, visit the official website of the chain.

This season, the SAMCRO is shaken: Clay and Tara are in prison. Clay, involved in the death of Damon Pope, security is more than uncertain. Seeking by all means to get out of jail, Clay is ready to betray the sounds passing a market with Lee Toric. This Marshall –ex, determined to avenge his sister died at the hands of Otto, will soon prevent the Sons of Anarchy that it's back to Charming...

The creator of the series Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter, reveals today have asked seriously episodes FX chain, for the season 7 finale, which must formally count 13 (as in previous years). Sutter would like an extension, but says he has little chance to get it: "There are many factors" that can prevent the season 7 to be extended. The first of them is the budget, which can explode if episodes of Sons of Anarchy bonus. The FX chain does not have and obviously, it is not...

Furthermore, Sutter believes that many episodes of the final season 6 lasted much longer than the classic time allocated to him (one hour per episode). According to him, it so often exceeded, this corresponds to three, or even four episode extra.

In short, understood it, the final season should not have extension and should settle for 7 episodes of base. This season of Sons of Anarchy 7 will begin in fall 2014, on the American channel FX. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Hearings TV: The Voice is still down on TF1

Sunday, March 2, 2014 4:39:07 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Voice still lost viewers from the previous week. On the other hand France 2 and France 3 have lived a nice evening compared to previous weeks. On the side of the TNT, it is France 5 that sits at the top but without exceeding million viewers.

TF1 arrived ahead of hearings on the evening of March 1 with the issue The Voice, the most beautiful voice which brought together 120 7,000 viewers for an audience share of 32.6%. A notable decrease from last week where the music show had collected 7 444 000 for a audience share of 34.8%.

Suddenly France 3 and France 2 took advantage of this decline and France 3 with Crime in Aveyron harvest 3 712 000 viewers (15% of pda) while only France 2 with Luis Mariano, the great showa entertainment gathered 3 056 000 people (13.4% of pda).

M6 however loses again, she also, for viewers with the series Hawaii 5-0. This week it brought together 2 608 000 faithful (10.8% PDA) against 2 808,000 and 11.8% PDA last week.

France 5 is placed at the top of the TNT with the beautiful escape magazine (886 000 applicants for 3.7% audience share) just in front of W9 which broadcast its evening the Simpsons (844 000 fans for 3.5% PDA) and Arte with film Vauban (814 000 viewers for a pda by 3.4%).

Then, in the order we find Gulli with animated Barbie dream of ballerina who has captivated 553 000 small and large (2.3% PDA), TMC with series New York, Criminal Division (445,000 people for 1.9% PDA), D8 which broadcast magazine at the heart of the investigation (367,000 viewers for 1.6% PDA), France 4 with the film continued the amber Chamber (318,000 viewers for a pda by 1.4%) and finally NRJ 12 with the super bloopers of the année(329 000 personnes pour 1.4% de pda).

In the end of the ranking, below the 1% of audience share,NT 1 with criminal Chronicles which brought together 214 000.RMC discovery with the prophecies of the apocalypse with his famous shock Zap,broadcast brothers in arms,HD1 with the series Julie Lescaut,and finally number 23 with the series Les Bleus, first steps in the police who brought together 77 000 faithful for one audience share of 0.3%. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones 4: Maisie Williams, "Dear fans, thanks to Breaking Bad"

Friday, February 28, 2014 5:42:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

The actress who plays Arya Stark, Maisie Williams, began to see Breaking Bad, that would understand what they try fans whenever one of the protagonists of Game of Thrones dies.

Thanks, Vince Gilligan! The creator of Breaking Bad, it's appropriate to say, now we need more than just a favor: in fact, not only gave us one of the finest dramas of recent years (also garantendocene a spinoff, "Better Call Saul), but meant that some members of the cast of Game of Thrones may finally get into our shoes and understand what we try whenever any characterwithin the series, dies (IE always). We talk about the lovely Maisie Williams, the actress who plays the role of the small Arya Stark: very active on social, the girl has in fact recently tweeted "Just now I understand what you try you fans when one of the protagonists of Game of Thrones is killed. Breaking Bad, you're hurting me deep inside ". Dear Maisie, welcome to the club!

And Yes, speaking of deaths and killings, there is no comparison between that genius of Gilligan and the unforgiving pen of serial killer par excellence — George r.r. Martin, the fight is really, really learn. If, indeed, that of Albuquerque died and sundry good and bad, in Game of Thrones (that share with the fourth season next April 6) are always good, brave and positive to make a nasty, horrible end: just think of the infamous Red Wedding, in which virtually all Stark were killed. In short, the hope is that, at this point, the little Maisie convinces the authors or Martin to be a bit more lenient with our heart, making them protagonists survive at least two or three. But also two, dear HBO, should be fine. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Tribes:Sean Faris joined The Supernatural spin-off

Thursday, February 27, 2014 5:07:22 AM America/Los_Angeles

The cast of the spin-off of Supernatural becomes clearer, since we learn that Sean Faris joined the series Supernatural: Tribes

According to the website Deadline, the Vampire diaries and the Pretty Little Liars series actor Sean Faris joined Supernatural: Tribes, the spin-off of Supernatural alongside Lucien Laviscount and Nathaniel Buzolic

It should interpret Julian Durant, a werewolf from one of the richest families of Chicago (the series taking place out there)

After the beautiful performance of February 15, Dean and Sam Winchester continued their unpublished adventures on M6 with two new episodes of Supernatural. At night, the series, including the private channel broadcasts the season 7, attracts followers.

Facing a good mysterious symbol, the two brothers have faced the 'Amazons '. They had to overcome these formidable enemies before more than 350,000 fans, or 6.9% of the audience before his small screen between 12:30 and 1:30.

Then, Dean and Sam were immersed in a whole other universe in "the enchanted menagerie. Monsters that haunt the nightmares of children took life under the eyes of 300,000 viewers, or 8.6% of audience share until 2:10 in the morning.

Supernatural allows M6 to settle on the third step of the podium of the hearings at night.Next week, two other episodes will be broadcast on M6. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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No season 6 for Being Human US series

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 4:50:13 AM America/Los_Angeles

Remake US version of Being Human does not survive his sister British, it was arrested a year ago and will conclude the season 5

The Hollywood Reporter has announced discontinuation of the series Being Human US at the end of season 5, one year after the judgment of its big sister British.

The American cable channel Syfy has announced that the final "Being Human" would be released April 7. The adaptation of the British series thus ended after 4 seasons...

A little more than one year after the original English version, the American adaptation of Being Human stops. The cable channel Syfy has indeed announced that the end of the season 4, scheduled April 7, will in fact be the Series Finale. Today, it remains so 6 episodes to fans (the series is followed by an average of 1.1 million viewers) to say goodbye to the vampire Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington and Kristen Hager werewolves as well as phantom Meaghan Rath. Actors have also taken Youtube to thank...

It is undoubtedly necessary to call into question the hearings to explain SyFy decision not to commit to a season 6.In France, Being Human is aired on SyFy also. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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House of Cards: the season 3 delayed

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 5:09:23 AM America/Los_Angeles

While the season 2 of the series House of Cards comes to be delivered by Netflix since February 14 (and is expected on Canal + March 13), Deadline reveals that season 3 will have to wait

As you know, a season 3 of the series House of Cards is already controlled by Netflix. But, as revealed by Deadline, the public will probably wait to follow the suite (and end?) the adventures of Frank Underwood, aka Kevin Spacey. Indeed following a legislative change of the State of Maryland where turns the series, production decided to change of location shooting (which was to begin in June) and therefore generates a against time, history to find another more welcoming State.

It must be said that the State of Maryland had a reduction of fees for filming policy or this policy which had allowed the series to save nearly $ 11 million in tax credits for season 1 and season 2 just changed and now will be capped at 7.5 million. Not enough for the production of House of cards!

In France, the season 2 of House of Cards is expected for March 13 on Canal +. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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"One Tree Hill"-Star Chad Michael Murray took off 11 kilos

Monday, February 24, 2014 4:38:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

His fans know and love Chad Michael Murray for his role as "Lucas Scott" in the success series "One Tree Hill". For his new strip the 32-year-old has slimmed down properly. With us, you can find out the backgrounds.

Chad Michael Murray was between 2003 and 2012 to the main cast of the series one tree Hill. In a total 187 episodes played the now 32 year old heart-throb "Lucas Scott." For his new movie, Murray had to go to his physical limits and lost a frightening lot of weight.

"I'm playing a homeless heroin addict in my next movie ' other people's children'." For this I've lost about 11 kilos", Murray reveals in conversation with"US Weekly".
Chad Michael Murray was controlled

However, the actor put on great value checked to remove: "I wanted to make it biologically correct and I have also done that. I wanted to feed me crackers not only water un." Among other things, oatmeal, egg whites, salad, chicken and tuna were on his daily diet.

After the shooting, Chad Michael Murray currently dedicates the pleasant aspects of life and is going to eat his lost pounds back. We wish him much fun doing it.

Again, it is sad, if popular TV series come to an end after years where their fans with ever new grandiose episodes and the representations make happy talented and the audience at the heart of mature stars.This happened to the actors by shows like Dawson's Creek or Buffy. And also the series one tree Hill, whose last string sparkled across the screens for almost two years ago,it should come to a reunion, plunge into true Rapture. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Hannibal Season 2: Two spicy posters

Sunday, February 23, 2014 6:05:12 AM America/Los_Angeles

NBC has just put online two posters for the season 2 of Hannibal. The show created by Brian Fuller returned on 28 February.

While the series Hannibal was preparing to return to the small American screen, NBC has unveiled two new posters featuring Hanibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and Will Graham (Hugh Dancy). Hidden behind wood's bloody deer, two (anti-) hero are an expression of the greatest threat.

Season 2 of the series of Brian Fuller landed on 28 February on NBC and the chain hopes to save much better hearing that the season 1. Miraculously renewed last year, Hannibal never exceeded the bar with 5 million viewers. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/

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Game of Thrones season 3:15 minutes of unedited footage

Saturday, February 22, 2014 1:04:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

While the season 4 of Game of Thrones arrives April 6 in the United States, the third has just come out on DVD and BluRay in France. The opportunity to discover 15 minutes of unedited footage.

A few more weeks to wait to discover the season 4 of Game of Thrones who will land on April 6 in the United States. But to help fans to endure this pending the arrival of the season 3 DVD/BluRay and its many bonus are there!

Thus, a 15 minute video bringing together two automobile scenes and three deleted scenes were put online on Youtube. Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) and Robb Stark (Richard Madden) are in the spotlight.

In France Game of Thrones is broadcast on OCS City, season 4 will be available 24 hours after the US. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Big Bang Theory: the pilot never aired

Thursday, February 20, 2014 5:25:20 AM America/Los_Angeles

Nothing is lost with the internet and all can be found. The driver not broadcast the series The Big Bang Theory made its appearance on the Web some time ago already. A quite confusing episode.

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And if you look in "Person of Interest"?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 5:33:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

TF1 will soon broadcast the last episode of the second season of Person Of Interest. On this occasion, the chain innovates with new experience "transmedia" and offers fans to appear in the bands ads of the final.

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Scandal season 3: children arrive!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 5:53:40 AM America/Los_Angeles

According to TV Line 2 actors come to incorporate the season 3 of the series Scandal. Characteristic are the children: Dylan Minnette and Madeline Carroll, the presidential couple's children

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Under the Dome, season 2: Eddie Cahill and Karla Crome join the cast

Monday, February 17, 2014 5:04:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

The inhabitants of Chester's Mill welcomed two new members for this season 2 of Under the Dome.

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Psych: it's official, there will be no season 9

Friday, February 14, 2014 5:22:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

USA Network announced: there will be no season 9 for the oldest of their series, Psych. Therefore, the end of the adventures of Shawn Spencer and Gus.

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Da Vinci's Demons season 2: Starz unveils a trailer

Thursday, February 13, 2014 6:47:55 AM America/Los_Angeles

Season 2 of the Starz series, Da Vinci's Demons comes March 22, a teaser has just fallen. Very conceptual.Last year, the Starz channel had launched a new series with success: Da Vinci's Demons. March 22, this will be the beginning of season 2. A new teaser has just fallen, not really from spoilers in it, but a fairly well found concept.

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Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke elected "most desirable woman 2014."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 8:15:03 PM America/Los_Angeles

Like every year for 13 years, AskMen asked its readers to elect the most desirable woman of the year. In 2014, so it's the star of the series Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke!

Emilia Clarke would be, according to AskMen readers, the star the more sexy (or "desirable") of 2014!13 Years in fact, the magazine asks his readers to elect the most desirable woman of the year and with more than 1 million votes, this election has become, over time, an institution.

That interprets Daenerys Targaryen in the television series from the throne of iron (Game of Thrones) from 4 seasons ahead of Alison Brie,Emily Ratajkowski,Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Kate Upton, Kerry Washington,Amy Adams, Margot Robbie, and Kate Moss.

So agree with Emilia Clarke leading the rankings (see the rest here)? By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9

Monday, February 10, 2014 11:21:30 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Walking Dead was on AMC for the second part of season 4 yesterday evening. After the final attack of the Governor on prison, our group of survivors has been busted, each escaping from her side... Caution spoilers!

Entitled "After" episode 9 of season 4 of the series The Walking Dead marks the return of the series after 2 months of absence. The first part will have seen Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl and the rest of the Group live serenely in the prison before everything collapses. If the disease has begun to slowly decimate the survivors - mostly come in number of Woodsbury-, the Governor, until then still alive, has come finish the job by destroying the prison. Episode 8 had left us on the latter's death and the break-up of the group. Review of the episode. Warning spoiler

Focuses exclusively on three characters: Rick, Carl and Michonne. The wounded sheriff and his son find refuge in an abandoned house after will be supplied in a small stall. For some time already Carl seeks to assert itself and to disregard the authority of his father, thinking sufficiently independent and trained to survive. But this episode will demonstrate that he is not yet ready. While very weakened Rick is lying on a couch between life and death, the younger Grimes so far so aggressive with his father will prove themselves, and him prove he can escape only. In vain. To himself he will pass nearby to be bitten by zombies and miraculously escapes. It is a truism in this apocalyptic world where the rotten flesh reigns supreme, be a child isn't the best assets, even led as Carl is. It has and will need his father to survive, that's what wants us to understand "After". What we knew - we viewers - for a long time. The second part of the season will offer us a new father/son relationship, an evolution that falls at the right time so their reports revolved round up there.

