CBS aired the last episode of Season 8 of How I Met Your Mother last night,in which we could finally see the face of that which lurks on 8 years now. Attention SPOILERS.

After eight seasons of suspense, the writers of How I Met Your Mother DVD Box Set have therefore revealed yesterday that the face of what is expected from the beginning of the series: the Mother. This mysterious woman is sought with Ted for eight years, and to be the mother of his children whom he tells their story. Warning SPOILERS.

It was not until the very end of the episode to finally discover what looks like the love of Ted, who did not even see him. Moreover, no clear that this young brunette woman who buys a train ticket with a yellow umbrella in hand is the mother of his children, but it would be pretty twisted to think otherwise.

The Mother finally has a face, that of the actress Cristin Milioti, we have already seen in 30 Rock and The Good Wife.

But the Ted he will meet soon? A few days ago, the executive producer Craig Thomas told not to have changed the end of the eighth season, even after learning that there would be a ninth. The Mother should appear at the end of this season, and it is now done. But Ted did in this episode, a revelation that does not really leave the field open to a future meeting. Indeed, he confessed to be still in love with Lily Robin, who is she about to marry Barney. To avoid seeing them married, he even decided to move to Chicago!

Anyway nothing is done, leaving room for many twists and turns in the season 9, which should be different from previous ones by Craig Thomas: "We have a really cool plan for season nine, a new way to tell the story" .

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