A petition launched by an LGBT organization, comes to the day for the wedding of Mitch and Cam, the gay couple in Modern Family. Fans hope to see this happy event in Season 5.

Modern Family DVD Box Set is one of the most popular time series. Comedy series about family life, the designers do not hide their desire to highlight certain facts of society, but do not want to get into as a great battle. Modern Family should remain primarily entertainment.

But the reality has caught up with fiction regarding gay marriage. The series indeed scene Mitch and Cam, probably homosexual couples the most beloved television today. Parents of a little girl perfectly high, these characters helped to change some attitudes.

Only thing that differentiates them from other couples in the main series: Mitch and Cam are not married, as it is not legal in all states of the country.

The issue of gay marriage is valid in the USA as in France, an LGBT organization has launched a petition to convince the writers to consider organizing a wedding in season 5 of the series. According to her, see a couple of TV so appreciated marry could allow a major step in their fight.

A fight that strongly supports Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitch), openly gay and founder of the association Kie the Knot, which aims to raise money for equal marriage rights. If the actor has so far said nothing about this project for his character, one can not help but imagine it to be.

And if you want to see Mitch and Cam also be united by the bonds of marriage, is to sign the petition here.

In France, the series Modern Family airs on Paris Première and M6.by http://www.boxsetstore.com