The end of the episode their reunion with Michonne offer which came not without difficulty to the doors of the House. If it was never truly put in danger by the walkers, she has struggled against his inner demons. For the first time in The Walking Dead its past is explored. This is one of the great strengths of the season, Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman seeking to develop their characters, to make them more consistent, as was the case with Hershel until he falls from the hands of the Governor. We understand today why Michonne is so lonely since his arrival in his series. But his reactions by seeing a woman zombie him-like and found Rick and Carl are quite evocative. A new dynamic could settle between it and the rest of the group.

After wondered about the isolation and loneliness to evil. So far nothing surprising, survival may be made as a group and it is something that we had already understood. Screenwriters wanted however to come back - with large hooves - developing the psychology of Carl and Michonne. The initiative is good, but perhaps too simplistic in the end.

The Walking Dead airs on OCS 24 h after the US. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Killing (US) season 4: Sterling Barber, Levi Maeden and Tyler Ross arrive

Monday, February 10, 2014 3:10:35 AM America/Los_Angeles

Season 4 of The Killing (US) will host three young new members from it for a final trip because this will be the last season: Sterling Barber, Levi Maeden and Tyler Ross

According to Deadline, three young actors Levi Maeden (The Hundred), Tyler Ross (Zombieland), and Sterling Barber (Red Widow) will therefore join the cast of The Killing (US) for the last season of the Netflix series, season 4.

Remember that it will stage a new investigation into a murder, always by the two detectives Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos), and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman). While Levi Meaden will play the role of a brilliant student, everything there is more charismatic, the other two will embody darker characters: a young unstable and disturbed man for Sterling Barber, and the ugly duckling of her own family to Tyler Ross.

The Killing (US) is currently broadcast in France on Paris. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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We know that many of you see the impatient waiting for the fateful moment of the resumption of the fourth season of The Walking Dead.It is Robert Kirkman, the author of the comic which is drawn the series.

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"Girls", season 3: hope, despair

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 9:55:02 PM America/Los_Angeles

Can girls become an upbeat? Strips ads from the third season of the series girls.A better, after the great contest of neuroses of the season 2.

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24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY: season 9 of 24 hours will be well distributed on channel

Monday, January 20, 2014 5:02:32 AM America/Los_Angeles

Canal + has just to clarify things: she well disseminate 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, season 9 of 24. It must be said that with the upheavals of the PAF from the stop of the series (although there is a report), it was not necessarily clear...

Canal + announced proudly, she not did blow 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, season 9 of the series 24 and announcement broadcasting on its current 2014 antenna.It must be said that with the official end of the series he is 3 years, the rights of his resurrection were probably free. Potential competitors might want to jump on the opportunity (read OCS), history of mark the occasion. So, it was time to clarify things.It must be said that the saga chrono 24 hours had marked the history of channel since 2002, and throughout its 8 seasons. Getting blow 24 would have been somewhat humiliating...

Recall that the action of 24 hours: LIVE ANOTHER DAY will take place in London where there is currently filming. Agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) tries to outwit an unimaginable terrorist attack that could change the world forever. Alongside Kiefer Sutherland in the role of Jack Bauer, we find Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O'Brian), Kim Raver (Audrey Raines) and William Devane (James Heller). The cast will also host Yvonne Strahovski ("Dexter"), Giles Matthey ("Jobs"), Gbenga Akinnagbe ("The Wire tapping"), Michael Wincott ("The Crow") and the haloed actress a Golden Globe Judy Davis (Judy Garland, the life of a star"). By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Revenge:actress Karine Vanasse will be regular in season 4

Saturday, January 18, 2014 4:40:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

Deadline revealed that Quebec actress Karine Vanasse will have access to regular status in the season 4 of Revenge.

While the season 3 of the drama series is currently airing on ABC, the chain already reveals details on his next Salvo. Karine Vanasse, who appeared this season of Revenge as a recurring, will become regular since season 4. Guess the character of Margaux LeMarchal, French heiress she starred in the series, should still expand in the upcoming episodes.

If the face of Karine Vanasse sounds familiar, it's probably that you've already seen: as Deadline, the actress was one of the main roles of Pan Am, a series cancelled after one season which she shared the poster with Christina Ricci. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The New Girl season 3 review

Thursday, January 16, 2014 11:11:14 PM America/Los_Angeles

For the episode 2 of February during the Super Bowl, the series The New Girl will take the Prince singer as guest. In his own role...

The Rollingstone.com announces the coming of the Princedans singer season 3 of the series The New Girl, February 2 next (in the USA), the time of the episode aired after the Super Bowl. This will be his first appearance in a TV series. It is would itself proposed to the creators of the series who will then have a size event, at the height of the most-watched night of TV US there!

According to the site, Prince should play its own role and give love advice to the couple Jess (Zooey Deschanel) / Nick (Jake Johnson). By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Aisha Tyler to Guest Star on Modern Family season 5

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 4:23:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that actress Aisha Tyler will participate in season 5 of Modern Family as a guest.

Indeed, one that played in Ghost Whisperer, CSI or XIII and Friends will appear in episode 16 of season 5 of Modern Family, entitled "Spring-a-Ding-Fling. It will interpret Wendy, a former classmate of Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). Their friendship will take a strange turn when she becomes his boss: he will go to denounce to the legal aid society she herself founded.

As explained in the Hollywood Reporter, the name of Aisha Tyler just add to the long list of guests registered for the season 5 of Modern Family, such as Adam Devine, Jane Krakowski, Jesse Eisenberg, John Benjamin Hickey and Nathan Lane. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Mentalist season 6: Episode 12, a new promo video!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 4:19:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

While the episode 12 of season 6 of The Mentalist will be released in a few hours, Spreadshirt invites you to discover a new previously unreleased promo video!

Episode 11 of season 6 of The Mentalist was released yesterday evening in the United States. "White Lines", we attend the collaboration between Patrick Jane and FBI with pleasure. Difficult to manage, the company of our favorite Mentalist in no less remained successful. Always alongside of Teresa Lisbon, FBI and Jane have investigated the murders of 5 agents of the DEA. However, while all the team obviously focused on the investigation, Patrick seemed to head elsewhere and decided to flirt with a young woman related to the case.

Next week, in "The Golden Hammer", Patrick Jane and the FBI will engage in a new survey. It will be to find the murderer of a cartographer, who would have been aware of a spy network just before his assassination. Meanwhile, Rigsby and Van Pelt will be on the trail of a most alarming conspiracy... See you on CBS! And, in the meantime, you will find our Top 10 couples from 2014. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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"The Middle": because there are not only "Modern Family" in life

Monday, January 13, 2014 12:10:15 AM America/Los_Angeles

There are series like this quietly, without that nobody notices. Is not that they are bad - on the contrary - is not that they are disastrous hearings - some are doing very well - it's just that nobody speaks never or very little.

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The good Wife season 5: Julianna Margulies offers Bruce Springsteen

Thursday, January 9, 2014 6:51:05 PM America/Los_Angeles

It is not strictly speaking a new Boss for Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), but according to Entertainment Weekly, 3 unreleased songs from Bruce Springsteen's next album will be in the back of the season episode 5 of The Good Wife.

After the Christmas break, the season 5 of The Good Wife will therefore resume airing on CBS. Little (huge) gifts to viewers, this episode will be the opportunity to discover in Preview 3 new songs from Bruce Springsteen album, High Hopes,"to be published on 14 January. Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) has good luck!

In an interview for Entertainment Weekly that announces this surprise, Robert and Michelle King, the creators of The Good Wife hope furthermore that this collaboration with Bruce Springsteen is in its infancy... They would indeed be able to build an episode around a song from the Boss. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Vikings season 2: a new trailer intriguing

Thursday, January 9, 2014 5:52:01 AM America/Los_Angeles

History Channel continues the promotion of the season 2 of Vikings and has just launched a new trailer, longer than the previous.

The Canadian chain prepares the release of the season 2 of Viking, who will start on 27 February in the USA. After a first teaser, centered on the main character of Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel), History Channel launches a second video, more long, which shows many other characters, such as Rollo (Clive Standen) and Siggy (Jessalyn Gilsig). Again, this is the song "Glory and Gore" of Lorde who was chosen for the soundtrack.Discover this new trailer of season 2 of Vikings. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Vince Gilligan, creator of the unforgettable show Breaking Bad, told Entertainment Weekly about Better Call Saul, his planned soon on AMC derived series.

Shortly after the broadcast of the finale of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan announced a spin-off centered on the character of Saul Goodman (played by Bob Odenkirk) is in preparation. Always in reflection on the way of thinking for this project, he left filter some information in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, which gives clues about what to expect fans.

First of all, if the plot of Better Call Saul will be earlier than Breaking Bad, the showrunner is not prohibited from playing with the chronology of events:? overall, this series will be a prequel, but there are wonderful with random timeline that we have used for many years for Breaking Bad, is that the public will not destabilized by our jumps in time. Then it is possible that we do?, and that one sees the past and perhaps future? Gilligan went even further, annon? ant that these trips at the time could bring us to the time where takes place Breaking Bad:? It is possible. C ' is why I so love the possibilities of this show: everything is possible?

With regard to the apparitions of Breaking Bad characters in Better call Saul, Gilligan says that there is some logistical problems: in fact, many of them are engaged in other r? the and probably could not break free. But apparently, the character he envisions the most reuse would be that of Mike (Jonathan Banks).

In this same interview, Gilligan was also asked about his regrets about Breaking Bad. If it says don't really have, he admits that a detail, which probably nobody would have expected, continues to tickle it:? I wish Jesse teeth are a bit more realistic, a little more messy. Aaron Paul has perfect teeth and Jesse Pinkman, his c?, smoked some meth and smoke down the tooth enamel. In addition, this poor kid was beating two to three times per season and his teeth were always absolutely perfect!

For the moment, it is unclear when Better Call Saul will take over of Breaking Bad on the screens. But if its creator is in the stage of reflection, it is assumed that the path is still long. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones: the Convention announced the arrival of two new players!

Monday, January 6, 2014 5:49:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

Page Facebook of As An Event, the organizer of the event, informs us that two new players of Game of Thrones will be present at the convention Winter is Coming, and that a fourth season is expected to be announced soon...

In October, Premiere.fr had spoken you of the Winter Is Coming Con, first convention fran? uncomfortable for fans of Game of Thrones. at the time, only actor Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) had formalized his coming. As An Event, the organizer of the event, announced through a video (available below) that Iain Glen (Jani Meko) and Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) actors would be also. In a commentary published by As An Event on his Facebook page, we learn also that a fourth actor should soon formalize its presence. It would be a member of the Lannister family...

The convention Winter Is Coming will take place from 14 to 16 March next to the count's Castle, in the city of Carcassonne. Fans of now book their places on the site As An Event. Check out the teaser of the event below. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Red Road: first trailer for the series with Jason Momoa

Friday, January 3, 2014 1:34:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

The U.S. Sundance Channel has just published a first trailer for The Red Road, a new drama series.

The Red Road focuses on a sheriff (Martin Henderson) who tries to maintain balance in his family and assist his wife, former alcoholic, while maintaining the order between two communities opposing: the village of his childhood and an Indian tribe, led by Phillip Kopus (Jason Momoa, Game of Thrones).

Check out the first trailer of the season 1 of The Red Road, scheduled to broadcast from February onwards to the United States. For the moment, no French broadcast seems to have been programmed. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The site TorrentFreak has just published the ranking series having been the most illegally downloaded this year. The winner is...

Game of Thrones! With 5.9 million downloads via BitTorrent just for the end of season 3, the fantasy series won the title of the most pirated series for the second consecutive year.

As revealed by TorrentFreak, the Iron Throne is followed closely by Breaking Bad (4.2 million of downloads) and The Walking Dead (3.6 million). Discover the complete classification.

Thus, the classification holds few surprises, and most downloaded are often also the most watched on television. Reminder, legal download platforms are more and more numerous and certain channels, such as OCS, offer series in VOSTFR 24 hours after their US broadcast. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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24 Hours season 9: two new actors to the cast

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 4:55:09 AM America/Los_Angeles

Site Deadline reports that Gbenga Akinnagbe and Giles Metthey actors will participate in the highly anticipated season 9 of 24 Hours Chrono.

Indeed, the two players were both obtained a regular role in 24: Live Another Day, season 9 of 24 Hours Chrono.

The plot of this new season of 12 episodes will resume four years after the previous one, at the end of which Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) attempting to flee justice. four years later, he is still on the loose, this time in England (where the season will be filmed). According to Deadline, Gbenga Akinnagbe, you may have already seen in The Wire (on listening), The Good Wife, or Nurse Jackie, will perform Erik Ritter, a smart, ambitious and arrogant CIA field officer. Giles Matthey (Claude in season 5 of True Blood) will be Jordan Reed, a computer technician from the CIA intelligent and sophisticated. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Arrow: Stephen Amell talks about the series that arrives on canal + Family

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 7:32:46 AM America/Los_Angeles

On 27 December, the Arrow series finally arrives in France. At the last festival of Monte Carlo, we met care senior interpreter, Stephen Amell to talk about the series that arrives on Canal + Family.

While season 2 already well Arrowest series begun in the USA, it finally arrives in France, December 27.

From the Green Arrow comics, the series features comedian Stephen Amell in the role of a billionaire Oliver Queen, playboy, missing and presumed dead for five years, discovered living on an island isolated from the China Sea. Went home to Starling City and facing violence and corruption ruling, he decided to become a masked vigilante to fight against the "evils of society.

This summer, at the last Festival of Monte Carlo, we met the actor. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Doctor Who: A unique scene from The time of The Doctor

Sunday, December 29, 2013 6:09:52 PM America/Los_Angeles

BBC America comes to unveil a new scene from Time of The Doctor, the opportunity to review Matt Smith in the skin of Doctor Who.

The time of The Doctor, the Doctor Who series Christmas episode aired on December 25. It marked the end of the era of the eleventh doctor Matt Smith and therefore its  regeneration in twelfth doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. In short, it was finished by Matt.

Fortunately for fans of the actor, BBC America, which broadcasts the series on US soil has just unveiled a new scene, history of review once the 11th doctor (with the  Tardis and Clara). By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Justified season 5: a new trailer

Thursday, December 26, 2013 7:36:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

The American chain has unveiled a trailer for season 5 of Justified, a few weeks before its US release.

It is from January 7 that U.S. viewers can discover the season 5 of Justified. In this new salve, US Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) will deal with Crowe, a criminal farmers family headed by Dale Crowe Jr. (Michael Rapaport). The trailer for this season 5 portends a strong atmosphere in suspense, in the image of the previous seasons.

Reminder, Justified focuses on a police officer in Kentucky and very personal methods that it uses to enforce the order. In France, the series is broadcast on OCS. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Americans season 2: first intriguing trailer

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 6:42:25 PM America/Los_Angeles

FX is preparing the return of The Americans for its season 2. The American chain has unveiled a first trailer.

After two teasers, season 2 of The Americans has unveiled with a first trailer. We discover finally the first images of this new burst, which promises to be rich in rebound: in this trailer, it seems that Paige (Holly Taylor), the daughter of the Jennings (Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys) dig a little too deeply into the Affairs of his parents...

As a reminder, The Americans focuses on a couple of KGB spies infiltrated the United States in the 1980s.

Season 2 of The Americans will begin in February in the USA. In France, the series is broadcast on Canal + Series. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Beauty and the Beast, season 1: what the press thinks

Monday, December 23, 2013 4:31:10 PM America/Los_Angeles

Tonight,December 22 at 8:50 pm W9 reveals Beauty and the Beast bringing Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan. But this new version of beauty and the beast has not convinced the specialists of the small screen.

2003 Catherine Chandler and his mother are being attacked by a man. While the mother is killed in the attack, the girl keeps life thanks to a mysterious creature who managed to save her. Nine years later, Catherine Chandler become police detective, desperately wants this creature that could help him to find the murderer of her mother. It ends up making the meeting of Vincent Keller, a former American GI, who lives in recluse since nearly 10 years because under the effect of anger, it turns into beast in human strength.

This new version of beauty and the beast has harvested more than mixed opinions. If TV big chains says that series is equipped with an 'attractive up' and a good casting, TV 2 weeks is far from being packed: "Little credible fights Scenes, shots... boring." A view shared by Télérama who claimed in October 2012: "it's a full crash, a nullity acclaimed nearly unanimously by the American press.(...) "Police investigation without the slightest interest, hideous realization, uninspired, peppered with effects useless, absurd action scenes, cartoon-like narration and leaded by flashbacks, poor casting and not a good replica to be put in the tooth."

Among other things, it is the fault of Kristin Kreuk that it is impossible to take seriously in his role of police. She's all wrong from A to Z. But all the blame does not return him. "Texts using all imaginable clichés, surveys without interest, flat dialogues: a beautiful - and stupid - failure." By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Community season 5: a trailer hosted in the spirit of Christmas

Sunday, December 22, 2013 5:53:19 PM America/Los_Angeles

The promotion of season 5 community full swing. NBC has unveiled a third trailer, in the form of cartoon.

On 2 January that will begin the season 5 of Community on the American channel NBC. It has released a new trailer out of the ordinary: each character is represented in  the form of cartoon.

In the trailer, Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) finds himself alone at his home on Christmas Eve. It was while he receives the visit of Craig Pelton (Jim Rash, Santa Claus  for the occasion), which comes accompanied by of all University fellow. Annie (Alison Brie) took the opportunity to give the programming of the episodes of this season  5, which will be cut by the Sochi Olympic Games. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Americans: a new trailer for season 2

Sunday, December 22, 2013 2:32:15 AM America/Los_Angeles

The American channel FX continues the series with a second trailer announcing season 2.

Indeed, a new teaser for season 2 of The Americans is to be unveiled, a few days after the first. The spy series, which has staged a couple of KGB spies who moved to Washington during the cold war, propose us a new video in which Phillip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell) engaged in game of Russian roulette around the table of the dining room, once their children away.

Season 2 of The Americans will land in February 2014 in the United States on the FX Channel. In France, the series is broadcast on Canal + Series. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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House of Cards: Obama in the political series?

Friday, December 20, 2013 2:42:33 AM America/Los_Angeles

As reported by the website Deadline, the president of the United States Barack Obama would have been proposing to appear in House of Cards.

Indeed, this invitation comes from Reed Hastings himself, the CEO of Netflix. The man at the head of the legal streaming platform took surgery picture at the White  House to drag its proposal to Barack Obama.

According to Deadline, Hastings, accompanied by other patterns of technological enterprises, had appointments Tuesday, September 17 at the White House to discuss with  the president of the problems of the Obamacare, security and national protection site concerning internet data. While the season 2 of House of Cards will be available  on 14 February on Netflix, the president asked Hastings: "I was wondering if you had brought copies of House of Cards in advance?". Hastings laughed, before inviting  Obama to make an appearance in the series.

Tongue-in-cheek mood, the president of the USA has also joked about the ability of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) to "do many things", adding "I'd like it be as  ruthless and effective in real life!

However do not expect to see the president of the United States appear on the screen: fun that is the idea, the exchange between the two men is to take with a smile.

In France, the series House of Cards is broadcast on Canal +, which announced the season 2 in the spring of 2014. In the meantime, find the video of the exchange  between Hastings and Obama, put online by CBS. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Shameless season 4: the more barred families in a new trailer

Thursday, December 19, 2013 4:52:04 AM America/Los_Angeles

Showtime is preparing the return of Shameless with a trailer of season 4. A video which makes account ambient confusion typically Gallagher.

Shameless will resume for its season 4 in 2014 on the American Showtime channel. The promotion of the series, for its part, is already widely initiated. After a teaser sexy in which Emmy Rossum was more seductive as ever, a trailer has just been published on the internet. Centered on the characters of Fiona (Rossum), Frank (William H. Macy) and Lip (Jeremy Allen White), it proves that the characteristic chaos of the Gallagher tribe is still alive.

It is January 12 that season 4 of Shameless will begin in the US. In France, the series is broadcast on Canal. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Community season 5: Winger Professor in a first trailer!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 6:21:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

NBC unveils first trailer of season 5 of Community, whose broadcast is scheduled for early January.

Indeed, the American chain prepares the dissemination of season 5 of the comic series with a trailer that portends an also hilarious as the previous season.

In the video, Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) is back at the Greendale College, but this time as the professor. Season 5 will show us how the troublemaker is her new teacher status. As a reminder, at the beginning of Community, Jeff Winger was a lawyer forced to return to University after the invalidation of his degree.

Season 5 of Community will begin January 2 on NBC. In France, the series is broadcast on number 23. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Californication: season 7 will be the last

Sunday, December 15, 2013 7:59:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Californication will disappear at the end of season 7, which will be played in 2014 on Showtime.

Indeed, the American Channel announced Monday that Californication would not season 8. It is on the official Facebook page of the show that fans have learned the sad news:

David Nevins, president of entertainment at Showtime, testified his gratitude to the show created by Tom Kapinos: "with its blend of lyricism and excess, Californication has been one of our most visionary series. We will be always indebted to Tom Kapinos for having led the creative part of this memorable comedy, and David Duchovny for making us support a hedonist without remorse as Hank Moody".

Fans of the black comedy will have to bid farewell to Hank Moody at the end of season 7 with the broadcast, according to the Hollywood Reporter, beginning in April 2014 in the United States. In France the series Californication is broadcast on M6. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones and video game

Friday, December 13, 2013 5:01:39 AM America/Los_Angeles

It was to be expected, the HBO tv show series (game of Thrones) is becoming a video game

Under 20 minutes, the Telltale studio, which had already adapted The Walking Dead comics, with the success that we know (not to be confused with the video game from the series) or Law and Order should adapt the Game of Thrones series.

On the occasion of the VGX 2013 award last Saturday, the studio has in fact unveiled a video announcing the game. For the moment, it knows not its nature, nor concerned platforms (the studio still focusing on IPhone games). However what is certain, is that it should come out current 2014. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The walking Dead: the most emblematic dead of the series

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 5:33:27 PM America/Los_Angeles

While the season 4 of the series the Walking Dead makes a (well deserved), returns on the most memorable deaths since season 1.
It must be said that in the series by Robert Kirkman, nobody is immune. Between Walkers and the living, it is a struggle for his life of each moment. And this is not  his name in the credits of the series which guarantees the survival of the character, as these pictures prove.

It is simple, compared to The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones (see our slideshow on the deaths of the series here), it's a bluette! Attention Mega spoilers

In France, the Walking Dead airs on OCS. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/

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Once Upon A Time season 3: Lost actress will play a wicked fairy tales

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 5:18:01 AM America/Los_Angeles

The website E! Online reveals that actress Rebecca Mader will be a recurring role in season 3 of Once Upon A Time.

Indeed, the British actress will mark the second part of the season 3 of Once Upon A Time. With after E! Online, Rebecca Mader (Charlotte Lewis in Lost) will arrive in the series after the mid-season break, and will be "a major character, with a major participation, and a role" on several episodes.

The production of the series made a lot of mysteries on this arrival. Indeed, it is unclear what character actress will perform. And after TV Line, it will be an "icon of the villains of fairy tales. In addition, the first appearance of this character remains unclear. Indeed, Eddy Kitsis, co-creator of the series, said that "this character will perhaps be revealed at the end of the 11th episode... or maybe not. According to TV Line, the character will be most probably revealed in a trailer, aired during the mid-season break.

The season 3 of Once Upon A Time will resume in March. In France, the series is broadcast on M6. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Glee season 5: Dianna Agron will also participate in the episode 100

Monday, December 9, 2013 8:58:33 PM America/Los_Angeles

TV Line reports that actress Dianna Agron will be part of the numerous actors of Glee although they left the series, will be back for the episode 100.

Indeed, after announcing the return of many 'old' of Glee to episode 100, series creator Ryan Murphy has tweeted that Dianna Agron would also part. The actress played Quinn during the first four seasons of the series.

Nothing foreshadowed that Dianna Agron would recur in the show. Indeed, the fans had lost this hope with the mini-polemique that had erupted following his absence in the episode tribute to Cory Monteith. According to persistent rumors, Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy reportedly refused she participates.

Episode 100 of Glee will air on March 18 for the season 5. As recalls TV Line, the name of Dianna Agron complements those Heather Morris (Brittany), Harry Shum Jr. (Mike), Amber Riley (Mercedes), Mark Salling (Puck), Kristin Chenoweth (April) in the list of players in return. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Homeland: two Russian series compete for the rights of Hatufim, the original series

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 8:16:46 PM America/Los_Angeles

While she prepares Rodina, the adaptation of Hatufim, the Russian production company WeiT Media annoys before the project of another series of the same title.

After masterfully adapted in the United States under the title Homeland, Israeli series Hatufim is about to be the subject of a Russian remake. Indeed, the production company WeiT Media has already launched development of Rodina, whose filming is expected to start in March. A slight detail, however, has come to disrupt the course of events: March Media, another Russian production house, is working on a series bearing the same title.

WeiT Media hastened to issue a press release in which it claims to be the only of Russian territory have the right to adapt Hatufim in the country, and that another company could claim this right. Indeed, it says that it has acquired the rights to adapt to MIPCOM 2012. March media, the problem is not there. The production company says in fact that the series of 8 episodes she prepares, if it is labeled well Rodina, is in no way related to Hatufim. Ruben Dishdishyan, which launched March Media, is entrusted to Hollywood Reporter on this subject: "we are preparing a series big budget based exclusively on our own development and an original script. It has nothing to do with Hatufim. With regard to the title, as many common words, cannot make a mark or protect by copyright".

The two parts camping on their positions, it is very possible that Russian viewers discover soon two series titled Rodina. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8: Far Gone Too

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 6:59:08 PM America/Los_Angeles

AMC aired yesterday evening Too Far Gone, episode 8 of season 4 of The Walking Dead. We arrive at the half of the season and the confrontation between the Governor and Rick is inevitable. While many characters emerge unscathed from this battle, others will succumb... Warning spoilers. Review.

"Too Far Gone", episode 8 and mid-season final of the season 4 of the series The Walking Dead promised us a second confrontation between the Governor and Rick, so that the season 3 was more disappointing Gimple has been able to make this new intense, gripping and especially murderous opposition. Review Attention spoilers.

The got, played by the always excellent David Morrissey, finds himself once again at the prison and managed to take Hershel and Michonne hostage. His goal is simple: mobilize its new camp to help expel the Rick and Daryl of the penitentiary building group. If initially he tries to dissuade the sheriff from itself places peacefully, things go quickly derailed when the first victim is going to fall on his sword. The two groups will then talk about weapons. Exchanges of fire between humans has always been a problem in The Walking Dead and these is no exception to the rule. They know not just aim. When it comes to shoot in the head of zombies more or less away what are true snipers, when it comes to beings humans becomes inexplicably more delicate and bullets coming... in a vacuum. For proof this sequence where Rohit, barely protected by a wood post and a few pots of plastic flowers, is facing two attackers and is never touched.

Who knows the workings of the TV series knew Hershel - after the episode "Internment", he focused on his shoulders by displaying courage, tenacity and character, demonstrating that he has the soul of a leader - would disappear from the series. "Too Far Gone" offers a terrible death that so endearing character. Beheaded in front of her two daughters by a Governor who knows no remorse. Bloodshed stop not there, not to mention the extras on both sides that fall as the advance of the confrontation, Rick will live a new drama with the death of his daughter Judith. As for Megan, she is bitten by a zombie under the eyes of his mother Lily bringing his body on the battlefield. The Governor houses it a bullet in the head so that it does not turn. A cruel episode, so for children.
This episode which takes Hershel with him, also marks the end of the Governor. Finally! Some might say. It was time to say goodbye to the character that the writers will have more or less well, fully explored. It is Michonne who has the honor of it a stroke of sword, until Lily completes with a bullet in the head. In the end this character leave us an impression mixed because much too superficial treatment. Scott Gimple will be tempted to dig the character this season, allowing David Morrissey to interpret another facet of the Governor, but this was only half successful.

"Too Far Gone" finally sees disappear an important, this character since season 3: prison. Peaceful place for a few weeks, the building was destroyed under the blows of canon and forced the survivors to leave in opposite directions. The second part of season 4 of The Walking Dead will land on 9 February and will be divided into several groups and delivered to themselves heroes. Admittedly even Andrew Lincoln (Rick) episodes arriving will be the boldest and most exciting that the series could offer up there. We have wanted to believe. GIMPLE has done the good job on this first part and there look forward to discover the consequences of this mid-season final. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Glee season 5: the fans choose the song of episode 100

Sunday, December 1, 2013 7:49:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

The hundredth episode of Glee will be interactive. Indeed, the choice of the songs performed by the cast will return to the fans of the musical series.

Glee, including season 5 is currently broadcast in the USA, will celebrate its 100th episode in March. The creators decided to mark the occasion by offering fans  participate in the content of this episode. They can vote on the internet for 10 songs they want to see performed by the cast.

Fans have a choice of thirty songs, already during the first 5 seasons. Those who have obtained the most votes will be included in the hundredth, remixed to provide  new impetus. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Breaking Bad: News about Jesse Pinkman, by Vince Gilligan

Friday, November 29, 2013 2:53:20 AM America/Los_Angeles

GQ Us met Vince Gilligan and discussed with him what happens to Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) at the end of season 5 of Breaking Bad and so the series. Warning spoilers

If you have not seen the end of the season 5 series Breaking Bad (and thus the end of the short series) do especially not read these lines...

Tvline reported an interview between GQ and the creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan where he evokes the after final season of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul)...
Jesse refused to kill his former mentor Walt, then jumped into a car and spun off the underground methamphetamine laboratory where he was a prisoner. He was crying. He was laughing. He was finally free.

"My personal feeling is that it has gone" said Gilligan at GQ, but maybe not for long, according to Vince Gilligan "but the thing most likely, as bad as it may seem, is that they will find the fingerprints of this kid anywhere in this laboratory, and they will find it in a day or a week or a month [...]" And it's always going to be wanted for the murder of two federal agents... "

However, remember that Walter White (Bryan Cranston was able to remain hidden in a New Hampshire cabin for almost a year, why his protege could not have the same fate?)

The arrest of Jesse is "the most likely outcome", tempers Gilligan, but more positively, he also says: "the way I see it, is that he fled in Alaska, changed its name and had a new life. It is everything one would want for him. He deserves! "

In France the end of season 5, and therefore the Breaking Bad series comes the month next on OCS. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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How I Met Your Mother season 9: Andrew Rannells (The New Normal) insets at the wedding

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 6:10:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

TV Line relays that the actor Andrew Rannells will appear as a guest-star in an episode of season 9 of How I Met Your Mother.

Indeed, one who interpreted Bryan Buckley in The New Normal (created by Ryan Murphy and cancelled after season 1) prepares to visit the band of friends of How I Met Your Mother, including the season 9 is currently broadcast in the USA.

According TV Line, Andrew Rannells plays the role of Darren, which (intentionally) sow discord within the Group of Ted (Josh Radnor), Lily (Alyson Hannigan) Marshall (Jason Segel) Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) during the marriage of the latter two. The episode will be aired on December 16. A first picture of the shooting was unveiled.

Season 9 of How I met Your Mother will be the last season. In France, the series is broadcast on NT1. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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House Of Lies season 3: a clever trailer

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 10:11:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

As season 3 of House of Lies begins in a few weeks on Showtime, the string to start the promotion with a new trailer.

From January 12, American fans of House of Lies will be able to discover the season 3 of the series on Showtime. And according the first teaser, finance and unscrupulous management consultants will return more fit than ever. In this video, Marty Kaan (played by Don Cheadle) gives a speech inspired by financial success... Subtitled by what it really means.

As a reminder, House of Lies focuses on a team of business consultants who will stop at nothing to achieve their ends. The series is unique in France. Check out the first trailer of the season 3. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Girls season 3: first trailer for the HBO comedy

Monday, November 25, 2013 6:44:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

The season 3 of Girls will start on mid-January on the American channel HBO, which has just unveiled a first trailer.

A few weeks of its launch, the American channel HBO publishes a first trailer for season 3 of Girls, the comedy- and -Lena Dunham. A video that portends a season to the image of the previous, faithful to the scathing and offbeat tone to which the series has accustomed us.

Unfortunately, that one will remember especially from this trailer, it is four more inward girls from Brooklyn (performed by Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Allison Williams, and Zosia Mamet) manage to beat the records of self-centeredness that thought already won with the first two seasons. Anthology of what we hold this third Salvo: "It's very liberating to say no to what we hate", "my life is a mess. "I know that it was a personal choice, but it may be time for me to dé-choisir this choice", "I hold the keys of the prison that is my mind."

Girls season 3 will return on January 12 on HBO.In France, the series is broadcast on Orange Ciné Max. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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American Horror Story: First info on season 4 and rumors of spin-off

Sunday, November 24, 2013 8:00:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

Ryan Murphy said some information on season 4 of American Horror Story in Entertainment Weekly. The creator of the show is also expressed on the possibility of a spin-off.

While the season 3 of American Horror Story peals out currently in the USA, questions of the fans on what book the fourth Salvo begin to rise. As you know, every season of the horror series is independent of the others and has a full history. Ryan Murphy gave some vague information on the Entertainment Weekly website: according to the creator of the show, season 4 'will take place not in our time"and the filming will take place either in New York or in Santa Fe". Well light cues, which will be amplified by other statements by Murphy after the release of episode 11.

Earlier this fall, Ryan Murphy, who is also at the origin of shows such as Nip/Tuck and Glee, had spoken of the possibility of a spin-off, centered on the witches of the season 3 of American Horror Story, entitled Coven. A project already abandoned, as he explains: "we began to implement episode 8 or 9 and we are told: 'cannot kill this character because it is needed for the spin off'." "At the second where these words were pronounced, I said: 'There will be no spin-off'. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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NCIS: Los Angeles season 5: the Gossip Girl Michelle Trachtenberg guest-starred

Thursday, November 21, 2013 10:00:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

TV Line reveals that the actress Michelle Trachtenberg will participate in an episode of season 5 of NCIS: Los Angeles, currently broadcast in the USA.

Indeed, one who portrayed Georgina Sparks in Gossip Girl series has just landed a role in the series NCIS: Los Angeles. The time from an episode, diffuse December 17 in the USA, she campera the character of Lily, a young private chef ecolo victim of a home invasion that the will endanger.

TV Line reported by Shane Brennan, showrunner of NCIS: Los Angeles, who had expressed his enthusiasm to receive Michelle Trachtenberg on the set of season 5: "we are very excited that Michelle appears as guest on the show. This is a very intense episode in which Michelle works with Callen and Sam (played by Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J)". By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Doctor Who: 50 years! Trailer of the evening's 50 years of France 4.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 9:52:23 PM America/Los_Angeles

Like the rest of the world, France 4 will celebrate the anniversary of Doctor Who, the longest science fiction to the world series, November 23 (50 years day for)day) with a special evening which here is the program.

Saturday, France 4 will begin at the time of 50 years of Doctor Who with a programming event as proven by this band announcement.

The evening will begin at 8:05 pm with the last episode of season 7 (episode 13): the name of the doctor. (Prelude to the special 50 years) Then, at 8:50 pm, the 50th Episode.

birthday: The day of the Doctor - unreleased.

The special Episode chosen by Internet users: the two parts of the prophecy of Christmas.the quest for infinity, a new animated seriesand finally, from 1 h, a compilation of season 6. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Breaking Bad: the spin-off on Saul will actually a sequel, after the end of season 5?

Monday, November 18, 2013 7:41:28 PM America/Los_Angeles

Actor Bob Odenkirk of Breaking Bad revealed that the spin-off of the cult series, Better Call Saul would actually a suite of Breaking Bad kind. "I talked to the authors and creators of the series and I told them that many people are waiting to know what will happen then to Saul, after the end of the season 5" So, I do not know what they will do... "There had been talk of prequel, but to me, they also told me that Better Call Saul would be a sequel of Breaking Bad, or maybe a mix between a prequel and a sequel..."

In short, it is still not very clear nor very order. In any case, Odenkirk promises this spin-off will stand out from the original series: "I asked the authors to do something fresh and different. So immediately, within the first five minutes, the Viewer is told directly that this is a new series, quite different from the original".

"And I think that the producers and Vince Gilligan (the creator of Breaking Bad) feel the same. "There could be an appearance and a cameo appearance here or there (Bryan Craston and Aaron Paul especially), but I think the idea is really to make a brand new series." By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Mob City:a new trailer for the series from the creator of The Walking Dead

Monday, November 18, 2013 12:03:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

Mob City, the event chain TNT series, will start December 4 in the USA. The promotion continues with a new trailer.

Mob City tells the continuation of the mafioso Mickey Cohen (Jeremy Luke) by the Chief of police William Parker (Neal McDonough) in the Los Angeles of the 1940s. This series of 6 episodes, announced as the mini series this winter, was able to cause the enthusiasm of the public through an advertising campaign to perfection. It continues with a new trailer that portends a show as exciting... as violent.

Created by Frank Darabont, the creator of The Walking Dead, Mob City apparently did nothing to envy to its big sister on the side of bloodshed. Discover this new ad, called "Sleeping City" ("sleeping city"). By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor, new spectacular images

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 4:11:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

On 23 November,date of 50 years of Doctor Who, arrived in great step. A new broadband announcement of The Day of the Doctor just fell.

As you know the most famous TV doctor, Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary November 23 everywhere in the world (and in France on France 4) with the release of The Day of the Doctor, a special episode of the series with Matt Smith and David Tennant (2 doctors for the price of one) but also Jenna - Louise ColemanBillie Piper, Joanna Page and especially John Hurt...

Discover the spectacular images of the teaser and the band announced (caution spoilers!) By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Homeland season 3, episode 7 - Gerontion review

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 3:01:03 AM America/Los_Angeles

Showtime aired Sunday evening "Gerontion", episode 7 of the third season of Homeland, where Saul strategy is taken further and old obsessions resurface.Attention spoilers.

"Gerontion", episode 7 season 3 of the Homeland series aired Sunday. Review, attention spoilers.

Carrie and Saul will have to manage the consequences of the coup of murderous madness of Javadi. For Saul, it is above all to implement the rest of its plan. Meanwhile, Carrie returns to the scene of the drama to try to whitewash Quinn, whose presence was captured by a neighborhood surveillance camera...

After a concentrate of twists and turns in the previous episode, "Gerontion" down a big notch in the runaway. By focusing on the character of Saul, exit also parallel intrigues with the Brody family, conducive to the savagery. The series unveils a new dimension in nesting dolls of the plan engineered by the character of Mandy Patinkin. Wanting to make Javadi a double agent by sending in Iran, Homeland part once again a situation for better return. The series presents a suite of pretense that shuffle tracks among the characters (which really wants to get Saul? That cache Javadi? ) but also asked about the approach of the screenwriters, there where all missing by moments of belief and the characters of genuine involvement. Sword in the water or master stroke, it will be the last moments of the season for Untangling the Web.

Crossed some good flashes (the questioning of Quinn already noticeable in the first episode, Saul playing with fire by enclosing Senator squarely in the Auditorium, the episode draws the outlines of the last part of the season: Saul has more than a few days before be revoked and the continuation of his plan looks like a real race against the clock. And Carrie plunges in his crusade to vindicate Brody, while she learns of Javadi who moved the Sergeant/MP's car before the attack would still be in the vicinity. In the meantime, the main party involved is still absent subscribers. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Hearings TV: Masterchef (TF1) and NCIS (M6) to the elbow to elbow, D8 cartons

Monday, November 11, 2013 6:31:23 PM America/Los_Angeles

Friday evening, in terms of audience share this Masterchef who came out ahead of hearings on TF1. But as the number of viewers the was beat by M6 and its series NCIS. On the side of the TNT, it is D8 which is largely in the lead and not exceed million viewers with a bounty of button in my post.

TF1 arrived Friday night with his cooking show, MasterChef narrowly at the head of the hearings. For this seventh week of competition, more and more rude, 4 427 000 food lovers were in front of their television or an audience share of 20.6%. It is as well as last week.

M6 lens, just the first step of the podium with his series NCIS: special investigations. 085 5,000 faithful gathered before the new episode of the season where one of the team members was involved in the case. This week NCIS harvested 19.5% share of audience against just 15.1% last week.

France 2 has a slight drop with the Charles French series which brought together 3,000 505 curious either an audience share of 13.5%. Last week they were 3 740 000 people or 15.3% of audience share.

France 3 then comes with Thalassa magazine which was attended by 2 600 000 viewers for an audience share of 10.4%.

D8 ranks at the top of the TNT with an award-winning outstanding key not my post! renamed for the key opportunity not to my direct. 1 166 000 fans of the show have admired Cyril Hanouna and his team in ice décor with hilarious extracts, it means an audience share of 5.1%.

W9 is also a very nice score but does not exceed the million with its magazine survey of action. The subject on the Marseille police convinced 906,000 people or 3.7% of audience share.

NRJ 12 is a decrease from last week with the series Sauveur Giordano who was watched last night by 887 000 faithful, or 3.6% of audience share. Last week the series brought together 911,000 viewers or 3.9% PDA.

Arte then comes through track series which has been praised by 754,000 viewers 2.9% audience share.

France 5 aired it isn't that Guinea Pigs! that was watched by 686,000 people, that is to say an audience share of 2.6%.

TMC broadcast series experts: Manhattan. 578,000 viewers followed investigations teams, represents 2.2% of pda.

D17 as weekly broadcast his famous, the zap. Yesterday, 391, 000 people themselves are left to attempt by the staggered images and funny, or 1.6% of pda.

Gulli broadcasts family movies I Heart Shakey. 318 000 children and adults have watched the movie, IE an audience share of 1.3%.

France 4 is a small score with the entertainment show who sings lean? Only 321 000 people were before their position to watch either 1.3% PDA.

Finally NT 1 closes the classification with the Fringe series that makes a real flop on the little sister of TF1. With 230,000 viewers at the rendezvous, the series passes below the 1% of audience share (0.9%). By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Bones season 9: Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl) in the casting

Sunday, November 10, 2013 8:14:05 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that actress Kelly Rutherford will be included in the cast of Bones time to an episode.

Indeed, one who played Lily Van Der Woodsen in the 6 seasons of Gossip Girl will participate in Bones as a guest-star in an upcoming episode. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kelly Rutherford will perform Stephanie McNamara, an old acquaintance of Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne). She will be involved despite it in the latest survey of the Jefferson Institute when its members will move an examination to his brother. More and more persistent suspicions on the latter will quickly come to taint her initial happiness find Hodgins.

For now, it is unclear when US viewers will discover this episode. In France, Bones is broadcast on M6. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Scandal season 3: Khandi Alexander will be the mother of Olivia and will return to haunt

Thursday, November 7, 2013 5:53:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

Khandi Alexander will appear in season 3 of Scandal. As revealed by the Hollywood Reporter, she landed the mother of Olivia Pope (recurring) role.

As soon as this week's episode, the actress Khandi Alexander will join the cast of Scandal, the ABC hit series. The actress will portray Maya Lewis, the mother of  Olivia (Kerry Washington), and will appear it in the form of flashbacks. From the Hollywood Reporter, it will become a major problem in the life of his daughter, after  the latter discovered that his mother died in the bombing of a civilian aircraft sponsored by his father, Rowan (Joe Morton). This revelation will obviously come to  complicate its relationship with the latter.

Since 2010, Khandi Alexander interpreted LaDonna Batiste-Williams in the series of HBO Treme, the fourth and final season will begin in January in the USA. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Cougar Town season 5: a date and a teaser

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 5:26:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

Through a first teaser, the American channel TBS has unveiled the date of return of Cougar Town. Returning cougars January 7!

Indeed, worn by Courteney Cox comedy will begin its season 5 January 7 in the United States. TBS began its promotion with a first teaser, which celebrates the love of the drink of its main characters.

In the video, Courteney Cox offers Cougar Town team make vow of sobriety until the broadcast of the first episode of season 5. No one seems satisfied, and all quickly attack the glass of wine that lies before them. A funny video, in the spirit of the show.

Recall that the series, originally broadcast on ABC, has touched the cancellation at the end of its season 3, before rescued by TBS. Without beat audience records, she continues to ensure a base of loyal viewers. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Client List cancelled: season 2 was the last

Monday, November 4, 2013 8:58:11 PM America/Los_Angeles

Site Deadline reports that The Client List, the series worn by Jennifer Love Hewitt, there is no season 3.

The fate of The Client List, series inspired by the film the Double life of Samantha, just be sealed by decision of the channel Lifetime not to renew it for season 3. First cause for cancellation: artistic disputes between Jennifer Love Hewitt for the production of the show. Indeed, the interpreter of Riley Parks is engaged to actor Brian Hallisay, and wished that their romance should be included in the scenario.

Deadline also speaks of scores of hearings of The Client List, down from the first season. The success of the new series of Lifetime, Devious Maids and Witches of East End, has finally convinced the chain not to carry the show.

TF1 has acquired the rights of dissemination of The Client List, French viewers should discover in the months to come. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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According to American website The Hollywood Reporter, the fifth season of the hit comedy aired on ABC, is expected to accommodate a 3 episode time newcomers.

On 25 September that made his return on the small screen is one of the successful American Comedy: Modern Family. For this fifth season, which already attracts millions of faithful in each episode, the producers decided to host three guest-stars well-known viewers and American moviegoers.

Among these three new recruits, which will appear in the same episode scheduled for filming November 4, is Jane Krakowski. The unforgettable performer Elaine, Secretary in Ally Mc Beal and Jenna in 30 Rock should slip into the skin of a mother, not necessarily sympathetic to a child attending the school of Manny.

This special episode will also host John Benjamin Hickey. The actor noticed especially in Broadway and The Big C and The Good Wife series should embody its side the therapist of one of the members of the Dunffy family. Finally, producers decided to capitalize on Jesse Eisenberg, discovered in the feature film The Social Network, to play the neighbor of Cam and Mitch green. Americans should be able to discover these three guest-stars on the small screen at the end of the year. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Falling Skies season 4: Scarlett Byrne in a mysterious role

Thursday, October 31, 2013 8:02:03 PM America/Los_Angeles

Deadline revealed that the cast of season 4 of Falling Skies will welcome actress Scarlett Byrne, known to all Harry Potter fans.

Indeed, the British actress who portrayed Pansy Parkinson in the last three films of the saga Harry Potter got a regular role in the next season of Falling Skies. Some after Deadline, Scarlett Byrne will perform is a mysterious young woman with supernatural powers, capable of establishing a strange connection with extraterrestrials.

The character of Scarlett Byrne is presented as the key to the plot of the season 4 of Falling Skies. This fourth Salvo will begin this summer in the United States. In France, it is the OCS Max channel which broadcasts the series. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Nikita season 4: first energetic trailer

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 6:22:04 PM America/Los_Angeles

The launch of season 4 of Nikita is imminent, and the CW started the promo with a trailer hit.

Indeed, judging by these first images, season 4 of Nikita will live up to the first three salvos of the action series. Since this will be the last season (which will be composed of six episodes), finally know the outcome of the plot - and, hopefully, the victory of Nikita (Maggie Q) on the Division.

After the "welcome home, Nikita" by Amanda (Melinda Clark) in the trailer, it is assumed that heroin will be directly confronted his enemy. The video left also suggest an evolution of the relationship between Michael and the former criminal.

Season 4 of Nikita will start on 22 November on the CW. In France, the series is aired on TF6. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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House of Cards: a season 3 will be the day?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 7:57:42 PM America/Los_Angeles

Deadline reports that after having announced that season 2 of House of Cards would be the last, producers are thinking about the possibility of a season 3.

The company of streaming Netflix, which broadcasts the show, made his project to a third season of House of Cards. Indeed, there are few, the Executive producer had expressed the probability that season 2 is the last: the contracts had been signed for two seasons. In addition, nothing said that actors Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, more accustomed to film and television, would be willing to sign for a season 3. But one of the leaders of Netflix has entrusted to Deadline that "[for a third season] discussions had been initiated.

The series policy, produced by David Fincher (The Social Network, Seven) and Kevin Spacey (who also starred) made a carton in the United States and the rest of the world thanks to a thrilling plot and a luxurious cast. Nothing surprising therefore that a renewal for season 3 is envisaged.

For the moment, no final decision has been announced, and the fate of the series does a thread. But if the two originally planned seasons were supposed to tell a whole story, we are entitled to ask how a third Salvo could be added.

Season 2 of House of Cards will be available on Netflix early 2014. In France, the series is broadcast on Canal +. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Drop Dead Diva renewed for season 6

Monday, October 28, 2013 9:22:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Lifetime has decided to renew Drop Dead Diva for a sixth season.

Cancelled after season 4, then resurrected for season 5, Drop Dead Diva seems to have sunny days before it. Indeed, the comedy series worn by Brooke Elliott has to be renewed for a sixth round scheduled for 2014.

Drop Dead Diva is interested in the fate of Deb Dobston, a dummy candidate who, after being dead in a car accident, is returned to Earth in the body of Jane Bingum, a lawyer buxom whose IQ exceeds the average.

The Hollywood Reporter does not specify if the season 6 of the series, consisting of 13 episodes, will be the last. In France, Drop Dead Diva is aired on M6. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Suits: lawyers on measurement will have a season 4

Monday, October 28, 2013 12:45:02 AM America/Los_Angeles

From Hollywood Reporter,tv show suits one of the flagship series of the USA Network chain, has just renewed for season 4.

In fact, the second part of the season 3 suits (tailored lawyers) will start early 2014 in the United States, USA Network has already announced the fourth Salvo. 16 New episodes of this season 4 should land the summer 2014 on American screens.

And after Chris McCumber, President of USA Network, the series brought by Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter) and Patrick J.Adams (Mike Ross) deserves the trust that is granted: "Suits is to the best of his form and continues to attract a young, loyal and passionate audience. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, he enthuses also on the ability of the series to push the boundaries of storytelling, and promises a season 4 provocative. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Arrow season 2: Sean Maher endangers Starling City!

Thursday, October 24, 2013 8:42:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Sean Maher is preparing to join the season 2 of Arrow, becoming the second Firefly actor to integrate the show.

Indeed, the actress Summer Glau, interpreter of River in Firefly, already won a regular role in season 2 of Arrow as recurring. Sean Maher, his former colleague in the Joss Whedon series, will appear as a guest in the tenth episode. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the actor will perform Mark Scheffer, better known in the world of comic books under the name of Shrapnel, a monster of laying steel bomb that will shake Starling City and threaten the life of Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro).

Thus, after Firefly, Sean Maher remains in the fantastic universe: Arrow, inspired by the comic-book Green Arrow, follows the adventures of Oliver Queen, talented archer, seeking to rid the city of its crime. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Once Upon A Time welcomes actor Stephen Lord

Thursday, October 24, 2013 1:53:50 AM America/Los_Angeles

TV Guide reports that British actor Stephen Lord join the magical lands of Once Upon A Time.

Overview in English series Shameless, EastEnders and Casualty, Stephen Lord is preparing to conquer the US television. Indeed, the actor just be incorporated into the cast of Once Upon A Time, and there will interpret the father of Rumpelstiltskin.

Stephen Lord will be present in the form of flash backs and will appear in at least one episode, aired on November 17. It will provide clarification on reports complicated between Rumpelstiltskin and his father. Edward Kitsis, producer Executive, told TV Guide about Rumpelstiltskin: 'we left clues in the past on the fact that his father was a coward and that the name of his father haunted. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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American Horror Story season 2: Lizzie Brocheré tells us about his experience

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 10:41:11 PM America/Los_Angeles

The French actor, Lizzie Brocheré (it will be in the season 3 of Braquo on Canal in December +) we gave an interview on the season 2 of American Horror Story on the occasion of the release of the DVD set

Those who have seen the season 2 of the series of Ryan Murphy, American Horror story could only notice: Lizzie Brocheré, French actress of his State is in fact one of the main characters, Grace. Others will find out probably on the occasion of the season 3 of the series Braquo, soon on canal +.

On the occasion of the release, on 23 October on DVD / Blu - ray Cabinet Asylum (title this season 2 of American Horror Story), we met the actress, natural and charming who has kindly tell us about his experience. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Ripper Street season 2: first spoiler

Sunday, October 20, 2013 11:04:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

The series of the BBC Ripper Street will begin season 2 on October 28. Images come from grave

The next 8 episodes of Ripper Street series, yet strangely unpublished in France are therefore expected on BBC One, October 28 at the launch of season 2.

D.I. Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen), D.S. Bennett Drake (Jerome Flynn), Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) and Long Susan (MyAnna Buring) are at the rendezvous, in the streets of Whitechapel in the end of 19th century. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Franklin & Bash renewed for season 4

Sunday, October 20, 2013 5:40:30 AM America/Los_Angeles

Deadline reports that Franklin the legal series of the American channel TNT, comes to be renewed for a fourth season. A late decision by the Network.

Indeed, the series was the last of the string to be informed of his fate, but TNT finally ordered a fourth season of 10 episodes of Franklin & Bash. For now, this new burst release dates were not specified.

During season 3, the actress Heather Locklear joined the cast in the role of Rachel Rose King, a new associate lawyer Infeld Daniels. The former Melrose Place was there one of the main roles alongside Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Some after Deadline, the actress who signed a one-year contract, a new agreement must be implemented so that it appears in the credits of the new season. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Scandal Season 3: Darby Stanchfield with the meeting

Thursday, October 17, 2013 8:40:51 PM America/Los_Angeles

As you know, Canal + series broadcasts in almost simultaneous with the United States, the season 3 of the series Scandal. The opportunity for us to present the Darby Stanchfield interview at the Monte Carlo festival

Already 3 seasons for the series from Shonda Rhimes, Scandal. Great novelty, this year with the arrival of Canal + series, the French public can see it almost at the same time as the USA.

During the last Monte Carlo TV festival, we met Darby Stanchfield (Abby Whelan) that we had talked about his character. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Banshee season 2: a spoiler revealed

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 9:27:42 PM America/Los_Angeles

Banshee, the police series on Cinemax, 94′s for a second season, including a spoiler comes to be circulated on the Web.

Indeed, this new trailer of Banshee has puzzled. This stylized trailer showcases the main characters, recalling their reports and their situation at the end of season 1, but gives little - or no - information about upcoming episodes.

Banshee follows the path of Lucas Hood (Antony Starr), a thief after 15 years in prison, settles in a small town in posing as the Sheriff. 9 Episodes of the second season of the thriller will be broadcast on Cinemax in the USA in the spring of 2014. Meantime, strange make it, the spoiler will keep you going. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1:30 Days Without an Accident

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 9:06:38 PM America/Los_Angeles

AMC aired the first episode of The walking dead yesterday evening. After a second part of season 3 disappointing, Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman will redress the balance? Beware Spoilers.

In 4 seasons The Walking Dead will be known well swirls, either before the camera - with its poor characters to survive in the apocalyptic world who offers to them - or behind the scenes with its different changes of showrunners. For this new opus is Scott Gimple taking over the bar after the hasty departure of Glen Mazzara during the third season.

This new season resumes a few weeks after the last episode of the previous. The prison has hosted survivors of Woodbury and a community is thus formed. Gardens, plantations, closed, guards eat: survivors fail to nothing and leads their (over) life, however constant gunpoint present zombies across the fence. This is the makings of a promise by Robert Kirkman prior to the release of season 4, the zombies will be more present and more dangerous than ever.

At the end of the season 3 Rick abandoned its position as leader of the group. A Council is formed since then, consisting inter alia of Daryl, Glenn, Herschel or Carol, and everything seems to go better. As we indicated also the title of the episode '30 Days Without an Accident'. Small groups are organized to get out of prison and fetching of new rations for the community. The survivors were released from the psychological burden imposed on them by the character of Andrew Lincoln then shot by the death of his wife and haunted by his ghost. A frame that we'll more see this season according to Kirkman. Fortunately because it's one of the intrigues that sealed the second part of the previous season.

However Rick weaknesses are always present during this first season and we feel that he can lose his head at any time. Away from his leadership role it seems more really in its place. A place that he must quickly find to not repeat past mistakes.

Meanwhile Michonne still does not seem to belong in this community and at every opportunity multiplies travel outside the prison. His quest to find the Governor is far from over. The latter is, let us remember, responsible for the death of Andrea. A quest that should take him in Macon... With other survivors?

In addition to the reunion of our well-known heroes, is new heads knowledge, including Bob Stookey, performed by Lawrence Gilliard Jr. It is one of the only newcomers who is a minimum developed during the episode. Haunted by his alcoholic past that he both tries although a lot of combat it will endanger the small group led by Daryl during a trip to the supermarket. An effective sequence that will have the merit of give a shot to boost the episode which has stalled somewhat.

With "30 Days Without an Accident" trying hard to erase the shortcomings of the latest episodes while launching the stakes of this fourth season. Without being sensational, this first episode has what it takes to cling, thanks in particular to its atmosphere. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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New York Special Unit: Richard Belzer hangs up after 15 seasons

Sunday, October 13, 2013 11:36:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Huffington Post reports that detective John Munch, one of the main characters in New York: special unit played by Richard Belzer, is preparing to retire.

Indeed, in the episode aired on NBC on Wednesday, 9 October, John Munch gave his letter of resignation. A shock to the fans of the series, the character played by Richard Belzer as part of the cast since the beginning of the series, 15 years ago. They can rest assured: If the actor is leaving the show, numerous appearances as a guest are planned.

The character of John Munch is an exception in the landscape of American series. After appearing for the first time in the Homicide series in 1993, he participated in many shows as varied as distant from New York Special Unit: on listening, X-Files and Arrested Development (to mention they) have all seen the famous detective, still embodied by Belzer. The latter entrusted the Huffington Post last may, until its disappearance from the series be raised, would find it hard to leave the character of Munch: "I never get tired absolutely character, because the scenario is excellent. It looks a lot like the man I'd be if I was detective, then it is a dream.

His resignation day will take place on October 16 . Before her regular appearances planned by NBC. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Following season 2: a Parisian hired as recurring

Friday, October 11, 2013 10:42:24 PM America/Los_Angeles

According to the website Deadline, Ivorian actor Bambadjan Bamba just pick up a role recurring in season 2 of the Following. He played a character who grew up in Paris

A hint on the season 2 of The Following? A part of the plot will take place is in our beautiful capital?

Indeed, Deadline comes to announce that actor Bambadjan Bamba has therefore won a role ' recurring major for the plot on the future season 2 "in the series of Fox, The Following. It will play Sami, the Algerian brother of Jackson who grew up in Paris.

So far the actor had done that appearances in various series US.Season 2 has not release the broadcast date. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Community season 5: Paget Brewster comes a ride.

Friday, October 11, 2013 1:01:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

TV line announces the participation of ex-actress in Criminal Minds, Paget Brewster will play a role in season 5 of the Community series.

As TVLine, reported Wednesday, the Community star, Alison Brie, has tweeted a photo of her with Paget Brewster and Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad) game companion on the filming of the series

For the moment, we know exactly what Paget Brewster (known for his role of criminal minds) role in the season 5 of Community, but the site looks to a teacher or a lawyer of Jeff's past. One certainty: it would unfortunately be for a single episode. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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American Horror Story - Coven: information about season 3

Thursday, October 10, 2013 6:21:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

Ryan Murphy, creator of American Horror Story, unveiled a few secrets of the new season photos, that we met, has offered a small revelation.

On the occasion of the release of the box set of the season 2 of American Horror Story, scheduled for 23 October, we met Lizzie Brocheré, the interpreter of Grace. It has revealed to us a scoop on season 3. Pending the full interview, you can already discover an extract:

In addition, Ryan Murphy has been going to a few confidences on the third season of his show, which will start tonight on FX. After exploring the themes of haunted houses and disturbing psychiatric asylums, the series focuses on one of the witches. 300 years after their extermination in Salem, rare live witches have fled to New Orleans, where a school to teach them to protect themselves against mysterious attacks has been implemented. Murphy explained: "it's a reflection on racial relations in our country. In reality, it is an allegory of all the minority groups living here. ?

Jessica Lange, already introduced in season 1, there will be the matriarch of a clan of witches, who, after a long absence, returns to the endorsed. Gary Farmiga (AHS season 1, The Bling Ring) and Emma Roberts embody young student witches at the school. Viewers will find codes for first two seasons: a part of the plot will be in the past, with flashbacks to the witch hunt.

Furthermore, as with previous seasons, Murphy said he was inspired by historical facts, like the story of Delphine Lalaurie, a socialite from New Orleans in the 19th century, tortured and killed his slaves; one of the sorceresses of the show, which bears his name, bathes in the blood of his slaves to stay young. A Voodoo Priestess and a serial-killer who actually lived in New Orleans were also inserted into the plot.

Finally, Ryan Murphy speaks a story complicated between a young man and a witch, it cannot control its deadly power to any person who will attempt to consume his love. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Doctor Who: two new episodes

Monday, October 7, 2013 9:48:23 PM America/Los_Angeles

According to the site RadioTimes, forgotten episodes of Doctor Who, the cult to the 33 seasons series,would soon be available to viewers.

Matt Smith, eleventh actor to play the role of the doctor, prepares to depart the series end of 2013 it will be replaced by Peter Capaldi), the recent discovery of old episodes Doctor Who is a new proppre to panic fans.

The RadioTimes website reported that two forgotten episodes, one of which date to the era where Patrick Troughton, second eleven doctors, held the title role (between 1966 and 1969) have resurfaced. Better yet, these two episodes would be available on platforms of download such as iTunes Wednesday, October 9. Questioned by RadioTimes, a spokesman for the BBC refused to admit the existence of additional recovered episodes despite persistent rumors, claiming that nearly 90 episodes of Doctor Who have been recovered.

Hard to imagine a more beautiful gift for fans of the series, this one preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary on November 23. We can however regret that the chain decided to directly put the two episodes for sale, rather than disseminate them. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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A season 5 for Boardwalk Empire

Saturday, September 28, 2013 7:54:38 PM America/Los_Angeles

Hardly the series Boadrwalk Empire launched season 4 , HBO announced already there is a season 5

InsideTV Announces therefore without surprise of the series Boardwalk Empire for a season 5.

It must be said that Sunday evening from Boardwalk Empire return.About 3.5 million viewers (down from season 3) is comfortable enough the series received five Emmy Awards - including the guest of Bobby Cannavale last season. For the moment nothing has filtered the frame of this next season.Season 5 will be scheduled in the fall of 2014. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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How I Met Your Mother season 9: Bryan Cranston's return

Friday, September 27, 2013 8:18:21 PM America/Los_Angeles

Lot of returns for the final season of the series How I met Your mother. Latest in how i met your mother season 9: the interpreter of Walter White in Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston

Hammond Druthers former boss and colleague Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), appeared in 2 episodes, in 2007. Interpreted pzar Bryan Cranston between Malcolm and Breaking Bad will return for the final season deHow I Met Your Mother, season 9.

Let us hope that the return of ruthless talented architect, sadistic and arrogant facial a little series that steam fairly (is there a show the first 2 episodes of this week).

For the moment, it is unclear when Bryan Cranston will appear, nor for how long. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Army Wives cancelled

Thursday, September 26, 2013 8:59:51 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Life time, Army Wives series will not broadcast season 8, USA Today, just announced.

Read More
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Once upon a time season 3: new spoiler

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 7:37:29 AM America/Los_Angeles

The start of the season 3 of Once Upon a time is imminent (it will broadcast on September 29, in the USA). ABC has therefore unveiled new image, introducing the same spin-off, Once upon a time in Wonderland

How to make a stone two shot? ABC just so unveiled a new trailer for season 3 of the series Once upon a time with bonus a (small) introduction to his future Spin Off, Once upon a time in Wonderland, scheduled to start this year.

Remember that Once upon a time, broadcast in France on M6, returns to its enough 3
September 29 next on ABC: a new project series for Bryan Singer
Dealine announces a new series for Bryan Singer project: Creature at bay. It would produce the pilot

Creature at this bay is therefore the name of the next project series produced by the company of Bryan Singer. According to Dealine, the Director of X men, will produce the driver written for Sy Fy

Written by John Cabrera, Creature at bay is a fantastic series tells how a small seaside town survives the invasion, a creeping giant creature. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Dexter: What's the best series psychopath?

Monday, September 23, 2013 11:08:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

Dexter just ended yesterday evening in the United States with the episode 12 of the eighth and final season of the series.Therefore it is time for stakeholders in a review of the series and appoint the biggest enemy of Dexter Morgan.

So it's the end for Dexter, with 'Remember the Monsters' Showtime, the American cable television channel aired last night the last episode of the series. For the occasion, Entertainment Weekly went to the meeting of the actors in the show to ask them what psychopath truly marked the history of Dexter.

Without surprise, all agree that John Lithgow and his interpretation of the "Trinity Killer" was a remarkable antagonist. Michael C. Hall considers all the enemies of his persona as "the children of Dexter. I like them in the same way. Trinity Killer is certainly the most formidable opponent he has faced." A view shared by Jennifer "Deb" Carpenter "John Lithgow is an adorable teddy bear, but a grizzly when it comes to labour".

If James Remar, father who accompanied Dexter during eight seasons, John Lithgow is the "logical" choice, the "Ice Truck Killer" is just as important and founder of the character of Dexter Morgan. Yvonne Strahovski, who came on the later in the guise of the beautiful Hannah McKay, adds "It was he who was closest to the heart of Dexter and whose issues were really high".

Despite an average season, the third and his antagonist still scored C.S. Lee (Masuka) and David Zayas (Angel Batista). "Jimmy Smits was great, says the latter." I learned a lot with him". But for him all those who arrived in Dexter over the years "which have brought great class and great professionalism to the series and helped him to become what it is, so Kudos to them".

Scott Buck, showrunner for season 6 also pays tribute to all players passed by the series, but unlike the others, the most interesting antagonist is Debra "in many respects, it is his antagonist, and much more complicated than the others, because she loves him more than anyone else." "So for me, it is she who has been the most interesting throughout the series Dexter partner".

American television comes to say goodbye to one of the characters that will have changed the face of the (anti) hero of the TV series but world which, unfortunately, has been lost through the seasons. You can read our review of the last episode of the series here. In France Dexter is broadcast on Canal + and TF1.

For you, what was the greatest enemy that Dexter has faced? By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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The Big Bang Theory: increase in sight for the casting?

Sunday, September 22, 2013 10:30:28 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the players in The Big Bang Theory could quickly see their wages increase significantly.

Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory stars seek to replenish their bank account a little more. According to the Hollywood Reporter website, the three actors negotiate a big increase after those of Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch, who figures in supporting roles in the series.

The two young women affecting 20 000 to 30 $000, win now $ 60,000 per episode. An amount that will increase each year to reach $ 100 million at the end of their contract.

Parsons and Galecki Cuoco currently taking $ 325,000 per episode and now aims to reach $ 1 million. Sum arrived stars of Friends only in season 10 of the show. Without a doubt, that Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar will also seek to negotiate an increase.

The Big Bang Theory is the most followed sitcom in the United States and these renegotiations of contracts seems logical. Elsewhere Jim Parsons is in competition to win Emmy Awards for best actor in a comedy, Mayim Bialik, meanwhile, runs in the category best supporting actress. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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New Girl season 3: an ex-Private practice doctor invites himself at Jess

Saturday, September 21, 2013 11:55:03 PM America/Los_Angeles

TVGuide teaches us that Taye Diggs, interpreter of Dr. Samuel Bennett in Private Practice, will appear in an episode of season 3 of New Girl.

The couple Nick/Jess would already in danger? While my two young lovers have just begun their romance, a new character could stand in their way.

Indeed, according to TVGuide, Taye Diggs will appear time to an episode of season 3 of New Girl in the skin of Artie, a very safe seducer of him that will try to put his grapple on Jess (Zooey Deschanel). The actor will endanger the young couple during the seventh episode of the season.

Season 3 of New Girl started on September 17 in the United States. In France the series is aired on TF6. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Dexter season 8, the band announces that kills!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 10:09:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

At the end of the Dexter season 2 episodes 8 and so in the final series, Showtime has released a trailer tribute, that we can only greet...

More than 2 episodes and Dexter at the end of season 8. If this season is a little disappointing (as seventh and the before last, by the way), the series will no doubt had the merit to mark the spirits or everything at least its main character.

Showtime just released a very nice spoiler tribute which we recall why we like the series Dexter, and why it continuous to watch, even if its quality decreases... By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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House of Lies season 3: Eliza Coupe Gets a recurring role

Monday, September 16, 2013 12:41:37 AM America/Los_Angeles

House of Lies season 3 will welcome the former actress of Happy Endings Eliza Coupe. According to TVGuide, Eliza Coupe comes to join the cast of Showtime series.

While we will be seen in The Millers, one of the novelties of CBS, Eliza Coupe joined so another series this season 2013/2014. According to TVGuide it will appear from recurrently in the season 3 House of Lies on Showtime.

The actress will Marissa, a pretty fierce heiress who runs a company on the internet. She joins Mekhi Phifer, who will embody Dr., entrepreneur and founder of a clothing company that ask Marty (Don Chaedle) aid to build his company.The season 3 of House of Lies arrives January 12, 2013. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/

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Breaking Bad: The spin-off officially in development!

Thursday, September 12, 2013 11:19:36 PM America/Los_Angeles

Breaking Bad will pull out in a few weeks at the end of the sixteenth episode of season 5, but his world is not going to even disappear completely. In fact, according to TVGuide AMC and Sony gave the go-ahead for the creation of the spin-off devoted to the character of Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), counsel for Walter White (Bryan Cranston).

Entitled Better Call Saul series, which will ultimately not be a comedy, will focus on the past of Saul, its evolution until he meets Walter. A consecration for this character introduced in season 2 of Breaking Bad and quickly became a favourite of the fans of the series.

Peter Gould, who has created Saul, will take care of this spin-off with the interim assistance, Vince Gilligan (creator and showrunner of Breaking Bad). Once all agreements are sealed AMC should order it directly in series without going through the box by the driver.Breaking Bad will draw its reverence on 29 September in the United States. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Scandal season 3: Paul Adelstein (Prison Break) joins the cast

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 11:45:33 PM America/Los_Angeles

According to TVGuide Paul Adelstein recently get a recurring role in season 3 of Scandal, the series from Shonda Rhimes.

Paul Adelstein will again work with Shonda Rhimes after their collaboration on Private Practice. According to TVGuide, actor has joined the cast of season 3 of Scandal and appear repeatedly.

And as usual the producer has revealed no information about this new character. The former agent of the FBI from Prison Break including joined Lisa Kudrow in the rank of the recurring guests of this new season of the ABC series.

Pending a little more you can discover the promo Scandal season 3 which landed on 3 October in the United States. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones committed group Sigur Ros for the season 4

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 12:07:13 AM America/Los_Angeles

A rather unusual information comes from Entertainment Weekly, Game of Thrones will host members of the Group Sigur Ros during season 4.

David Benioff and Dan Weiss, showrunners of Game of Thrones, come to new artists for season 4 of the series, but unlike Mark Gatiss, Pedro Pascal, or even Indira Varma, their roles should not be consistent.

Indeed, Entertainment Weekly just teach us the arrival of Sigur Ros in the series. members of the Icelandic music group are currently in Croatia on the filming of the medieval show for HBO. Their roles are still kept secret but should turn around music...

This is not the first time that musicians participate in Game of Thrones, season 3 Will Champion, drummer for Coldplay appeared in episode 9 when the famous purple wedding. It embodied a percussionist for the banquet.

Season 4 of Game of Thrones arrived in the United States at the end of March 2014. The episodes will be available in France 24 h after on OCS. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Dexter season 8, episode 10 Review: Goodbye Miami

Monday, September 9, 2013 9:58:52 PM America/Los_Angeles

After a one week break, the dissemination of Dexter resumed across the Atlantic. Unmasked, the 'Brain Surgeon' has not said its last word. Review, attention to spoilers.

Yesterday was therefore broadcast episode 10 of season 8 of the series Dexter. The series comes to an end... Review of the episode. Warning spoilers

Dexter is about to set sail with Harrison and Hannah, the love of his life. But before that, Dex' must end once and for all with Oliver Saxon, the 'Brain Surgeon' and son of Evelyn Vogel. On another table, Deb with Hannah acquaintances will eventually attract the attention of Marshal Clayton (Kenny Johnson, aka Lem in The Shield)...

Without deviating from the anemic direction taken by the show, this tenth episode pulls on the length to reach the final that should greatly relieve the writers and we, before what happened to the series. Precisely, ?Goodbye Miami? focuses on farewell and regrets, whether they relate to Dexter, Deb, Jamie or Quinn who falls back into his old through. Episode enquille hollow and without sight scenes no, otherwise allow Dexter to announce his departure (see the sequence in the only scene of crime of the episode, a must in the genre) to bounce on a Screenwriting channel effect (Hannah McKay, hospital...) to relaunch the narrative mechanics that did not end. But the couple is still far from be cornered: we must leave the matter in the last two episodes.

About the cliffhanger wanted as the death of Vogel annihilates the expectations of handling related to his character.Feeling reinforced by the interpretation too academic Rampling hair. The writers seem to sketch an end where Dexter in something to live a normal life. But can it really aspire to happiness without that his actions have any consequence? Where are the suspicions of Miami Metro? At this stage, nobody arises the question and it is not said that they do the arise one day. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Glee season 5: the Glee Club sings the Beatles

Sunday, September 8, 2013 11:11:08 PM America/Los_Angeles

FOX has unveiled the new band announcement of the Glee first two episodes tribute to the Beatles.

The artists of the Glee Club will pay tribute to the Beatles in the first two episodes of season 5 of Glee. FOX comes to revealing the band announcement.

As seen in this video Blaine (Darren Criss), Sam (Chord Overstreet), Rachel (Lea Michele) and others will perform in this first episode "All You Need Is Love", but also "Yesterday" or even "Something".

Glee will return to the small screen American September 26. The second part of is double episode devoted to the Beatles will be released October 3. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Game of Thrones season 4: Gregor Clegane to new recast

Friday, September 6, 2013 1:34:12 AM America/Los_Angeles

For the third time since the beginning of Game of Thrones on HBO, the character of Gregor Clegane will change a player, it is Hafthor Julius Bjornsson who take this time "La Montagne" traits.

After replacing Ed Skrein by Michiel Huisman as Daario Naharis, another character will see his face changed in season 4 of Game of Thrones. Indeed, according to TVGuide Hafthor Julius Bj?rnsson will resume the role of Gregor Clegane, Sandor Clegane brother (Rory McCann).Absent during season 3, Gregor Clegane has been up there portrayed by two actors during the first two seasons: Conan Stevens and Ian Whyte. The character will be back in season 4 of Game of Thrones is currently shooting, which will have a far greater than his previous appearances.

It is the first role on television for grand Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, best known for his exploits of man the strongest worldwide. A competition where he finished sixth in 2011 and third in 2012.It's the eighth player who joined the season 4 of the show to HBO. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Grimm: Hank and Juliet say everything about the season 2 and 3

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 7:32:11 PM America/Los_Angeles

During the last Monte Carlo television festival, we met Russell Hornsby and Bitsie Tulloch, alias Hank and Juliet, Grimm. On the occasion of the dissemination of the Grimm season 2 on SyFy, check out this interview

If the season 3 of Grimmn' is not expected until October in the tUnis, season 2 she arrived in France on SyFy. At the last festival of Monte Carlo, we therefore met Russell Hornsby and Bitsie Tulloch, alias Hank and Juliet, of Gimm. We had discussed with them this season 2, but many season 3, having regard to the recent upheavals in the series.

Check out the video of these interviews attention Spoilers. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Once Upon a Time season 3: En route to Neverland

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 12:14:27 AM America/Los_Angeles

On September 29 Once Upon a Time season 3 will broadcast in the United States, to make us wait ABC has unveiled a new band announcement and the very first picture of Tinkerbell...

The season 3 of Once Upon a Time will take fans and the heroes of the series to a new world: Neverland. But attention, someone awaits them closed foot...

Thus, Peter Pan will be introduced on the ABC show this year, but it will not be the only inhabitant of the Neverland to arrive. Tinker Bell will also be part and the American chain has unveiled the first photo of this character.

Embodied by Rose Mclver Tinker Bell will make his first appearance in the third episode and is described as a strong, courageous and fun. She had a history with Captain hook in the past and will try to find that it leads them to Peter Pan...Discover the announcement of season 3 of Once Upon A Time. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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NCIS season 11: the farewell of Ziva promo video...

Monday, September 2, 2013 9:31:11 PM America/Los_Angeles

CBS has just unveiled the promotional video of the first episode of season 11 of NCIS. An episode which will mark the departure of Ziva (Cote de Pablo).

As announced you last July (read our news) Cote de Pablo decided to leave NCIS. It will make his farewell at the first episode of season 11 of the CBS show.The American chain has unveiled the band announcement of this first episode, Ziva would be in danger? Images a contract is turned on its head and the young woman seems not found... How will this iconic character leave the series?

In the meantime on 24 September for the release of the NCIS Season 11 first episode , discover this short trailer. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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House of cards: the speech of Kevin Spacey for the Netflix model

Thursday, August 29, 2013 8:53:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

Recently invited by the Edinburgh TV festival to make the opening speech of the 2013 edition, actor of House of cards has advocated the Netflix model. A speech that could make some noise...

Tonight Canal + launches the series House of cards its antenna. As you know, this series has the peculiarity that emanates from a (legal) downloading site Netflix, diffuser also Orange is the New blackou still Hemlock Grove. Peculiarity of Netflix, the series is available in whole, 13 episodes suddenly. No need to wait week after week episodes or duty undergo a driver of exposure. A small revolution in the way to consume both the series only in how to design, as recently the actor's House of Cards, Kevin Spacey, during the opening speech of the Edinburgh TV festival was very well explained.

Need more of the driver that "from a writing point of view, implies to spend 45 minutes to expose all the characters, establish the cliffhangers, and prove that the story will work.

As a reminder, the actor there was this year 146 drivers cost $ 300 - $ 400 million. Only 56 of these drivers will be series, but it is not known for how long... "This makes our agreement for the 2 seasons of House of Cards a truly profitable business. Recall in this regard that Kevin Spacey is also co producer of House of cards, this explains (in part) this.

But in addition to the financial aspect, it is also the gain for the public which is underlined by the actor. A public that enjoys watching the series and movies on his TV, his iPad, or his computer (note what materials series and films of Kevin spacey tastes: Game of thrones in mind.The public wants to watch his series a coup (or not), when he wants, where he wants it, on the screen he wants! "If you look at a series of TV on your iPad is a television series? The medium and the duration are not relevant. ?

As says with humor the actor, since House of Cards, there are more people who stop him on the street saying thank you, "you just stitch me 3 days of my lifeNow (thanks to Netflix) public resumed freedom, power.According to him, "through this new form of distribution we have proved that we have understood the lessons that the music industry had not included: give people what they want, when they want to, in the form they want for a reasonable price. '' And then they will be surely more likely to pay for, rather than steal it. Well, okay some will always fly... ?

The conclusion is clear: the model of consumption and production of the series as we understand it is no longer. Netflix was able to follow the expectations of the public, other distribution channels will have to follow. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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American Horror Story - Coven: announced release date

Thursday, August 29, 2013 1:26:35 AM America/Los_Angeles

FX has announced the launch date of the season 3 of the American Horror Story anthology in a short spoiler announcing the color... Venue on 9 October.

American Horror Story: Coven therefore landed on 9 October on FX in the United States. This is the new teaser trailer issued by the cable channel that reveals the date.

As tells it us the synopsis of this third chapter of the horror anthology of Ryan Murphy, witch will be at the centre of things. What does that confirm this new promo video showing three witches at the stake ready to be burned alive...

Discover this new spoiler until the third season of American Horror Story. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Grimm recruits Alexis Denisof for its season 3

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 2:42:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

According to Deadline, Alexis Denisof recently obtain a role in Grimm season 3 and will find David Greenwalt, co-creator of Grimm and Angel.

David Greenwalt has decided to dip into the distribution of Angel to strengthen the cast of season 3 of Grimm. According to Deadline, Alexis Denisof will indeed appear repeatedly in the NBC series.

The old Wesley Wyndam-Pryce of Buffy and Angel will interpret Viktor, the first cousin of Eric Fox (James Frain).

Also Manny Montana, currently in Graceland on USA Network, will also go by Portland in the role of a certain David Florez. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Castle season 6: Joshua Gomez from Chuck in guest-star

Thursday, August 22, 2013 8:38:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

TVLine teaches us that the actor Joshua Gomez, known for his role as Morgan Grimes in the Chuck series, will make an appearance in season 6 of Castle in a somewhat special role.

After Adam Baldwin - appeared in the season 4 - the series Castle will host a second actor from Chuck. Indeed, according TVLineJoshua Gomez is going to come and play the guest-stars time to an episode of season 6 of the detective series by Nathan Fillion.

The former interpreter of Morgan Grimes will appear in episode 5 and will be a somewhat unusual suspect of a murder.He claims to travel in time to prevent a cataclysm to happen in order to preserve humanity. A character so well crazy, but which could bring this little touch of madness which comedian has the secret. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Breaking Bad season 5 Episode 10: Buried

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 8:19:48 PM America/Los_Angeles

Yesterday aired episode 10 season 5 of Breaking Bad. After an intense episode of resumption, "Buried" a little quiet the game and focused his story almost exclusively on the repercussions on the White-Schrader family following the discovery of Hank. Beware Spoilers.

After a face to face rather unexpected if early between Walt and Hank, the latter takes the lead and manages to join Skyler to try to fall as soon as possible his 'monster' brother-in-law. But the wife of Walt does not really hear it in that ear and seems to have finally chooses his camp.

If 'Blood Money' we re - harponnait since its introduction in the heavy atmosphere of Breaking Bad, "Buried" tends to calm the situation. Hank is now aware and wants to put an end to this story as soon as possible, but he does not want to burn the steps, without evidence it cannot definitively stop Heisenberg, he then tries to get Skyler to confessions and does not hesitate to use Mary for this after a face-to-face unsuccessful in dinner at the beginning of the episode. The episode focuses almost exclusively on the family circle and trench warfare begins between the White and the Schrader. You could still doubt the loyalty of Skyler to Walt, especially after all he has done since 1 year but "Buried" we confirmed that she had indeed and well chooses his camp.

May be the most intense scene of the episode, the confrontation between the two sisters confirms the position taken by Skyler wanting to protect her husband: she reveals nothing, does not speak, gives no clue on the activities and identity of Walt. The point of no return is reached a few seconds later when Marie sets out the list of all the events of recent months to know since when Skyler was aware: Gus Fringe, the sudden addiction by Walt to legalized gambling and especially the two brothers who attacked Hank... As a response to the punch dealt by Hank to Walt, Marie violently slaps her sister. She attempted to turn away the baby of her horrible parents to protect and transforms an upset and miserable wife in a furious mother and protector to his family. It remembers so few hours rather sunny, happy lunch that seemed finally soldering all members of a family. That time seems to be from another time and will never return.

Walt, he seeks to remove evidence and hand in the desert hide filled barrels of money. However may be noted at this time there a small weakness in writing. Walt announced at last episode that her cancer had returned and yet he manages only to dig a huge hole to then put the barrels, only again and finally close this hole. It sounds may be big, but we forgive quickly when one sees the accuracy of the rest of the episode. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Lisa Robin Kelly (That'70s s Show, Amityville), died at the age of 43

Sunday, August 18, 2013 8:41:22 PM America/Los_Angeles

Actress Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Laurie Forman in the series That'70s Show from 1998 to 2003, is dead at the age of 43.

That has also made appearances in the bottom in Palm Beach, married two children and Charmed was in rehab in Los Angeles. If the causes of his death are not yet known, it is rumored that she would have succumbed to a drug overdose. Other rumors claim that she died of cardiac arrest, in his sleep.

In a press release, the agent for the actress said: "sadly, Lisa Robin Kelly died last night. It had incorporated in its own right this rehab to get rid of addictions which it were destroyed in the past. I had spoken to him Monday and seemed hopeful and confident, eager to leave this part of her life behind her. Last night, she lost this battle. The causes of his death have not yet been determined and the death certificate has not yet been issued either."

In 1996 has seen on the big screen in Amityville, the doll's House, was suffering from an addiction to alcohol and had several times to do justice for driving while intoxicated and violation of his probation. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Boardwalk Empire season 4: the trailer

Thursday, August 15, 2013 10:49:55 PM America/Los_Angeles

HBO in today Unveils us the first real trailer for season 4 of the series Boardwalk Empire expected for September 8.The fourth season of Boardwalk Empire won't be there before approximately one month since will start airing on HBO on September 4, 2013. To wait, we already had the right to a promising trailer.

As of September 8, season 4 of the Serieboardwalk Empire will be broadcast on HBO. The string in unveils the images today in a band announcement.To wait, we already had the right to a promising trailer.

Recall that in this season 4, the former Medium, Patricia Arquette will probably noted passage, as well as the former Practice.Now, here is the promotional poster which highlights Nucky (Steve Buscemi), his brother Eli (Shea Whigham) and Chalky White (Michael Kenneth Williams) in a period style. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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New Girl season 3: three actresses in guest stars

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 8:42:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

Season 3 of New Girl will welcome Dreama Walker, Angela Kinsey, and Eva Amurri during episode 2.

Jess (Zooey Deschanel) will have much to do in his new school. According to TVGuide, New Girl will indeed welcome three actresses during the episode 2 of season 3 which will be two wire for heroin.

Dreama Walker (Don't trust the B - at apartment 23) and Angela Kinsey (The Office) will embody two teachers in the school where Jess has just be hired. The first will be Molly, a beautiful young woman who hate it at first glance. The second will play Rose, a snobbish teacher discouraged by the zeal and the joie de vivre of Jess.

Schmidt will not be outdone. Actress Eva Amurri just resume her role as Beth, its very competitive colleague, and that should cause problems in the love life of the character of Max Greenfield. The beginning of the third season will reveal us also that Cece (Hannah Simone) and Elizabeth (Merritt Wever) Schmidt will choose. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Homeland season 3: the first spoiler

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 9:00:27 PM America/Los_Angeles

Showtime just unveiled this weekend the first spoiler for season 3 of Homeland with many unpublished pictures...

Season 3 of Homeland arrives on September 29 in the United States on the Showtime, and the chain has decided to give a boost to its promotional campaign.Thus, after a sound teaser where no image was aired and where only the voices of agents of the CIA and Brody (Damian Lewis) were audible, the first band announcement of new season comes to be unveiled.

Under sound To Built a Home (music used in many series: Frères Scott, The Big C, Grey's Anatomy,...) Group The Cinematic Orchestra, this trailer offers unpublished images of Homeland. You will discover a Brody on the loose with a different look, a Carrie (Claire Danes) desperate, a shattered family. A 3 minute video loaded in emotion which gives us want to see this season 3 begin now. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Revolution recruited an ex-Desperate Housewives for season 2

Sunday, August 11, 2013 9:25:01 PM America/Los_Angeles

The team of the post-apocalyptic series for NBC is putting in box new episodes that will be presented in September. Among the new faces of the season, the public will recognize Steven Culp, alias Rex Van De Kamp, the 1st husband of Bree in Desperate Housewives. Joined the cast of season 2 of Revolution. The actor appears for an arc of several episodes, depending on Deadline.

Revolution continues its recruitment for season 2 to come, the NBC series has indeed attract Steven Culp in his nets according to the Deadline site.It was then a rather unsympathetic FBI Senior. In Revolution, he held the role of Edward Truman, described as an imposing figure clean authority over him. He joins Stephen Collins, Nicole Ari Parker, Patrick Heusinger, or even Jessica Collins introduced recently in the universe of the show.

The actor, previously seen in Desperate Housewives and the season most recently 9 Grey's Anatomy will appear in several episodes of the show. It will be a great figure of the full dignity of authority.Collins will have an important role as it will interpret the father of Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), Parker, meanwhile, will be Justine Allenford, a Secretary.By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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American Horror Story Coven: The first trailer

Thursday, August 8, 2013 12:26:21 AM America/Los_Angeles

American Horror Story fans will discover the third chapter of the anthology of Ryan Murphy. FX began his campaign with a small teaser of a few seconds.The shooting of American Horror Story began a few days ago, and already Ryan Murphy started the promotion of this past season, which looks interesting. After the revelations about the season 3 of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy is back and broadcasts on the official page of the series a tantalizing trailer.

Coven will focus on a community of New Orleans Witch and should also take place on three different times. Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Gary Farmiga, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy will be back, and will be accompanied by small stories including Kathy bates and Gabourey Sidibe.Some are dressed in black, others white, probably to mark the fight which will take place between witches of Salem and witches Voodoo. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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BBC unveiled Sherlock Season 3 trailer.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 9:40:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

The video shows a mustachioed Watson and a disturbing shadow looming behind a door. We quickly recognize the silhouette of this good old Benedict Cumberbatch and seen even appear in the flesh and bone the unsustainable cliffhanger of the season 2 could suggest to his death, but detective has more than one trick in his bag.In the meantime, the BBC took advantage of the replay of the last episode of season 2 to unveil exclusive first teaser and unpublished images of the season 3 of the London detective.

On this video of a 20 seconds you can see Mycroft (Mark Gatiss), Mrs Hudson (Una Stubbs) and Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch)! Not to mention Watson (Martin Freeman) with a new look.

Perspective mine is no doubt due to the new nasty faces of Sherlock in the season 3, Charles Augustus Magnussen. Sue Vertue, the producer of the series, announced that he would be portrayed by Lars Mikkelsen (brother of Mads). For the moment we know no more but a picture accompanied the tweet by Sue Vertue, visible on this link. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi is the new doctor!

Monday, August 5, 2013 8:54:05 PM America/Los_Angeles

Some actors seems however to spread rumors on the earliest. Interviewed by Digital Spy, Helen Mirren at point-blank shot the rest of rumors placing it in the skin of the twelfth doctor.

The BBC and Steven Moffat have therefore announced at 8:25 pm (French time) that Peter Capaldi will be the 12th incarnation of the time Lord. And it is far from being a surprise: the Scottish actor was the favourite of the bookmakers for a few weeks. It will be introduced for the first time in the special episode Christmas on 25 December, which will also mark the last appearance of Matt Smith and his bow tie.

Helen Mirren will therefore not be the next Doctor Who, but who will it be? In all cases the English bookmakers already appear to have a little idea since they recently arrested paris around Peter Capaldi. It should be noted that the BBC will announce its final choice tomorrow at 7 o'clock in the evening, English time is 8 pm with us. For the occasion, it will be entitled to a 30 minute show with special guests.he had already appeared in Doctor Who in the episode the fall of Pompeii in season 4, in which was also present Karen Gillian (who then plays Amy Pond from season 5). By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Nashville season 2: Oliver Hudson new claiming Connie Britton?

Monday, August 5, 2013 12:31:19 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that three characters of the first season would be scheduled in September.Thus, while Maddie and Daphne James (Lennon and Maisy Stella) did some appearances last season, the daughters of Rayna James should have more central roles next season.

While the series Rules of Engagement was canceled by CBS this year, one of its main players found a role in a new series. Indeed, according to TVGuide, Oliver Hudson has joined the cast of season 2 of Nashville, the musical show to ABC.The Hollywood Reporter also announced the promotion of Will (Chris Carmack), friend of Gunnar and Scarlett hiding his homosexuality to not ruin his chances of becoming the new star of the country.

The actor will appear repeatedly in the role of Jeff, the new head of the label of Rayna (Connie Britton). It is described as beautiful, with charm and very enterprising. Their difficult relationship at the beginning, will lead to romance?

Season 2 of Nashville resume directly after the accident by car from Rayna and Deacon restarted then a few weeks later where it will be seen that this last album is selling like hotcakes. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Glee season 5: Jayma Mays left the series

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 11:43:21 PM America/Los_Angeles

While the production (and distribution) season 5 of Glee is delayed after the tragic death of Cory Monteith.After the death of Finn simulated in episode 3 of season 5 of Glee, it will be the turn of Jayma Mays to take the path of the door. The actress has confirmed this decision at the premiere of the Smurfs 2.Jayma Mays Announces are starting at least what reveals the AcesShowbizz site that announces the departure of actress

Certainly Jayma Mays, who plays Emma has really shone through its presence in season 4 of Glee, his announced departure still marks a blow to the series, in the context that we know (the tragic disappearance of Cory Monteith). It must be said it is a historic series actresses, even if his character was more often absent from the intrigues

Interviewed by AcesShowbizz at the premiere of the Smurfs 2 it revealed indeed as the season 5 "would be his final season. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Tinkerbell comes in Once Upon a Time

Sunday, July 28, 2013 10:26:18 PM America/Los_Angeles

Tinker Bell landed in Once Upon a Time, or rather, the characters of Once Upon a Time arrive until Tinkerbell. The season 3 of the fairy of ABC series will take place largely at Neverland, the imaginary country where the tiny fairy originated.Regina will finally be able to rest, the great villain of season 3 of Once Upon a Time will be Peter Pan. The boy who won't grow up always goes hand in hand with his children lost, who have already begun to be cast, but it would be nothing without its Tinkerbell, which provides the powder which makes it fly.

TVGuide teaches us that the Rose Mclver actress was chosen to embody it. Ally of Peter Pan Disney, its role will be the same in Once Upon a Time? Peter Pan which, let us remember, will be one of the great villains of this season 3. More Tinkerbell will have a special connection with one of the main characters... Many questions remain outstanding on the true identity of this new arrival.

The actress will also be the poster of Master of Sex, the new series from Showtime, which will broadcast from September 29.The season 3 of Once Upon a Time will start also on 29 September on ABC in the United States. In France the series is broadcast on M6. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Sons of Anarchy season 6 with Peter weller

Friday, July 26, 2013 12:11:25 AM America/Los_Angeles

The SAMCRO is soon back! Sons of Anarchy bikers indeed landed on 10 September for season 6 of the series,as good news comes not alone, this new season will begin with a 90-minute episode.That is the central issue." It should change the pain experienced after the death of Opie "in more positive energy.To transform the club as John Teller would have done".

This new burst of episodes will mark the return of two well known heads of fans of the series, Jimmy Smith and Drea de Matteo. On the other hand, Peter Weller (24 h Chrono, Dexter and of course the robocop films) has joined the cast and will appear in a plot of several episodes. The actor knows well the universe of the series since it has directed 6 episodes. It will play a former Stockton COP who crosses the road of the SAMCRO.

The creator of the series, did understand that the end of Sons of Anarchy could be close. However it is not known if the history of Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and its bikers concludes after this sixth season or after the seventh. Ron Perlman has also given some info on his character, Clay. "It realizes that there is more pressure. There just an upset price on his head and the decision of the time that remains to live is more." According to a tweet from Kurt Sutter.The keyword of the evolution of the character of Clay in the season 6 is 'redemption'. Meanwhile, Tara should "kick some ass" in prison.What is known, is that it ends in a"bloodbath". By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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Suits season 3: the season where everything will change

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 8:14:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

USA Network has released a video trailer for season 3 of its judicial series Suits. Everything will change,Mike and Rachel are finally together for the moment was like saying both their history is complicated. In Friends, Ross and Rachel had a very simple relationship in comparison,hopefully for them it'll work.

The revolution according to Harvey (Gabriel Macht).As could be the theme of the season 3 of Suits that will see counsel in conflict against Jessica (Gina Torres) and join the competition. It is in any case the road that could take the sequence of events according to the first episode aired on July 16.But it does not prevent Mike fall suit in episode 2 which airs tonight.To move closer to Louis. Nothing goes in Pearson Hardman. The episode is entitled "I want you to want me". The translation of this excerpt from the season 3 of Suits is below the video.

The trailer unveiled by channel USA Network confirms this trend over 30 rhythmic ultra seconds giving water to the mouth. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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How I Met Your Mother season 9: A maitre d'hotel for Robin and Barney

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 8:03:08 PM America/Los_Angeles

Marcia Cross will appear in the ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother according to TVGuide.Ted digressions are more than a bad memory for those who have dropped out.

Two people suffer and cannot oppose the authority of the architect, because he is their father. These two people, it is obviously the children of Ted, and they are rightly at the centre of a clip of promotion for season 9 of the series unveiled at Comic Con.It is not yet known how many episode he will participate.

For this final season, which will take place over a single weekend, scriptwriters decided to give pleasure to the fans. So we will see the last two slaps of the "Slap bet" of Marshall and Barney. The authors also promise to navigate various flashbacks and flashforwards in this last year of the series.

Season 9 of How I Met Your Mother arrived as early as September 23 on CBS in the United States. By http://www.boxsetstore.com

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